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  1. Thank you very much for measuring that Hobbyfarm. It should fit easily on a car trailer than. I watched a 418 sell on an online auction today. Appeared to be in pretty good shape, sold for $1,500. I probably should have bid.
  2. I had 1 as a kid, probably 35 years ago. The local AGCO dealer sells them. I looked at them a while back when I was getting some filters for my Gehl skidloader. I can't remember the top speed of them but I was really surprised how fast they went....also surprised how expensive they were.
  3. Thanks for all the advice Jesse. I hadn't considered the width of the 10 wheel rake, maybe I need to look for a Gehl 418 or similar. As I mentioned earlier I grew up running a New Idea 5 wheel rake. With that we could adjust it to run narrower or wider. I hadn't considered that wouldn't be an option with this style of V rake. I had thought about how to keep the wheels from spinning in the wind at hwy. speeds. Your idea of a ratchet strap is a good one.
  4. That is a very good point. They do look pretty simple to slide in.
  5. Thanks Hobbyfarm. If you think of it it would be appreciated. It's roughly 130 miles away. I probably could tow it. Whether I haul it or tow it the worst part will be crossing the Mississippi. Sandhiller I know what you are saying about the rakes with the wheels in front of the frame like your H&S. I always called those "high capacity rakes". Growing up we had a New Idea 5 wheel rake. Occasionally trying to put 2 12' swathes of straw together it would bunch up as you say. However considering I only do 20-25 acres of grass a year I just can't justify spending a lot of money
  6. This is what they look like. I'm sure it wouldn't be legal. But I was hoping if the wheels are narrow enough I could pull it up onto a car trailer.
  7. I've seen the 3 point models before too. But I like the idea of being able to hook it up to my H if I want to. Maybe I could actually find a use for the old H.
  8. I noticed a Gehl 420 10 wheel rake on an upcoming auction. I'm curious if anyone has one and could tell me the width from the outside of the tires. If I were to get it I'd like to push it on my car trailer but I'm curious if it would fit between the fenders. I'm not sure how tall it would be folded up and on the trailer but I think I could avoid any height issues. I don't know how great of a rake these are. But for the little bit I do I just want something inexpensive that I can use to put 2 9' swathes together. Thanks in advance.
  9. Educate me....I'm a little slow. So what do you have for bait? Is that PB just spread onto the gatorade bottle? Or do you have it inside with holes to let the smell out as someone else mentioned? And I assume the 2x4 serves as the ramp so they can get up to the bait?
  10. That is very true. Enjoy yourself. To me eastern red cedar are nothing but a weed. The stupid things pop up all over around here.
  11. I like the look of the White plow. Is a 588 newer than a 508? I assume White plows are a continuation of the Oliver plows? When I was young and Dad and Grandpa still plowed they had Oliver plows.
  12. Nothing sentimental about it. He just wants it fixed. I just assumed these box stores wouldn’t be much help with warranty. I remember many years ago going to the Sears store and they just grabbed a new ratchet off of the shelf to replace mine. Later Sears would give me the rebuild kit to fix it myself.
  13. My Dad has an old Craftsman 3/8” drive that slips. He asked me to look on the internet for replacement parts since Sears stores are all gone. I know Blaine’s Farm Fleet, Ace Hardware, and others now have Craftsman. But I’m guessing they wouldn’t be much help on repair parts. Can I still get this repaired or am I better off just buying him a new ratchet?
  14. Just curious why you want to do this? I assume you like the look of a straight pipe but don’t want the noise? As others have said I’m not a fan of the muffler under the hood. My brother has a 1586 with the paint burned off the side of the hood. He put a muffler eliminator on it.
  15. I have a 710 3x18. It has the short landslide with wear pad on the back. I don’t plow much but have plowed enough to know it works fine. Since the 3 bottom has the combination gauge/tail wheel I’m guessing they put on the long landslide since the tail wheel doesn’t run in the furrow. But from my experience it isn’t needed.
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