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  1. My only experience with burning wood is in an outdoor fire pit or on a brush pile. So educate me on your stove. I assume the heat exchangers are to get the heat out of the stove and into the shop? Also assume they go completely through the stove do that air moves through them? They look like a dryer vent pipe, I assume something heavier than that to withstand the heat?
  2. Looks like fun, brings back memories of my childhood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Kilbros. wagons in 1 place. Dad had 2 that my Grandpa got when he traded in 2 Gehl chopper boxes.
  3. I assume that’s a bobcat? I’d welcome them if they killed groundhogs, they are destructive critters.
  4. It’s east of the island of idiots in a sea of conservative people known as IA City. So it should be on your way. As an Iowa State Cyclone alumn and fan I say Go Wolverines!!!😀
  5. x3 for Larsen Lights We have these in a 2366, MX270 and 1586. Make a world of difference.
  6. In 2019 I redid our deck with composite decking. I had some rebate money at Menards so I used it to buy a compound miter saw. I decided on a Craftsman that looks almost identical to that Rigid. I didn’t expect much, just wanted to make it through the deck rebuild. It worked flawlessly and I’m shocked how much I’ve used it since.
  7. Very sorry to hear this, you will be in my prayers. If she feels up to it I’d say go to the funeral, Covid or not. We are exposed to it anyway.
  8. I shouldn't even comment as Grandpa and Dad sold the dairy cows when I was 4 or 5 years old, so I have no practical experience. But I do remember the 560 running a Gehl blower on the 20x60 concrete stave silo. I also remember a garden hose running from the barn to the blower. As mentioned above Dad told me that was to keep haylage from getting gummy and plugging the pipe. He's also told me before how they had forgetten to shut of the hydrant and filled the blower with water. Doesn't sound like water blew up the pipe really well.
  9. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic.....but I love that movie. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=3+AMIGOS+MAIL+PLANE+SCENE&view=detail&mid=69A41228DE5D8E2C197269A41228DE5D8E2C1972&FORM=VIRE
  10. I currently have all my electrical "stuff" in an old craftsman tool box with pull out drawers. I like that idea with the plastic cases you can take out and take with you.
  11. I'm familiar with the I'm familiar with the DewEze brand. I think they have bale beds to haul a round bale on a truck? Not sure I've ever seen any of their equipment in person but remember their ads in farm magazines.
  12. Interesting, that makes more sense. As I said never seen such a thing in my part of the world. That would be an experience cruising along at 50 mph on that thing with no cab.
  13. Interesting contraption, I've never seen such a thing. I too would love to see a video or pictures in action. I assume the bales are conveyed to the bed/deck and then someone has to stack? Makes me wonder what the advantage is over just pulling a rack behind the baler?
  14. I noticed that it was crooked to. Or maybe the poles crooked and it's actually square with the world.😀
  15. A skilled operator doesn’t need anything that big…at least that’s what I tell my wife.
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