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  1. Most of the physical I understand but the whisper test? If you have no hearing problems now, you will after driving over the road for a while. I did my physical a few weeks ago. Young girl, looked maybe 15. She walks to the far side of the room, about 20', turns sideways and whispered something too soft. I was not paying attention to her so I couldn't repeat what she said so failed. I asked what she meant and she walked out of the room and said physical is over. I went to a different office the next day with a copy of DOT whisper test procedures. When that nurse said she was going to do the test I asked her to read the information and why I had a bad experience at the other place. Instructions say "at least 5' " so that is what she did. I probably could have heard her as far as the waiting room. She said most trucks are way louder than that. Passed in flying colors. I have a friend that snores like trying to shift a twin stick transmission. When they ask if he uses a CPAP he honestly says no. He has never done the sleep study because they will possibly pull his license.
  2. I always thought the man purse in pictures was a "possibles bag." Anyone into muzzleloaders would know what I am talking about.
  3. Shop FB market. I search Fairlane about every day and see '59 regular. Some are priced decent and others have been watching the auto auctions on TV.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I now have an Amerex 720 on order. They said it is their DOT approved model so I went with that. I also have 3 Kidde small extinguishers in the truck as a back-up. Hopefully newer needed.
  5. With many farmers now using Semi trucks (or tractor/trailer) what fire extinguisher do you recommend and carry? Has DOT ever checked them? I have found prices all over the place for 10lb. ABC rechargeable ones. I want something that is approved and reliable when, or if needed, without costing as much as the truck. I thought of this while reading the CDL test topic.
  6. Nice toy. I could think of much better footwear though. More details on the modern version?
  7. I have done the same with a young man. Before I turned him loose with the project I gave him some suggestions I have learned in my lifetime. I have learned to take pictures of every step of the project. Tag and mark every wire/hose connection. Things like that. When he finished swapping engines it was hard to tell anything had been done, all back in place. To this day, he still thinks out each step before messing something up. Great young MAN.
  8. You are a day late and a dollar short. We went thru Missery last Wednesday to South Dakota empty, got a different truck, and returned home, empty.
  9. This is how my season has gone. I got skunked, someone's dog one day, another evening, trespassers/poachers. I know who they are.
  10. We were in New Orleans area just last week. With all the news stories lately, we avoided anything close to that side of town. If you want to see what the real New Orleans is like now, we went out to Houma. Started seeing major wind damage 140 miles out, coming from the north on I-55. Blue roofs seem to be the "in" style these days. A friend there suggested eating at the Acme Oyster House. Food there is good, except those slimy things. I never did get an appetite for them.
  11. You already have 2 weight distribution set-ups so I would try that. I got my set-up when my father-in-law sold his camper. He had towed with a 1985 half ton Suburban and a 32' Nu-Wa camper. (I tried to tell him many times he was way over the tow ratings but he never listened to me) I have a 2005 Duramax 3500. I just returned from taking a 26' camper from Michigan to lower tip of Louisiana. First 100 miles I tried without the bars. Then I put the bars on for the rest of the trip. Takes out the porpoise-ing ride and made it feel much safer in heavy winds most of the trip. Trailer I was towing says curb weight is 4,800.
  12. The intake manifold is partly under the valve covers. These things can be a bear getting them to seal right. You want it done right the first time as others said, that intake is very heavy. The Ford Edsel (FE) engine was first used in Ford and Edsel car in 1958 as a 332, 352 or 361. This engine family also includes the 390, 406, 427, 410 and 428. The medium and heavy duty Ford Truck (FT) engine was introduced in 1964 and came in four variations: 330, 361, 389, and 391.
  13. Grilled venison gets more expensive each year. I almost got one Tuesday morning. Good brakes and wife screamed saved it.
  14. I watched a truck at a different sale recently. If it sold for $14,000, buyer's premium was $1820. $25,000 purchase has a premium of $3,250! No buyer's premium cap.
  15. Around here a 6 row is about the standard. Yesterday I saw one identical to that one just down the road. It catches your eye.
  16. Looks like a Deere 227 picker. We had one on a 1650 Oliver diesel. Video of a restored 227 on a 530 JD.
  17. Look how many times the article says an "unpublished report". Anti-hunters doing the research maybe?
  18. Pull both brakes on the same side and compare the parts. It might be that the left and right got switched. Left front and right rear brake linkage backwards?
  19. I have a few road trips coming up that will mean some highways off interstates. getting to drop and pick up locations. Is the Rand McNally Motor Carrier Atlas worth carrying? I have been using GPS for trucks but it does not show very far ahead if I have to make a detour for construction. (bridge out) My GPS does ask for truck height, length, weight, straight or tractor/trailer. Mainly thinking of bridge height and weight information.
  20. Like this one? I had a 427 with medium riser heads and tunnel wedge intake for a while. Sold to a guy in Alabama that had his grandmother's 1963 Galaxie convertible and wanted more power. This picture is when we were loading it for the trip. Sure miss that engine.
  21. Homepage - Maibach Tractor Parts Creston, Ohio Yesterday's Tractors - Discussion Forums (yesterdaystractors.com) and go down to Oliver, Cletrac, Co-op and Cockshutt
  22. That is a big accomplishment from a factory engine today. I also know of 2 1964 Fairlanes that have been pushing 4 digit power using only 427 engines. Ray Paquet and Paul Adams. They are shifting above 9,000 most runs.
  23. Many years ago someone hit a deer with a car but it didn't die. US-31 just north of Redington, Indiana. Called the state police for accident report. The officer (nicknamed Enos, or maybe his real name?) reloaded with low power ammo and shot the deer 6 times in the head. All it did was scare the deer. Several of us told the officer to put the real ammo back in to do the job. Nope, policy was to use the blanks or what ever it was. Finally the car owner pulled out his 9mm and with 1 shot, the job was done. You would have thought he killed a whole town of people. Several people had gathered by then to see what was going on. We told Enos that if he reported it we would all say he is the one that shot it.
  24. My first was a 1963 Mercury Meteor S-33 (in 1967, 1968). Lost it when someone pulled out in front of me on a rainy evening. I have been looking for one for the last several years. Blue bottom, White top, Blue bucket seat interior. Pictures disappeared many years ago.
  25. Do an internet search for Truck-Lite, Signal Stat, Grote, Universal Turn Signal Switch. Think back when our old grain trucks had a turn signal switch clamped around the steering column. Street rods and rat rods are still using switches like that. Then there is the Side-By-Side things that are putting turn signals on to make them "street legal." I have a set of Wesbar Red/Amber lights and use a Signal Stat universal switch mounted on a 1"x2" thin wall box tube. This way of mounting, you can make it as wide as needed.
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