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  1. IH Forever

    This followed me home yesterday

    Congrats, I’ve been looking for a 40 or 50 but haven’t found many and they are usually more than I want to spend.
  2. IH Forever

    Last of 2017 soybean crop

    I hope you forward sold them before now.😉
  3. IH Forever

    NTPA Rockwell Iowa pics

    Thanks for the pictures, I wasn't able to make it this year. We had a birthday party for my kids Saturday night. Thought about going Friday but it looked like to many classes of modfieds for my taste.
  4. IH Forever

    IH 800 Cyclo no-till options?

    As others have already said...depending on the wear you have. I would spend my money replacing disc openers and firming points rather than buying add on coulter.
  5. IH Forever

    560 serial number 502 on auction

    Would you like to read my sequel about an H and another about a 340? 😉
  6. IH Forever

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Please don't call me ignorant. I know very well what break-even costs are as I too work a full time job and farm. Our yields may be higher than yours, but you will rent nothing for $200/acre in my area. I agree that it is very hard for someone to get started and make a profit who does not have access to machinery or land from a family member. But you can't pretend like that describes all farmers. There are those who have gone through those tough times that now have land which is paid for and appreciated greatly. And there are also those who have inherited land, that greatly lowers your cost of production and allows you to pay high rent or purchase additional land. And many farmers utilize government programs and crop insurance. Not necessarily fudging but they use the programs available to them. You can't ignore them and pretend they don't affect the cost of production. I'm not sure that some truly know their break even. Cash prices here for corn and soybeans are still higher than they were a year ago. If people know what their break even is I hope they sold something before the recent drop in prices. All I'm saying is that I see very few farmers in my area living at a poverty level as you describe. Those who are in a different situation than you I still like to talk about how tough of times they are having.
  7. IH Forever

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Really? Commodity prices at or below cost of production for 6 years in a row? Awful lot of new equipment, $70,000 pickups, winters in Florida, and immaculate antique tractor collections written off as a farm expense around here. Hard for me to believe that.
  8. IH Forever

    How did I ever live without one?

    I was just in Mineral Point today. Looked like a big selection sitting outside. I didn't even stop to look, don't want to be tempted. Someday I hope to be able to afford one. My parents have one and it is fun and handy.
  9. IH Forever

    Plowing Question

    Dad showed me that trick. No. 9 wire attached to the coulter. Supposed to keep the trash down in the furrow. I suppose it helped a little.
  10. IH Forever

    Would you do this kind of thing?

    You replied almost exactly what I was going to say. Being low paid doesn’t justify doing a crappy job. I was raised to do your best so that you have the potential to move up and earn more. Would I do that though? No.
  11. IH Forever

    Old load binder

    I have both. I know the ratcheting are safer but I don’t like using them. It’s probably the operator but I think they are slower, and when the chain is just about tight I run out of threads.
  12. IH Forever

    what to do

    I think you are missing the point by b&c farms Jerry. He never said he expected the neighbor to plant dicamba beans to help him out. He was just asking what herbicide program the neighbor was using so that he could spray accordingly and do what he can to not damage the neighbors beans with drift. Now it sounds like your neighbor was being unreasonable but I don't think the original poster was unreasonable at all.
  13. IH Forever

    Bad storm here last night

    I don't want the wind but we could sure use some the rain.
  14. IH Forever

    SE MN guys

    Looked like a Quad Track and some other newer CIH equipment sitting around. Is Cty Rd. 1 north of Spring Valley being resurfaced? I swear I’ve been on that road before and it was paved. Saturday it was the widest, roughest gravel road i’ve ever been on.
  15. IH Forever

    SE MN guys

    I drove up to Chatfield this morning. On Hwy. 63 south of Spring Valley I noticed a shed about a 1/4 mile west of the Hwy with an IH dealer sign. I've driven that road many times but never noticed that before. Is that anyone who is on here?