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  1. Here’s an old stone bridge near me
  2. My cat Sammy. She showed up at the house as a stray, could never get her to come to me for a while, but one day she came and has been a part of our family for a few years now, she was fixed before she came here too
  3. Both my dad and Grampy had a stone fork for a front end loader by the time I picked rocks for a couple years, when I was working for Grampy you drove the tractor and scooped rocks with the fork, when I worked for Dad the fork eliminated the need to brush the dirt off the rock but otherwise no easier than a material bucket The first time I remember picking rocks was when my dad was making a lawn from a hayfield, about.75 acre, I was about 8, me and my brother picked it so many times, every time we’d pick it clean dad would run my great uncle’s 45 vibra shank across it and we would pick it again, 25 or so years later it’s still a pretty nice lawn
  4. MF 165, currently reworking the loader hydraulics, getting it ready for it’s new owner, it’s no cream puff but wears it’s original paint other than the wheels, I think that’s neat
  5. I understand the frustration, especially when it’s something really simple, an example is me replying to a want ad for some bigger, cheap “mud” tires, I replied with an offer of a set of 33 or 35 inch tires, with 5/32 of tread(so pretty much done) but at a price of $50(Canadian) for 4 tires that hold air, instead of asking my address he requested pics, I didn’t pursue that deal after that, I’ve had all kinds over the years but there are still real people out there, I am not fond of the ‘lowest price’ inquiry, I usually reply no more than once with the asking price or not at all, I may ask if someone is firm on their price, while speaking with them on the phone, but all negotiations are done in person, I’ve himmed and hawwed over 100 bucks after driving 500 miles, I’ve drove for 10 hours on a work night to find out the truck is no good, that guy felt bad and gave me a carburetor I was looking for, but besides all the bull a fellow can go through trying to sell something, I find that usually the first guy who just shows up buys it, all the tire kickers want a pen pal
  6. IHKeith

    Mv 404, 446

    My dad ran an 81 S1754?, S series nonetheless, tilt and load single axle, it had a 404 in it which ran for about 15 years, then a 446 for another 10 years that is still in, truck has been off the road for about 5 years now, we had good luck with them, we had to weld and eventually replace the exhaust manifolds because of cracking
  7. My gramps had an 1130, then my great uncles bought it, later they traded it to my dad for a new Lamborghini when the differential went, the engine went on to power an 1105, most of the other pieces of it are a little more than a stone’s throw from where I type now, it put out about 160 hp at it’s highest pump setting, I remember the motor was set at 138 when the 1105 left the shop, my dad had an 1135 when his farming endeavours were at there peak in the late 90s, it had a different turbo than the 1130 and was louder with a muffler vs a stack and could only make about 140hp at the peak of pump settings, and it was deemed that the 1135 was best suited at about 132 iirc, the 1130 was pretty happy at about 145, except for the diff I suppose
  8. Not sure of what kind of climate you live in or how long you keep your vehicles, but in my area of Eastern Ontario the biggest fault of Hyundai or Kia vehicles is corrosion over time, it does affect other brands as well, but arguably a 10 year old Kia would be more likely to snap a caliper bolt during a brake job than a Honda or Ford similar model, but if you wear a car out by 10 years than it’s a non issue, if by 10 years on salted roads you have say 80000 miles, and want to keep it, I would advise against a Hyundai, but if in the same conditions you have 200000 miles and you have no problem throwing it away, they are pretty good vehicles
  9. The IH shift pattern that many big frame tractors and utilities had with the range transmission of hi, lo and reverse and speed transmission a 4 speed, are one of the best, my favourites being a 56 or 66 series or a z pattern utility tractor in IH offerings, but having run a 3020, it’s not too bad to run
  10. I’m unsure if it applies to your engine, but a word of caution, I know that on the new Duetz engines with crazy high injector pressure that I worked on in 2010 they considered the injector lines single use, once they were loosened they to be replaced, I reused some once while trying to bleed a stubborn starting engine, with no problems, these tractors I worked on had a belt driven fuel pump that would fail and there was no great way to bleed them. I can’t remember much more about them but figured I’d give a heads up to remain at a safe distance when you fire it up after removing the injectors
  11. I’m not a fan of movies being made around town, it’s going to happen anyway given my municipality’s kind approach to the ‘arts’, I don’t know all about what these crews pay for and what they get for free, but I question how realistic the rate is for there campsite rental on public property and such, in my opinion I feel they make more money in there few weeks in town, with less taxation from the town, than local small businesses make in months, I’m not a fan of the way my town is going but I’ll scratch the back of the local coffee roasters, who’s roasting fills the air of the scent of burnt cake, and a cup costs 7 bucks, but pays taxes on a well maintained 5 unit strip mall, before I burn up a Sunday with movie guys. I don’t actually buy 7 dollar coffees but I service their vehicles fairly. I drove a customer home the other day, his home is part of an about 15 year old development, he commented about how big the town has got since then, I agreed, but non judgemental like I commented how I picked vegetables on the land his house was built on as a kid with my gramps, those vegetables were sold roadside and at the farmers market, the market being a 5-10 minute walk from the field, the current lead vegetable farmer at the market comes from about 20 miles away, interesting about that farm my gramps grew veggies on, he rented it for years prior to the developers buying it and there was a few years it was in limbo after the first phase, he payed the rent for the rest of the farmland for regularly mowing a 2-3 acre lot, usually with a 782 cub cadet, there’s your Red Power. About 6 store fronts up the street from this fake dealer, hang a right, walk to the back alley of those stores, look left across the street, there was an IH dealer dealer there for many years, it’s a parking lot now. ”Progress”
  12. But not surprising, on the bright side, they are a nice pair of 88s, I have been meaning to take pics of the tractors for a week, to share here, I remember every day when we cruise to the chip wagon and forget by quitting time, today at lunch I said to heck with it and held up traffic for a bit
  13. From what I understand the movie is supposed to be about a French(from France) exchange student who comes to small town Ontario in the 80s. They rounded up a nice collection of 70s and 80s vehicles for it, a few of my friends lent their cars, one friend rented his house for a couple days, they put a letter in his mailbox to approach him, explaining they were looking for a ‘retro’ 80s house, he chuckled when he told me about it, that it was a nice way of saying his house was a dump, the same friend put a shiny coat of tremclad on an 80s Chevy pickup owned by the crew, his McCormick B250 made it in the film too. I was burned by a previous film for car rental, which is one of the reasons I wasn’t star struck, or moderately enthusiastic about being a part of it. One of the writers of the film is from The Simpsons and the director is the one from Borat and The Dictator so I imagine it’s a silly movie.
  14. I can’t say for sure bitty, this movie is called “The Exchange” It appears to be the highest budget film made around here, usually it’s Hallmark Christmas movies that are filmed in town, I was approached by the crew for some of my vehicles and possibly tractors I could source but declined because I felt it wasn’t worth my time, I’m glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen these red tractors, I know where the 5088 calls home but was unaware of such a 5488 being around
  15. Here’s some pics of the ‘dealership’ they have created for a movie being filmed locally, sorry I couldn’t get better pics, there is a MFWD 5488 and a 2wd 5088, some Magnums and a 574
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