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  1. Hello, all I wrote a while back about my Dad's tractor I inherited. I found the serial number on the engine, it matches the one under the seat. So am I dealing with an A with B parts? The tractor has the narrow front end and the axle off a B, but the serial numbers both under the seat and on the engine read Hello, all FAA 78536
  2. Ok, thank you guys. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Been hectic and busy with life and kids.
  3. Hello, all. Where can I find an operator's manual for a Farmall A or B that has the exhaust lift? I used to have a manual for a Farmall A that had everything in it, including about the exhaust lift, no idea where it got to, and am having trouble finding a new one with that in it.
  4. Hello, all I recently inherited my Dad's tractor that he bought when I was 13. I'm now 39. I learned to drive with this machine. Problem I'm having is that I'm not sure if it's an A or a Model BN that someone stuck an A seat bracket on. I haven't been back out to check the engine to see if the numbers match..
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