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  1. chip man

    Bd144 or 154

    I have a TD-5 series B it came with a rotary pump. I can't remember when (serial # break) the change from inline was.
  2. chip man

    C-7 cat engine

    3116 is a rack control, mechanically actuated plunger injector
  3. chip man

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, I had noticed that your thermostat was different from KoO's and was going to comment on that even before I read Ken S's post. i am not fully familiar with the gas start Diesel engines cooling systems, but it may be that your thermostat is incorrect. if it were my machine I would not run without a thermostat, I would search for the correct one. Before when you were running without one you could see coolant moving from the water pump. Now with it you are not until it burped. The burp would have been immediately after the thermostat opened. There could have been air trapped under it. Hopefully you can get it started and it warms up correctly without burping or putting the gauge in the hot range!
  4. chip man

    Kidney stones

    The first one I had was 2005, I was dehydrated. I have a tendency to do that. The last time I went to the hospital was 2008. Dr. sent me to urologist, he told me to drink lemon water and take 100mg of vitamin B6 a day. I stopped the lemon in the water in less than a year but I have continued with the B6 and try to stay properly hydrated. I'd like to say that I haven't had a stone since, but a few times I have felt little crystals passing through. Nothing painful since 2008.
  5. chip man

    Dresser TD7E universal joint help

    Part of a chart I refer to when I need u-joints. I’m sure the size you need is listed.
  6. chip man

    F350 fuel pump help

    At work we have had lots of fuel pump failures in f350s. 05, 06, 07, and 08. Usually they just start to lack power on the Hwy. We have a 2012 that started dying intermittently, sometimes with a burnt fuse. Internet searches said driver module corrosion. Ordered one in and when I found the one on the truck it was in mint condition. Just for the fun of it, checked for power there , was none. Followed the harness forward and it had rubbed through the loom and power wire where it goes over the edge of the frame, right below the firewall on the drivers side.
  7. chip man

    1961 International R-200 Fire Engine

    The list number, the 4 digits after the word, is the Holley part number. Looks like a staged two barrel governor carb (primary/ secondary).
  8. chip man

    1943 TD 14 Canopy

    I don’t think that it was making very many canopies in 1943. Most were made locally after the machine reached its first owner.
  9. chip man

    did Tractor Supply think this ad headline through?

    Marie Antoinette.
  10. chip man

    Ih 500 clutches

    I'm sure that the 500 clutches are the same as a T/TD-5. On those there is one fiber disc on one side of the snap ring in the hub and the rest of the steel and fiber discs are on the other side of the snap ring.
  11. chip man

    Brake band sizes

    I was just about to say I had never heard of a TD-5 C when I remembered that the parts books have a C for Construction series. Most likely that when you are looking for parts you should just call it a TD-5. General Gear in Idaho has brake bands and discs.
  12. I believe that Cindy is the person who will answer the phone when you call Binder Books
  13. chip man

    ih 500

    Manual transmission has reverse gear left out if you have a reverser box
  14. chip man

    U6 power unit

    6-71 is 240 horse at 1800 rpm
  15. chip man

    Albums that really turn you on

    In 1968 I entered a contest and won a 3 record various artist set of vinyl. I don't remember the name (I was 9). First cassette was Frank Zappa Apostrophe. First 8 track was the sound track to the movie FM. First CD'S was the Led Zeppelin box set