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  1. George Besser Estate Auction was last Friday. Did anyone here go? Wondering how the Run-Away-Horse puller sold. Did it go very far from home? Lot of other tractors and parts on the sale bill also.
  2. 1965Dennis

    Bought me a Hybred car, what do ya think?

    That is what I think of every time I see an Airstream camper trailer.
  3. 1965Dennis

    Factory top links ?

    If the tractor crossed the lot of a tractor jockey, they will strip anything they can sell separate. I bought a Cat. 3 at Portland Indiana a few years ago. Already had a Cat. 2 but the price was too good to pass up. Are you needing a top link? Which size?
  4. 1965Dennis

    Bought a `1066 today, Auctiontime

    Full load of weights, all the glass looks good, seat is good, both doors are on it, all the rear tires have good tread, looks like long bar axles. What's not to like! Engine looks like fresher paint. Even if you have to put some money into it you did better than good.
  5. 1965Dennis

    OT: Boat update

    What pond do you frequent most? My wife has a bit of family around Minnesota so we hit the lake when we are up that way. We fish Mille Lacs or Rush Lake most. We have 3 Lund boats and an Alumacraft to choose from when we are up that way. I like any of the Lunds (especially the Pro V) ahead of the Alumacraft but the cost for us is next to nothing. They are all looking for an excuse to go fishing.
  6. 1965Dennis

    Steering Wheel Caps

    Trying to restore a 1466. What steering wheel center cap is correct? There are several different ones available and I am starting with none on the tractor. Don't want someone flaming me at the first show I take it to because I put the wrong one on it. (probably will happen anyway for some reason) 1974 model if that makes a difference.
  7. 1965Dennis

    Anyone With Carfax Account

    Does anyone have a Carfax account that could look up a VIN for me? A friend told me about a car he is interested in so I looked up on VINdecoderz.com and the mileage comes up way different from the listing. He was also told it was never in an accident. That site does not offer much information unless you give them credit card information so we thought we would ask here before spending the money for a Carfax or one of the other reports. Thanks
  8. 1965Dennis

    A "Binzebo" for anyone interested

    Wish I knew sooner. We did that back about 30 years ago. Now that we are a little older, it rarely gets used. A friend removed all the metal and built the roof supports (uprights and rafters)with small diameter logs. (6"-7" dia.) Then topped with 1"x6" T&G poplar, then new steel roofing. Now my wife wants to "remodel" ours.
  9. 1965Dennis

    Deal breaker!

    About 3 years ago I was in the market for a newer motorhome so I shopped online a lot. Found one in Fort Worth that sounded good so I called. Conversation went well and he even sent several more pictures I asked for so I get a back up driver and drive from Indiana to Texas. (1122 miles one way) Got in late so we got a hotel. Next morning it was storming and low places on interstates in the DFW area were under water. After a couple of detours we found it. It was on a shopping center parking lot because "his homes is hard to find". As we pull up I see 4 police cars pull in on the other side of the lot. Should have told me something. We did a 2 minute walk around and he could not even get the engine door open. Inside had a strong odor. When I looked at the dining table I saw a match box for wooden matches laying there so I opened it. It had a razor blade and some powder. Then I saw more powder on the edge of the table. I immediately told him I had to run to a restroom at the restaurant nearby because breakfast was not agreeing with me. We got in the car and made a quick exit past the police cars. We went about 3 blocks to a gas station to fill up and get out of town in a hurry when a police car pulled up to us and wanted to talk. I showed him the emails and pictures I had and told what we saw in the motorhome. He said the 4 cars that were near the motorhome were now impounding the motorhome and giving that guy a ride. Major drug dealer. When we finally found the motorhome of our dreams it was at a large well known dealer.
  10. 1965Dennis

    I bet you've never seen this...

    In Indiana deer season we were limited to shotguns until just recently. I have a Remington 11-87 12 gage and was shooting Hornady sabot slugs. I hit at a deer and it headed for the neighbors fence so I shot again. With my hearing protection on and the excitement of the hunt I could not hear the shot so I tried to aim for a follow-up but nothing, click. I manually ejected that one and by that time the deer was in heavy brush. I went to pick up my empty's and 1 had some unburned powder still in it. It was loaded way too light from the factory and the slug was about half way down the barrel. I sent it back to Hornady with a polite letter about quality control and got a nice reply from them as well as a nice shipment of ammo. This is the only misfire I have ever had in 60 years of shooting. (not counting muzzleloaders)
  11. I have been looking for an IH pickup with automatic transmission for a while. I found a 1970 with 392 engine, ps, pb, air. Only drawback, it has the manual 4 speed with granny low. Is there another brand of automatic transmission that will fit? (Chrysler, Ford, GM, etc.) Or how hard to find an IH automatic from the same years? Thanks
  12. 1965Dennis

    I sure wish this was closer------

    Looks like the lower arms and the lift arms are missing but the top link is there. Sure is an odd looking drawbar support. Injection pump has a brighter red paint but also has some paint missing like the pump might have been in the shop some time back. It is a project for sure.
  13. 1965Dennis


    I deer hunt with a Remington 11-87 with fully rifled barrel and cantilever scope mount. With Hornady Sabot slugs it is accurate to at least 200 yards. I have taken a few good deer on the last day of season that were across the field- 187 yards, down on the spot. And with the 11-87, never had it second shot accidently, unless I got trigger happy and kept yanking on the trigger. When I was in the Air Force in Laredo, Texas a civilian worker in our shop carried a "snake charmer" every time he was out on his farm. Hand gun made for 410 shotgun shells.
  14. 1965Dennis

    Now I know why I hate wheelbarrows

    We had a picture of the 2 grand daughters like that in the local newspaper several years ago. That is the more comfortable way to use one of those things.
  15. 1965Dennis

    1066 Boost ???

    Sounds about right for no load, in neutral. If you have it pointed toward an open door put it in gear, hold the brakes tight, and ease up on the clutch to put a load on it. That needle should come up to about 10 or 15. Just don't have the tractor pointed toward anything in case the brakes don't hold.