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  1. When I have enough labor we make baleage while cutting rice. It works good and the cows like it.
  2. How do you do an insulated slab? Compact sand then insulation then concrete or what?
  3. A Japanese crime syndicate (mob) is caught trying to sell weapons grade nuclear materials to Iran. Interesting. I thought they would trade Russia drones for nuclear materials. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2024/02/21/feds-charge-japanese-yakuza-leader-with-nuclear-materials-trafficking.html
  4. Interestingly Russia is giving grain to several African countries. They are trying to influence these nations in several ways. I'm not sure why. https://gcaptain.com/russia-sends-free-grain-to-six-african-countries/
  5. Interesting development. https://fortune.com/2024/02/21/tesla-price-cuts-driving-down-car-values-ev-makers-sending-checks-leasing-firms-compensate-them/amp/ I'm not apposed to electric cars but they need to be affordable and practical. I feel they can have a legitimate place in the Auto mix. Of course remember, I drive a 30 year old pickup and my wife drives a 32 year old car. I may be a late adopter...
  6. Yes. @IHRunner has a similar mini truck and likes it. The women in his harem seem to approve. There is a market for compact trucks here in the states.
  7. Gates gave me the same size Gates V-Belt 7/16 Inch x 43-3/4 Inch - 6596 Special V belt, two required. Looks like it's same price at IH dealership as O'Riley's online pricing... This may be it. My measurement of 3/8 is probably what they were before wearing down...
  8. Tat Pic is from a previous post by another member. Below is a pic of mine. The belts I need are the two small ones on the right.
  9. Thanks but unfortunately mine is different. Yours uses a single belt while mine uses two small ones.
  10. That sounds like fun!
  11. I'm just hoping to get something from the local Napa instead of driving an hour (one way) to get an overpriced belt at the dealership...
  12. Yes but I am experienced at converting engines to propane. It shouldn't be too difficult if needed
  13. I found on the CNH website this part number. It's the water pump belt on a Steiger Panther with an early Cummins engine. I can check tomorrow but the belts look smaller than 0.45 to me. Maybe they are just worn. V-Belt Kit - 0.45" W x 43" L - 6-1546
  14. Thanks but The Interstate chart doesn't show the correct belt for my engine. It shows a 8 rib belt but mine uses two smaller V belts that only drive the water pump. Here's a pic from a previous thread showing the same pulleys in a Stieger.
  15. Modern western countries are not the major producers of rice. The largest producers are China, India, Vietnam, etc. Rice production and harvest in these countries is very different than here in the US, Australia, Brazil and other 'modernized' countries. Worldwide the use of large combines to harvest rice is a small part of the total harvest. Although the use of combines is increasing, most rice is harvested by hand, often using mechanical threshers. Even Japan uses mini combines. It's hard for us here in the USA to get our head around. Below is a diagram from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) on rice harvest methods.
  16. As I understand them the CTS was very different from an Axial Flow/rotary combine. Although I've never operated one I have seen them dismantled in the salvage yard. They had a conventional spike tooth cylinder followed by two Continuous Tine Separators that replaced the straw walkers. These tine separators turned and worked the straw back to the rear of the combine causing grain to fall out similar to but different than straw walkers. Where the Axial Flow/rotary rubs the material across the rasp bars multiple times while the rotor slings it around moving it to the back. All separation is done in the rotor area through the extended concaves and grates. The Axial Flow/rotary type works well in rice because you can keep the rotor/concave spacing wide enough to not crack the grain (with the specialty type rotor) while still separating the rice from the panicle. With a spike tooth you run it pretty much closed and force the rice off the panicls all at once. Rasp bar concaves and grain rotors don't work in rice. It seems to me the limiting factor in combining rice is usually the ability to thresh the rice out of the panicle without cracking the grain. Axial Flow/Rotaries excel at this.
  17. I'm looking for the proper size belts for the water pump on the small cam Cummins in my semi truck. Here's the deal. My belts on the water pump are old, worn thin, stretched and missing their numbers. The engine in my 85 IH 9370 has obviously been replaced at some time because it's not a big cam like it should have come with. It's a 'small cam' Cummins missing the CPL plate. Bottom line is I don't know exactly what it is but it appears to be a 'small cam', has intercooler, found a few casting dates from mid 70s I think but they are hard to read. I expect it's a 350 by how good it runs (has an intercooler). I have the proper Cummins parts book but can't find the belts listed. Found the water pump, accessory drive pulley and tensioner but no belt listed. It uses two small belts (3/8?) That just run the water pump. So I can't find anywhere on the interweb to look up the belt sizes. I haven't gone to the IH dealership, they are pretty expensive round here. Anyone able to help me??? Any good places to look up parts for hd trucks and engines?
  18. Wife: "Does this dress make me look fat?" What's the proper answer?
  19. Smoke and mirrors. Be careful.
  20. Tell her you changed your mind. Instead of making the dollar store a night club, tell her you are turning it into a strip club!
  21. The size is supposed to be 33x90 but I don't know the specifics of construction yet. There seem to be many variations of internal structures. She needs to decide what she wants to get before we buy anything. But the tractor/implements we can use will make a big impact on what she decides to get!
  22. I never went to a topless bar myself but I wanted to go. However I was too young. Before dad started farming full time he was sales manager for a regional poultry company. He would go to food conventions in LA, Chicago, NYC, etc. He would take food buyers out on the town and talk about it. I remember seeing many matchbooks with topless waitresses on the cover. It most certainly made an impression on me. Below is a pic I found online that was appropriate for RPM...
  23. I have never operated a CTS but I have been around them and known people who operated them in rice. They were popular in rice country at the time. They said they didn't work well in other crops so few people tried them. Most all rice farmers at the time just grew rice and soybeans. At that time there was no corn in the rice belt of western east Arkansas (grand prarie) where most of the rice is grown. They said they could harvest soybeans with the CTS but it wasn't ideal. There were some 9600s sold for rice as well. Especially with farmers in areas where they grew a larger variety of crops. At that time there were many farmers who only grew rice or cotton. I knew some cotton farmers who did not own a combine. Freedom to farm changed alot of that. It was difficult to change crops when you didn't have the basis/allotment.
  24. Since we have different weed control methods, and problems, they would probably work out ok now. I remember back in the day I was the primary cultivator operator. Dad and everybody else used very few chemicals on soybeans. Just some yellow chemical preplant incorporated and Dynap for cockle-burs. Rotary hoes and multiple passes with cultivators were the weed control. Late in the season we used a rope wick for escaped Johnson grass and coffee beans. It worked pretty good unless we had a wet spring. Sometimes it would be hard to see the soybeans when I finally got to cultivate. Those morning glory vines would grow across several rows. Then I would come through with the cultivator and they would plug it all up. Sometimes they would be so long they would tear down the soybeans when we tried to go. Eventually we learned that if we bolted grain drill disk openers to the cultivator gang gauge wheels they would cut the vines and let them pass through. In those years at harvest the morning glory vines might be 10-15 ft long by harvest. No combine liked them but the twin rotors would get them caught on both rotors and plug. I was never involved but I heard many bad words in the stories about unplugging them. These days pigweeds, nutsedge and some grasses are my problem weeds. They all feed right through the combine at soybean harvest. I don't think the twin rotor would be a problem except in down rice.
  25. Will it wear a miniskirt? Remember when topless waitress were a thing? I'd much prefer a topless waitress over a robot...
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