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    Vehicle poll

    I drive a steel body 2014 F-150 extended cab 5.0 with 58K I bought it brand new. I use it as secondary vehicle relying heavily on my cars for salt exposure. The truck has been oil guarded annually to keep the rust at bay. So far it is working. I have been involved with the Kia products in the past in comparing them to the domestics at my work. They are very impressive in the fact they put money where the customer touches/feels. So with that they don't have the latest powertrain tech or the most HP. Scott
  2. I can honestly say my grammer/spelling is not the best. Some is my schooling, some is probably me and rest is in today's society with phones in computers making the same correction for me overe and over again, it takes me forever to "relearn" from these simple mistakes when you have a devise always making the corrections for you.
  3. My 656 was plugged really bad I shimmed it open 1/4" or 5/16" nuts and flushed it both ways with mineral spirits and blew it out with compressed air until I was satisfied it was clean. I also added the high capacity thicker filter since this does have the high flow pump. I had no idea about that drain at the top interesting. Scott
  4. Hopefully with custom pistons they are moving into the 21st century with ring technology too. Piston Ring technology has come along way since the 1960's.
  5. Reminds me of using a zip tie to hold the safety handle on a push mower years ago, especially when you had sticks or debris to move out of the way. To shut it off you simply slide it off to the side.
  6. Depending on location there was companies doing a sealed coating like a ceramic on the existing tile/wall. Seemed to be more popular in the North Eastern US when I researched it. A smaller diameter round liner can actually have more draw then your current rectangular.
  7. You guys and your fruity phones...I have no issues with a Samsung.
  8. It looks like it twisted right at the center, looks to me it missed the heat treatment.
  9. Looks nice! Webasto is the supplier heard it was a material issue but obviously this is resolved now. FCA had major issues when they launched the JK Wrangler in 2006 it leaked in many places both hard and soft top including the removable "targa" tops. Give me a 95-96 Bronco with a V8... Scott
  10. You could try calling Total Seal. They may not be able to cross the PN you might need to cross reference by dimensions. It also maybe possible to find a deeper rings and find a competent machine shop to recut the ring lands deeper. There are ring spacers that can be used that can take a 1/8" ring land down to 1/16". 3-13/16" is the bore size on the C301 on the ag side. That ring set maybe a possibility to cross reference as well. Good luck, Scott
  11. Instead of the wheel covers falling off 3 times it will be the plastic under body shielding lol.
  12. 460

    new ride

    No chevy plants in Japan...not a big car market.
  13. I will stick to Cenpeco thank you very much. Luckily I am stocked up on on most of my oils.
  14. Oh and they are not 4 rows...I got a partial refund for that😉.
  15. I put one in my 656 when I redid the engine. So far so good after 1 year 4 months. It has not seen a lot of rough tillage work to see if it would create a failure. I kept the old original to recore just in case or when the time comes. Scott
  16. Thanks! I had to drive out to Eastern PA for this one just outside of Allentown. It was during one of the Ohio RPRU 2012? I think. I passed on one in Indiana before this drove all the way to SE and it turned out to be a rust bucket.
  17. The current EV's on on the market have not been able to eliminate the brakes yet that I am aware of. Now is that future technology possible IDK. I do know what some companies are finding is that the systems are over designed for EV as they "borrowed" brake designs and specifications from ICE. With regenerative braking the service intervals will be much much longer in the current configurations on EV's brake setups. This should drive toward smaller lesser braking systems with maybe normal service intervals.
  18. A couple I took today after cleaning snow in SE Michigan. A 244 with oversize Kubota tires and custom built steel centers. The front tires are standard 4 lug ag 15" rims. King Cutter 6' blade to look like a IH blade. Makes for a fun machine to tool around and as close to I will ever be to owning a 88 series.
  19. I just learned recently copper came out of brake pads due to water contamination runoff in lakes, sewer and rivers. Always something!
  20. May the "cleanest" army win the war!
  21. On the Trojan I worked on years ago over 20 now. It was a dry cavity. It had a Detroit if I remember correctly. We pulled the engine forward and out to replace the fiber gear near torque converter. I forget exactly. Scott
  22. The BD 264 on the truck side is very simular to the C221,C263,C291-C301 on the ag side.
  23. Yes 18 is a bolt I believe with a rubber stopper. If I remember correctly it is adjustable as I believe mine was wearing and I adjusted it to make up for the worn rubber.
  24. 460

    Tools rusting

    When I stored for my BIL his tool and dye tools in a unheated barn for several years we used WD40 and pennies. About every year he would have me recoat with WD40. Not sure what the pennies did honestly?
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