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  1. She puts so many holes in the logs I can't afford to ammo! 50 holes per log or more!
  2. Ya know I only paid $1000 for my 1460 parts combine with very good header!
  3. Crawfish (harvesting) boats JD cabbage patch JD CTS (used to be common in rice country) Puddler??? Normal size rice levee plow Rops White 2-105 with rice and canes
  4. Some other interesting things in his auction. Water leveller. Wide levee plow for bigger rice/crawfish levees. 1680 rice combine and 1010 head with pickup reel for rice.
  5. The ceasefire is holding in Israel. Hostages and prisoners are being swapped. Maybe they can learn to get along. The war in Ukraine is slowing down due to excessive mud. There has been a bad storm that caused a lot of damage and snow. Fighting continues on a lesser scale. Myanmar's (Burma) civil war is heating up. Peace sells. Who's buying?
  6. That seems like a lot of money for a toy a kid will tear up.
  7. Something like that would be ideal but I'm not encouraging her mushroom nonsense. She's been doing this crap for years and rarely gets anything. Yet we have mushrooms growing wild all over and she won't pick them. I don't usually say much. It's one of her things. I'm pretty sure our newish drill got mixed up with theirs...
  8. Looks like a bad year for crawfish farming. https://www.katc.com/news/around-acadiana/vermilion-parish/we-just-dont-have-enough-water-louisiana-crawfish-farmer-on-unprecedented-drought
  9. Unfortunately it's the clutch that's bad. My wife and her friend were drilling a zillion holes in Oak logs for mushrooms. Her friend had brought her drill and batteries that were identical to ours. When I went out and saw them burning up batteries fast, overheating the drills with dulled bits, etc I had them stop. I got them corded drills. They were right by an outlet they were using to recharge the batteries. When I used our drill next time the batteries had a noticably shorter charge time and the clutch was weak. I don't know if the abuse or our drills/batteries got accidentally swapped. They were identical models. We bought ours new and it was barely used. They buy everything used at pawn shops/ flea markets. I'm not mad it just happened. They are good friends and I would never say anything to them. I did explain to the wife to use corded drills next time. So I need to buy a DeWalt drill but I want a compact blower...
  10. I have them in my rice paddies?!?! I've read that In Germany they call them Waschbär (wash bear) because they like to wash things. I've eaten coon. Taste kinda like greasy cat.
  11. The service manual says see the operators manual. Operators manual don't mention it... Motor oil is somewhere between hytran and gear oil.
  12. Got er did. I added motor oil to the hub. It didn't need much.
  13. Any idea what lubricant goes in the torque hub on the mud hog?
  14. Making progress. After tearing into it we decided to just replace the torque hub. Everything else looks fine. Now it's time for lunch. Gumbo!
  15. They also make no name accessories that fit DeWalt batteries.
  16. I understand but the next tool I want is a compact blower. At Lowe's and home Depot they're $169. Ryobi is $59. Bauer is $49. For $169 I can get several accessories from Ryobi or Bauer... Maybe I can find a used one. Also I need another drill. My DeWalt had a mishap. It still works but it's on its last leg. I don't blame the tool but the operator (not me)...
  17. My soybean harvest has been much muddier than my rice harvest. This mud is quite challenging. Soybean harvest is very slow because of the mud... At least you cut rice up off the ground!
  18. Sorry. They were out of red duck tape and I had to get silver. I normally use red duck tape for these applications.
  19. The 30/40 JD may burn a little more fuel but they are good tractors just like the IH of that era. I do remember working with a neighbor side by side. His 4230 and dads 856 I was driving were pulling identical 14 ft 370 IH disks in the same field. I could pull faster and burn less fuel doing it. Mine was open station and his was 4 post so he did get shade and protection from rain. Enclosed cabs were still rare here back in then. Dad should have at least bought me an umbrella...
  20. That's scary. Trucks on fire and no way to get away!
  21. When I was looking for an axial flow 24 years ago I was advised by my dealer and others to avoid the 1420/1620. They are good machines but parts availability is much better for the 40/60/80 size machines. I actually looked at a 1420 rice combine but ended up with a 1460 rice combine. You might find a low hour 1440 from a smaller farm. That said I still want a 1420 for some reason...
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