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  1. My '72 656 has the ether dispenser and button located below the steering wheel just like other 66 series. I've always thought it seemed a little scary putting that on a glow plug machine. Mine doesn't have a can in the dispenser, looks like maybe it never has had.
  2. I've only seen this on Internationals and not Farmalls. But looking at the speeds tells the reason for this, I think it would be great on a tractor used for loader work. The reverse on my Farmall 340 is painfully slow, I can't imagine it as a loader tractor. With this you could have some usable reverse speeds.
  3. But I believe you get more, faster, reverse speeds. If it’s like the shuttle or “ fast reverser” as IH called it on the 340 and 504. I’d like to see some pictures of the shuttle shift lever if possible. I assume it’s the same as the torque lever?
  4. Very cool. I've always wanted to find a nice 315 but haven't seen many for sale. But that's probably ok as shed space is at a premium.
  5. The only reason I would leave those on is if you are restoring it and not going to use the hydraulics. My Dad has some of the original dust caps that threaded on when not in use, they have the IH logo on them. Would look neat on a restored show tractor but not so neat to use.
  6. My local dealer also orders from the Parts Depot. There was a time, in the early 2000's probably, when a private individual could order parts. Or at least I did. I remember ordering quite a few odd ball things for my 340 fast hitch spring tooth, squadron hitch, and combination tillage hitch. I remember calling 1 time and he told me it was the last time he would be able to sell me anything. Our dealer will check with them though if something is NLA.
  7. As others have said the battery tray you pictured appears to be the tray used on a Hydro model. They all have the 1 battery in front of your feet. The hydros have the 2nd on the platform left of the seat rather than where yours is on the gear drive. So did the 06 and 56 series that have a fast hitch come with a fast hitch drawbar or was that an option? Since these tractors also have the regular drawbar I just assumed the fast hitch drawbar was only an option. I have a heavy fast hitch drawbar that I bought to use with my 656 although I've never used it. The standard drawbar is so much more solid that is all I use.
  8. I think he was saying the 400 was 6V, and that the regulator from that would not work on the 560. At least that's how I understood it.
  9. Looks like a No.5 rake. Not sure about a source for teeth.
  10. I recently got my 209 plow put back together that I had painted. I haven't been able to find a source for decals so I assume I will need to get some made. I've found pictures online of a 209 and a 209A. Does anyone know the difference? Looking at a parts book it appears the 209A was made later but I don't know what's different to determine which my plow is. Not a huge deal, just curious so I can try to get the correct decal made.
  11. I’ve attached some pictures, 1st is a set of the filler plates I made. Then the NOS IH filler plates I bought on an auction. Last a picture from the 340 parts book showing the filler plates. These are the dimensions of the filler plates I made: 1/2” thick, 1 1/4” wide, 13 1/4” long These are the NOS dimensions: 7/16” thick, 1 3/16” wide, 12 7/8” long The center of the hole for the roll pin is 3/4” from the end.
  12. I will try to remember to get some pictures for you. They have a hole in the end with a roll pin through it which prevents the filler plate from sliding down into the socket. There is also a hole on the other end and a pin so that you can pin it to the socket to prevent it from coming out when you unhook the implement. I've never used the pin to secure it. Many years ago I made a couple of sets based off of the picture in a parts book and some dimensions from a fellow member here. Since then I was able to purchase a set of NOS on an auction. The coulter would probably work fine where it is. But yes, I'd say it should be back closer to the moldboard. For some reason, maybe trash clearance, someone has slid it ahead on the frame.
  13. As others have said I would think your 240 should handle it fine...although I have no experience with North Carolina clay. I have a 2x14 C20 which I've plowed with many times behind a 230 and it was a great match. I'm just surprised that that IH didn't use small points on the 240 since it's the continuation of the Super C, 200, and 230. But I suppose the large point sockets give the flexibility of using both small and large point implements. Welding a filler plate to the implement is probably a little more convenient. But I prefer to use the filler plates like IH designed at the time. I have a NOS set and have made a few copies. That is what I use with my 100 sickle mower on my 340. They're really pretty simple, just sit in the bottom of the socket on the tractor.
  14. Correct, C20. Looks like you should have some filler plates or it could come unlatched when plowing. If it does come loose while plowing it's a good way to bend a point. I wasn't sure if the 240 had the small or large points, but looking at the gap between your plow points and the socket on the tractor I'd say the 240 used large points.
  15. These have an advantage if being used to cut small grains. The draper head and lack of crimper or conditioner cause a lot less grain loss. That is the reason my Dad had the Owatonna self propelled windrowers when I was a kid. The same machine was used to cut alfalfa but also used to windrow oats before combining.
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