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  1. In my opinion BFGs aren’t worth consideration, square edge on the tread is prone to cupping even with frequent rotation, don’t wear well like 10 years ago, in my world they usually retail at 60-100 bucks more than a Cooper AT3 and worth less, I haven’t had experience with the current version of the AT/2, the older one(similar or same tread pattern) was popular 8-10 years ago and was a good tire, had a plow truck with them and it did well, they don’t look A/T but they are, Michelins do ride nice and wear well, but if you are not rolling enough miles to wear them out in three years they start t
  2. Looks good , it’s come a long way, enjoyed seeing the pics, great job 👏
  3. George White, Canadian built, just like me, haha My Great Uncle blew snow with a McKee 8’ double auger and 856 with Year A Round cab for years, he did tons of lane ways including ours, he had hyd motor chute rotation, hyd deflector, a pinned(removable) filler panel for the upright of the chute(usually stayed on unless wet, heavy snow), had lights on the blower that plugged in to the tractor with the two pin male/female plug, had hooks on the blower for holding a shovel and a big bar, the 856 with extra lights, big furry blankets for engine covers, full rack of weights on the front with a
  4. Are you sure you’re ground is good? Have seen a frayed cable cause poor connection and resulting poor weld, also possible deterioration of your whip, or wire rollers, causing erratic wire feeding, I’ve had whips that seem to “wear” over time that they would bind the wire feeding process if they were anything but straight
  5. Awesome, best of both worlds when questioning which way to mount those centers, pics like this is why I come here, thanks
  6. Pretty cool, every opinion aside, I agree with the side pipes, he had the vision, do it, you have the pipes, it can be changed, if he doesn’t do it now he probably never will, and whether it wears the side pipes 6 weeks or 6 years, you can always go back to typical exhaust, the fact you have the side pipes and the desire is the classic why not, if down the line they are too much I’m sure they will be a great memory, my experience with old cars is the most important thing to do with them is drive, drive the piss out of it, everywhere, never pass a gas station hahaha 😂
  7. Pretty cool 👍, my parents had a similar idea that had am/fm, record and 8 track player
  8. First pic is one my Aunt(Dad’s sister) gave me just last Saturday, it’s a colour print I believe, from the late 70s, the shop isn’t in the pic, it was built in 79 iirc, note the shiny 1066 black stripe beside the white shed, this pic is neat because it is taken from the side, most aerial pictures I’ve seen are from the road This picture would be from the early 80s, it was a black and white picture that was painted colour, so some of the colours aren’t accurate, note the 1066 in front of the feed room, partially hidden by the tree behind the house This picture was
  9. Apple pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze Dont hammer with the big wrench when a small wrench will do
  10. That is some impressive numbers from a 354 Perkins, is that achieved from just fuel settings? My family used to have an 1130 Massey that put out 160 at its highest, was set around 140 for the longest time, we had an 1135 and it wouldn’t get much higher than high 130s, I think the 1130 had a Starrett?turbo, the 1135 had a different turbo and was much louder and not as snappy, my Champion road grader has a 354 Perkins with the same turbo set up as the 1130 and is definitely fed more fuel than any farm tractor equipped 354 I have ran, the next series of grader after mine was standardized with onl
  11. IHKeith

    Jump box

    The Jump n Carry like dannyredfan posted are good, the one we had at work was only 12V, I use a Booster PAC brand, had them at work and at home, on my second one and within the year I’ll buy my third, they last about 5 years of peak performance, they get weaker with age I’m usually starting gasoline vehicles, so it doesn’t see frequent heavy diesel use but will start a heavy Diesel engine, where I worked we had the same brand of PAC that was much larger, intended for frequent heavy use and it wasn’t worth the extra weight and money, if the smaller one didn’t start it it wasn’t
  12. I use dish soap, a good squirt into the 10L tank, I keep the water at about 60-70 degrees C, I have used more expensive solutions but find that the biggest thing that hampers the cleaning ability is when the solution gets murky, so a cheap and plentiful solution works best for me, I mostly clean automotive carbs with mine and run them through about 3 cycles, scraping and wire brushing between cycles mostly for cosmetic purposes, I put the small parts in a glass relish jar filled with the solution, you have to clean and scrub between cycles to clean the most grimy carb to perfection, parts seem
  13. I used to run a 3545 Massey and a 9 foot blower, I found the LED lights are better, brighter is better in my opinion, I’ve never had a problem with too much light while snow blowing at night
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