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  1. My best guess is a wheel sensor is/ has going/ gone bad.
  2. chip man

    Loadstar 1700

    Pto shares oil with transmission. If it was mine and I wanted to keep it a long time I would drain transmission and use 50 wt synthetic manual transmission oil. I would also use synthetic oil in the rear diff but I am not sure right now what the correct weight or product designation would be. Also never serviced a two speed actuator so without reading about it I am in the dark.
  3. I'm going to guess that it is a Holley, and that is the bowl vent, also the float level could be too high.
  4. Pressure test with the pan off. It only took about 2 psi to show a liner seal leak in my Dad’s A. Using straight water would promote rust and sludge in the system. BTW, antifreeze will leak where water will not.
  5. Hi, welcome to the site. Most of what I know about a 500 I learned on this site. I didn’t think there was a D model. I think that the “sprung mechanism “ would be an accumulator of sorts which was normally installed in larger model machines equipped with a front end loader. It is possible that the gasket for your filter canister is damaged.
  6. Definitely running rich. Carb should have an adjustment but I don't know exactly where.
  7. I would say that 500 series undercarriage will not fit. The track pitch is the same 6 inches but the chain is lighter, too narrow to fit over your sprockets. The bushing diameter is much smaller and the pad bolt spacing is different. There is a very long thread on this page by a fellow in Australia, I cannot remember his name right now, but he did extensive modification to fit Caterpillar undercarriage (I think D3) to a TD-6. the word "Interpillar" was in the tread title.
  8. Never saw this post. Wiring diagram is in the parts book. I have one at home and I am at work.
  9. I started using atf in a 7.3 international idi in an f350 about 1995. Stopped using it when I got a 7.3 powerstroke in 1997. About 2004 (iirc) the fuel economy reduced by about 50% and I tried Howes lubricator. Reduced the fuel consumption until it was better than new. Still using it in all my diesels
  10. Guy I know has one of those gas (chainsaw) powered impacts. His has a lever on it to select between 350 ft/lbs and 700. It came from a rail road company surplus sale.
  11. I think Kevin was specifically thinking about the diameter or circumference of the rear tires. If one was larger than the other the machine would turn away from the larger one.
  12. I service a fleet of trucks and I prime filters where I can. The Cat C7 they mounted the fuel filter upside down. In 2011 Cummins 6.7 in a medium duty truck they started supplying a plug for the center hole of the fuel filter and instructions on priming the filter without pouring any in the clean side.
  13. chip man

    Gas prices

    In Aldergrove BC Canada it is presently $1.24.9 can per litre. A week ago $1.39.9.
  14. I went to New Zealand a few years ago ( north island only). The water in the toilet bowl doesn't swirl. It goes straight down in a big rush. the sinks swirl though.
  15. I belive the crank is different too, and connecting rods, as the bearings are different.
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