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  1. It got tailpipes tonight, had turndowns
  2. “Don’t tell Mom that I am on the couch”
  3. I’m in eastern Ontario
  4. That cab over lives about 10 miles down the road from me
  5. IHKeith

    IH 584

    The right side is broken off the boom and the left is pulled out of the bucket, makes me think it was used broken a while, this one, a 684 and an 884 were the only fwa 84 series I can think of that Dad worked on, probably 20 or more 74/84 series 2wds This tractor once had a bad clutch and wouldn’t move, instead of paying the floating bill he chained the bucket to the back of a flat hay rack and towed it with his 265 Massey, left the Massey and wagon here until the 584 was ready and towed it home, he had a 966 and a tri stripe 886, so I guess he didn’t need the Massey haha As tough as it is I’m drawn to the original paint and it’s hard parts working, it has most of the missing panels with it too
  6. IHKeith

    IH 584

    I didn’t try at all, hahaha
  7. IHKeith

    IH 584

    I’m thinking that I “need” to buy this tractor, it’s looks rough but mostly functional, needs some welding on the bucket and loader, front rim repair, left floor board repair and a seat at least to start, be a good can of worms to open I think, it’ll just be a yard/bush hog/toy tractor for my automotive garage and property It was sold new at the IH dealer my Dad worked at, and he has serviced it throughout the years too, I have worked on it several times too when I worked with Dad, so that part is neat, pretty sure I’ll pull the trigger on it but I’m going to sleep on it, years of impulse buying has taught me to slow my roll a little
  8. I can’t offer any real advice but I am surprised that there was no mention of there aggression, nothing like a goose while you are raising them in my experience, but when you’re catching the 10th out of 30 in the cattle trailer at killing time they get wise, Granny usually raised them in a calf hut for shelter at night and feeding and some free range when they were young, getting bigger maybe on to the barn in a bigger pen or add another calf hut, always put them in at night, one year Granny had say 60 young ones in the spring and gave 20 to my uncle, in the fall my uncle had say 8 and Granny had 41, lol a bit of exaggeration, that year Granny’s biggest one was 52lbs, routinely she had 30-40lbs birds, remember the oven with the one rack on the bottom and the bird covered in tinfoil bursting out of the pan, but don’t remember a bird that didn’t fit, I do remember the first couple years around my wife’s family at Christmas and wondered why they put stuffing in a roasting pan to supplement the bird’s holding, but I quickly realized the difference between 18 and 36lb birds, it’s probably one of the only situations where twice the weight equals 3 times the stuffing
  9. JD wobble boxes are MacDon designed and manufactured, Dad sold a good amount of MacDon 4000 MoCos in the early 2000s (similar in market place as a 492 NH) so I have heard the spiel from the company rep, leave it to a Canadian company to market there product to a big company like JD and still be able to sell it as there own with the same casting with JD markings and sell it to IH as well the same way, I often wondered if the IH 4000 swather was a MacDon, I was quite young when Grampy replaced his IH 4000 with a MacDon 7000, but always thought the machines looked similar, so with this newfound information I think MacDon had a part in the IH4000 The MacDon 4000 sickle bar mower conditioner was a heck of a machine, it was the cutting (lol) edge of that style of machine, it had hydraulic pivot standard instead of manual and I remember that being a problem because some of it’s potential buyers only had one remote, had steel conditioning rolls which scared some people because they thought they were too aggressive vs rubber and worried about leaf loss, in reality they were gentler and dried the hay better and didn’t wear out like rubber, they also had a superior cutting head suspension, better, bigger and more direct driveline, the best 9’ sickle bar machine I have seen, at a local hay day ( used to happen around here, dealers demonstrated their machines) in the early 2000s we were travelling faster and cutting better than some of the discbines of the time, the suspension was the big thing I think, it was always way ahead of the JD sickle bar machine that had the same wobble box, as discbine technology progressed from the early 2000s to the 2010ish a 9’ sickle bar machine faded away I remember seeing wobble boxes cast JD or MD on new MacDon machines that were painted black and eventually showed green paint underneath the black MacDon paint, also remember in later years getting parts for a JD machine and the box came black marked MD
