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  1. Our part of Indiana has what they call e-learning days, stay at home with bad weather and do lessons online. School system even sends laptops home with the kids so they can do their lessons. Sounds great but most of the county is poverty level or below, and do not have internet service. During Covid, internet access was provided, but not this year. This makes it even harder on the already struggling kids, so they fall more behind. School board members have this all figured out while they take trips to Hawaii for their training weeks.
  2. Plead selective hearing loss. Just ignore her comment and if she keeps asking, say you never heard her. It has worked for me for 51 years. (SO FAR)
  3. At Cummins Engine Company several years ago (around 1994), our paint tech was working in the paint room when a big pressure hose blew off. It covered him from head to toe, especially his face, with red Urethane paint. He was taken to the local hospital and all they would do was make him strip down in a small tent outside and hose him down with water. That did absolutely nothing. He was returned to the factory where several co-workers spent many hours using any ideas we could think of to remove the paint. I think he still had a lot of paint on him for a few weeks.
  4. About 8 miles northeast of Madison, small town of Manville. News was saying 9" of rain in 3 hours time. Fire department started rescue calls about 4:30PM Saturday.
  5. Just pour gas down the hole, but don't light it or have any flames close.
  6. Have you tried the auction site? used set listed, item # 225074707158 May work until you can get a new custom set made.
  7. 51-1/2 years here. Lots of bumps in the road. Had a son that died at 6 days, wife has had cancer in 2004 and again in 2021, diagnosed 3 days after our anniversary. (Happy 50th anniversary to us) I have also had cancer. It takes a good forgiver, plenty of patience, and good communication. Don't try to get the last word in. even if it is "yes dear." they will usually have a come-back. Hope your future is smoother and bright.
  8. Need to work on changing that green hair to red.
  9. Son-in-law builds race cars for the local dirt tracks. He has had several different class cars and builds for a few friends. He has been working with Hornet class lately. 2 years ago, he ran a Hornet class 4-cylinder front wheel drive car on the Bristol track when they had dirt on it. Those little cars were flying.
  10. We have a doe and 2 fawns that like the grass in our back yard. Soon, they will be tasting the apples on the trees there too. Have not seen any bucks yet. Too many bean fields close here.
  11. Seeing that haybine and hearing on the news about the drought in other parts of the country, that might be added income to get into. We had dairy for 25 years or so. When dad sold the cows, that is the first vacation he had since WWII. He got 2 miniature horses and kept busy doing what ever he wanted to do, or not do. Enjoy the change of pace.
  12. B-58 Hustler Bomber, flying 36.000 feet over Jennings County, Indiana exploded just east of Butlerville. September 14, somewhere around 1960-1962. Pieces were found for miles. A week or so later, we were in the area talking with a farmer and looking at his corn field when we found a few pieces. Before we even got back to the truck, we were asked to hand everything over and not come back. The farmer had "helpers" when he picked his corn that year.
  13. I had a Ford dealer several years back offered free oil changes for life. Just out of warranty by 32 miles, the engine locked up. Dealer would not offer any help so I brought the car home to rebuild myself. Oil level was right but looked like axle grease. I pulled the drain plug and it would not drain. I pulled the oil pan and it had a little over 1" of sludge in the bottom so I pumped the oil into a 5 gallon bucked. I even had to take a big hammer and chisel to get the filter off. I went to the owner/manager dealer but he insisted service manager changed the oil every time. I went out to the truck, got the oil pan, dropped it on the owner/dealer's desk, and asked him or service manager to explain the problem here. He, along with Ford Regional complaint department, still would not budge. Never had another Ford until I found a special optioned Mustang a few years ago. And I have changed the oil and done all the service on everything myself since.
  14. If you are pretty sure who took the fenders, calmly talk to him and ask for the fenders back. Let him know you have pictures on a camera and can he be identified. He may come up with an excuse, or flat out deny it. Talk with an attorney about this and the other neighbors' missing items and pictures. Don't tell attorney about the idea of retrieving your property. If you go to his place and take your property back, he may call the police and you are in hot water for theft.
  15. Talk to some of the companies that do road construction. Most buy large squares but it is worth a try.
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