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  1. Just got a little start to the 2020 harvest helping my brother combine corn yesterday. Considering this is a poor farm and we basically had 0 rain in July and August I was pleasantly surprised by the yield.
  2. Where you plan to go with those? Your day might take even longer when you get rejected every where you go.
  3. Looks nice, a very big improvement! I just did the headlights on the MX305. I used a product from Mothers that I bought at the local NAPA. It comes with sanding discs for severe cases but I was able to clean them up pretty good just by buffing with the polish.
  4. Glad you are looking at the positive side of things. Looks like a very similar situation to my brother's 270 a few years ago. The door latch was out of adjustment and when Dad was going down the road with a load of corn it popped open and flew back into the tire, quite the explosion of glass.
  5. You make a good point and I agree with you but I think VTfireman made a point as to how OSHA looks at it. The company we purchased from and who serviced the lifts would check the heal thickness, the back of the fork where it turns up to attach to the mast. If this became worn down from sliding on the ground and was out of tolerance they were not good according to OSHA. This makes more sense to me, as far as lifting strength I could see this affecting the capacity if it was really worn. We had a set that were slightly out of tolerance and since it was a leased fork truck they had to be replaced. I bought them as scrap and used them to make a set of forks for my Dad's 2000 loader.
  6. When I used to work at the seed company when I would buy a new forklift I could order a fork or 2 forks with a hole in it. My understanding was this was acceptable but torching a hole was not. I assume the heat can affect the temper of the steel?? We never had OSHA in so luckily didn't have to have that discussion.
  7. There were many things on that sale I was interested in. But I think the only thing I bought was a set of NOS fast hitch filler plates to use with small point implements on a a large point fast hitch. Everything else was more expensive than I was willing to pay. Do you guys remember the heavy snow that day? I waited to see a fast hitch #55 chisel plow sell and remember it thundering and snowing very hard. We had a terrible time going home that day, I35 wasn't good but I think Hwy. 20 had 6-8 inches of snow and hadn't been cleaned off.
  8. We have Speedee here in IA. No issues with timeliness and I’ve heard they are considerably cheaper than UPS and FedEx. However when they deliver to my work you never know where he’ll deliver to. Never comes to the office. Often find packages sitting in a pole building used for storage.
  9. Haven’t watched in a LONG time. Loved it as a kid when IH was a sponsor.
  10. IH Forever

    Fire pit

    That is really awesome....and a lot of work! Digging out the sod and dirt for my retaining wall along with trying to get the 1st layer level was very time consuming. I assume you used some type of power plate compactor? I'd think that would be a must to keep your pavers from settling. For now I just filled our seating area around the fire pit with pea gravel so getting the fill dirt level and compacted wasn't as important. I had to cut each of the cap stones on my retaining wall to make the curve and get everything to fit properly. I used a masonry blade on my old SkilSaw circular saw. For anymore than what I did I think I'd want an actual masonry saw.
  11. IH Forever

    Fire pit

    I have a friend who has an old stump in his yard. He sets chairs around it and has a fire in the center of it, calls it his red neck fire pit. Works great, to bad it's only temporary but at least he'll get rid of the stump in his yard.
  12. IH Forever

    Fire pit

    Not nearly as fancy as what some of you have done. But this is our new fire pit. My wife wanted a gas fire pit so I did this when replacing our deck. I love a wood fire but must admit we use this alot more because of the convenience.
  13. 706 gas or diesel with FWA is not common I would agree. A 340 with ta is not rare at all.
  14. I had a similar problem on a Farmall 340 with 6 volt system. When cranking it would not fire. When I took my finger off the starter button it would fire.
  15. Thank you Jeff. That's what I was looking for. I assumed there would be a certain circuit I need to check on the switch since power goes to the flashers and tail light with the same switch settings.
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