  10. Newer engines are definitely a nightmare, but not a service man’s dream, in my way of doing things as an auto mechanic, or in the ways of some of the more “profiteer” auto mechanics I know, the fumbling about is real, there is no way to properly diagnose many current common problems, have to start with the obvious/logical and still just have to change it all in the end quite frequently, had a 17 Duramax here with DEF level sensor issues, threatening speed/power limitations, I like the guy but I turned him away because of the nightmare I told him it would be of just changing parts and possibly then needing dealer programming anyway, the dealer replaced a ton of parts to the tune of a few grand over a couple weeks, my friend at a GM dealer says they are replacing lifters in 2021 gas trucks at 5000km steady, did an oil change in a 2017 Silverado 5.3 today with 41000km, truck is babied and has been maintained, had it idling outside while I lubed the door hinges, the engine is noisy like a 2004 2.2 ecotec with 240000km and 8 oil changes in it’s life, then the serpentine belt started squeaking, I even wiped the tie rod grease fittings before greasing, one side the ball in the fitting stuck and was letting the grease out, tapped it with a hammer and punch and it still didn’t pop back, replaced it, just junk materials I tend to differ myself from the “profiteer” mechanics in the sense that a familiar fault with a certain model, like say head or intake gaskets on a GM 3.4, timing belts on Hondas, front end rebuilds on 3/4 ton pickups, I don’t charge the 8-12 hour book time, if it takes me 4, if I remember correctly the book time on doing both head gaskets on a GM 3.4 in a Venture van is 16.2 hours, I think warranty labour was around 12.6, back when they were newer and I was working at the GM dealership and doing a lot of them, I could do them in about 5-6, later on not much more than 8hours at most, would call guys crooks if they charged more than 10, but it’s not that simple anymore, even though it’s not how I do business I can understand someone “crook” charging 16 hours now because they have lost so much time,money and credibility working on the guy’s newer vehicles, I pay around 200 a month for my service manual and 1000 a year for my scanner, plus my internet and laptop and I can’t say that I’ll always have the information that I need, and reaching out to my GM dealer friend, he can usually only offer experience not service information that I don’t have, GM had amazing service manuals post 2008-09ish recession era, but have really cheaped it up since, even my Identifix manual that I pay for can be really good but then other times searching a few different ways you can’t even find where the dome light fuse is, or what grade of oil is supposed to be in this modern diesel engine 5w40 or 15w40? Look in the owner’s manual and it doesn’t help much either, says use spec #puretyrannosaurus or some other cryptic information, so spend a half hour more trying to make sure it’s the right stuff because apparently the oil you always used doesn’t apply any more or is unavailable due to covid and then a few months later you can’t get it because it’s been outlawed because of a “bad” additive, long story here but my point is there is seldom a service man’s dream in modern vehicles because that statement (to me) is based on the premise of making a killing and knowing you will, even the heavy charging mechanics have to charge less because it’s a longer process, unsure of success and very expensive parts And the heat house choke still works on my 72 Newport...
