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  1. Could you make a patch plate. Drill holes and bolt the patch on?
  2. Without knowing what type of cast you have it's hard to recommend. Some cast irons weld well. Others seem to be impossible except for brazing. Brazing seems to be the best answer for difficult cast irons. The cast iron used in IH front axles must be very good. I have a 1486 that was broken and re welded by a previous owner. It was not heated (not enough paint gone) and has carried an IH 2355 loader (big loader) for most of it's life. It is holding strong. My (step)son is a certified welder and very good. He won't weld cast iron with anything but braze. He also won't guarantee it hold.
  3. The best cordless tool I own is a high torque 1/2 inch drive impact. I think every farmer should own one.
  4. acem

    366 to 427?

    Welcome to Red Power Magazine forums! There are people who know a good bit about GM engines here. However you might have better luck with this question on a GM specific forum. I have a good friend who is a die hard Chevy guy. He says you can build a truck engine for racing but it's usually more trouble than it's worth. He had lots of reasons but I don't remember at the moment. Thx-Ace
  5. They were still available from CIH recently.
  6. I like the idea of using hoses with quick couplers on gauge/hose assemblies. Have a hose/coupler for each gauge. That should cut down on the mess. I'm not familiar with the Parker test couplers though.
  7. Highs near 70F here today. Nice Weather!
  8. Yes. It has a place for a camshaft and lifters. It also has overhead valves.
  9. I've seen that truck or another like it for sale online before. Not a bad price really.
  10. Feeling good today.
  11. Oh yeah but tell my brain cells that!
  12. Here's a few more pics of the engines showing a few numbers I found when I unloaded the trailer.
  13. I'm not familiar with that engine. My search came up with something different. Could you post some pics and more information?
  14. Very sad. We all need to try to get along. Unfortunately it's not always possible. Domestic calls are usually a no win for law enforcement...
  15. Well I had to take one from the team. The porch fridge is over full so I'm drinking extra wine to make room. That box of wine was just taking up too much space!
  16. Used corn plates are cheap and plentiful. However you need the right one and there are many to choose from...
  17. I have a can of duplicolor that's close but it doesn't help you any...
  18. So maybe a better question is how often can they fill a truck with 800 bushels of corn?
  19. I should go. It's not too far (only 3 hours away). It's a shadow of what it was 30 years ago. I used to buy alot at the first day they had in Backgate (Pendelton) down by the levee. That was some time ago.
  20. The early twin rotors were not liked here. They tended to plug if you cut anything with vines. We had alot of escaped morning glories back them. I knew people who bought those combines new and traded them quickly for IH/CIH axial flows. JD sold some CTS in rice country with people who bled green. There were alot of red combines on JD rice farms until JD came out with an axial flow. Nobody answered my question. How many trucks does it take to keep up with these new big combines (X9, AF11, ) in 250 bpa corn?
  21. Standard rent here is 1/4 of crop sales. Cash rent is usually around the same averaged. There are some larger landowners (plantations) in east Arkansas that supply inputs and take more (1/2?) of the crop. If I share cropped I'd prefer that system. Spreads the risk out more. Thx-Ace
  22. Welcome! We like pics. The first tractor I rode on was a super C.
  23. Did you ever try the yellow bucket plow idea? And I saw a snow shovel in a freight damage store. I doubt they sell it... Why would you shovel or plow snow when you can just wait for it to melt???
  24. OK Then just tape an old door on the front and add skies like Red Green. You know I must be an expert on plowing snow because we get so much down here!!!
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