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  1. IH Forever


    A sad video. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where my kids have been able to have in school education this entire school year.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Several of the cartoons I saw were mocking racist properties....not endorsing them. As stated earlier....you don't have the right not to be offended.
  3. Can someone give me examples of what is considered racist about Dr. Seuss? I'm really struggling to understand what it is that is such a concern.
  4. Very true words, I have said this often myself. I also like Sandhillers quote. A great line from The Lorax. But I suppose it’s only true if it fits a certain agenda.
  5. Deere announced that their 1st quarter net income doubles due to a 23% gain in net sales. They noted improved conditions in agricultural and construction sectors. There was a lot of government money that went to farmers around here this year. There must be some buying going on.
  6. I'm curious why you thing that? Not saying your wrong, just curious the logic. There are a few farmers in my area that have been growing 15" corn, not for silage but for grain. The yield advantage is there but have struggled to find a reliable head for 15" rows. Just better utilizing the available sunlight for photosynthesis.
  7. We’ve run a 2208, 8 row head, on a 2366 for several years with no problems. As mentioned we do have and you will need a rear weight bracket. We have singles no duals. We go 2 - 3 depending on the conditions, usually 2.5 - 2.8. No speed record but I’m more comfortable taking a bigger swath and going slower.
  8. I don’t use my saws much compared to most of you. I have a Stihl Farm Boss, 290 I believe, with a 20” bar. That’s plenty big for what I’ve ever needed. Since most of what I do is cleaning small trees out of fences or trimming off limbs I bought a 180 with 16” bar. Much lighter for carrying up and down the fence line. Really what I should have is a small top handle saw like Sandhiller pictured.
  9. I grew up with Gehl mixers so no experience with an Arts Way. But we experienced the same issue, even with no screen we could not get as coarse of a grind as we wanted for cattle. I think it’s the nature of a hammer mill, ideally you would have a roller mill. At work we have hammer mill and roller mill. When we’ve had more demand than the capacity of the roller mill we’ve tried to make coarse corn with larger screens in the hammer mill. We can get the average micron size large but the standard deviation is way to high. Meaning we still had a portion that was closer to flour similar t
  10. Thanks for the reply Bob. So you're saying it's red with blue moldboards like the other plows? For some reason I was thinking I've seen pictures of them painted all blue. I must be dreaming that.
  11. I don't remember how it worked exactly but this is what my Dad had on a 1066 to add a 3rd valve. I remember a toggle switch in the cab to switch between remotes but you still used the outside hydraulic lever. I have a really nice #80 I rarely use....based on the comments I'm thinking I should put it up for auction. I would deliver to S. IL...for a fee. 😀
  12. There is no such thing...they only made a SHTA. Duh.
  13. My Grandpa said the same. Very true, usually have our worst weather in February and sometimes March.
  14. My Dad has a C295A plow he would like to paint. This is a direct mount plow for the C/Super C. I tried to find a paint committee decision for this plow but haven't been able to find anything. I'm thinking that these were painted entirely blue. Can anyone tell me if that is correct or how the paint scheme should be? Thanks in advance.
  15. I used to be the location manager at a soybean production facility. I drove about 35 miles to get to work. One morning I received a call from a seasonal employee who lived in a trailer park 1/2 mile away from the plant saying the roads were too bad to get to work. I told him I'd be there in 5 minutes to pick him up. I have a little old Gehl 3825 skidloader that I use to move snow. That little Kubota starts pretty well with glow plugs but I have it plugged in and on a timer so as long as the electricity doesn't go out I don't have to worry about it starting. Sorry to hijack the or
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