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  1. My Gramps would say, “apple pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze”, never tried it while he was alive, but he was right, my Grandma gave me love for Johnny Cake, served warm with maple syrup, she made a great tea biscuit too, Gramps was a big time pork farmer and liver of pigs, he taught me about good, lean sausages and lean sausage meat as well, I remember Grandma making delicious little sausage patties with onions in them, Gramps too with toasted onion sandwiches On my Mother’s side, Grampy was a great beef farmer, it could be just that you remember your first few ti
  2. 8N Fords definitely have better...
  3. The first pic is my 72 Newport, I’ve had it a couple years now, bought it as a winter car, it’s solid but rough enough it was probably destined for powertrain harvesting and derby/scrap/parts, I fixed it up, drove it for one winter and fell in love so it’s a fair weather machine now Second pic is my first car, the summer I bought it, 67 Imperial Crown, I have never driven it, have had many, many other vehicles but haven’t got to the Imperial yet, it lives in the back corner of a shed since the first fall I owned it My Gramps, Dad, Brother and I were nothing but Chryco since the 50’s
  4. I can relate to the frustration of the original post, In a way the mention of a wayward soul finding there way in a trade has some merit, not because a dummy can succeed but because it is more common for a skilled tradesman to be the type of person to reach out to a less than desirable candidate, it doesn’t always work out but is grassroots types probably find ourselves investing in a less desirable more often than a corporate type would, and sometimes you get a good one and more often you don’t It’s not as easy as saying Millennials, Gen X or Baby Boomers to blame, there has always been
  5. Those holes do not go through to the clutch housing, the cork plugs are just saturated with oil and fuel residue that has accumulated over the years
  6. My Grampy had a Cockshutt 1655 he bought new, my cousin owns it currently It was a great tractor, it was one of my favourites at his farm, it really boogied down the road, he bought it in 72 iirc, he later bought a 2-105, 2-85 and an Oliver 1850, all three of them left the farm in time and he still had the 1655, It would be safe say he liked the Cockshutt I mowed about 60 acres of field gone to weed, full of mustard, with a 1650 and a 10 foot bush hog, I was going a little slower to be easy on equipment and conserve fuel, running in underdrive, when it started getting boring I w
  7. I like any well made shotgun, 12 gauge is the only way to go IMO because of variety and affordability of shells, my favourite is crack barrel guns, they seem to be most accurate for me, if the bead is on it it dies with the break barrel, if you need more than one shot than that’s all the more reason to have a double barrel, hard to beat the feeling of a side by side, I have a Cooey single, Sears single, Stevens Savage SxS, Mossberg pump, Winchester semi, a Browning SxS and A5 on loan, love them all, I’ve been around some high end guns but none have made me wanna spend the big bucks to get one,
  8. I’ve seen mushroomed hammers, not in my toolbox though, I have had this 3 pound blacksmith hammer since I was 13, beat many a ball joint or rotor with it It has had many an overstrike too, one tough mother with a steel handle I bought this Matco dead blow 3 pound ball peen a few years ago, it has taken over most of my hammer chores, when I hold it I think that this is how God feels when he holds a hammer, it’s a 16 inch wheel for reference
  9. I have no constructive feedback, other than that my bastardized mix of lighting is quite bright, the only non LED is the one fluorescent light
  10. My Dad said that the Case power shift wasn’t all that bad once they had the 6 speed, the 3 speed had too much space between the gears and wasn’t smooth enough transition he said
  11. In my opinion a 200 plus amp mig is the most versatile machine you can get, the most common thing I weld is exhaust pipe, by spec doing that most 110 volt mig would do that job but having a bigger machine is much better, I have a Chinese made 250 amp mig, it will nuke 1/2 steel, one of my welding supply guys was selling a comparable machine a couple years back for 1600 Canadian dollars, I bet still you can get a similar one for less than 1500 USD, I find that a lesser machine even though spec’d for 1/4 of 5/16 doesn’t have the necessary jam to nuke the top side of an exhaust pipe in a single p
