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  1. Sorry I’m no help with the question asked. When I was a kid my Grandpa bought an AC mower, 912 I believe. I loved that mower, and I did was a great mower for him
  2. Have you seen some of the rigs guys post on here to haul antique tractors to tractor shoes??? I’d say it’s a similar amount of over indulgence.😄 I guess if you got it spend it on what you enjoy. Looks like a nice rig and a good way to spend time with the granddaughter.
  3. I had not heard he passed until I read this post just now, sorry to hear he he is gone. I saw him at “My Waterloo Days” in Waterloo IA probably 25 years ago. It was a great concert, I remember him playing his fiddle like a guitar. In college I remember two fisting beer bottles and dancing to Drinking my baby goodbye at Hunky Doories, the local country bar.
  4. Looks great Wes! I have a very similar 466 cultivator to go with my '58 340. Mine also has the "Danish tine" style shanks like yours has. My rear rig is different though, I just have a straight piece of tubing that the fast hitch points and shanks mount to. Mine also uses the lift arms to raise the cultivator with the fast hitch. It amazes me that at the time this was new people were willing to save a few bucks by not getting hydraulic cylinders, they must not have had many point rows. In my area it was nice to be able to raise the left and right sides separately when cultivating point rows. I had mine on the tractor once for a show after it was first painted and it's sat in the shed ever since. It's harder to transport a 4 row. Good job, looks great.
  5. My only experience with Milo was when I worked at the local Asgrow corn plant in the summers during high school and college. A lot of my time was spent in the warehouse sorting corn that was returned. Returns that came from Kansas would also return milo or grain sorghum along with the corn.
  6. Looks like it's been converted to 12v, made a spot for alternator.
  7. When I was in college I worked for a farmer who had a Balzer baler. It was made by Vermeer as we got parts from the local Vermeer dealer but I can't remember what Vermeer model it compared to. But I can relate you your "roll or puke" comment. That baler and I had a love hate relationship. That's been many years ago but I'm thinking the problems started when the hay got too dry. I'm very glad that Jesus saves us from our sins when I look back on some of the afternoons I had trying to get that thing to start a bale.
  8. I've driven by lots of times on my way to Milwaukee but never stopped or had any dealings with them. Appear to have a lot of interesting stuff.
  9. I love this response...I think that is what they call karma. As in every profession there are good and bad...and there are always good and bad customers.
  10. It does work but I'd be afraid of it leaching and killing the grass I want to keep, especially if you get rain not long after application.
  11. Probably a good idea but I don’t think I’m going to take the time to run to the dealer and pay shipping online. I’m just going to order online and see how they last. If I don’t think they wear like they should I’ll know better next time.
  12. Thanks for setting me straight. Not sure where I got that. Not the 1st time I was wrong.
  13. X2 on Crossbow. You will probably need to spray every year but it does a good job on Creeping Charlie. I might add that for control of this or clover or dandelions in my lawn I’ve found fall is the best time to spray. At this time of year they are putting nutrients to the roots rather than to vegetative growth so I think you get a better kill.
  14. I’m just curious if AGCO parts are typically high priced? I bought a Massey disc mower and I’d like to replace skid shoes that are getting worn. Called the local dealer and they have them on hand $39.93 each. Online I can buy A&I skid shoes for $17.70 each. I will gladly pay some more for OEM as being able to pick them up when I need them and not needing pay shipping is worth a lot. But unless the OEM are vastly better quality +2x the price seems like a big difference.
  15. Looks great Danny! Is there any connection between the 304 IH used and what AMC used? For some reason I’m thinking they are the same motor? My very first vehicle was a ‘78 Jeep CJ5 and the 304 had plenty of power in that little thing.
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