  11. From what you are saying I understand the pipe is cracked right by the flange, have seen that before, could be caused by some deteriorated rubber exhaust hangers or a combination of that and a bent tailpipe causing stress in my experience, welding it up is what I usually do, assuming it’s still has the original exhaust (stainless) have never seen the flange bad on the original pipes, they are flat rigid flanges that seal on the flange surface on most 6L, a split flange is to repair when it’s a floating flange that holds tight the sealing surface on the pipe
  12. I’m way out of the realm of the serious shooters on this site, was a thread a week or so back on the topic and I almost replied about my love for .308 but didn’t because I felt it wasn’t the place, but reading this from you VT, .17, 6.5 or.308, that’s not the kind of suggestions you usually hear, lol, definitely overkill but with a good back stop not unreasonable, I pondered over a.223 or .270 but I don’t use a big rifle often or shoot more than a couple hundred yards at most so I went with .308 for my “big” gun I had a nuisance stray Tom cat hanging around years back, didn’t mind him other than he was beating the tar out of my mousing Tom, one night I saw the offending Tom and first reached for the .22 but then worried about effectiveness and possible suffering so chose the .30/.30, no suffering I mostly shoot at pigeons with a 12 gauge, or chipmunks with.22 bird shot, I really like my shotguns, have a semi, pump, a single shot and a side by side, love my crack barrels the best seem to be more deadly to me
  13. It looks really straight and well kept, up here in Canada locally the B414/434/444 were pretty common, and bulletproof, mostly diesel models though, the gas factor scares me a little, seems like “modern” gasoline tractors (a 434 like this, Massey 35 or Ford 3000) can be a little harder to keep running and find parts for than there diesel counterparts or an older gasoline model (say a Farmall H, Massey Harris 33, Ford 8N) in my opinion, I remember dad having issues finding a gas block back when (BC144?) the diesel BD154 is more common, there was a gas 434 that we worked on that ran for years on a hobby farm and then as a laneway plowing estate tractor, so I’ve seen a good gas one, but the diesels are so much better, it’s a wet sleeve so you may want to check the pan They really are a good tractor in that era and size, the hydraulic pump off the engine and lines to the rear is how it has live hydraulics that don’t stop with the second stage of the clutch like a similar Massey, they are a little bit clumsy to get on and off, they have the best parking brake of the time, a real lever that applies the service brake, can tap in a loader or remote valve to the hydraulic system easily enough, they weigh in pretty good too, more than a MF35 and similar to a Ford 3000 I rebuilt a B414 diesel years ago, it had a bad rod bearing knock, it went together with new sleeves and pistons and a mix of used parts from a couple parts engines, the head was cracked so had a good used one rebuilt, think I used the crank from another engine, so a proper job from the best stuff available, I had the choice of 3 different camshafts and the service manual had a spec. for measuring the lobes, can’t remember all the numbers but say the best cam was pretty close to spec. and the others were 10-20 thou under spec., I used the best cam, it put out 38 pto horsepower on the dyno, tractor data says 35 claimed and 36.46 tested, sealed injection pump too, I was impressed with it, rebuilt to factory spec and exceeded factory ratings
  14. The new fad is to substitute zucchini for pasta, I like it, I cheese grate it and use it every other layer in lasagna, slice it and fry zucchini chips, or bake zucchini chips with a coat of olive oil, I also dice it and put it in spaghetti sauce or my version of jambalaya, my friend who grew up around a vegetable/sweet corn/pumpkin farm claims he’s had enough for a lifetime, usually grows like dandelions, have to be a pretty bad gardener to not have it succeed My Granny made zucchini bread and muffins, my cousin at an early age (4-6ish) was eating a zucchini muffin and asked Granny what the green was after taking a bite, Granny replied that it was a Smartie, he called them Smartie muffins for years after
  15. There has been a big effort by the conservation authorities in Ontario to protect turtles, mostly the Blanding turtle, usually near one or road construction projects, crazy regulations and practices in the name of saving endangered species, training for construction workers and conservation officials present on job sites to protect them, fences built between wetlands and roadways, lighted culverts to supposedly encourage safe road crossing, still the turtle population was decreasing, so the government decided we should start electronically tracking them, they started showing up in freezers of new Canadians Turtles are pretty cool, especially because of how long they live, my Gramps taught me the appreciation for them, it’s pretty cool to see a monster snapping turtle and know it’s 100 plus years old, none of the conservation efforts mention snappers, people commonly have a fear or lack of appreciation for snappers, look at them as a danger or a pest, living near a swamp I’ve been around tons of them, and you would have to be a cocky a-hole to be harmed by one, their rugged helmet shell and the moss that grows on it is cool, but they aren’t important enough for conservation efforts, I guess because they bite
