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  1. Cold front came through. We cooled off some. High in the 70s yesterday. Supposed to get back into the 80s then severe weather mid week.
  2. Honestly I do not know. Other than around our adult kids I mostly avoid her for obvious reasons. She was always full of herself and bovine excrement so I guess she's a perfect fit.
  3. It's a D360. The muffler itself is fine. It's the elbow coming out that's bent so bad. Here's a few pics.
  4. I've got grain sorghum plates but the holes are too big. They drop several seeds per hole. I need to order some special plates from Lincoln ag.
  5. The muffler is fine. It's just the elbow coming out of the muffler out the hood that is bent, I think. I'll get pics tomorrow to be sure. I just came in expecting to find a new muffler for $2-300. For $1200 I might be able to install a turbo and then I wouldn't need a muffler!
  6. I'm not sure, I'll look tomorrow & get pics. I'm pretty crappy at welding thin stuff like exhaust but my (step)son is very good. If I run a muffler I'd rather it was under the hood...
  7. That's part of my question. I could make a full size planter from the parts planter. Just using 1 or 2 row units. Driven from gauge wheels. Or I could make one with press wheel drive. I was hoping someone might have done this already and have some experience. One reason I want a 1 or 2 row planter is sweet sorghum. The seeds are tiny and I'm having trouble keeping them from leaking out of my bean planter. I need to get one or two rows set up tight enough that the spacing is right. When there are too many plants the stalks are too small and it makes it difficult to strip. Another other reason is for replanting skips. Plus it might be useful for other projects.
  8. Here's some pics of my planter. You will notice the gauge wheels drive the planter units.
  9. Here's a pic of one with press wheel drive. I have one unit that was a press wheel drive but most all those drive parts are missing.
  10. No The full size planters drive off the main planter wheels using change sprockets just like a cyclo.
  11. As you may have noticed the exhaust pipe on my 886 is leaning to the rear. I realize this gives a bit of jet propulsion but it's bent so bad I can't get the hood back on and it's getting exhaust fumes into the cab. I looked online for a muffler and didn't like what I found. CNH wants $1130. Walmart claims they will sell me one for $600+. Didn't find an other options. Muffler eliminators are cheap and plentiful. $150 My muffler isn't really bad. The elbow that goes from the muffler to the exhaust pipe is bent and mangled badly. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. I'm very concerned it will break if I try to straighten it. $1200 for a muffler is crazy. I would probably put a turbo on before I did that! Thoughts on the eliminator since its a nice cab tractor? Straightening suggestions?
  12. Sorry, I thought you were pointing to the part number. Here's that one on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/155213860073 Does this look right? Kinda pricey. $195
  13. I put the part number T55322 and JD into google and found several available one the interweb. Here's one on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/p/1165167055
  14. Can you get the exact specifications and ideally the drawings for the part? If so one of us with a lathe could make you one. Years ago I needed a CIH part that was NLA. The dealer contacted someone and got the drawings for me. We made the part.
  15. I have a use for a 1 or 2 row planter and want to build one. I have an 800 and 900 plate type parts planters. It's wheel driven but has one unit that was originally a press wheel drive unit. Unfortunately most of the press wheel drive is gone. What are the better ways to go about this? A neighbor has a one row JD 7100 on a 4 row toolbar I could borrow but he has different row spacing. I plant on beds and can't just scoot over.
  16. My ex wife is a corporate substantiality engineer for Tyson...
  17. acem

    Knife Crime???

    Eating utensils used to be carried for personal use. A knife carried with a fork and spoon looks very innocent.
  18. Yes. Sweating concrete is effectively dew. Cold concrete condensed moisture from the air. You put plastic under your concrete to keep it from drying out while it's curing. If you don't put plastic down water will go into/through whatever you have below.
  19. Apparently it's a variation of 301 stainless. https://www.sae.org/news/2020/06/tesla-cybertruck-stainless-steel
  20. I frequent BBC for my news from the old world and ran across this article about combating knife crime. Never heard of knife crime. I think it's called aggravated assault or something similar round here. I thought it was joke when I read the headline... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-68297572
  21. Rebeding some ground with the 826. Notice gold paint on hood where the red is missing.
  22. I read the Tesla cyber trucks are rusting. They are stainless steel and not supposed to rust...
  23. It's probably worth more parted out.
  24. I have at&t and it's working fine
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