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  1. Growing up we had a row crop and utility 504D at the same time. We had a problem similar to the OP but our fix was a little different. We got caught in a rain storm with the row crop so ran it to a barn on our second farm for couple of weeks. Went to get it and it would run briefly and die. Changed filters but same. Local mechanic said probably out of fuel. Gauge shows 1/2 full. Finally dad looked in the tank and found several corn husks that had been partially burned! Someone had tried to burn us out. Took the tank off and gave it a good cleaning and never had a problem after that.
  2. I just looked at a set of Dunlop on a truck in the next bay while I was filling up. Guy said the whole truck has only 63,000 miles. I asked him if he had seen the cracks. He has a tire pressure monitor on the dash so he does not have to check pressure at each tire. This is on a 2007 Chevrolet Kodiak C6500 box truck with 245/70R19.5 tires. Next time you are driving along side a big truck for a few miles at highway speed, think of that. I will back off or pull ahead a little.
  3. Almost looks like they would make a decent mortar launcher. Careful with that. And if they are for water use, be careful. That could be a big blast of pressure.
  4. Just saw this on the news. Not really new news, just blame it on the virus now. NASCAR to race at Atlanta, Homestead without fans
  5. Priceless! I will have to remember that.
  6. Anyone here use Yahoo email and having problems with it today? I tried to log in this morning and it says "Sorry, we don't recognize this email." If I try to enter a new account it tells me this account name is taken. Hope it is not hacked and not recoverable. I have a lot of grandkid's pictures as well as a lot of other important information. I have most backed up but this is frustrating.
  7. 384532R1 Thanks mmi. That number worked. I looked my parts manual over several times and never found that. After you posted this I went to the shop and found it listed. Now to see if the local dealer can find it. If not, at least I know who has it listed as available.
  8. I have a 656 diesel that is leaking bad around the bolt that holds the oil filter canister on. My parts book does not show it so I went to the trusty dealer and they have no idea what part number or sizes to look for. Said if I bring in the old one, they might be able to match it up with something. Does anyone have the part number or a replacement o'ring size I need?
  9. Little kids with the fire hose are priceless. A take-off like that will pin your ears back hard. But for his last ride, that is the only way to go. At least he didn't do a Ghost Rider fly by. Many years ago I got to take a ride with one of the USAF Thunderbirds in an F-4, full show off practice routine. I can only imagine the G's that is pulling.
  10. I just looked on AuctionTime and the current bid is $200 ! Not $2000. 1 day and 5 hours to go. Still time to get another oddball bargain to add to the collection. I am still working on my doghouse since my last bargain so I will pass on this one.
  11. I have 3 of those. There are different adapters and barrels for different engines. I have used 1 on 427 Medium Riser Ford, a different one on small block Chevrolets, another I have used on a 1969 Dart 340. They are used with the engine not running. A running engine would trash the dial indicator before you got half way done. I have a chart with most applications but it is saved as Microsoft Word or Excel so I am not able to attach it here.
  12. I like the video "Takin Care of Livestock" especially. There is a picture of a little girl in that video that looks very familiar. But all the videos are good family entertainment.
  13. I have always hauled for farm so I never needed to get a CDL license. Now, I was asked if I could do a little light hauling for a local fabrication shop. This would be with a pickup and gooseneck. Truck plates 10,000 and trailer 16,000. My question- when taking the driving part of the testing, do they actually make you parallel park these things? In all my years of driving I have never seen anyone parallel park any size truck and trailer. I have been practicing parking it but I know when the testing is going on I would likely blow it. I guess I could go ask the testing facility if that would be required but closest place I know of is about 75 miles. This is not meant to open a can of worms as to who is required to have a CDL. That is open to interpretation of each DOT officer that would be having a bad day so I want to get a step ahead of that.
  14. 1965Dennis


    Just when we were planning on coming to Somerset October 26 for the cruise in and a run out to the Cumberland Falls you try to scare us off with that talk of frost. Still on my calendar, just pack some warmer jackets. We are about an hour north of Louisville Kentucky and we had frost Saturday and this morning, Sunday. And just a few days ago, we had night time temps around 68-70.
  15. I went through prostate cancer 13 years ago and PSA number has been .001 since. Never had the surgery, just high dose radiation. A friend just completed his treatments 2 months ago. His PSA was 29 before. After talking with the doctors he decided no surgery, just radiation. He is 75 and has had a full life. After the radiation, his numbers is .01. A lot depends on how soon they find the cancer and how much it may have spread. Hoping for success for yours too. For those that never have PSA tests, you should. Mine was caught early because my employer paid for physicals every year and that test is part of it.
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