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  1. chip man

    TDC5 skidder

    I think Kevin was specifically thinking about the diameter or circumference of the rear tires. If one was larger than the other the machine would turn away from the larger one.
  2. chip man

    To pre fill or not to pre fill?

    I service a fleet of trucks and I prime filters where I can. The Cat C7 they mounted the fuel filter upside down. In 2011 Cummins 6.7 in a medium duty truck they started supplying a plug for the center hole of the fuel filter and instructions on priming the filter without pouring any in the clean side.
  3. chip man

    Gas prices

    In Aldergrove BC Canada it is presently $1.24.9 can per litre. A week ago $1.39.9.
  4. I went to New Zealand a few years ago ( north island only). The water in the toilet bowl doesn't swirl. It goes straight down in a big rush. the sinks swirl though.
  5. chip man

    C-135 in the 404-What's Available?

    I belive the crank is different too, and connecting rods, as the bearings are different.
  6. chip man

    Magneto questions, lots of them

    I have a 41 or 42 farmall A. Was my dads. When he got it, it had the magneto and no other electrics. After a couple of years he got a starter, went to install it and there was no ring gear. it makes sense to me to use the magneto on crank start engines, but in 1950 things were starting to change for ease of operation. After he had the tractor for five years or so it would stop running when hot and not restart until quite cold. After doing some diagnostics we decided that the problem was in the coil. It would have been about 55 years old. I replaced it for him and it still runs good today.
  7. chip man

    hi-ranger 1986 6ehv-65pbi

    No, I have not "messed" with an upper control. Have done the re & re a few times and have read the test and adjust procedures in the manual a few times. It is complicated enough for me to send it out rather than try to talk the boss into buying all the equipment to do the job. I think it was after two times the first one was worked on we replaced it with new. That was about 12 years ago and it has just started to have an intermittent malfunction. The operator believes it is a control problem but I think that it may be the return hose is getting pinched.
  8. chip man

    Life in Alaska

    That seal is to keep dirt etc out. If it has been pushed out by hydraulic pressure, the main pressure seal is shot.
  9. chip man

    T340 splitting track

    Pins are straight. If the PO welded the pins in it was likely they were loose or he was worried that they would become loose. Make sure you have ground out all the weld holding them. If they still won’t move a bit of heat could be your friend.
  10. Track chains are interchangeable. Don’t know about rollers
  11. chip man

    hi-ranger 1986 6ehv-65pbi

    Where are these slave cylinders? Have worked on an 1991 6H-65PBI and also a 1999 6H- DHL 65PBI. The only thing like a slave cylinder is the pilot actuators built into the lower control valve body.
  12. Check out the King of Obsolete ‘s website. He has a lot of info about these crawlers there. Nice Scout, ‘78 ?
  13. chip man

    Wow, F3 crash!

    It’s probably 170 kilometres per hour, and when they touch tires there is a slingshot effect that would have launched her car in the air and increased the speed a significant amount.
  14. chip man

    67 Fleetstar 2000d

    Well you could check for antifreeze in the oil pan, also the air box. I don't think it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money changing fluids and buying too many parts until you know it is worthwhile. also maybe there was rust in the tank that jambed the injector all those years ago.
  15. chip man

    67 Fleetstar 2000d

    Get yourself a 71 series operators manual. Read and understand it before attempting anything. Then get a remanufactured injector to replace the stuck one, check all the other ones next. Check the fuel tank for rust, goo, or other debris. If you find anything thoroughly clean or replace the tank and lines. Change the fuel filters, prime them with straight good quality diesel fuel lubricating additive. Remove the tube (pipe) between the air filter and the blower. Get a piece of plywood that will cover the air intake for the blower. Have one person stand by with the plywood and another to start engine. If engine revs un controlled, cover air intake with plywood to shut it down.