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  1. reddy heater

    Did the thermocouple fix your problem? I have an LB White CP100 that has developed the same problem. I have not pulled the cover off but didn't know if something could be adjusted/cleaned or if I needed to order a new one.
  2. Letter Series at Work

    It's been several years but I chopped some stalks with my 1941 H before plowing.
  3. IH. Top link question

    I understand that Fast Hitch was originally designed as a 2 point attachment system and the vast majority of implements are that way. However I was asking what type of 3rd link was used with the 300 and 350 utilities with fast hitch and the implements made for those tractors. Also curious why they offered this option with utilities only. I assume it is just to provide fore and aft adjustment. I've attached a picture from the 300 utility parts book showing a 3rd link that was used with a fast hitch to 3 point adapter. This picture also shows the top link attachment point Matt Kirsch has in his picture. I've also attached a picture of a U-F30 plow from my F34I-1A parts book. This picture shows the attachment point on the implement for a top link. You can kind of see in the picture that the fast hitch points are pointing "down" somewhat. This is because they are not rigid allowing fore aft adjustment with a top link.
  4. IH. Top link question

    I understand they were fast hitch from the factory. But they have a mounting point for a 3rd link. The fast hitch implements designed for them have a mounting point for 3rd link and the points pivot a little.
  5. IH. Top link question

    How about the 300 and 350 utilities? They have the plate to attach a 3rd link and the fast hitch implements designed for those tractors are set up for a 3rd link. I’ve never looked in a parts book but was there a 3rd link offered with them?
  6. Former I-H Dealership In Onawa, IA.

    Interesting that the new plows have a whitewall tire. I assume they came without a tire? Did dealer put on used car tire rather than new implement tire to save money.
  7. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    I have 2. One of them has elastic that my mom sewed into the back to make it fit my little head back then. I wore that hat all the time.
  8. Meat wrapping

    I remember certain girls in my younger days who we always said wrap your meat if your going to do anything with them. Probably not what you meant?🙂
  9. Cool old Kenny

    Enlighten me...is a 3408 larger displacement than a 3208.
  10. 1206 to 1256 shifting conversion

    Was there a kit available to make the conversion at 1 time or did people just use IH parts? As a kid in the early 80's my Dad's main tractor was a 706 gas and it had this conversion. Just curious how it was done at that time.
  11. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Grandpa used to say "As the days get longer the winter gets stronger."
  12. Small gravity wagon opinions!

    There are a lot of exclamation points in that post...you must be really excited about gravity wagons. 😁
  13. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    I agree that collecting the fast hitch implements is addictive. I came up with 14 just counting in my head. That doesn't include the front mount cultivators I have with a fast hitch rear rig, would be 17 if I include those. As you said the WI archives mentions blue paint on the PTO drive line. Based on the picture NEPoweshiek has above of what appears to be original paint it looks like the shields are blue and the gearbox is red. The repainted mower and 560LP above are my Dad's. I had him paint the gearbox blue as that is how I interpreted the WI archives paint committee. But if the other picture is actually original paint I'd say the gearbox should be red. Thanks for the update.
  14. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    WESnIL - Just checking in to see if you'd seen my private message with email address. If you have extra of any decals I would love to buy them from you. So far all I have is the IH McCormick decal. Thanks again.
  15. Strip Till

    My Dad and brother have strip tilled for many years they are now using a 16 row unit using a Harvest Partners bar and Dawn Pluribus units pulling a cart with a Montage fertilizer unit.