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  1. How do you replace the auger bed? I don't see how to get it out. 8m thinking about lining mine with stainless steel. Thx-Ace
  2. The gaping holes in the above pic had been patched. I removed all the patches when preping the floor for the new liners. In the pic below you will see the new stainless steel floor. One pair is screwed down and the other is setting in place. It is difficult to hold the floor sheets down against the bottom of the auger trough while screwing it down. My wife has been helping me with this project. We have to go to town again tomorrow for different bolts and screws again... Thx-Ace
  3. It's taking alot of time... start working on it then need a bolt or screw or something. I have to stop, clean up, go to town and get whatever. I just took 40 minutes in the video! Many of the bolts had to be cut out. At least I don't have to remove the supports. It just fits inside them. Below is a pic of the grain tank with the augers and covers removed. We cleaned up and painted the rusty metal under the augers.
  4. I'm installing a new floor in my 1460 grain tank. I should have started harvesting a week ago but I lost a week helping my sister when she got out of the hospital. My grain sorghum and rice is ready to harvest. I have some soybeans almost ready. Thx-Ace
  5. I have two like that. One very bent is one good. Mine are kinda small and light for the 2450 and 2355 they're on. Thx-Ace
  6. If they reverse gear it could have had another gear added to make it a 6 speed. Very unusual on a row crop model. Imagine if you were pulling tillage under full load and it was accidentally reversed? Thx-Ace
  7. My 2450 came with a quick attachment that is similar but it is not adjustable to the best of my memory. It's slightly bent and not useful. I forget where I put it... Thx-Ace
  8. Why do the new couplers have a grease fitting? Thx-Ace
  9. Careful with the line connections on the hydro. I changed my pump and I can't get it to stop seeping hydraulic fluid.
  10. I use a 300 gallon 3pt Sprayer with 36ft booms. It's plenty heavy for a 1086. A full set of front weights are required. 400 gallons is too much on the back. It will be much better to use one 200 gallon tank. Thx-Ace
  11. Looking good. Dad bought a 706 35 years ago, still have it. Always wanted a 756 but ended up with an 826 that our neighbors bought new. Thx-Ace
  12. Plenty of poor white people picked cotton too. However the cotton picker was developed in the delta, Mississippi I believe, and that segment was probably filmed there. The population of the delta was majority black at that time so they picked most of the cotton. Of course there was segregation and other issues as well. In western Arkansas, where I live, most cotton was picked by poor whites. In South Texas I expect it was picked by Mexicans. Picking cotton took lots of man hours. Thx-Ace
  13. Thanks for posting the video! I noticed duals on the grain combines. The rice combine had a bat reel. Finger pickup reels are much better in rice. The people picking cotton were kinda slow but it does demonstrate the amount of labor involved. Thx-Ace
  14. There was a guy from California had one for sale a few months ago.
  15. Do you use android or iPhone? I use an android tablet and have not had any problems, except I can't get coffee shop to load. Thx-Ace
  16. I bought a stainless grain tank liner kit from abilenemachine. I watched the video where they install the kit in a 1660. My 1460 has supports in the grain tank that must be removed. It looks like it will be very difficult to remove these because the nuts are under the grain tank. How do I remove and replace these? Thx-Ace
  17. I was just in Houston last week...
  18. Those early 2bbl holleys are a little different than the newer ones. Still a 2300 though. I've rebuilt mine numerous times over the decades. Usually it gets junk built up inside that needs to be cleaned out. It will give less trouble if you will use it regularly or use good gasoline with a fuel stabilizer. Thx-Ace
  19. My 75 1600 with 345 has that seam.
  20. acem

    392 Block

    What application would this be used in? I have a couple old power units that are 392s. Thx-Ace
  21. Maybe it will transfer me to the Coffee Shop!
  22. Nice buys. I expect you get the terp tractors cheap. Would you show where they are disabled for terp? Thx-Ace
  23. It would probably work well in loamy and sandy soil. I don't think it would break up clay clods. Thx-Ace
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