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  1. I'm getting my Lincoln ready for another derby at 7pm tonight!!! I had a good run at my local fair with the Lincoln, ran a quick heat of 4 taking top 3 to feature, once the 4th was out another guy shut down to take 3rd and move on, so I shut down to take 2nd, came 4th in the feature, lost my steering shaft, but the best run with this car so far My son won in the truck!!! His first time too!! 2 trucks, 2 mini cars and 8 full size v8 cars showed up. Almonte Fair has never had the highest car counts of the area, counts are down everywhere lately too. Almonte had a good v8 count this year especially for the time, typically those 8 cars would run one feature all together, but they ran the heats to make the show last longer. A choice I agreed with in the situation, but had not prepared for the possibility of having to repair, hence taking second in the heat As less than ideal a 2 car derby is, both the minis and trucks put on a show. The minis ended with a rollover. The trucks ended with an epic dust explosion from the road dirt accumulation in a buckling frame followed by the buckling driveshaft spitting out
  2. Working on derby trucks and cars for my local fair tonight
  3. One of my early experiences as a mechanic (14-15 years old) was with a Super C, it was a narrow front end with a loader, I remember it as my first time dealing with crud in a fuel tank, after flushing the tank and lines it still wasn't getting enough fuel for heavy load, then I learned about the screen on the fuel inlet at the carb. I can't remember if it was a C or Super C, narrow front, was a friend's deceased Grandfather's tractor, sitting at his parent's house unused for a few years. This was in 2002 which is the year I turned 17. We got it going one day for something to do and drove it around the rural block, it was good fun and a great way to tour, we noticed that it didn't burn much fuel which was cool. A few days later we were sitting around, broke, looking for something to do. Gasoline was around 50-65 cents a liter back then. We had about 2 dollars in empty beer bottles, we decided to drive the C to town to cash in our empties which would give us enough money for the gas to get back. We made it to town, the beer store and the gas station. I can't recall al the details but after the gas station it stalled and had no battery or charging power. We weren't allowed to play with it and now we were stalled in town. I went to the local auto parts store and charged a new battery to my parent's account, it fired up and drove back home. I forgot to mention charging the battery to my parent's account and enough of my friend's family saw us driving it, so we got busted for our tour. My Dad criticized me for running for a replacement battery instead of tapping the voltage regulator to see if that made it charge. Tapping on the voltage regulator did fix it
  4. What a collection!!! I knew Allis made a wide variety of products, but I wasn't aware that they marketed their service and brand as pictured and went as far as offering Allis branded tools. We had an Allis forklift like the I-600 pictured, it was painted a metallic blue colour and had red fenders from a 200 series Massey, Dad bought it like that, cool to see how it should look. I like the look of the Gleaner Baldwin signs, reminds me of the parts manual cover for a Gleaner E, Dad worked on a pair of them back when. The industrial D21 and D19s are something I have never seen. The small diameter rear wheels on the industrial D19s intrigued me, didn't look like a common size, a Google search says that they are a 26" rim, more common in that time but never the most common tire choice for a tractor of that size. I'd bet one of those 26" cast centers would be hard to find if a guy was looking In the previous Allis thread I mentioned some AC relics that are around home, this thread reminded me of another Allis project that is here. It's an AC 840 wheel loader, needs transmission work, doesn't move. Dad serviced it for years, belonged to a local sawmill, they kept it going longer than most people typically would use an older machine, the transmission failed around 2015 and Dad took ownership. Hopefully we get going someday
  5. The location is pretty cool, the IH history is neat too. I was unaware that you had this Power Wagon, what a beast!!! What is it's story? Has it been equipped with the bed and rear winch since new? It looks like it doesn't have split rims and has a 2" receiver hitch, some "modern" updates, looks well put together. Very cool!!!
  6. Good band for sure!! In my youth I really liked Dixieland Delight and still do. Take Me Down is my all time favourite to date, it's got rhythm, in it's time of release when "country was going pop" it ticks both boxes tastefully, and I feel it has that funny dirty vibe like Conway Twitty singing Tight Fittin Jeans or You've Never Been This Far Before
  7. I have been working on the HVAC for my customer's 84 K10 A friend of mine has a few square body parts trucks, I had to go there today to get some seat belts for my customer's truck. While I was there I pulled the cab wiring harness, HVAC box and more from a Suburban, for my interior fire damaged 85 K2500. The Suburban interior was fairly intact except for the steering column when I started and this pic is how I left it The same friend with the parts trucks has a race track on his property, not anything official like, it's an about .35km long road course circuit through the woods, a pile of fun. Bob has an annual party where racing is the main event, usually the highest car count of any race day, party is tomorrow. I missed last year's party because of a wedding, and haven't had my 2003 Grand Marquis race car going since 2021's party. Some winters when the conditions are right I'll plow a track in my fields and we'll race there too. The Grand Marquis has about 3-4 years and 4000+km of racing since I built it, it's a beast, has only needed the odd ignition coil replaced or mud flushed from the rad to stay running. I have replaced a few tires and repaired/replaced a couple broken or bent inner or outer tie rods, mostly caused by aggressive "rubbing is racing" Today, after sitting for 2 years, the Marquis fired up with a boost and drove out of the woods with a flat front tire, still charges, brakes work, what a tank!! I have to change a tire and battery on the Marquis, and clean the pine needles from around the engine especially. My almost 17 year old son is going to drive it tomorrow. Pulled my mini bike in last thing tonight, need to adjust the chain so it is ready for race day
  8. I had a childhood similar to a working farm kid, but at my parent's farm equipment repair shop which progressed to a dealership, working with family since I could. In 2005 at 19 I started my automotive mechanic career which is still my occupation. I'm almost 38 now and I've seen a lot of situations and people in my time, by no means have I seen it all. Recently, I have thought the sign that one has some significant experience in their field, is when they can remember when the cost of a job was 30% of today's price
  9. I got some work done to my Cadillac this week, replaced the lights Tuesday night, got it registered and insured this morning, replaced the battery and just finished installing new tires tonight. I still have a couple details to take care of before I take it on a drive. It’s been off the road since 2017 at least, they hit a deer and couldn’t find parts to fix it. Went through a couple owners before me. I found the parts on EBay, paid handsomely for them, almost as much as the car, but happy to get them. I put these Chevy truck wheels on with the new tires, it looks awesome to me but they are close to the outside of the rear wheel wells, not sure if it’s going to work but I’m going to try it.
