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  1. It has a separate hydraulic pump under the dust cover and I saw the pressure gauge but the Oliver was missing the decals you show in your picture. Thanks for the explanation.
  2. I took a few pictures last Friday of the 1750 FWA. I thought it was interesting, never seen anything like it. I’m still confused as to how you control it and match the speed to the transmission.
  3. Thanks for the picture. My Dad always talked about these put I'd never seen one. He said they were nice in a year when you had oats in a windrow and had a hard time getting them dry due to rain. You could turn them over without rolling them and knocking a bunch of oats off.
  4. Agree. I spent many hours dreaming on Dad's 560 and 463 fast hitch cultivator.
  5. How many do you have to lose before you think maybe them problem is me and not them???😉
  6. When I got there Saturday morning there was an Oliver plowing, I could tell it was a Jimmy by the sound. Later when Dad and I were walking around I saw the Oliver and it had a little Ford 3 point 3 bottom plow on it. Did anyone else see this? I just thought it was funny...looked a little mismatched. I thought there was a really nice turn out, a lot of red represented.
  7. IH Forever

    Why God?

    A young local kid, 11 I believe, was killed in an auto accident last winter while on his way to do mission work. I was driving in my pickup one day after this struggling with why God would take someone doing his work. I turned the radio station and a song came on with the lyrics “Sometimes I gotta stop, Remember that you’re God and I am not”. That was comforting and eerily timely. It’s hard to do, but we have to remember there is so much we don’t comprehend.
  8. I hope to bring something down for the show. It sure takes a lot of time to get everything out, washed up, and hauled. I don't want to use up any vacation time this year so I hope to get it hauled down Thursday afternoon after work. I plan to be there Saturday to look around even if I don't have anything at the show.
  9. I've seen power rakes but never been around 1 running. The guys I helped shell round cribs had the next best thing...a high school kid with a corn rake and grain scoop.
  10. We used 2 double cribs with the center alley way and overhead bins when I was a kid. I just remember but was to young to help with a single wooden crib and Dad piling ear corn on the ground inside a picket fence. I helped a few neighbors shell wire cribs like that. Always made me appreciate our double cribs with the tunnel for the drag. Sometimes those wire cribs didn't roll very well and required a lot of raking and scooping.
  11. Thanks for the picture. I had hoped to see it in either Iowa Falls or Mason City but my schedule didn't allow. When in Duluth a few years ago my son and I went to a railroad museum on a rainy day. I enjoyed, they have a lot on display.
  12. Congrats! That's a great accomplishment for your son. We tried out 4 Macks at the feed mill where I work. They have been a disaster and we are in the process of replacing them with Freightliners. I wish your son worked for our dealership...their service dept. has been less than stellar.
  13. I just looked at Messincks online and it says $578.83 for the shaft. I will check with my local AGCO dealer and CIH dealer as well. Looking at the parts break down it looks relatively simple, is it a very big job to pull out the old shaft and replace it?
  14. Awesome! Thanks again for the help and especially P/N's.
  15. I had the same thought as you after reading cedar farm's post and seeing the gouge in the spinner. He does have a video of it running at an idle and it sounds quiet. I honestly don't know what it should sound like but you can't hear them hitting against each other.
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