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  1. I wonder how much cheese it took to make the moon?
  2. Here's the 'snow moon's from last night. A friend (native American) is a moon nerd and keeps me up to date.
  3. The last sugar mill in Texas is closing. Apparently there is a lack of water in the Rio Grande. Many farmer and workers will be hurt. https://texasfarmbureau.org/texas-only-sugar-mill-to-close-permanently/
  4. AP article implies the farmers got some relief from the regulations. https://apnews.com/article/farmers-environment-eu-elections-tractors-protests-9e6369d9fb4c06c31c26c71a30ec2f40
  5. It took at least two fools to run it up. Unless there was a crooked auction.
  6. If it still works good they are good. If it's wore out, rebuild or replace.
  7. I've only seen rock traps in pictures. Plenty of rocks round here but you can't grow crops on that ground here. Funny how different things are.
  8. Either find a good IH engine to replace yours or replace the engine/transmission assembly. It will be easier to find a good used IH engine compatible than installing a different engine transmission assembly.
  9. Be careful when you turn up the engine. Drivetrain repairs get expensive fast.
  10. I've used my 500 cyclo for sorghum a couple years ago. However the row units don't punch through the ground if it gets hot and dry. The 800 seems to work no matter. I really need it on a three point setup for my row spacing since I grow a lot on beds...
  11. None of my tractors or trucks are worth $32,000. Maybe not all combined!
  12. Still pulling beds and rolled a little rice (not in water). Will start spreading $h1+ tomorrow (chicken litter).
  13. I have a loadstar parts truck that is a single axle semi. They used to be common but I haven't seen one operating in years. Many of the older ones had hydraulic/air brake systems. Hydraulic on the truck and Air on the trailer. Several neighbors had them made into 10 wheelers. The drag axle would have Air brakes. Those were well liked because you had two brake systems. If the hydraulic gave trouble you could pull down on the trailer brake lever and stop it with the air brakes.
  14. Do you have a straight pipe on a 886 or 986 with cab?
  15. Hopefully that will work. I would find it difficult to spend $1200 for a muffler...
  16. Yes. They are cheap and plentiful. When I search International 886 muffler that is all I find...
  17. How much louder would it be in the cab with the muffler eliminator?
  18. Nice tractor. I love 66 series with 2 post ROPS.
  19. Looks like your aspirator hose is missing and has been plugged off.
  20. The CTS was very popular among JD diehards in rice country. There were a lot of them sold in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Mississippi. Don't know about Texas and California. BTO rice farmers buy alot of combines because they wear them out fast. The CTS held it's value pretty well until the JD rotaries got straightened out. Then they got cheap fast. I haven't seen a CTS in use or for sale in over 10 years. Nobody but a diehard JD rice farmer wanted them and they want rotaries now. They salvaged out ok but not great (tires and engine mostly).
  21. Curved stacks let a little rain in but don't get caught on branches.
  22. Those are new in box. I like to play with my toys!
  23. High round 70 today then in the 80s before the sever weather brings it back down to around 60.
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