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  1. JMech is there an engine that'll work without mods? I apologize for the sideways pic, couldn't figure out how to turn it.
  2. I need some advice. Got a real slick 482 but the Briggs has unfortunately given it up. A neighbor of mine that works on mowers on the side thinks the motor has basically imploded and needs replaced. What's a good replacement for the original motor that will fit without too much work? I'm not looking for a v twin or anything like that but another single cylinder that's comparable to what's in there now.
  3. As anyone in our world knows, Darrell passed away last year, and an auction was announced. Does anyone else think the auction was moved because the prices were low?
  4. I recently picked up this set of plans and wondered who else had a set? Last year I saw a few pics of a different version for a seven room house but this is the first set I’ve seen in person. Does anyone know how many other versions IH offered or how many other types of house plans were drawn up?
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