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  1. chip man

    67 Fleetstar 2000d

    Well you could check for antifreeze in the oil pan, also the air box. I don't think it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money changing fluids and buying too many parts until you know it is worthwhile. also maybe there was rust in the tank that jambed the injector all those years ago.
  2. chip man

    67 Fleetstar 2000d

    Get yourself a 71 series operators manual. Read and understand it before attempting anything. Then get a remanufactured injector to replace the stuck one, check all the other ones next. Check the fuel tank for rust, goo, or other debris. If you find anything thoroughly clean or replace the tank and lines. Change the fuel filters, prime them with straight good quality diesel fuel lubricating additive. Remove the tube (pipe) between the air filter and the blower. Get a piece of plywood that will cover the air intake for the blower. Have one person stand by with the plywood and another to start engine. If engine revs un controlled, cover air intake with plywood to shut it down.
  3. chip man

    Moose sighting today

    In northern BC the moose eyes shine at night
  4. chip man

    1967 Travelall More like it !!!

    Quick google search says they are in stock at Bulb Town @ $.57 each.
  5. chip man


    If you are getting good spark at the points the condenser is good. Check the coil with an ohmmeter, I don’t know the resistance value, but if it’s open there will be no spark. Check under the coil cover for cracks or carbon tracking then check for spark at the coil cover terminal. If there is spark there. Check distributor cap and rotor for cracks and carbon tracking.
  6. chip man

    S1800 Wheel Question

    Ford typically would use 4.09 in front axle, 4.10 in rear. Transfer case is straight through.
  7. chip man

    what to look for on 80 s1600

    Worked for a tree company that bought two S-1800’s in 1981 for lift truck chassis. 9 litres with 180 hp, 5+2. They later bought a S-1700 with 160 hp and an auto and a S-1600 for chip truck. 150 hp auto, barely climb a little hill.
  8. chip man


    Just saw the GM alternator. It's not original, and all alternators are negative ground. Originally there was a generator and it was negative ground.
  9. chip man

    Life in Alaska

    It shipped from the factory (Hamilton Ontario, Canada) with a British built International BD154 engine. The sheet metal has not been modified so I doubt the engine has been changed.
  10. chip man

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    An friend has a side business reconditioning lawnmowers and selling them. He said the best thing to clean a carb is an ultrasonic cleaner. He got his at Harbour Frieght, so when I was in Bend Or. in February I bought one. They only had one size and nothing for solution. I have only used it once, for a motorcycle petcock. It worked well with just plain water but took three cycles. Since then buddy picked me up some powder for solution. It smells like lemon detergent.
  11. chip man

    Life in Alaska

    Picking up an engine rebuild kit for a john deere at a mailbox. I work even closer to you, in Aldergrove, only 4 miles to the border.
  12. chip man

    Life in Alaska

    I topped up in Sumas Wa. at $3.44.9 usd a gallon of diesel today. 20.588 gallons $71.01 usd , or $90.64 ca. Would have cost $101.23 Abbotsford @ $1.29.9 ca. I would really hate to pay $5 a gallon for diesel.
  13. chip man

    There is hope for kids these days.

    I hired an 18 year old kid a little over four years ago. Grabbed him right out of high school actually, still works with me and he's still a hard worker.
  14. chip man

    British IH 444 Serial Number

    The fuel pump has no idea which filter has the glass bowl and doesn't care. The bowl is there for any water that gets into the system to settle into and be visible to the operator so that it can be cleaned out at an appropriate time. Follow the flow of fuel from the tank to the injection pump. The bowl should be under the filter that the fuel goes through first.
  15. chip man

    7.3 High pressure oil pump

    If the engine fired and died with ether I would suspect no fuel (supply or injector actuation faults). If it fired and ran I would suspect glow plug failure.