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  1. Cool Eldorado!!! Family friend of my wife had a similar age red Toronado, I could get a Farm King auger in the background too!
  2. Awesome machines you have there, thanks for sharing, there was a Belarus like yours with the white hood for sale on Kijiji for a while here in Ontario years ago, it was featured in Farm Show years back, converted to an IH 466 motor, I have a curiosity with Soviet technology, they have built some neat stuff, some of the old Belarus tractors from the 60's look like they took styling cues from Farmall letter series, your style of 4wd and the Kirovets based 4wds are pretty neat, most of the ones I have been around are the 250 compact and 420 air cooled, if I had the money and time I wouldn't be opposed to owning/restoring a white hood 500 or 800 4x4 with there weird cab, this pic is the idea
  3. My first GM was an 81 Pontiac Parisienne, it had the "Command Center?" diagnostic port on the left inner fender near the cowl if I remember right, it had an orange cover, it was an early, simple attempt at a way of a central location for diagnostics, some pinouts for some critical circuits, only this one car of 10+ I have owned of like models had it, as a senior GM tech told me, "it only applied to the circuits that didn't give trouble"
  4. I called my friend who owns the Wagoneer tonight, I was laughing about how it turned up in pics of mine at different locations, his collection is mostly anywhere but his place Your analogy about brown cars is admirable, I do appreciate it
  5. I'd lean to putting a quality 10w30 or 15w40 and let it eat!!! But four pages on this thread and no pics of the Belarus or the IH tractors you have? I politely request pictures
  6. I do believe that the 307 was derived from the big block Olds design, my Olds had a Chevy 350 stock, apparently when that new style came out in 77 they tried to push the Chevy motor and it was met with strong resistance from Olds customers, which led to the creation of the 307 from the 350 Olds, interesting too that my 80 Buick was the last year for the Buick 350 and I believe the 307 was standard for it in 80 I do believe, by 81 the Olds 307 was the only motor available until the end of that design of Buick, a Chev small block really is a better engine than an Olds 307 in the 80's, the 307 is a good engine, not very powerful (not like an 80s 305 is powerful, but 307 is less) and seem to die quicker than Chev under heavy footed young lads, if you drive them normal and look after reasonably well they are good on fuel and run a long time, they were the last carbureted engine in a full size GM, the ran them until 90 or 91 in Cadillacs, they even put them in 87 Caprices because they didn't have a Chev engine ready to meet the emissions standards at the time, an 86 Caprice had a carb 305, 87 a carb 307, 88 fuel injected 305, if customers accepted a Chev engine in there Oldsmobile in the late 70's maybe the 307 would have never come to be, in the pic of the lineup with the Wagoneer the green Olds at the end with no hood is an 80 or 81 88 that originally had a 307, it now has a 4.8 from an 07 Chev van, a worthy repower, he drove the car until the 307 blew a head gasket, he gave it a chance
  7. For sure, even a Saab can be beautiful, hahaha, beyond taste, I do admit my cars lack luster, as in gloss, but mechanically, they are doing well, the Newport is stock, the Olds was stock and now has a 355 that is pretty stout but not dialed right in yet, the Buick has a 350 that should be about 330-350 horse, a mild built 700R4, it's pretty hot, I sure do like 'em
  8. Some pics from the last couple years of my beauties
  9. I used to work on 4 door 1964 Cadillac, had a 429 engine, it was a nice riding and driving car, smooth as silk, one of the best braking 4 wheel drum cars I have driven, maybe the only power brake 4 wheel drum car I piloted, I worked on it a fair amount over a couple years, on one road test I was cruising along a secondary two lane paved road, still smooth as silk, I noticed the hydro poles seemed to passing by quickly, looked down and I was doing 90!! steering wheel pinched through my thumb and index, I slowed down, not saying it should be driven like that, but I haven't driven any other type of a vehicle than a land yacht that will get away on you like that, I am biased, I love the big cars, I have a 72 Chrysler Newport, 80 Buick Electra Park Avenue, and a 77 Olds Delta 88 on the road, have a 67 Imperial Crown and a 77 Chrysler LeBaron in the shed as future projects, I feel I have enough for a lifetime, the 80 Buick is the roughest and I drive it in the winter, so it may need replacing someday, the only car I dream of outside my collection is a tail fin Chrysler product, about 57-61, I'm not big on the Imperials of that era or Christine inspired Plymouths, both are cool, but say a 60 Plymouth Savoy 4 door post in original brown/gold kinda colour, the fins stick out more (if that's possible) with the lack of chrome trim I think, 57 Dodges are pretty cool too, a 60 DeSoto would be awesome too, tail fin Chryslers are rare birds, and not cheap, so I figure if I'm fortunate enough I'll get a real nice one from my retirement sale proceeds One thing I have realized in my years of driving boats is the luxury models are usually the way to go, my 77 Olds 88 has bucket seats swapped in from an 80s Blazer by the previous owner, he said he wanted seats that reclined, I intend to swap it for seats from a 98 or Caddy someday, it is a basic car with no tilt column or power anything, my Newport is a four door post, bench seats, no A/C or tilt etc., manual windows it is still very comfortable and is quite a car, I did revel in the fact that I was driving the simpler models that don't get as much attention, but when the 80 Buick came along with 6 way power pillow top seats, tilt and telescope column, I appreciated it, it reminded me of the luxury boats I owned before the 88, power windows/AC/cruise control is not very important to me, tilt and telescope wheel is cool, 6 way power pillow top seat is the clincher, so what I'm saying, if you are not a land yacht nerd like me, and decide to purchase one for a Sunday cruiser, go for the full load model
  10. The nut on the fan is RH thread, take off the fan and then the shroud, can pull fan out of shroud when shroud is half out, remove belt, remove crank bolt, need a 3 jaw balancer puller, can do it from the bottom with only pulling belt but not as easily accessible
  11. Here’s some pics from today, much too cold to wash it this week
  12. I need to get some pics in daylight, my 02 looks a little different than the pics I posted before, it has a back rack and toolbox now, it sounds pretty good for a beater
  13. That's awesome!! I have thought about buying my son a .22, thinking maybe a Henry lever, they are pretty cool, I thought maybe I should just give him one of mine, but I think that having his own new one that is all his might be best
  14. Anybody heard the one about plugging in your block heater? If you do it when the machine is new and it was mild enough to start, you will always have to plug it in....
