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  1. IHKeith

    Old tricks of the day

    My second car was a an 81 Pontiac Parisienne, it had a flexalite fan and a flipped air cleaner, for years that’s how I thought a sbc should sound, that same car had ‘tuned’ exhaust, I torched a hole in the pipe ahead of the muffler and revved it, then made the hole a little bigger and it sounded right, when I first filled the washer jug on that car I found out that someone had filled it with antifreeze and had a severely streaked windshield, I tried a squeegee at a town gas station and wasn’t able to clean it right with their sub standard solution and headed for the country gas station with better squeegee soap to make it right lol, we then hooked up the washer line to a bent piece of brake line that poked up through the hood seam on the passenger side, only problem was that car had the washer pump timed with the wipers so it wasn’t a constant spray
  2. IHKeith

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    I don’t want to be overly judgemental about the kid in question, not knowing the whole story, but it would seem like they have been too spoiled growing up, to reject a free form of transportation. My parents helped me with my first vehicles by giving me a shop to work on them and guidance on how to repair them, but not by paying my way. I could have got cheaper insurance by putting my first car in my parent’s name but declined because I figured they could use it as an excuse to control how and when I used my car, I took great pride in the independence my first car gave me, it was a 1989 Dodge Aries K, not very cool but it was mine. As an auto mechanic and gear head I come across cars all the time, so my kids won’t have any issues finding a cheap car when they are that age but I won’t give them any thing but maybe the safety inspection for free, even if them paying for the car is a trade for them doing chores, I’m a firm believer that anything not earned is worth nothing.
  3. IHKeith

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    I was born in 85, I got 1-4, I learned what a 45 record was acquired a “toy” briefcase as a youngin that was a 45 record case, I would guess they started calling Popeye’s candy cigarettes candy sticks around ‘94, a couple years later they didn’t have the red end anymore, my grandparents and uncle on my Mom’s side was the only party line I had experience with, my Grampy was a very smart business man and had many different revenue streams beyond raising crops and cattle on the farm, he had a sale barn, was a Vermeer dealer when round balers were taking over in the 80s and 90s, sold round bale feeders,head gates, calf huts and such, sold and built tarp sheds, had one of the first and only tube type bale wrappers and custom wrapped most of the wrapped hay in a 50km radius for many years before people started to buy there own wrappers, so my uncle’s family rarely had phone access from 7-10pm most nights because Grampy was selling, I got on a bit of a ramble here when I started thinking about my Grampy but felt I would share some of his story, just as these things from the past are fading away so are the type of people that truly make a difference and find away to forge ahead with dignity, honesty and hard work, and never expecting something they haven’t earned, I am truly blessed to have had such great grandparents and great times with them on both sides of my family, as far as drive ins the local one for me is still open
  4. IHKeith

    72 C60

    If I recall the series/model of that Kverneland plow is referred to as a Hydriens, my gramps bought it an auction in the early 90s, my dad painted and sold it to this owner in the early 2000s
  5. IHKeith

    72 C60

    While I was working on this truck today I recalled my comment in the Brockway truck post about being around older equipment as a youngster, I chuckled to myself, I guess I’m still around old stuff as an adult too. I figured I’d share a pic of this truck, it’s 366 with a 5+2, the owner used it to pull a float and as a dump in the 90s, a worker of his rolled it in 2000 and it has been a farm/yard truck since, I’ve been working on it for a couple years now, the yellow panels are from an old township truck from my hometown
  6. IHKeith

    Brockway Trucks

    I’m not very old (33) and I would have known what those controls are for, my cousins had a L8000 manure truck with a 429 and 5 and 4 that I first remember riding with my dad when I was 6, between us and our extended family there were a couple Loadstars, a F600 and F800, a S series, a C60 and another L8000, I would say am more fortunate than most my age for the exposure I had to older equipment and ways of doing things, I remember the first time I drove a two stick truck, I was probably 15, it was a front flip hood Loadstar tandem dump with a 446 and a 5 and 4, I was moving dirt from one end of the property to the other with it, all half loads so I could drive the truck more That Broadway is pretty cool, I’ve only seen newer looking ones than that and they were both wreckers
  7. IHKeith

    Question for today

    Guy I used to work for had or still has one, he bought as a basket case in the late 90s and restored it, he pulled with it for a couple years and then farmed with it for season or two, pulled a 6 row corn planter and fertilizer spreaders, it needed a engine rebuild in the early 2000s and we tore it down for the overhaul, if I recall correctly he had everything it needed for the rebuild but the main bearings, I saw it advertised a couple years ago, still tore down, for 12000, don’t know if he sold it or not
  8. IHKeith

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    My Great Uncle blew snow with an 856 and 8 foot double auger blower for over 20 years, he did a lot of laneways as well as his own, he had the engine covered with heavy rugs, thick red shag ones, I don’t have a pic of the setup but I have one of the tractor in nicer weather
  9. IHKeith

    Some fun from today

    Tractor tubing looks fun, I’m going to have to try it
  10. IHKeith

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    No IH in my snow fleet so I have room for improvement 3545 Massey, usually has an Allied 108” blower on it but the blower is in the shop 06 F350 with 8.5’ blade, it’s new this year, replaced a 98 Dodge 2500 “Old Blue” 78 Sierra Grande with 7.5’ blade, pretty reliable old girl but getting rusty, it’s a back up unit now, it was a primary unit until a couple years ago we replaced it with a 06 2500HD Chev Champion 720, use it mostly to groove icy laneways, it moves snow well but is a little big for some places, the Dodge W150 next to it will have a plow next season I rented this 2-105 a couple years ago to run my blower, before we had the Massey and big Allied blower some days I think I need to buy a 4wd 2-105 and have a front mounted blade and a blower out back
  11. IHKeith

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    Ours is very original, it has a decal that says to close the windows and doors “imperatively” when using the a/c. I’m in Canada so there is the dollar difference but we payed 26000 for ours in very good condition in 2015, without the cast center axle duals and front weights
  12. IHKeith

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    I run a 3545 Massey, not farming but as a yard tractor at the automotive garage I work at. It’s a similar cab to the 2000 series, the a/c works great in it
  13. IHKeith

    The Dog Thread

    Wow, thanks for sharing, great pics, the truck pic is pretty funny. Nicky frequently rests her front legs like a human rests an arm too
  14. IHKeith

    Hardest starting tractor

    I agree, the best starting one I ran would start cold without preheat, my experience with 282s was gained in the late 90s and early 00s, I never held it against a 656 for needing a little time to start, they were all old girls by then, some saw less love over the years for sure, they were all much nicer to rake hay with than a 175 Massey.
  15. IHKeith

    Hardest starting tractor

    282s has to be one of the hardest starting IH engines, I’ve seen some that only need the glow plugs at the beginning of the day and others that seem to need them after being shut off for 15min, my great uncle’s family has had a 656 for years, possibly since new, so they understand the need for the glow plugs, my cousin saved that tractor from a shed fire and commented about it still needing the preheat to start inside the inferno, I imagine that was the one of most nerve wracking times anyone has watched the glow plug gauge climb A 354 Perkins is a hard start at 10 degrees above freezing and lower, probably the worst thing about them, there a pretty good engine otherwise