  10. There are two Diesel Farmall 656s in my area, they have been here since new or near new, one Hydro and the other gear drive, both are owned by relatives and both have survived a shed fire. I was unaware that the Hydro was in a fire 20 years ago until recently when my cousin told me. The fire was at another farmer's place that they did custom work for. We all know that those engines need glow plugs by design and that's no fault against them. The common jokes center around: "still need glow plugs in a burning building" "(firefighter)'the building is about to collapse get out'(farmer)'I'm almost preheated, give me 60 seconds'" Both tractors are semi retired, the Hydro has no high range if I recall correctly, as a result of a hired hand towing it, I have seen it used on the PTO generator and dump wagon lately. The gear drive makes the odd appearance pulling a rake or tedder, or run an auger. There was another Farmall 656 around here back when that belonged to a customer of my Dad. I was removing the lift cover from the trans/diff and had a heck of a time, couldn't get it to separate, checked over and over for the bolts I was missing, I had all the bolts out, had a small forklift to lift the cover and I could almost lift the tractor off the ground but the forklift wasn't that capable, eventually with the forklift applying pressure lifting and some hammering/prying around the seam it separated, the crazy bond was the paper gasket, whether it was just the gasket or the gasket and some sealant in that joint, pretty wild the hold it had There was a 656 Utility Diesel gear drive that came around once, we painted it, the customer was an IH fan and a salesman at the local CaseIH dealer at the time, cool thing about that job was him providing new old stock IH hardware for the sheet metal Here's my cousin's 656 gear drive
  11. Awesome car!!! Good for him!! Those 55-57 Chevys are always cool. My friend has a 56 Chevy 210 sedan, not his first car but the nicest, fastest one he has built yet. It’s on a 1990 Caprice frame with a 2001 Chevy 2500 complete wiring harness, 6L engine and 4L80 transmission. Has a 10 bolt 8.5 posi differential with 3.73 gears. It’s a good performer. These pictures are from when I put new exhaust on it last year, the previous system I made had damage from a driveshaft failure and he wanted cutouts.
  12. As I was drifting off to sleep last night, the meaning and great pun of my posts came to me, my error was not typing the the punch line "In my experience a spanner usually isn't a Good wrench" Hahaha, "punch" line
  13. I made some posts in this thread replying to Mike Newman, that at the time I thought were a cleverly worded and humorous subtle down under joke, I was laughing while typing, thought I was hilarious I haven’t been here frequently lately but looking back at my posts now I see that I didn’t seem funny. I have no desire to speak negatively about other forum members in my posts. I appreciate everyone’s contributions here, it’s my favourite place to go online Anyone heard of Oxwall? I have this old screwdriver, it’s my solenoid crossing screwdriver
  14. Putting some new headers on this ‘Cuda, think it’s a 1972, has a 340 and 727, not perfect but a really nice car, underside is awesome The job before this ‘Cuda was repairing a rear differential mount in a 2004 RAV4 that is very rotten, a car that I would typically say is not worth fixing but it just needs to last another couple weeks until I have the Honda Odyssey ready that they bought this weekend to replace the RAV4, the Odyssey is supposed to be here sometime this week. Was working on a 2014 Ram 1500 first thing today. It came here with complaints of noises and vibrations. The front differential output shafts were rusted and splines depleted, CV shafts falling off. Only way to get the output shafts are with a complete differential from Mopar, about $3000. I found some aftermarket shafts on Amazon that are made by a Canadian company with CV axles for about $1000, put them in a while back and I’ve been chasing a terrible driveline vibration in it since. In my efforts to isolate the vibration I found the transfer case clutch(auto 4x4) was slipping, found this while driving it with the front driveshaft only. It would not positively drive and when it engaged it would shudder/vibrate bad. I put a new used transfer case in it today and it vibrates less but still too much. I put a new transmission mount in as well because it was delaminated, motor mounts look ok, a couple u joints are a little sticky but with my efforts to isolate the problem by running the front and/or rear driveshaft only the u joints aren’t the biggest problem. I had only the front driveshaft installed and decided to get my daughter to hold the brakes and load it up while in gear while I watch the motor mounts. She was nervous about running me over, proud of her for thinking about that, but I assured her that I would watching from the side, not in front. While we were doing this operation a loud bang happened and there was no drive, the passenger side front differential output shaft sheared off. I was starting to wonder if the new CV axles are the cause of the vibration but was reluctant to take them out because of the work involved but I think that’s my next step now, if I have to contact the company for warranty on the output shaft I may as well prove that I don’t need axles too. I figured this ‘Cuda was exceptional enough to share, and then thought sharing my other jobs of the day would be a good example of the variety of work I get in to.
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