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  1. I guess with the way sprockets teeth are now dismantable lots of the skills you had are gone. I was lucky that there was an outfit here in New Zealand that still had patterns and the specialist welding knowledge. Thing is that back in 1968 NZ was so isolated and dependent on Great Britain (they took all our exports) for everything that almost all farm machinery was imported from there, and so IH had an assembly plant in Canada to service the demand from British colonies. The cost of US-sourced machinery was enormous. It also meant that we had to keep the stuff going for an inordinately long time. I guess when you got something as good as the 500, and it was in a class of its own out here as an agricultural tool, you looked after it. Apart from the steering clutches and now some of the undercarriage, everything in this machine is completely original. The hour meter still works and showed 2700 hours when I bought it from it's original owner. I guess what I am saying is that the quality and durability of my IH after half a century is a tribute to the engineers at IH.
  2. Thanks guys. She's coming home Tomorrow, or the next,and the bill will follow......and our bank accounts are all joint!! No hiding here. Fine dining is a trick along with red roses, and chocolates that herself is deeply suspicious of. I'll think of something. Meantime, I've bought a lightweight set of rippers someone out here is getting made up in China and will take pressure of bullie working a long track I've gotta install alongside a shelter-belt so there's roots to deal with. A 10 or 12 tonner would be a better option but with patience and time my little machine will do just great. I'll post a photo of her in action again. Cheers
  3. Hey, thanks guys for all the info and points. Trackweld in Hamilton (NZ) has the bullie, and has just done the pins and bushes. They also found that the left idler had a disintegrated bearing and was wobbling (I had asked them to check it) and they have found that the casting had also worn so have had it machined true and a new bearing shell turned to fit the greater diameter. The right one had no movement at all. They have been around doing undercarriages since 1952 and still have patterns for the 500 sprockets. Those sprockets are a single casting and either need complete replacement or built up. You can't cut off/unbolt the teeth and replace them. The owner of Trackweld told me yesterday that the bulk of their undercarriage work on sprockets thru the 50's and 60's was rebuilding sprockets using patterns and hard-face welding to match the hard faced bushes. They still have welders experienced at it. Anyway, it's way too good a bullie and such a delight to work with that I think it is simply worth getting the job done right, irrespective of cost. Total cost (remove and reinstall tracks etc, replace pins/bushes, machining etc on idler, rebuilding sprockets) will be NZ$5,300. I've just had to courier over my oiler-gun- all the IH500 flat-top oilers on the rollers etc are intact and working and he thought he had one lying around but time (or light fingers) has evaporated it and he will need it to pump the hydraulic track tensioners after the tracks are back on. Herself has not been told, just yet, but there will be words!!!!!! I might have to sleep with the bullie when she comes home!!!
  4. Think the 500's out here only ever had steel tracks and were mainly used for agriculture - ploughing etc- on steeper land. No 4WD tractors available back then. I don't know what "pitch" refers to? G
  5. Thanks for that. First owner bought a set of pins and bushes with the dozer new in '68 and they stayed with it in their original box. Machine has always been shed-stored so not a sign of rust anywhere and even the seat has original covering. I'm gonna get the sprockets rebuilt. Getting new will be impossible I think. Cheers
  6. Thanks for that. Their website shows nothing IH so might be a dead-end, but I've emailed to see. Cheers
  7. My IH 500 dozer has done only 3500hrs and is having pins and bushes replaced. The Sprockets are pointy and well worn. Are there new ones/after-market ones available anywhere, or should I simply tell the track people doing the pins to rebuild them? They are quoting NZ$1500 plus tax to do the rebuild. Thanks
  8. Must be getting old. The end stamps read Berco IN2836 and IN2837 so they are for an IH. I suspect therefore that what the owner said was correct. Thanks very much
  9. Yes I have. Theres 70 bushes end-stamped Berco 2836 and the same pins stamped Berco 2837. But until the tracks are off I have no way of knowing if they fit unless they were exactly what IH Canada used back in '68. Berco's site says they have specialised in track-parts for 90 years so they were around when my machine was built. If you know the dimensions of the pins and bushes for the 500 that would help a lot. They are not given in the parts catalogue. Thanks for your reply.
  10. I have a box of these bought new along with the dozer in 1968 according to the one owner she had had before me.. Were these what IH used in 1968? I've got to change the existing set after 3400 original hours as a few have worn thru to the pin. I don't want to send the bullie off for doing them if the set I got with it don't match (she has never been outside in the rain and I don't want her being mistreated while waiting on correct parts to arrive). The original parts catalogue I have gives the parts standard IH numbers with no dimensions and no mention of Berco (they are in their original wooden crate but the label outside has faded to nothing) Thanks
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