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  1. I agree, in the context that they run like a raped ape, compared to any other big 3 v8 a Mopar always sounds better though open headers than their counterparts, motors aside, with good lower control arm bushings it’s hard to beat the torsion bar ride
  2. That’s exactly what I meant, it’s cool to see classic emblems, but they are better on a wall in the long run
  3. I’m not into tattoos, I have nothing against people who are, just not my thing If I had some slogan or symbol tattooed on me 10 years later I would not be as in to it as I was when it was done, I really like the chrome International emblem from a 300 utility I owned, it’s on the wall in my garage, but I don’t need it on my skin I probably waste way more time, energy and money than most tattoo enthusiasts on gearhead stuff, so to each their own I always thought that having your kids names tatted on your person was a bad idea, like in the zombie/nuclear/climate change apocalypse, you’re scouting an area, your family is hanging back, and you are captured, harder to sell the travelling alone bit... hahaha
  4. My Dad has owned this truck since the early 90s, it originally had a 404 and a 5+2, it’s been used to haul farm equipment most, if not all it’s life, Dad bought it from a CaseIH dealership We did a work truck quality restoration on it around 99-2000, replaced the 404 with a 446 a few years later, it was last registered in 2013, ran last a couple years ago Dad is wanting to do some upgrades and paint work to his current float truck so I’m getting the International ready to fill in while the Freightliner is down I have spent a lot of time around this truck over the years and seems like I’m going to be spending some more time with it for the next few weeks
  5. Me and the guy who would come with me have been called a redneck, but not a trucker
  6. IHKeith

    6.2 Chevy diesel

    It’s a smaller transmission than a 4L80, and an overdrive, earlier equivalent of a 4L60
  7. Seems like a simple job that the masses consider difficult, even if you had to flip the centers, it’s all nuts and bolts, I’d consider it easier than dismounting/mounting a semi tire on the side of the road, more time consuming but easier, depending on what exactly had to be done I would quote that job at 200-500, it would be a two man job on a service call, say the buyer was a neighbour and brought it to my place, so I can use the forklift, it would be under 200, as a service call with 2 guys I couldn’t see it taking more than 3 hours on site, if everything goes wrong, possibly under an hour if it goes well That’s a job that is never in a written job description I guess
  8. IHKeith

    6.2 Chevy diesel

    This truck is the only one still around of the handful of 6.2s I regularly worked on, it’s was the owner’s grandparents, I imagine it will be around for a while yet It’s an 84 K3500 with a 4 speed and a dump bed
  9. IHKeith

    6.2 Chevy diesel

    You can get a filter housing from a 6.5 brand new, that’s how I fix them, there is no tap on the drain on the 6.5 filter so something has to be done there, this truck I just plugged the drain hose
  10. IHKeith

    6.2 Chevy diesel

    The most relevant current problem I have experienced with the 6.2 is lack of parts support, they are kind of an orphan compared to their gasoline counterparts They are a good running engine, not the most powerful but usually good on fuel, at least when they are empty
  11. IHKeith

    Lost arts

    I consider myself lucky for my upbringing, 3 of my grandparents all grew up through the depression in a farming family, my one grandmother, born in 1926 grew up in Glasgow Scotland, had to quit school around the age of 8 after her mother’s passing and look after her grandmother and to look after the house for her father and uncle, the house was a small apartment, she also lived through WW2 in Scotland, the city blacked out and always on alert for bombing, my parents weathered the storm of the 80s recession, working themselves to complete exhaustion to clean up my Gramps’ financial mess, and keep their good name, both of my parents are very hard working people, never have taken a handout that they haven’t paid back 10 fold, the mention of the depression triggered all this back story, I work as an auto mechanic at a small garage, I was the only mechanic there until recently, the new hire was a high school auto shop teacher for 24 years previous to working with me, here in Canada teachers have it a lot better than their American counterparts from what I understand, up here for the most part the best paying/benefits job you can get is a publicly funded/government job, any way he was talking about taking mental health days, as in not a sick day, a special day, also included in your permissible paid time off, and how they are necessary, I couldn’t agree, people who survived WW1, the depression, WW2 etc, didn’t halt the greater cause because they didn’t feel well, they just nutted up and got done what had to be done, the only way that anything ever gets done On the topic of fixing anything with nothing,it is a good skill to have, but sometimes it’s an Achilles heel, as in most people would stop now and get the right parts, in a couple days they are here and spend half an hour putting it back together it will work, but instead let’s mess around for 5 more hours tonight and then it’s done
  12. I had a terrible time with algebra until mid grade 10, switched to a different class and that teacher got through to me, had great marks in math from then on, I got a 91 in grade 11 math and an 86 in grade 12, overall high school average of 58, I liked math because there was only one answer and not open to interpretation like English class
  13. Amazing story!!! Similar tales seldom end in a freezer
  14. I don’t fit into the vest anymore, it was my Dad’s originally, he worked at an IH/CaseIH dealer from approximately 79-90 The vest is similar to the one pictured but does not have the border around the IH trademark
  15. I don’t lust after any vehicles built in this century, some are ok, 07 down Chevy trucks, 13 down Chev Impalas, and some others are good vehicles, but not exciting to me The newer Chargers and Challengers are cooler than others when they are RWD V8s, but not worth paying big money for to me I contemplated buying a 05ish Charger Hemi as a winter car but at 1500 for a half rotten turd, that would probably take at least another 1500 in parts and time, to still be a turd, in comparison I could buy a mint 87 Cadillac Fleetwood for 3000 or less, the Charger would definitely be faster but not as reliable, comfortable or cool in my mind I am that weird guy that likes brown 70s four doors, so I don’t expect to be blown away by a new model in the future
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