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  1. A guy can never have too many tools, I drink and have too many fuel burning projects, and wrench for a living, couldn’t make a go of any of it without tools, started off humble in my early teens and now I have mostly Snap On for my every day first choice, I was repairing fuel lines on a 2010 duramax this summer, one of the repair fittings that screwed into the fuel cooler was too deep for any socket in my main box and trying to use a wrench or a crow’s foot there wasn’t enough clearance without messing with bolts in a rusty bracket that looked scary, dirty old Westward 5/8 deep socket that I got used back in’98 did the trick, in the most awkward moments having a variety seems to save the day, the question of if it’s worthwhile depends on if you want to have the solution I bought Snap On combination wrenches 10 years ago, 8-36mm and 1/4-1 5/8 sets, wasn’t cheap but haven’t regretted it yet
  2. I don’t have any pics but I had an 81 Pontiac Parisienne 4 door back in 2005, originally a 267 2 barrel, had a 305 4 barrel when I ran it, it had no grille or passenger side front lights from a deer collision, I fabricated a grille from expanded steel and head light support from sheet metal, with oval amber clearance lights integrated as park and signal lights, I was painting tractors for a living at the time and that inspired me to use CaseIH ironguard red, it was pretty cool back then but I prefer brown now for my four door hot rods
  3. Of course it’s ridiculous, it’s on TV, I have been been pulled into it often enough on the occasions I watch TV, don’t quote me on the specifics but it’s interesting that they have found sawed/hewn logs at 100 feet or so, even if the logs are from previous exploration it’s amazing that the previous treasure hunters got that far with old technology, or similar to the causeway that goes to the island currently the drill site was filled in as well and the hewn logs are from an old fence The metal detector guy is great, “a real bobby dazzler,” is one of his best lines, every time he found an old nail, “it’s a cribbing spike, probably from a ship or a dock!” Last fall we finally removed the concrete floor of the old machine shed, old timber framed and tongue and groove sided shed was tore down 20 years ago and we left the pad, I saved some “cribbing” spikes from the dirt under the concrete, old square headed nails, used, bent and wobbly from being pulled, but saved, probably fell out of a tipped over tin can and sealed by that particular scrap load of concrete, I saved a few, my buddy sometimes makes dolls (for lack of a better term) out of scrap bits so if I took an urge to do that they would be cool or if I got back into organizing demolition derbies be good for a custom trophy, rambling aside, I’ve found more interesting treasures on my own property than there, it’s clay here and underneath the concrete of that shed floor it was just the packed dirt floor, no prep work done, just a scrap load of concrete on top, there was even a couple footprints in the dirt, pretty cool Here’s my cribbing spikes, I store them where I can find them when I need them
  4. I think they qualify, and this one is pretty awesome, the boundaries made by the corn and the reflection of the cart is cool
  5. I have said it many times to my dog, “you are one of my favourite people” Nicky likes to hold long treats such as dental sticks in her mouth for a while before devouring them, she looks like she’s smoking a cigar
  6. 58 Ford F100 on a 70s Ford frame
  7. It's a loaded question, harharhar!!! My Dad ran an 81 S1724 single axle tilt and load, 24? foot deck, MV404 5+2 and later got a MV446, I don't know all the weight numbers but a 66 86 series sized tractor was its max reasonable capacity, it would haul way more too if you are patient/crazy enough to do it, dated by today's standards for sure but capable, the 404 still hauled two tractors and pulled a mower conditioner with a burnt valve or two, exceptionally gutless and terrible on fuel, but ran and worked until it's replacement engine was ready, good truck for sure, if you like this truck and want something different then this might be for you, if you want an old truck like that that will haul finding a 466 powered truck would be what I'd prefer The MV engines in Dad's truck were pretty neat though, they were governed to 4200? kind of RPM by the electronic ignition, and you drove the pants off it trying to keep it revving up there, they take a beating for sure
  8. It got tailpipes tonight, had turndowns
  9. “Don’t tell Mom that I am on the couch”
  10. Shiny chrome wheels are awesome
  11. I’m in eastern Ontario
  12. That cab over lives about 10 miles down the road from me
  13. IHKeith

    IH 584

    The right side is broken off the boom and the left is pulled out of the bucket, makes me think it was used broken a while, this one, a 684 and an 884 were the only fwa 84 series I can think of that Dad worked on, probably 20 or more 74/84 series 2wds This tractor once had a bad clutch and wouldn’t move, instead of paying the floating bill he chained the bucket to the back of a flat hay rack and towed it with his 265 Massey, left the Massey and wagon here until the 584 was ready and towed it home, he had a 966 and a tri stripe 886, so I guess he didn’t need the Massey haha As tough as it is I’m drawn to the original paint and it’s hard parts working, it has most of the missing panels with it too
  14. IHKeith

    IH 584

    I didn’t try at all, hahaha
  15. IHKeith

    IH 584

    I’m thinking that I “need” to buy this tractor, it’s looks rough but mostly functional, needs some welding on the bucket and loader, front rim repair, left floor board repair and a seat at least to start, be a good can of worms to open I think, it’ll just be a yard/bush hog/toy tractor for my automotive garage and property It was sold new at the IH dealer my Dad worked at, and he has serviced it throughout the years too, I have worked on it several times too when I worked with Dad, so that part is neat, pretty sure I’ll pull the trigger on it but I’m going to sleep on it, years of impulse buying has taught me to slow my roll a little
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