  12. I was trying to call my buddy tonight to confirm the details of the year and model number, but he didn’t answer, this one definitely didn’t freewheel, it had engine braking, don’t ever remember grinding gears in it and it I doubt it was synchronized, it was a four cylinder engine, different than the series 2 engine, as I recall you could put it in 2 hi, 2 lo, 4 hi, 4 lo, it was a 3 speed, speed transmission, my buddy who owned it, McMac I call him, always thought it was a 39-45 or something like that but when he sold it the guy said it was a 52 or so, can’t recall exactly, I don’t know everyth
  13. Not a Christmas fan in general but I can hear Dolly sing Hard Candy Christmas at least once a month and enjoy it
  14. I agree the new vehicles can be too bright, my friend’s 2014 Sierra only lights another 6 feet higher of hydro pole vs the low beams, people constantly flash at you in that truck but it is how it was built, I drive old cars as much as I can, it’s interesting to note how much I get flashed when driving with high beams on in the daylight, it’s the four sealed beams that lets others know, not that I try to but all new cars since 1990 have daytime running lights in Canada, so you turn them on because when you don’t have the lights on in daylight people flash you too, you get used to seeing the DRL
  15. My friend had a Land Rover series 1, I think it was a 52, left hand drive, apparently kind of rare to have one that early with left hand drive It was a complete aluminum body, the frame and gas tank were steel, and had their faults, but the floor pans were solid His Dad and his friends had a fleet of them way back, for hunt camp/bush use, brake parts were hard to get in the 90s, they claimed the brakes were the front bumper and the nearest tree It was a tank, especially after us bracing the front bumper to improve the braking system, we stopped driving it due to a failed water p
  16. IHKeith

    Mileage or age

    I agree it has got harder to find a deal, but seriously MTO, a mechanic of your stature can surely find a 500 dollar car that’s solid enough for you to totally gift all your time to make it a dependable machine hahaha
  17. Not being an arsehole but leisurely could do both head gaskets in 8 hours, if you’re not used to them it can seem strange, but starting my auto mechanic career at a GM dealer back in ‘05, that job is a walk in the park, there are worse jobs
  18. Lonesome Dove stands out to me, mostly because of the Garth Brooks song of the same name
  19. My 67 Imperial Crown has 2 of them, one is the dimmer, the other the seek button for the radio
  20. Rest for the day of and the day after, when I had mine done I didn’t heed that advice, the freezing is misleading, I went through so much pain, if it didn’t work I wasn’t doing it again, I never want it to hurt so bad down there ever again
  21. The worst thing about the tractor you describe would be if it has a Hercules engine, they are getting older/less common, I love Whites of that era, if you could get away with less HP a 2-105 has a dependable and low cost engine, I’ve heard that Agco is a bit steep on their prices for parts, my cousin has a 2-135 4x4 repowered with an 8.3 Cummins, it sounds amazing
  22. This one is a 35 JD, it had a red tractor in front of it, a Maxxum 90 iirc, I don’t get excited about Fiat IH tractors similar to Fiat Chrysler vehicles, it was a comfortable machine to run though, my Dad told me that the JD 35 was rated for 75hp at 540RPM and 100hp iirc at 1000RPM, pretty low hp numbers for chopping by today’s standards
  23. There’s a 1086 at my Dad’s shop now, the underside of the fenders is mint, like no rust at any of the seams of the under structure, rotted out at the bottom of the white back post like the picture in the original post, moisture must gather there in some situations
  24. I helped a neighbour chop cut some corn recently, I remarked how the hi dump wagon was cutting edge technology in the 90s, but looked upon as outdated now, sure was better than hitching up wagons every load
  25. I have to agree he is usually a pretty cool cat. He is pretty funny in the Netflix series “The Ranch”, I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation lately, he makes an appearance in season 6, his name is Ron too, he starts out seemingly badass as Ron Swanson, but ends up being a vegan yoga nut, tarnished Sam’s image for me a bit, but funny still
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