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  1. It sounds like a HVAC door problem, if you are getting good heat on all other settings it almost has to be a door issue, the only other possibility I can think of is if by fluke of design there is more airflow over the heater core in defrost and the core is slightly restricted, and at idle it doesn't flow enough, this would be proved if the heat increases in defrost with higher engine RPM
  2. Suzuki was a pretty good value brand in my opinion Since they stopped importing them parts are much harder to come by even in the aftermarket, while they were active in North America the parts support from the dealer was great and usually reasonably priced, there was a good local dealer here too back when Samurais and Sidekicks are different animals, Samurai has 2 solid axles and Sidekicks have a solid rear and an independent front suspension Samurais are so small and light, with 31-35 inch tires can go to places that might challenge a new wild side by side, they don’t have much power going steep uphill with four guys, (1000 pounds) even in low range, but it had two surprise passengers from the stuck Jeep XJ Sidekicks are great cheap off road buggies, there was a few years in the 2000s and a few in the early 2010s that they were plentiful around here for a couple hundred bucks, and they ran all over the trails, sometimes be more Trackers and Sidekicks than ATVs on a tour, a guy could jack up a half ton with 33s or 35s and get stuck where a Sidekick with 2057515 snow tires walks through, loaded statement, not always that way but they were almost always that good, a great beater for sure
  3. I like the Jeep love in this thread Love them or hate them, any Jeep with 2 solid axles is capable of great things, as long as they aren’t rusted out, even the newer wrangler say a 2014 with the 3.6 and Mercedes transmission is begging for an LS swap, but working in it’s stock form it has almost 300 horsepower and is able to be customized in an older spirit, can’t do that with a Ford Explorer or a GMC Acadia The Jeep Wrangler with a full frame and solid axles deserves no serious hate because it is the only one of it’s kind for years, what ever you have to do to keep it running the suspension and steering will always need attention sooner than later The unibody suv Jeeps are their own modern animal The Jeep I don’t get is the Liberty, independent front suspension and 4 link rear coil suspension, and yet it rides like a leaf sprung YJ with seized front wheel u joints
  4. IHKeith


    It can be frustrating getting supplies, these days especially Staffing shortages are widespread, my kid's bus was cancelled twice last week because there was no driver I went to 3 local stores to source a couple hundred feet of 4" drainage tile, some tees and elbows, the last stop was able to order the 4" to 6" adapter, they get deliveries from that supplier usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, I ordered on Tuesday, no driver for Thursday, didn't get the trench filled before the rain, my Dad said I could try the local farm drainage company, maybe I should have gone to them first, the Home Hardware store I ordered it from is good, they had an excellent selection of 4" pieces and were the only ones to offer ordering the adapter, Home Depot was the first stop because they were the only one with enough socked tile in stock, the guy who directed me to it's whereabouts looked plenty busy, next stop was the Rona, guy there was busy putting away inventory, walked me to the tile fittings section, a customer was at the unoccupied hardware service desk as we passed by, looking for a key cut, the guy helping me paged for someone and then continued to show me to the place, I thanked him and he went on his way, on my way to the cash I saw him cutting the key, and the job he was busy at when I interrupted him wasn't getting done, if I drove around for a whole day burning $1.92 a liter super and more valuable time time I'd probably find an adapter, and if the truck showed up Thursday with my adapter I would have had my trench back filled before the rain, and Cheryl at the lumber desk did her job well, I wouldn't feel right telling her I found another one when she called, hopefully this coming Tuesday We can't get angry at the ones who show up to work everyday, try hard and deal with customer's disappointment of supply chain issues daily A demo derby I ran years back had a big purse for the V8 modified class, 4-6000 for first kind of money, there was something like 8-12 cars showed up for the class, at the driver's meeting the promoter was voicing his disappointment vehemently with the low turn out vs the big prize, but he was complaining to the people who showed up Crazy times these days
  5. I have questioned the purpose of "CAUTION HORSES" stickers as well, it kinda suggests that I would not be respectful to a fellow motorist, but wait, there are horses, ok I'll behave I've seen the salt life stickers here in the Great White North, the first one I ever saw several years ago was a customer, and the last one I saw last week was the same customer, they told me they surf on vacation, back when we first saw the sticker we thought it said slut life so we asked about it, they are good folks Iowaboy has the right idea, but I let things bother me too much sometimes, I think we all do, especially when we are stressed and frustrated I'm not a fan of stickers on my vehicles, I do stick performance parts stickers around the garage, and on my minibike, I would like the look of painting/sticking my company name on my truck, in the same style my Gramps had his trucks done, he was Elmdew Farms, I'm Elmdew Automotive, but it would draw too much attention I figure, people would randomly talk to me too much when I was getting lunch or gas So I guess stickers on cars are for people who want to get noticed for something, my favourite bumper sticker, though crude, was on a purple 99? Sunfire driven by a young lad, "My other ride is your Mom"
  6. Thanks, It’s a customer’s 84 K10 long box, I put a 2004 6L in it
  7. The front spindle adaptation is somewhat commendable, for the fact that however they welded or locked the car spindle from turning held and was fighting gravity from the start
  8. I’ve already got the girl, for 15 years now, bless her heart for putting up with me, I really need to loose the chair and spend more time with her than in the garage, and keep the girl lol
  9. Me and a co worker of several years would imitate this scene often enough when we would use a wrench bigger than say 1 1/4, a common one was a 1 7/16 wrench for a Chevy truck inner tie rod We would slide the wrench down our arm into our hand the same and say “My Ride”, so many laughs
  10. Your’s is slimmer than my current shop chair, so more practical Mine was a roadside find that was intended to only stick around for a busy weekend of derby car building, a friend even wanted it in favour of me burning it at the end of the weekend, so I put the sheet on it to protect it, 6 weeks later it’s still here, it’s worth moving around, but when the wet slop of winter comes in to the garage it will be gone
  11. I understand what you are saying, I wasn’t into texting at first but I like it for years now no negative judgment intended but I laugh about “old guys” who don’t text but post on forums or email, etc I talk fast and/or mumble, phone mic is full of dirt, air compressor usually starts in the middle of a phone call inside the shop, step outside and it’s windy, I like text for sending an estimate for work, it’s in writing then, these parts, this cost, yes or no, sometimes a call to talk more about the job but the essentials are there in writing that is easily accessible, when the job is done a text saying it’s ready, $xxx is so easy for me good luck on your new adventure!!!
  12. Here some IH not far from the garage my cousin is ready to fill the grain bin
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