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  1. Those things are amazing. Modern technology is always making advancements. Not that long ago a 3D printer was on the cutting edge, now most prototyping shops have them. What will come next is left up to the imagination. Does your shop do one-off parts or more toward production runs? How thick can it cut? Can it do stainless steel?
  2. I posted this over on YT Forums but still searching for some answers. I bought a 1970 656 a few months ago. First changed fluids and filters. Hydraulic takes several seconds for steering to work. 3 point will settle down if it sits over night with no load on it. After fluids (on the full mark) and filter it did not improve. I can shut it off and restart in about 3-5 minutes and steering reacts in under 10 seconds but not at first. Last night I used the tractor for picking blackberries, pull up 3 feet, shut it off, pick, restart, repeat. My wife can't reach the higher ones so I sit on the fender and pick away. I want to check the check valves. When I pull the access cover plate, how much oil will I need to catch? What else do I need to look at that might help? Pump pressure is good after it is up and running. Should have checked anything I could see in there while changing the filter.
  3. I called a friend after reading the discussion about the favorite side by sides and UTV's. He has a Kubota RTV 900 or 1100 that his teenage son treated it like a racer. He is in need of some parts, mostly body related. Other than that, it has been bulletproof. We both did a lot of internet searching for salvage yards and come up empty.
  4. My dad was born June 1, 1915 and died at 90 years, 6 months, and 13 days. He gave up and would not eat or drink anything or take his medicine. He was still driving until the day he quit. He spent his time in WWII in UK working in the motor pool (or beating up an officer). He was to be a paratrooper but the day he was to take the first jump he had appendix removed so he was grounded. He attended some tractor shows close to home in later years. And farmed grain crops, hay, dairy, and hogs. Part of the hard working generation for sure.
  5. I have had this happen but on a different brand engine. (automotive) How much valve guide to valve stem clearance do you have? Curious what the valve stem looks like. (blue?) Is the guide still at the proper height or has it stuck to the valve and pushed up causing interference with valve keeper? Rocker arm looks black like maybe cooked on oil. What horsepower is it running? Intake or exhaust rocker, or random?
  6. I had a close call with my bike (actually several) so I decided time to walk away. We have 1 daughter and 3 grandkids now so we have been spending time and miles with them. We have been to the Canada border in Minnesota, South Padre Island Texas, South Florida, Chincoteague Island, VA, Mackinac City Michigan (and many lighthouse trips) as well as many weekend or local week vacations and several tractor shows is distant states like Rollag, Minnesota. My wife and I had traveled a lot by motorcycle over many years. When it is time to move on, you will know the time is right. Enjoy the family before they grow away from us parents/grandparents. We shopped for over a year before finding this one. Price was right, it has several upgrades like suspension and steering , satellite dish (never used by us) air horns (Handy for distracted drivers), Banks exhaust and intake system.
  7. Still trying to explain that to my wife. Too early in the morning/month/year for her I guess. I thought of that as soon as I read the title. Nice and funny one for sure.
  8. 1965Dennis


    Notice no reporting south of the border. And only 1 in New Mexico. Years ago I worked with a guy that used all his vacation days traveling the country chasing reports of sightings. He had some "pictures of Big Foot" that were very blurry and far away but he was convinced these things do exist.
  9. Check the hubs all over too. One might have cracked.
  10. Look at it this way. How many of the younger generation have trouble with school work. If all this protesting and destroying goes on much longer they will successfully eliminated all history beyond last week's news. They might be able to pass "history."
  11. A town in Oregon renamed one of its parks after a rotting beached whale carcass. My ribs still hurt. https://youtu.be/ax7kENH-A7s
  12. We had a baler that would not make a good knot very often. My brother is left handed and I am right handed. We got to ride on the twine boxes and pull hard on every bale. If the knot didn't work we had to tie it by hand. Bales were dropped on the ground and we had to pitch them on the wagons later and put them up in the sweat box barn. More fun was when we baled soybean straw. We itched for months probably. And all this, we never got paid. It was expected, being farm family. Dad finally moved up to a baler with kicker on it. Us boys would turn it up to see how far we could throw a bale. (until dad caught us) We had wooden racks on the wagons. It was fun until I put a bale thru the back rack and destroyed it. About time I was 18 we got a round baler. Neighbors started asking for us to bale (roll) their hay so we made a little money but dad said it all goes back into the farm account. But really, I do miss those years. Anything with using tractors.
  13. And you did not stop at Two Harbors at Betty's Pies ?!?!?!? You missed the best part of that route. Still looks like you had the perfect weather and low traffic for the drive. My wife was born in Duluth (many years ago) Every time we get back up that way we have to go to Split Rock Lighthouse and Betty's Pies. Also we try to be there when Grandma's Marathon is ran. My wife had a cousin that died last Saturday in Bloomington, Minnesota but with the virus and riots, we are not leaving home. (southern Indiana)
  14. I had a guy call with a question of engine replacement. He has a 1998 Freightliner FL-60 with contractor dump bed. It has a Cat 3126 now but is getting an apatite for oil. He was asking if I could replace his dead Cat with a Cummins 8.3. He can find a 1998 8.3 used with warranty for a good price. He is currently running an Eaton 9 speed transmission. My question, how much would be involved in doing the swap? Both engines are mechanical pumps so no computer to mess with. Both engines can be mated to the transmission easily. Might be better finding a used school bus and making a DT466 swap.
  15. Some of the options available for the 656 series: It doesn't have wheel weights, front weights, or 3 point top link for starters. The exhaust looks like it doesn't have an extension so outlet would make a little noise and fumes under the canopy. No radio, Right side handle/shifter guard, PTO shield. It does have the upper seat backrest cushion and dual remotes. Good rubber all around. Fresh paint on straight sheet metal. Good looking tractor.
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