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  1. I learned to cultivate on a 560 with a 4 row 63 fast hitch cultivator. Did many acres with that before I moved up to a 1066 and Noble 8 row cultivator. When I did my internship with Pioneer soybean research I cultivated plots with a JD 2020 and 133 or 153 4 row cultivator. That wasn't as enjoyable as the 560 I used as a kid, the underslung exhaust on that 2020 would burn my foot after a day of cultivating.
  2. Not entirely true. IA and MN have an agreement allowing you to cross the line if you are within your 150 miles. We were told by IA DOT that we could go into MN with regular county plates because of this if it's under 150 miles. Not sure why this has to be so complicated
  3. Yes, basically just saying that Crossbow is not a pre-emergent herbicide so if you allow it to go to seed those seed will still be viable and come back. So you either spray it before it goes to seed or you may have to spray again after more comes up.
  4. I'm not sure where you read that. But I assume what they are saying is that if it's already gone to seed you will have more come back after you kill it with a post emerge chemical like Grazon or Crossbow? Just a guess, I'd need to read what you are referring to.
  5. Interesting. I had some of that crap show up at my place also but didn't know what it was called. I like Virginia Tech's name for it....Stickywilly. As others have said Grazon or Crossbow get it. Both are much more effective pasture sprays than just 24-D alone. Good luck.
  6. If you're still looking this might be of help. Says it was on a 856, I assume brackets would be same or similar for a 706. Says make an offer. https://iowacity.craigslist.org/grd/d/kalona-international-78-cultivator/7332578073.html
  7. Sure have.....the 1st vehicle I bought was a 1978 Jeep CJ5 Golden Eagle. Oh, I guess that isn't what you are talking about.
  8. Do you not see any irony when you proclaim this on an INTERNET forum?
  9. Unverferth, makes Brent, Parker and others, still sells wagons and grain carts in green or red. But they have gray rims. The old Brent grain train wagons where green with yellow wheels but I don't think they've been that way for many many years. I recently read a book about Jon Kinzenbaum of Kinze. "50 years of Disruptive Innovation". It goes into some detail about the lawsuit with JD over the Maxi Merge planter units.
  10. I'm really not on social media, this site is as close a I come to that. But my phone is left on 24/7.
  11. I am on our church's consistory, governing board, and when things first went crazy last March we did stop having in person worship for a while, maybe 2 months? At that time our governor had an order about the size of public gatherings. We discussed Romans 13 and used that as our reasoning/justification for abiding to that order. Fortunately for us in Iowa our governor eased those restrictions early on and we then started having worship together again. We continued with the live stream also so attendance was down significantly making it easy to distance from each other. We had some heated
  12. I know you are being sarcastic....but the government doesn't need to implant us if they want to track us. Most people have a phone with them 24/7 that they can't put down. If they really wanted to track us that is all they need.
  13. Are you referring to the actual, sweeps not the shanks? If so there’s nothing special about them. Several different sizes were offered including points and 1/2 sweeps next to the row. I’m sure you can get them from Shoup or a farm store. I think I have part numbers if you like to get them through CIH dealership. If I remi will look tonight.
  14. That is a really cool setup. That has to be pretty uncommon, I don't think I've ever seen a snap coupler drill before. I still hope to find a semi-mount 510 IH drill to use for waterways and little patches as you mentioned. It seems like the only ones I ever see for sale are north of the border.
  15. What? I often can’t understand your posts but this really has me confused.
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