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  1. What .54 do you have? I have one built from scratch many years ago. Good deer rifle even at a distance with a heavy load of Pyrodex powder.
  2. I have a Husqvarna 61. Most of the time I use a 20" bar but if I have a larger tree to cut up I switch to a 28". A shorter bar is easier (safer) to work around limb piles than a 28" .
  3. Just a few days earlier a dock roof in Tennessee came down on several house boats stranding some people. Then this early today. Wicked weather related events lately.
  4. I like the chrome long arm throttle. Easier to reach. How long did it take you, from tractor arriving to this results? Very sharp and different from the crowd.
  5. Just saw a video of the same in Austin, Texas.
  6. I had the same back in 2006 but the urologist had very poor bedside manners so I told him he would not be doing any surgery on me. I was referred to a doctor in Indianapolis. This doctor said surgery was not necessary in my case. That was 15 years ago last month and still no problems. And PSA number stays below .001. I had physical and PSA test yesterday. Might be worth checking around. High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (mskcc.org) High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
  7. Think that is bad for us old people, try getting a young kid all bundled up.
  8. Looks sharp. Even has CNH side cover on the left side. Where was the serial number break between the 360 and the 358 engines?
  9. I know of 3 that were taken out of situations just like that. After a stay in the hospital each was to be released. Adult Protective Services was required to investigate to see if the "houses" were safe for them to return to. And each time it was denied. One house was even condemned and the county was ordered to remove the house. I also personally know of other homes that are at least that condition. Never have understood how someone can live like that.
  10. I saw a crew cab dually that looked that bad today. (extra 1,000 pounds too) Front tires throw it on the side of the cab and bed and the rear fenders catch everything left over.
  11. And lots of money. Those pullers are always in show quality shine too.
  12. 1965Dennis


    With Budweiser sitting this one out, there is not much sense in even turning it on. Outcome has already been determined by higher powers. (Las Vegas betting)
  13. That fish on the ice is almost as good as going to a Detroit Red Wings game. One game I went to there were probably 50 squid tossed onto the ice.
  14. We were on the list when it first came out but it didn't help. I complained but they said there are so many complaints they don't have time or people to investigate them all. I update each year but it still does not help. If I am working in the shop (metal roof and walls) I get no phone reception or so much noise I don't hear it ring. Please leave a message. People that know me know I am hard of hearing. We still have a landline so we may sometimes answer it. When I don't know the voice I repeat- HELLO, HELLO, HELLO and they usually hang up. You can go to Google Voice and choose any numb
  15. Momma ain't happy, nobody is happy. Daddy ain't happy, nobody cares. At least that is how it is around my area.
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