  16. It was cool and rainy here today with no humidity, thermometer pic is right now with garage doors open
  17. I have always preferred bigger framed tractors even in utility applications, a six cylinder diesel and higher seat/flat platform sells it for me, some of the old favourites from the neighborhood come to mind, 656, 756, 856, 1066, 2-105, 2-85, 2-135, 1655, 1850, 1130, 1135, but as much as I like old stuff, 4x4, powershift, better cab, more power... is pretty cool If I could only choose 3 it would be the 3 best of 4 different styles of tractor, a 52/5488, 71-89 series Magnum, White 100 or Workhorse series, Agco Allis 9655 or similar, the Agco is neat because of the Navistar(Detroit) engine, Funk powershift, 40 km/h road speed, White rear end, tight turning 4x4 front end, it touches on many bases
  18. Thanks for sharing, the gear definitely took a new shape
  19. My 10th grade English teacher called his boat “IWTYIYBMAD” which stands for: I will tell you if you buy me a drink
  20. I don’t have any idea about the mystery piece, the only plastic I can think of in that transmission is the speedometer gears and the detent cable, neither could make it there I’m working on one of my classics tonight, my 77 Oldsmobile Delta 88, just put a new used engine in place of the original stock 350, it’s a former circle track motor, unknown the exact build but from what I have seen (some sight with a inspection scope) it’s 355 with flat tops (4 valve reliefs) with camel hump heads, has roller rockers, push rod girdles double valve springs and screw in studs, seems serious enough, but as of yet, doesn’t turn on like the vortec headed junkyard build 350 in my 1980 Buick Electra, maybe it’s the 700R4 in the Buick with its lower gears that do it Cool car you have ?
  21. I didn’t bring up the LS thing because best powertrain choice was not the original question, the LS is better, in every way but the bolt in factor, many different ways to attack that swap, old transmission and carb is the easiest, fuel injected and modern transmission the best, I’m a big carb guy but my cammed 02 Silverado 4.8L and my hp tuner is pretty awesome, tons of adjustments in tuning without getting dirty or leaving the seat, makes power and still fuel efficient too
  22. They work well, I have a vortec headed 350 in my 1980 Buick Electra, its a TBI 350 short block (stock roller lifters), Edelbrock roller cam and Edelbrock intake, pretty much what they sell as a '602" crate for circle track racing. They have 64cc combustion chambers, which is there biggest claim to fame and the reason they make power, they have the exact same exhaust manifold pattern as every SBC, The claims of cracking on these and any newer "lightweight" SBC cylinder heads seems to be more common on the internet then in reality, they do have a lot less cast in them than a camel hump head, but I have only seen failure in a derby application being run at very high heat, possibly some of the extremely overheated (due to lack of coolant) vortecs that I have replaced in trucks have had cracks, but the entire engine was replaced, I wouldn't be opposed to just slapping an old set of heads on if they check out, or pulling a running engine and throw an intake and cam at it, an oil pressure switch to run a rattle can fuel pump and your set! Also the bolt pattern in the ends of the heads has a different pattern than older heads, may have to do some accessory bracket modification, the pattern is different on either end of head as well, so some mocking up before assembly can make life easier, there is a specific intake gasket to use when installing the carb intake, the original intake had a plastic/rubber gasket, it is easy to find because of there circle track use
  23. I’ve had that set of wrenches (3/8-1 1/4) since my young teens, they have always been in my main toolbox and still are, the engraving from Gramps is wearing thinner as years go by, as well as the appreciation is for such things, my kids are good people and as diligent as anyone could expect for chores or helping me in the garage but currently care little about mechanical stuff, but that could change, so who knows where all my tools will go, a guy could think giving a young apprentice the lot but what if he just sells out in a couple years, then my kids may as well of sold them, maybe the answer is to hopefully retire/slow down and just lend them out until they are gone hahaha
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