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  1. Looks like the clutch manufacturers hub does not follow the OEM spec of flush fit on the flywheel side. I would be looking for a different disc or be contacting the clutch manufacturer.
  2. Firestone Destination AT
  3. 2 years ago any lawyer would win a client a pile of money against any corporation or business in a case like this. Unfortunately today we live in a different world and it appears that the new law will side with the corporation or appears that is the way the pendulum is swinging. I don't agree with it but that is what I see and it has changed fast. Robert you will hopefully find something better but trust me there are many many stories like yours. Scott
  4. As we settled into our new home last year I finally set up my 1/16 scale collection up. Probably my favorite is the CIH 1/16 combine. My wife as a city girl really likes them too. Cleaning up in the kitchen. On display...
  5. Trying to keep this IH related... I live in the suburbs with 2.2 acres moved in last year. Part of the appeal was I could build up to a 1600 Sq ft or 40x40 garage. I have given verbal approval that this will not be a problem. The issue I now face as I start to get into details is the height restriction of 16'. With 10' walls this puts me a 3x12 pitch. I am going to obviously seek a variance to 20' which would give me a 5x12. This would also easily allow my planned 2 post 12' Atlas car lift, the 656 will fit under the 8.5' door. I still may do scissor trusses to get enough vertical. My question is should I approach the township board pleading about the low pitch and excessive maintenance, advice fro over time and or disclose about the car lift as well, advice from the builder ect. Advise is usually great on the forum and any and all is welcome I wish there was still a area for this type of subject... Thanks, Scott
  6. Pretty interesting stuff, love to have those bins in my new shop. They are selling off everything including the bins. Wonder what happened? Scott
  7. Including height? 1" lower hitch height can make a world of difference. If it is the old factory drawbar most are bent. A fixed clevis shimmed with washers can also keep the hook higher as the clevis does sag under load, the twisted clevis is also a advantage as it sits higher then a conventional clevis and that can be shimmed rigid with washers too. I prefer cut steel plates that are adjustable by moving the bolt locations forward or back, off the drawbar depending on track conditions. It seems like your drawbar was to low. So either you need to raise it as much as the rule book allows or make a hitch that sits back farther that allows weigh transfer off the front end to the rear tires. Scott
  8. 3 rings are modern as compared to 4 rings, I have a Ford farm stock pulling engine 401cid where I left the 4th ring out. With metallurgy advancements rings have become thinner as they conform to the bore better under bore distortion. There are companies that offer ring spacers to utilize a thinner ring in a existing wider ring land piston. Total Seal is my go to for my ring needs, they seem to be the leader in cutting edge technology. Scott
  9. Have read great reviews on that Bars liquid stop leak...in fact used it on my 656 on a external seep on the HG that showed up this summer. Not a fan of liquid sealer but was not ready to tear down for a small external seap that was not getting into the cylinder so the sealer went into the rad, So far so good. Scott
  10. Thank you! Possible I think the split manifold was a failure due to transitions from the actual manifold to the mock up pipe. Did some testing the past on a truck manifolds on the previous 263 using the stock 656 carb it did not like the manifolds either. One thing I have noticed is it is very fuel efficient. It does more work with less fuel as compared to the 263. Alot I attribute to the changes I made which translates to off the governor when light loading. I have struggled with oil with this engine the 10W30 did not seem to work. I had alot of oil residue in the chambers 1-2-5-6. I expected the Nappier second ring with an 3mm oil to have superior oil control, I don't expect oil is coming from the valve guides. It shows no signs of burning oil while running, I just discovered this in a routine check. I have switched to 30W and have yet to see if this curred it. My machinist thinks it could be a reaction with the ethanol fuel. I think he has a pretty solid theory since 3-4 did not have problem and I expect better atomization with these cylinders. It does run dang good though! Scott
  11. I pulled the bull pinions out of my 656 before doing seals and if I recall reshimmed them and definently the brakes. The diff is held in with the carrier and bolts.
  12. Take that Cummins and IH466 and hold it at the 2000 rpm and lug it hard you will have a clear winner. Although that's really not fair with the 100 more CID. My point is all tractor engines are rated at much lower rpm hence the torque curve.
  13. This has never caught on and I am not sure why. Torque is king in low rpm engines. When you have a engine that is make 94hp at 540pto and then still 92hp at 450pto she is kicking out some torque. I know all the dynos have the conversions from hp to torque. Scott
  14. My wife took a partial video track side, she missed the beginning. Youtube
  15. Well not what I had planned for, ran 1st high sat right at 1800rpm all way down the track and then about the 240' mark front went up a little then higher, then higher, lost my hitch height, spun out with the front end in the air I'm guessing 15-1600rpm. Next year I will leave the back bracket at home, had 450lbs off the 3pt quick hitch. Sorry no video yet but here is a screen shot of how high it went. On the bright side had no problem spinning out in high 1st.
  16. Ready for the local fair tomorrow. Can't win as dyno will not be legal I would settle for second or third though...still debating on weights between the center and rear, track conditions help decide that. I expect to not have to have to TA it in 1st and even thought about running 2nd low. Will see how it all goes tomorrow in the 9K farm class at the Armada Fair at 12pm.
  17. Prayers sent! Watch my restoration thread for a after Saturday for a tractor pull with my 656 to give him something to watch on his road to recovery.
  18. That's a Mitsubishi KD3 or 4 I believe it looks just like what is in my 244.
  19. I did get a kick out of the O'Reilly last spring, as did the guy behind the counter of buying plastic gauge for a engine build. As he says "can I sell you anything else that I have never sold before?" Haha. I find the same as most have stated but I try to arm myself with a part number or be very specific or just order it online. I find that O'Reilly/Auto Value/NAPA is the best and Auto Zone being the worst for behind the counter knowledge. Scott
  20. There should be a letter code to designate the year, should be after 3-17. For example I know "M" is 1966 it is all over the castings on my 656.
  21. I also used Power Bore in Ohio much cheaper then LA Sleeve and Darton in California. I did ductile iron in my 263 build with 3.75" bore= 291cid. Scott
  22. I had my 244 recored last spring in Michigan it was nearly 400. After a failed attempt on repairing the lower tank which was mostly rotten. They built a new lower tank and recored the rest for that price. I know if you search there are some Rad shops that guys recommend on here. Scott
  23. With the mains being clean that usually will eliminate that you had trash elsewhere in the system. Crank oil holes are straight through on that crank and should have been easy to clean with a galley brush, I brush, wash and blow with compressed air then coat with light oil prior to assembly. If you had good oil pressure even hot and your clearances were right I sure would be blaming the bearings. Scott
  24. I always thought the Oliver transmissions were pretty innovative with the splits. Those Oliver's especially worked over a bit for pulling sound SO GOOD I'm talking div. 4 2500rpm 500 plus CID. Sharp looking tractors too, 88-super 88 and 880.
  25. A interesting theory, I don't believe any of us are petroleum chemist's. We only can compare what others have to offer in this area. I know several engine builders that use Redline/Driven/Cenpeco break-in oils with success (high zinc phosphorus), it is obviously quite different then the JD with lesser zinc and phosphorus. Now maybe JD Break-in oil has it right and everyone else has it wrong?.
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