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  1. IHKeith

    Troll for the site:

    Now that you say it Mike, and looking closer at the picture with the load of posts, that does look like an area where a truck shouldn’t be driving, much too low and close to water. What is the reason for fencing deer? Troll’s load of Mack behind the Dodge is quite a site, I would give extra cool points if the Dodge has a gas engine. I like the look of your water truck, it has the appearance of a good old workhorse. I’m an IH enthusiast but not a devout purist, so I don’t mind off brand discussions. I’ll have to dig up some pics soon of some of the trucks we had and still have
  2. IHKeith

    Troll for the site:

    I really like this topic, you have a great collection of old cool trucks Troll, Mike Newman as well, I hope you both have more pictures to share
  3. IHKeith

    A good story

    My great uncle praised their DC4 Case quite proudly, I’m told it was a sure footed well balanced rig, it pulled out many a bigger machine. One of our neighbors from back when tells a story about being mired bad and thought it would be the end to Uncle David’s reign, as the neighbor said “I was holding the brakes and he still pulled me out”
  4. IHKeith

    Naive customers

    We used about a 3 foot piece of 2.25” exhaust pipe on our cheetah bead blaster for potatoes,quite powerful, 200 yards plus with a five foot extension on it
  5. IHKeith

    Headlights are TOO bright!

    I agree 100%. The new lights are way too bright. I also find the auto dimming lights distracting, it’s like they do a high speed flicker when they dim. I borrowed a friend’s ‘14 Sierra 1500 to pick up a car 8 hours away, I was mostly driving 2 lane secondary roads, I found that all the high beams added was illuminating above the hydro lines, I also was frequently flashed at with my low beams on. My other complaint with the headlights of newer vehicles is how there can be weird shapes like rectangles or triangles emitting the light vs a small circle of a filament. I find the shapes disorienting, especially in the view of a flipped rear view mirror
  6. IHKeith

    There is hope for kids these days.

    Looking back on my post here I have realized I was feeling a bit hot headed about some of my employment experiences at that time. It was not intended to criticize Mader, even though that is how I came across. I apologize. I commend you Mader for recognizing good help, not all employers can.
  7. IHKeith

    There is hope for kids these days.

    So he was a skilled worker and you didn’t pay him 25 an hour? 25 an hour 44 hours a week is 57200 a year, in Canada income tax will take 14000 of that, a high ranch 3 bedroom house on an acre is 330000 in my area, taxes on that land 3-6000 a year. I don’t see 25 an hour being a rich mans wage.
  8. IHKeith

    Oh My Gosh

    It’s a hard line to walk, doing the right thing. Many people are users and will try at no end to never solve their own problems. We have all heard horror stories of fake people in distress luring people with intent to harm. One has to be cautious with strangers. In good/known company it is polite(and necessary most times) to ask even if you quickly find that you are unable to help, you’ve still tried. For me the most common type of scenario you see is people struggling with a large object in a store or driving a large vehicle or having a roadside stop and people not having the patience on common courtesy to give a little time or space, it’s the least one can do, even if you’re not hands on helping I think it’s rude to make things more difficult for others just because you can. This July me, my wife and kids went on a vacation to the east coast of Canada. We were walking onto the beach with a mother and daughter I’d guess in their 50s and 70s, locals to PEI, they had quite a load of coolers and umbrellas and such, both were doing alright so I felt no need to but in, not long after the mother made a comment about being too old for this, my wife and I simultaneously turned to her and took most of her stuff and my kids went to help her daughter when they saw us stepping up. Melissa and I our mellennials and our kids are 10 and 12 so not all more recent humans are bad. I believe the root of common courtesy comes with being raised with an understanding that the sun doesn’t rise just for you.
  9. IHKeith

    Follow up MF65

    Looks like a clean tractor, it’s a high arch model, Similar configuration to an IH hi clear utility, it should have good loader performance with the front mounted pump, if it doesn’t have multi power that’s no big deal, the multi power in one of those tractors is like an older TA in regard to freewheeling in low and engine braking only in high, a non multi power is better for a loader tractor because when in high they can be difficult to shift at times similar to a gear drive 4x4 tractor, at 2k for a usable loader tractor you can’t go wrong edit: I noticed looking back on the pics it has a pto pump for the loader, I assumed it was engine driven by the guard at the front
  10. IHKeith


    Burt has some darn good movies for sure, White Lighting (1973) has one of the best authentic IH movie scenes, he passes by an IH dealer with row of new 66 series
  11. IHKeith

    3150 john deere questions

    My grampy and uncles had a 3255 with a 265 loader, 14000 hrs plus as the big horse and chore tractor, the transmission is very forgiving for loader work, weakest point is definitely the front spindles/tie rods, turning fast and short with a bale on the forks is what breaks them consistently, they beat the piss out of there’s, the guy that got it after they traded it ran into some trans/hydraulic issues from contamination from driving with the park brake applied, not a scary tractor in my opinion
  12. IHKeith

    Here is a rare tractor, an International 606

    Definitely not the most common IH product but it is interesting to note in my neck of the woods I have touched two of them and saw a handful advertised for sale over the years, yet have never seen a 1206, 1256, or 1456 in a local farm setting, in the 60s in my area a 60-80 hp tractor was the big horse
  13. IHKeith

    Here is a rare tractor, an International 606

    Here in Eastern Ontario I have seen a couple, not as common as a Farmall or utility 656, a maple syrup producer/logger has a gas 606 with a loader we serviced from the early 90s up to the early 2000s, he traded it for a new compact tractor, that 606 was a little rough but worked well, quite powerful engine and had a front mount pump for the loader, it was sold as is as I recall, it wasn’t looked at as a desirable tractor in 01 I guess, I think it sold for 3000, biggest issue was an oil leak into the clutch housing from the transmission, that tractor would probably bring 3000 easy now without the loader. I always thought that the 606 looked so beefy compared to a 504 because of the 6cyl, and beefy to a 656 utility because of the lower profile hood and fenders.
  14. IHKeith

    Unexpected helper

    My great grandfather had a rat run up one leg of his overalls and thankfully right back down the other, as the story goes from that time on he never entered a grain bin or silo without first tying twine around his ankles.
  15. IHKeith

    Mini Blackstripe

    Saw this on FB, had to share it here