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  1. How do the lights on the blower work? That’s a good idea. I updated the 1 rear light on my 656 to LED which is much brighter but blower still blocks a lot of the light.
  2. Correct, the last picture is the old shot tower in Dubuque. There was a lot of lead mined in NE Iowa and SW Wisconsin at one time. The name sake, Shot Tower Inn in Dubuque, has amazing pizza, I was just there Sunday.
  3. I don't think we got that much snow, 3-4 inches I suppose. But it's really blowing around today.
  4. What brand is the double sickle mower on the 300/400? Never seen anything like that.
  5. But you said you had no beef herd in your future....sounds like the beginning of a herd to me.😀
  6. When I was a kid I bought a lot of bull calves from a local guy with a small dairy. He had a Hereford bull he bred to his Holsteins. I loved those “black baldie” calves. Why can’t you butcher the heifer? Sure they don’t get as big but we’ve butchered plenty of heifers and they still taste good.
  7. Thank you Wayne. I will give him a call.
  8. This is what I always do when I need to work on something with the boom up. But the question I've always had....and I know I'm just slow. But when I'm done working I release the boom lock, then I need to go under the boom to get in the skidloader to lower the boom.
  9. Very nice machine. That snowblower has to be very rare, a 3200B with a 3rd valve would be pretty rare.
  10. It's a new enough skid loader, I assume you can still get it through parts from Gehl? I'm sure that would be a pricey option though.
  11. Just bringing this back to the top. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any suggestions on a source for this? Thanks.
  12. I've made 1 before on my Green Mountain grill, same concept as a Traeger. Used mesquite pellets but don't remember what rub I used. It took a looong time but was delicious. Just butcher a steer this fall, hope to make the brisket this spring.
  13. IH Forever

    New ride

    Who said there was only 1???
  14. Thanks for the correction on the name. My Grandpa was drafted and went into the Navy during WWII. He was part of a gun crew on a Merchant Marine transport ship in the South Pacific. I remember before he died he said he didn't want military rites at his funeral, he said he went because he had to and the only thing he wanted out of the Navy was out of the Navy.
  15. The Enterprise is the carrier on display in San Diego isn't it? I believe that was the name of the ship we toured.
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