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    Prevent Plant

    I collected prevented planting on some soybean acres. The flood stayed over my farm for two weeks. By the time it dryed out enough to plant it was after the final planting date. I went ahead and planted one field and took prevented planting on 3 others. A friends farm was underwater longer and took prevented planting on all over his 3000 acres. Thx-Ace
  2. tthey can look good painted black. Use good quality automotive paint so it doesn't turn grey. Thx-Ace
  3. I've never seen a 496 that small. I like it! Thx-Ace
  4. I allways put mine in and still had it damaged when my stepson drove the grain cart around the back of the combine. I was in the combine and it felt like someone was trying to flip the combine over and heard metal crunching sounds... Luckily I had a parts combine. My wife even managed to run one grain cart auger into another one time. I have never hit anything with an auger but we have bent our share around here. TThx-Ace
  5. Can you change the position of the steering arm on the spindle to make it work? Thx-Ace
  6. That tractor looks as rough as the H186 I bought years ago. Mine has given good service and I like it alot. I replaced my rotted out cab with a good one. Thx-Ace
  7. On my 886 the L bracket at the top of the cable siezed in the bracket and broke. My ta was really stiff before it broke and I thought the cable was bad. Now I can move the cable easily by hand but the broken L bracket is still stuck in the lever bracket... Good Luck. Thx-Ace
  8. In the south there were a lot of mounted cotton pickers. My 856 ran one before dad bought it. Thx-Ace
  9. I got my belt on but had to remove the wobble box. I was hoping there was a trick I didn't know. Thx-Ace
  10. We left the fenders off our 706 so we could see better when cultivating. Without the fenders you can really watch a rear mounted cultivator. Thx-Ace
  11. I have to replace the wobble box belt on my 810 header. I cant get the belt to go between the header and the pulley without removing the box. Is there any way to avoid removing the wobble box? Thx-Ace
  12. It's not fake milk. one store sells it every day at that price and is the same off brand as another store that sells it for over twice the price. This particular store is cost pluss. Their milk price varies but has not been over 2 per gallon for over a year. WWhat does it cost a dairy farmer to raise a gallon of milk? TThx-Ace PS this tablet double letters so often I should change my name to Mel Tillis
  13. The arms look different but should interchange. They are the same length, etc. I hope they work because the ones from the 1460 are damaged. Thx-Ace
  14. I don't know the economics of dairies or how it is marketed. I am not a dairy farmer and all the local dairies went out around 1980. I think there are two left in our county. MMilk is priced around 4 per gallon at most stores here but a few stores sell it for around 1.50 per gallon. WWhats up with that? Thx-Ace
  15. I expect that was built using the same flat cowl as a school bus? Thx-Ace
  16. Here is the bad drum I removed from my 1460. It was still working but it made a thumping sound! Thx-Ace
  17. My closest dealer is a dealer for both caseih and ford new Holland. If they can get my parts through ford new Holland they are allways cheaper. Same part but less money. Why? Thx-Ace
  18. The feeder drum in my 1460 came apart today I took the drum out of an 815 I have for parts and it looks like the drum, arms and all will bolt up. Is there anything I'm missing here? I am getting new bearings for it in the morning. Thx-Ace
  19. acem

    Loader for a 986

    I have a wl42 and ih 2450 (like a 2350 but taller ). Both are nice loaders. The westendorf is still in production so stuff is more available but you have to remove the front weight bracket to install the loader. This causes me problems occasionally. Thx-Ace
  20. The early 310/359 injector pumps can cost a fortune to rebuild. I was told it could be converted to the newer style (like the 786 uses). Thx-Ace
  21. I have a 706 with 282 that dad bought from the original owner back in the mid 70s. It has been a great tractor and I love it for lighter work. It just sips fuel doing light chores vs a 1066. However the d 282 is not trouble free. Keep the glow plugs working or it won't start. Never use either to start it. Thx-Ace
  22. I've never ridden a snowmobile but they sound like fun. Are they like driving a atv? Thx-Ace
  23. Why does this forum like to add extra letters to my posts when I use this tablet? So many times it has ended my post with TThx-Ace that people probably think I stutter. TThx-Ace
  24. A few weeks ago I come home and notice one of our trucks looks different. I get out and look at it. It has been hit on the right front fender and pushed almost a foot. I ask my wife what happened to the truck? She was looking at something in the pasture and ran into it with her jeep. Her brush guard is tweaked a little but the truck has a smashed fender, broken grill and bent radiator support. it's a 91 dodge one ton cummins so most of the parts are cheap and easy to find except the radiator support. They are unobtanium and must be made from a gas burner truck... not a quick or easy job. At least nobody was hurt. Thx-Ace
  25. My 1486 rops has the rear window clips and had the side pieces like the pics from td9idaho. Y'alls 786s are alot cleaner than my 1486 ROPS, it has been rode hard and put up wet. Thx-Ace
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