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  1. Prayers and speedy recovery for your brother!
  2. This is true! I will have most of what I need!
  3. Yup Big Ox @DT Fan searched that and they all look like that! Picking it up tomorrow for $700. Now I just need a scoop for moving dirt and multch and I think my implement collection is complete. That top link cylinder is the cats meow! Thanks All! Scott
  4. Looking at a 8 foot blade on FB market place for my 656 for light dirt clean up for garage preparation. Came across this and the price is right, I asked the brand, they say it is Southeast brand? Anyone know is brand never heard of it. Looks mighty heavy.
  5. Find a used one with a good working fuel gauge. If water is bad that can be repaired, a guy in Iowa can solder a new sender on.
  6. It's no fun, I have done my moms house twice, her 2 barns. All stripped. Also My dad's barn. This was all in my 20's and early 30's. My brother in laws brother showed me how to do the cuts correctly and helped me around the chimney and things as he use to run a roofing company years ago. Now in my 40's I might think twice about a project like that. On my house last year I did cut in the bathroom vents and patched in the mushroom vents cutting in a 40' ridge vent. My house the shingles are "stacted" but it does not leak and well it will be many years before it needs a roof. It helps if you have the right shape roofing shovel, we borrowed one from the neighbors that was all steel and had a nice arch that kept you from bending over, and gave you great leverage. Scott
  7. Someday I hope to own one...use to work at a shop that had one, it was a Hotsy. All a cold pressure washer does do to good grease is move it around.
  8. They probably didn't use rec fuel and used ethanol fuel and screwed up the carb!😄
  9. I am planning and building a 40x40 with in floor can you expand on the outdoor sensor? This I think this makes sense when the outside temp is close or warmer to inside? And "combi" your suggestion is a to have a dedicated boiler for in floor and a separate water heater for water. Thanks, Scott
  10. I would use a vacuum bleader kit sucking though the bleeders, add fresh fluid until its clean.
  11. This is not a new service recommendation. I learned this in high school auto shop in the late 90's when most vehicles back then had a lot more iron, calipers, masters cylinders, wheel cylinders ect. I do it on all my vehicles today and attribute no caliper or master cylinder replacement to clean fluid. Scott
  12. If I remember correctly there use to be a site maybe Scout or Cubcadet where someone put a ton of different dealership decals together. Maybe dufunked now? If I remember right it was every state and style. Scott
  13. Never seen a spin on fuel filter set up on the 282. Obviously this is the industrial carry over. Looks like a nice setup compared to the canister filters. Scott
  14. Well after hauling the tractor back to my home town last Sunday, to my moms house. I changed the oil and greased it up. Switched over what is required to go pulling. I drove it up on Friday to a friend's house that lives close to the fair so it makes it easy to drive it from there on Saturday. So this year I made sure I loaded the front end down, x8 70lbs IH weights on the nose and the rest in the middle. We had a bit of a rain delay after the first class, we were the 3rd class this year. Ran as always 1st high, I was late in the class and finished 5th out of 18. Pulled 300ft winner went 320? 4th was 309. I probably should have pulled the TA but really wanted to see how much guts it had and honestly was not expecting it to die. Beat alot of big iron, the closes gas was a 706 that went 275ft and had a nice hook. If you look at my channel I uploaded the whole class, my wife taped the whole class. Really happy the way it ran. Not bad for stock carb on 87octane.
  15. 460

    Tire wear

    This is been a typical wear pattern I see on our passenger cars as of late with low profile sidewalls. No matter where you put the air pressure even a better tire at 50psi it does not seem to help from my experience. My theory is the tire is "ballooning" with the lack of sidewall creating center wear.
  16. Still running good! Put nearly 45hrs on clear cutting and running a pto wood chipper. Getting ready to haul it to my moms for our annual home town fair August 20th. This year there will be more weight on the front end with no weights on the back! Here are some pics of the cleared areas of my back yard for my future 40x40 garage. Scott front yard 2 dropped poplars future driveway after dropping a cherry and hickory
  17. Yeah I ruined mine trying to flush it with acid after being dissatisfied with radiator shop cleaning, raidiator shop claimed EPA eliminated the good stuff in the 80's. I ended up putting a aluminum one in and will recore it if the aluminum one goes. I spent to much time cleaning the block and replacing the water pump to put a calcium deposit radiator back on. I also put a high flow thermostat out of a Mopar, after experiencing running hot issues upon start up. Find my 656 build thread for details. Scott
  18. That's a good book and so is the Ram Chargers book. Both is a generation that will never be seen again for innovation in ICE.
  19. There are many poorly designed exhaust ports from the late 60's into the 80's. I have heard more then once of restrictions in the exhaust improved output.
  20. This system works well and can be locked with a pin in the stabilizer arm. Some other companies did this with chains and to my knowledge you can not lock it out. Alot of wear comes with age I have tightened the castle nuts on the plow arms being loose with success, I would also make sure your "eye" bolt you have a link is threaded as far in as possible while still functioning. Unfortunately if yours did a excessive amount of 3pt work add dusty conditions it will be worn. Scott
  21. 460

    Interest rates

    Just closed on my home equity credit line loan it is 1.6 plus prime so right now it is like 6.75. It is for my garage project, hoping if nothing else material will become cheaper.
  22. In some cases I prefer this, if the OEM could not get it right the first time. Let a aftermarket company make a better seal or gasket or component to fix there F-up or failed design and reap the profits. I have a 2014 F-150 with 48K sitting right now with a leaking master cylinder that leaked into the booster. No way a Motorcraft master cylinder goes back on, it will be a rebuilt Cardone or some other brand!
  23. The guy that rebuilds these that advertisers in RP says the middle line is 200 degrees. My 656 sits just below that in the dead of summer. Scott
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