  15. IHKeith


    I have always been a fan of motorized fun over physical sports, snowmobiling vs skiing or 4 wheelers vs bicycles, I can also relate to being a tourist or bystander on a day off and thinking I'd rather being part of the working crew I have very little fear of vehicles, when I'm in the mood I can push a car, sled, ATV pretty hard going fast, can push a tractor, forklift, tow truck pretty hard working them, things that most couldn't handle, having said that, one of my wildest rides ever was on downhill skis, I wasn't very good at it but when you are rocketing toward a tree you figure out how to shift your weight to steer pretty quick, it was a rush just like barely holding on to a machine, but still making it, I've always been more biased to gas burning machines over physical sports but there is a similar speed rush in downhill skiing, not big on cross country skiing, too much work, but it is quite a rush on it more severe downhill trails as well
  16. I bet that 2001 pulls a lot harder than the 1966, I had a 1989 Sportster 1200, then a 1991 Electra Glide Ultra Classic, I was never good at riding bikes before them, mostly tried 2 stroke dirt bikes, always stalling or let out the clutch too hard wheelieing out of control, first time driving the Sporty it was more like a tractor in first gear high range, and I just took off from there, I really could wheel my bikes, since my experience with them I am better on a crotch rocket or dirt bike, I am not comfortable enough to run a dirt bike at 60 mph in the bush, I got rid of my Electra Glide because I was annoyed at the price of insurance, 1800 a year vs 130 a year for a classic car, or vs 600 a year for regular car insurance, to each there own, I've raced and derbied cars, pushed atvs and snowmobiles, pulled crazy things with small trucks and tractors, so I have some experience, leaning a Harley down hard in a corner and twisting the throttle for all it has is one of the coolest things ever
  17. I have seen enough resumes submitted to places I have worked, some pretty bad ones, both in presentation and content, say 5-10 jobs in just as many years the content problem, and there are so many templates available you have to try to get the presentation wrong, you would be fine, I made a resume in 2018 for the first time in 14 years, was leaving a job I had for 9 years, every application I made got a response, throwing in the farm upbringing pretty much guarantees attention for every practical labour job
  18. If the girl of my dreams was into Saabs I would think that my dreams sucked, hahaha, my friend had a hand me down 87 Caravan, wood grain, full load, I remarked that we could fit 5 or more ladies and he replied “or one for you and a really big one for me,” I picked up the girl of my dreams the first time in a 77 Nova 4 door, she eventually drove a minivan Pretty hard to beat the utility and economy of a minivan, Unimogs are neat but a minivan and an old utility tractor would get the same work done for less I think
  19. Get an Air Cat cut off tool and an Air Cat die grinder off Amazon and never look back
  20. Those ones are hateful!! And that is an understatement
  21. Pretty darn cool!!!! If they need a driver I'll pay my way there
  22. Roast beef, potatoes, green beans, gravy, pickles and cheese here tonight, some Coors for dessert
  23. Replacing the nails and incorrect fasteners, cleaning up bubblegum welds and a thorough pressure wash was a standard practice for used equipment that my Dad took in, spent a good amount of my youth doing it
  24. Check the power and ground at the actuator with a headlight bulb(big load), if that is good the actuator should be to blame, if it doesn't matter to have the front axle disengaged or for a temporary fix you could fashion a spacer to take up the intended movement of a non functioning actuator, have also seen actuators powered by toggle switch on similar trucks, it has a transfer case switch that is supposed to send power to the actuator when the transfer case is shifted, there is a solenoid and relay in the mix with that too, given that yours has power at the actuator I would guess that most of that stuff is good, and the actuator is bad, but that power and ground need to be verified with a load
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