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  1. Brake band sizes

    I was just about to say I had never heard of a TD-5 C when I remembered that the parts books have a C for Construction series. Most likely that when you are looking for parts you should just call it a TD-5. General Gear in Idaho has brake bands and discs.
  2. I believe that Cindy is the person who will answer the phone when you call Binder Books
  3. ih 500

    Manual transmission has reverse gear left out if you have a reverser box
  4. U6 power unit

    6-71 is 240 horse at 1800 rpm
  5. Albums that really turn you on

    In 1968 I entered a contest and won a 3 record various artist set of vinyl. I don't remember the name (I was 9). First cassette was Frank Zappa Apostrophe. First 8 track was the sound track to the movie FM. First CD'S was the Led Zeppelin box set
  6. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    2011 to 2013 F-750 (14 to 16 may be just as bad, but I have been spared the pain) with the Cummins 6.7 with A/C and DEF. can not get it out the top because of A/C the bottom is blocked by coolant pipes. The easiest way is to un-screw from the bottom and dump the filter on its side in the frame rail and drag it back about a foot then pull it out.
  7. Breathing life into a 1981 Cargostar 1850B

    I have seen that same valve in an f350 dump truck. It is the tailgate latch control. It looks like the master cylinder should be rebuilt, but I cannot help with parts.
  8. The car in the pic is a Hawke DL2B and I stole the pic off the web. That car was in Denver. i did own one of those cars from 1987 TIL 1996 . I sold it to a guy that lived in North Vancouver. i guess that I should scan a pic of the car I had and use that one.
  9. Troy, I think someone may have mislead you. I will check tomorrow, but I’m sure that the maximum legal weight on five axles without a permit in BC is 100,100 lbs. with eight axles it is 141,800 lbs.
  10. Bone Digger, I am not an expert, but I believe that the serial number plate in your photo is for the loader attachment, and not the tractor.
  11. Super A

    You have an original "A" grill, modified to fit around the custom built front drive hydraulic pump.
  12. life in our corner

  13. Forum issues

    Last two days it has been really often. First time I remember it was about two weeks ago
  14. Hot alternator

    At work we have several machines with Kubota engines. The small alternator wires are marked S and L. The s terminal is connected to switched power
  15. Hot alternator

    The wire between the S terminal and the battery should be switched
  16. I might need a new battery

    Hydrogen gas explosion!! A buddy of mine had it happen while riding a ridgid frame Harley, battery right under the seat!
  17. F350 wheel bearing failure?

    Well the suggestion that a ground wire will stop that bearing wear is bs. The main reasons for the premature failure is a grossly undersized bearing and some other worn parts and lack of adaquate lubrication. the engineers used the same bearing that was adaquate in the OBS trucks where the axle was stationary in the bearing while in 2wd. With the SD trucks in 2wd ( most of the miles) the axle is stationary while the hub and bearing turn around it, with enough grease to last a couple of thousand miles. Also it is up to that bearing and the cheap factory locking hub assembly to support the weight of the outer part of the axle assembly. I'm sure that the right side is more than three times the weight of the left. Throw in a worn u-joint (factory '01s didn't have a grease nipple) and the stub shaft is trying to turn in an elliptical orbit. After a couple of hundred thousand miles the stub shaft is worn down enough that with a new bearing the axle won't sit straight, it's a wonder that the right side will last more than a couple of weeks If you want it to last longer lock the front hub on the right side and put up with th reduced fuel economy. I have a 2001 F350 4x4 with the 7.3 and less than a year after I got it I rebuilt the front axle at 385,000 km. All new bearings, seals, u-joints, stub shafts, brakes and Warn hubs. I also made and installed two phenolic bushings in the right side tube of the axle housing, with lubricant between them. This was to support the axle when the bearing wears, I have also put gear oil into the hub through the auto lock vacuum port. It now has 435,000 km with no apparent play in the bearing checked at the u joint
  18. Seeking some Ford advice

    I am inclined to believe that the heater core is plugged.
  19. Monteverdi mini SUV

    if the 440 and 340 have the same bellhousing, then modifications must be made. i took apart a scout 727 and used the tail housing and shaft on a small block chrysler 727 to bolt to the scout dana 20 transfer case made a couple of motor mounts, adapted the throttle cable. was able to use the scout alternator but used a dodge power steering pump with the saginaw box. the rest was easy. the 340 was less weight and about twice the power. fun!
  20. Need Some Ideas

    That reminds me, on a '74 scout I used to have, the rear body mounts started sagging and pinched wiring for the trailer plug and the fuel pipe.
  21. Life in Alaska

    It's going to be the fuse in your fuse box. And I'm not being facetious. I was thinking I could provide you with a wiring diagram, but the online database that I normally use seems to be reducing the amount of available files for older vehicles. I do have a copy of the heater a/c wiring for a '95 f250, but it's PDF so I can't post it.
  22. Monteverdi mini SUV

    I met guy from Winnipeg who told me (in 1984) that he new a lot of people in Manitoba and North Dakota with 440's swapped into their scouts.
  23. reddy heater

    Years ago I rented a large heater like that without the fan. Guy at the rental shop demoed light up. Held the button maybe one minute and it stayed lit. Took it in January to a broken machine was about 1600 meters elevation. It took eight minutes holding the button to get it to stay lit. When I returned it the guy said that would be normal at high elevations
  24. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    I used to work in northern BC, used the chains more for mud than snow. I usually have some on hand.
  25. Stolen Tractors

    In the '70s my uncle used to cut and bale hay at the airport (YVR). He got sick while they were hauling hay out and left two tractors, baler and rake parked by a shed for almost a month. This was in a "secure" area behind fences. One night some kids, 17, 17, 15, stole a car in Burnaby, then a boat in New Westminster, put the boat on the beach behind the fences at the airport, found the tractors and started riding around in the fields. After a bit, one of the kids, with his brother on the fender tried to break though a gate to get on the road. Tractor went over backwards, killed the driver, brother had hopped off fender and lived.