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  1. Calgonite automatic dish washer soap
  2. Serial number plate is on the seat bracket. It could have been swapped with the engine
  3. My first guess would be vapour, but I have a couple of questions. Is the engine running in the picture? And is this a four barrel carb?
  4. One time my dad's Farmall A clutch stuck over winter and he had tried a bunch of things including backing off the pressure plate bolts with no success. With the bolts loose I took it out in the field and got a little rough with it. I think it broke free the second time I shifted down from third to second. CRS. I realize that would be much more difficult in a crawler but I think that having the forces going back and forth will be more likely to break it free than applying the force in one direction only, such as pushing against a stump.
  5. Most if not all LED flashing emergency lights have a nighttime dimming feature. I am of the opinion that it never gets used. I don’t like the bright headlights, oem or after market, any more than you guys. I have been thinking that I should wright the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles and voicing my opinion.
  6. I used to think that a good nights sleep would fix anything but at 33 that changed. At 40 I started to learn the easy way to do things so it didn’t hurt the next day. Will be 61 next week , it has been getting harder in the last year.
  7. I got company I work for to buy a 20 footer. I did notice it was very hot in the summer, and kind of dark at the far end. Was going to put lights in it. Got a visit from the fire department safety department. Municipal bylaw says they are to inspect every business once a year. The guy didn’t like the container, especially the empty plastic diesel fuel jugs. Gave me a three page handout with what he said were “rules” for using containers for storage. No such rules exist, it was just suggestions. Boss read the paper and told me to ventilate it the way they wanted and no electricity. so it
  8. I have worked for a utility tree service for 40 years, the last 18 as a mechanic. I don’t work on saws. I would not buy a new computer controlled emissions saw. I have enough older ones to last the rest of my life. I did buy a battery electric Stihl in January. I did consider the major tool suppliers offerings (Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita) but I remembered that Stihl has been making saws for almost 100 years. I got the biggest one they had with a 14” bar. For big wood and all day use it will never replace a gas saw, but I can easily fall a 20 inch tree and do a couple of hours of pruning.
  9. The last time I helped anyone with homework it was one of my nieces. About 25 years ago. It was algebra (never did well in that), and she was in French immersion (first time I was kicked out of a course was French).
  10. I have a couple of old semi trailers that I use for storage. They both came with a few leaks in the roofs. I used roofing tar, just spread with a putty knife for the small leaks, larger holes I used some sheet aluminum patches screwed down, sealed with tar.
  11. Pic #2 broken wire is probably oil pressure sensor. Don’t know if it is for a light or gauge. If I had to guess, light.
  12. I look after a fleet. Then brush chippers, 4400 lbs on a 5200 lb Torflex axle. After 8 to 10 years they have excessive camber and are probably toe out. Scrubs off a tire in three months. Most of the shredded tires are from low pressure. Dumb drivers can't/won't check them pre-trip.
  13. Yes, Spotted Wing Drosophila. Agriculture B.C. is calling it a fruit fly. I cut down my cherry tree as they would infest that first then move to the berries.
  14. I have never seen helicopters spraying blueberries just tractors, also don't know about moth. New pest? I thought you were closer to Aldergrove border crossing. I live on city lot and have 26 blueberry plants in back yard, don't spray anything but have had significant loss of berries to Asian fruit fly.
  15. Powdery mildew doesn't affect blueberries. They spray for mummy berry and a fungus or two but mostly for bugs. My dad lived across the street from berry farm near Cloverdale BC ( maybe 12 miles from Troy) the owner was quite proud that he was spraying 16 different chemicals.
  16. I have more flashlights than fingers and toes. I have had a 3 D cell Maglight for thirty years, got an LED upgrade about 15 years ago, made it way more useful (brighter) and the batteries will last more than a year. Still not as bright as the newer bright LED ones but never failed me.
  17. 240 cubic feet of water a minute.
  18. I had an uncle who had a cub, bought it cheap because the PO was scared of it. After he rolled it twice he sold it cheap. After new owner had cub on his trailer he asked my uncle why he had the wheel centres on the wrong sides.
  19. https://phillipsandtemro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/2016-Zerostart-Catalog.pdf Try zero start
  20. I live in the city of Langley BC, kind of a rural city. My lot is long and narrow, I planted a dozen blueberry bushes twenty years ago and added more later on in the back yard. Eight different varieties so I can start picking early in July and finish in early September
  21. A tree service that I used to work for had six of those chippers, four had 2.3 pinto engines, one Wisconsin v4 (direct drive), and one ford tractor diesel. A different company had a whole swack of whisper chippers with ford 300 six engines. We replaced more than half of the oil pans on them because of rust.
  22. chip man


    I am sure that I saw a UFO. I grew up in West Vancouver B.C. Canada. It’s on a hillside overlooking the city of Vancouver. The airport is actually in Richmond about 20 miles away in a straight line, but out of sight because of topography. I am describing this because some people say I just say a plane. I don’t think so. One night I was looking out an upstairs window and I saw a bright flashing light cross the sky in front of me about halfway between me and the airport it only took about five seconds to go from almost as far as I could see to the north west until it disappeared out the Fr
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