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  1. I have one of the original IH stamped mufflers from Devin on my 340. It looks nice but is loud, louder than the cheap Staley it replaced.
  2. No....but I’d be interested in buying your planter.😊
  3. These pictures are the points on a toolbar I have laying around. I think you are missing the actual fast hitch point.
  4. The pieces mounted to the toolbar are part of fast hitch prongs. The prongs bolt on and you can adjust fore to aft angle. If I think of it I'll get a picture of some today.
  5. BZtractor beat me to it. On a diesel the 2nd battery beside the seat is factory. No. 2 in your schematic is the cover.
  6. IH Forever

    Ih 155

    Slats are for heavy sticky soil, not sand.
  7. The MX270 and 305 have a similar step and it allows you to wash the windshield. But I really wish there was a step on the right, need a ladder to wash that big right side window.
  8. We have a very hard time finding help too, not good help, just any help. I'm shocked that you mentioned a place trying to hire a welder for $14-$16/hr., anyone who is a good welder could make much more around here. Unfortunately people don't need to take a low paying job and work to improve themselves as there are to many safety nets they can take advantage of.
  9. The dump trailers would definitely be a factor I hadn't considered. We just don't have those around here, all hoppers.
  10. IH Forever

    04 Pete 379X

    They made 379’s for a long time, not sure what’s special about an ‘04. I drove a 379 extended hood day cab a few times, I thought it looked silly...huge hood and tiny cab.
  11. That is a big tower dryer. I can’t believe you’d have an operation like that and not have a building over the pit.
  12. Wet corn definitely changes your break even price. I just meant unfortunately you don't have much choice.
  13. That is for sure. Just have an old ugly Brent 610 but as long as you have the help to run it it makes a huge difference. Can’t pencil it out? Either you dry it or you leave it stand until spring. If he needs cash you need to consider cost of money. Hard to sell what’s still standing in the field. Hard to pencil out putting it in a bin to rot too.
  14. And this worked ok with the hydraulics of a 70's era IH? I didn't think it was good for these to leave a remote locked on.
  15. How did the hydraulics operate on these? Most tractors of the era had 1 or 2 hydraulic outlets. Just try to figure out how you operated all the functions.
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