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  1. I have worked many Sundays, on personal and business jobs, and have took many Sundays off. My biggest Sunday “rule” is that I don’t answer the phone for business calls, try to stay away from the phone the whole day, also limit in person drop in calls to light hearted conversation. If someone stops by to talk about car problems more than I care to, I kindly try to steer the conversation to what they are cooking for dinner or their family, maybe their garden. If we’re going to shoot the breeze on a Sunday let’s not talk about work. Usually I have the phone on silent, resting on a shelf in the house, if I am going for a drive alone I bring it with me in case of emergency, if my wife and kids are with me they have a phone and I leave mine. As much as I would like to be free from the phone I imagined the situation of my car breaking down on a Sunday and not having a phone, walking to the nearest house, asking to use their phone…. It would be an uncommon experience nowadays, likely awkward, plus I would be interrupting their Sunday.
  2. I’ve done a few tractor drives 40-70 miles over the years, in tractors that go 40-50 km/h(25-30 mph), whether it be delivering a new tractor or returning with a trade. The cost and time of the drive was slightly less than trucking when the tractor could drive the faster speeds. The Deutz my Dad sold were the first I ever saw that would do 50 km/h(30 mph), they freaked out enough small town citizens, a tractor was never seen going those speeds before. It is a good bit faster than 25 mph in a big machine. 20-25 mph doesn’t get noticed but 30 mph looks like 40 in a big tractor. My favourite of those longer drives was an Agco Allis 9655
  3. Yes, a few of them are mine, the Dodge short box is 4x4, 4 speed and has a 360, belongs to a customer
  4. Sandblasting is the best way to prep it, scraping, wire brushing and sanding works too. I have done it both ways several times. Usually if it was blasted the rims and centers were totally disassembled, because it is hard to get enough paint in the seams and you will get rust streaks quick enough. Whether I sandblast or wire wheel I usually sand with 180 grit and sometimes a second pass with something finer. When painting over old paint around seams and irregular surfaces that needs hand sanding controlled use of the coarser grit gets the tight spots cleaner and the palm sander usually gets close enough to blend it in. All your wire brushed hardware, whether it be clamps or bolt heads, give a quick pass with the palm sander, the little touch will clean them more. Then clean everything with a final wipe solvent, the final wipe is so awesome for removing the dust and cleaning the surface. If the parts are all blasted or bare I would give a quick hand sand in the tight spots and a quick pass over with the palm sander, on the hardware too, makes it a bit smoother Both prep methods need a good primer, epoxy is probably the best choice. Even if using value paint, high end primer is the best choice. In my experience value brand primer is the same product as the paint. A good epoxy primer of today works well, it takes little paint to cover it, takes paint easy and stands up as good as any primer of yesteryear I think.
  5. I can understand the hesitation to purchase another project. If you can manage the cost and have a use and want for it then maybe you should buy it. Things that it has going for it is that it runs and has a low shipping cost. Be less desirable if it was a non runner and took a weekend or more time to get home, and another couple days to get running.
  6. Can’t forget about Joe Pesci’s character Leo Gets in Lethal Weapon 2, “okokokok, they f$&$ you at the drive thru” The common practice now a days seems to be to fill the cup mostly with ice, almost like any size has nearly the volume of drink, noticed a line on the Wendy’s cups that is 3/4 or more of the cup that they fill the ice to, if a guy walked in to the Wendy’s he could pour his own. At a Raising Cane’s on Friday, walk in, they give you your cup to fill already 3/4 filled with Aspirin sized ice cubes, that filled the void densely, the fountain drip trays were full of ice from people dumping it out. I bet 75% of patrons did, I didn’t because we were sharing 2 combos amongst 4 people and refilled a couple times while waiting. I’d say that there is a trend of late for increased ice volume, the reasons are all to do with money, whether it’s watering it down to cover the Coke licence fees or increased costs of beef or potatoes, watering down the soda is probably the only trick they have left, the beef and potatoes are already watered down as much as they can be hahahaha
  7. It really is. Are you from that area?
  8. I got off I90 at Herkimer, the family wanted a coffee stop, when we left the Dunkin I was OK with the GPS leading us away from the interstate once we were that far north, funny that lead us to West Canada Creek, and other familiar names. Though the distance between Middleville and Poland is similar the Ontario villages do not have any stores, anymore, they don’t share as direct of route but between them is Hopetown with a general store/gas station/restaurant/beer and booze, probably not bigger than a double wide trailer in area but a legit old time store, it’s on a major road so has stayed relevant, Poland ON is in the middle of nowhere some would say has an old Church, schoolhouse and a few houses, all are inhabited as homes, it’s close to a lake where there is a nice public beach/park, a spot along the only paved road that goes that way, the next store you would see after Poland would be in about 25 miles and that is even more remote, logging country, a couple beef farms, last dairy farm you see is in Hopetown
  9. Sure is some pretty countryside in that area, some pretty big dairy operations too, are you close by there? South of there Middleville and Poland share the same name as places here and occur in the same order and within about the same distance
  10. Excuse my lack of knowledge of the area but those are the town names I remember
  11. Could be his tractor, think it I was between Turin and Copenhagen, NY
  12. I just got back from a trip with my family, we took a drive into USA Friday, did some shopping and sightseeing. We stayed in Enfleld CT Friday and Albany NY Saturday. Saturday morning in MA we saw this Minnie backhoe and this afternoon in NY, this 1066. Not the best pics, I took the ones of the backhoe and found out that I have no experience taking pics while moving, I’m usually driving. I drove past the 1066 and almost kept going but I decided to turn around and get Melissa to snap a picture, it’s an awesome tractor.
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