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  1. What ruled the roads then?

    A classmate put his Dad’s newish Explorer into the school wall one day. Me and a friend were out front on that snowy day, he came up the street at the side of the school, we egged him on to ‘send her’, he did and lost it after he passed us(luckily), hopped the sidewalk and right into the stone wall. The school wasn’t hurt bad but the truck looked like it hit a deer on the RF corner, he got out of there before someone came to investigate the noise, I don’t think he got in trouble at school but I don’t remember him driving that truck again.
  2. What ruled the roads then?

    I forgot about s10s and Rangers, there was a handful of v8 s10s rolling around and they laid a lot of rubber and exploded homemade driveshafts. I had an 86 Jimmy 2wd s15 with a 2.8, it replaced my power wagon for a while because it was much better on fuel. The 4x4 s10 Blazers were a far better mud buggy than a full size truck, I can remember sitting stuck in my power wagon as they still drove around.
  3. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Gramps had a 110 JD disc, Dad held onto it longer than other implements from that time due to the investment into beef up the frame and bearings, said it was terrible pre modification, worked well after and was borrowed by neighbors often for wet spots
  4. What ruled the roads then?

    I got my license in 01, tons of fwd junk around then and I have a soft spot for a Chevy Celebrity or a k car, if you were real cool you had an 80s rwd Cutlass/Regal or Caprice/Crown Vic, for trucks mostly 80s GM, a few rotten K5s, 80s Camaro(v6 mostly, ‘gonna swap in an 8 soon’) some 5.0 mustangs, I drove a 1980 Dodge W200 Power Wagon, then a 89 k car in high school. I still drive “high school” cars 15 years later, my summer car is a 77 Olds 88 and my winter car is a 72 Newport. My truck is a 00 c3500 Chev 2wd so it’s not very cool looking but does have dual exhaust.
  5. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Don’t hammer with the big wrench when the small wrench will do
  6. Oh the differences in up bringing

    When my brother was 2-3 he was in the shop with dad and got into playing with a pail of grease, a short steel pail of ‘IH Multi Purpose’ grease iirc. Mom didn’t like us to go in the pig barn with Gramps, she could always tell when we did. Mom is a farm girl from a mostly beef/dairy farm, so no city influence there, but I guess a large hog operation was a bit much, I never noticed back then. Me and my brother were pretty wise to not catching grief if we could, if you got muddy or such you rinsed off in the creek in time to be dry for around 5, if we were lucky enough to leave the shop by then. My kids have had there fair share of muddy adventures, their mother was usually more panicked than her country upbringing would usually suggest. I come from a farming(grandparents, relatives) and equipment service/dealership(parents) upbringing. My lovely wife comes from about 20 miles away from my homestead where it’s rocky and not as farm friendly, her family still raised livestock in her grandfathers time, my father in law and most of his brothers haul logs for a living, long story short she’s more country than us fancy farmers close to town lol Melissa does tell some downright crazy exploits with her and her 3 brothers, I think her anxiety with our kids stems from her being the one that has to clean the mess. No matter how much I have tried to hose off a muddy child in time they are good at initiating my 20% or less of time a mop is held at home
  7. Millennial interview

    Shame on the baby boomers who created ‘hr directors’, ‘mental health days’ and these millennials. The work ethic of many of my peers is appalling, as is that of many Gen x and the baby boom generation. One can be a lazy, entitled ass regardless of what year they were born in.
  8. Canadians don`t eat enough soup

    I’m surprised anyone likes any of the salt enriched garbage that they produce, too bad for the people who will loose there jobs, but good riddance to a company that markets junk as a good thing to eat.
  9. gmc 2002 heater fan

    Usually a resistor problem will only affect lower speeds, this age of GM the control for the high speed relay is part of the resistor board and most likely the cause, it’s common enough for the plug to burn/melt at the resistor as well, both resistor and plug are available aftermarket, I’ve had the best luck with an AC Delco/GM resistor, the pigtail/connector is pretty much the same piece regardless of where it comes from, there is a panel that goes from passenger a pillar to trans tunnel that covers the duct, it is often tossed so it may not be in the way, the cabin filter is just above the passenger side of tunnel and is as mentioned ridiculously hard to get at, the resistor is in the duct below the glove box
  10. Stolen Tractors

    Back in the early 80s my great uncles (neighbors) had there MF20 joy rided, the perpetrators messed up some stooks of squares(funny even experienced operators could have some difficulties scooping them up, a little more finesse is required for that compressor to forking big bales), they ran that tractor off the field too, different time than now, the kids who did it got identified and worked off the damages, in more recent time(mid 90s up) we’ve had fuel siphoned and some random windows smashed from the lot here at home, once a thief tried to steal a snowmobile trailer with a front mount Toro mower on it, the mower had been loaded on trailer after repairs but had no straps or the hinge pin for tilting the trailer secured, when we came in the mower was off the trailer and the trailer was tilted and abandoned some feet ahead, there may be some professional thieves out there but most of the tractor/truck/car thefts over the years are just dumb kids, I haven’t come across many incidents(but still some)in the last 10 years or so, it does seem less frequent, maybe due to the prevalence of iPads and such
  11. Super nice 856

    My uncle's has a similar fade, it was repainted in the early 90s with Central Tractor paint
  12. self propelled round baler

    I had a good chuckle at the 'why are they turning' comment. My grampy was one of the first round balers in the area, he started with an IH 2400, not sure of the complete succession but eventually ended up with a Vermeer and was a dealer of Vermeer. I can't remember the exact operation of the 80s Vermeer balers but there was something about when they tied that you had to reverse. Grampy replaced his 2-105 White with a 2955 JD in the early 90s, he had some repeat rear diff issues with the 2955 and the Deere dealer blamed it on the Vermeer, some cockamamie reasoning about the repeat reversing. He eventually replaced the 2955 within a couple years with a 3255 but from a different dealer. It never had rear end issues but by then the Vermeer had auto tie and the 2-85 did the most of the baling until it gave way to a 6400 JD. The 3255 had 14000 plus hours with no diff issues when it left.To ramble on some more with stories of Grampy's farm, we were using the 3255 JD on an IH chisel Plow one day, I can't remember the model but it would have been the same vintage as a 45 vibra shank cultivator, about 8-10 feet wide, the 3255 was needed elsewhere so we hooked the chisel to the 1850 Oliver, which needed either to start before the batteries wore out on the warmest of days, but once she went ran good, the Olly pulled that chisel equivalent of a gear faster than the JD but sucked the fender tanks dry doing it. Anyway to hear of a Vermeer with a different unloading process made me wonder if a Deere was capable of handling that situation
  13. Harvestore Silos

    Gramps had a Harvestore and a Slurry store, he bought them in the 70s, used the silo til 85 when he got out of cows, the tank til 90 or so when he got out of pigs, the silo and the tank were both tore down in early 2000s and used as grain bins by the buyers. The base and bottom ring of the Slurrystore are still here. The Harvestore base is part of the loading dock now. I remember the roof rot issue being talked about, if I recall correctly when they replaced it the new one was to have a lifetime warranty.
  14. Rantoul show pics

    What brand is the yellow 4wd tractor in second last pic?
  15. Brand new IH 656 on the set of MayberryRFD

    Definitely a Chrysler product, look at the big old gas cap in the left rear quarter panel, its the kind of gas fill tube that runs through the trunk. I'm not sure of model, whether it be a Dart or a Valiant, it's an A body Chrysler for sure.