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  1. My brother has a 1586 with 18.4x42 on 30" row. As others have said I'm sure 18.46x46 won't fit inside the fenders, even on 36" rows I don't think you are out far enough to get past the fenders.
  2. Do you know why a V ripper pulls easier than an in-line ripper? I just haven’t figured out a reason why that would be true. In the 80’s not many did deep ripping but all you saw were V rippers.
  3. I would guess you just have poor germination or poor vigor. As others have said a towel test on 10 seeds is a good way to get an idea of your germination percentage. Keep in mind the corn you planted last year was most likely a hybrid, a cross. If this does grow what you get this year will not be exactly the same. I believe pumpkins like corn are complete but imperfect. Meaning they have both male and female flowers on the same plant. A soybean for example is complete and perfect, meaning a plant has male and female parts in the same flower. Being imperfect means they need pollen from another flower to be pollinated, this makes cross pollination much more likely.
  4. We have a 4500B, it’s definitely a Doncaster engine, I believe a D179.
  5. I guess I’ll pile on, definitely not crab apple. I’m not sure it’s locust, I think they have finer leaves.
  6. To me the Fast Reverser would be a very valuable option on an International as many were used with loaders. I have a #20 loader that I bought at another estate sale. I had it on my 340 1 winter but it was not great for pushing snow. The reverse speed is SLOW on these.
  7. I have a ‘58 Farmall gas. I bought it on an estate auction many years ago. I’m the second owner, approximately 3,000 hours on the working tach. I always thought they were neat so wanted one. It’s a miserable tractor to get onto, especially the older I get.
  8. I know that the 800 and newer machines used an 8 row drum with bands on the unused rows. But didn't the 400 have a different drum and shorter shaft? Maybe that was just the 4 row?
  9. I think you need to get out a little more. I wouldn't call ID, western MT, western WY, or NW SD flat. 😄
  10. Yes, they do slop some. But as stated and shown in the picture the 706 should have a fixed drawbar so that you don't need to use the fasthitch drawbar. In the picture above the drawbar is missing. You shoudl have a drawbar that slides into that middle socket. That is solid and a much better option for the baler.
  11. So were these planters that unreliable or what was the need to ride on the planter? When I was a young kid I remember Dad having a 4 row #56 planter that didn't have a monitor. You could see the seed through the fiberglass boxes, it wasn't instant but you could visually see if a row wasn't planting.
  12. You are probably right. Most of the ATV sprayers are only 1.3 gallon/minute, I was more interested in a higher flow rate than the pressure. I did find another that is 3 gpm @ 45 psi. I'm sure that would be plenty and it's much cheaper also.
  13. I ordered and planted 25 Black Oak seedings from the Iowa DNR this spring. They appear to be healthy and are all leafing out now, but as you said earlier, buying seedlings I won't see that get very big in my lifetime. Good luck cutting down all the old ash trees, I don't envy you for that.
  14. My Mom has a lot of flowers around her yard. Dad mentioned the idea of building something to put in their Polaris Ranger so that she can drive around and water them rather than lugging a sprinkling can around. She's not getting younger unfortunately. He had mentioned just getting an ATV sprayer. That would work but I was thinking of ways to use a bigger thank and a pump with more volume. So I have probably a dumb question about the pump in the link I've attached. I found this on Amazon and thought we could rig this up with a 50 gallon tank we already have. But my question is how would something like this handle being "deadheaded" so to speak. If you just have a hose with a spray nozzle hooked up to the outlet and turn off the nozzle but leave the pump running will that damage the pump. Any input or other suggestions is appreciated. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QL9WFCX/?coliid=I2DG1OGSG9TP5D&colid=260CNZ774UHU&psc=1&ref_=list_c_wl_lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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