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  1. These farmers in Europe know how to party! THe police set up barricades and the farmers broke through with tractors. cops shot tear gas grenades. Farmers sprayed them with liquid manure! Protesting farmers spray Brussels police with liquid manure near EU’s base in a new display of power https://apnews.com/article/european-union-farmers-protests-brussels-agriculture-ministers-c97ce9a135b74e8668ef5cdeec292f68
  2. Semi truckd don't carry spare tires anymore. A friend drives cross country. Around 200,000 miles a year. Never carries a spare. Just a cell phone and credit card. That said I carry a spare, jack and tools. However if found it flat on several occasion...
  3. May I as why? What are you planning to do with the regulator?
  4. With the price of beef calves it might pay to do embryo transfer instead of cross reading...
  5. 30 years ago I was driving through Fort Smith Arkansas after parts. A pickup with a camper shell pulled in front of me. Shortly later the hatch on the camper shell oped up from the inside and a young woman waved at me. She turned around, dropped her pants and mooned me for several miles. I drove a little longer down that road than I needed to enjoying the view. Good memories...
  6. So salt Our vehicles don't rust out. We do find out which will last instead. Interestingly they are not always the ones though of so highly when newish.
  7. Where do you get better seats? Most all my cushions are bad...
  8. They grow grapes and make wine on a mountaintop just north of me. They don't start grape vineyards like that here. Looks more like an orchard to me. But I reserve the right to be wrong!
  9. If you don't mind me asking, where are you located? The scenery and truck in your pics interest me. Thx-Ace
  10. I have personally ridden in a 4 door Loadstar (traveller?) when I was a kid (around 6 years old). Dad borrowed it with a lowboy trailer to bring our 856 home.
  11. They have this livestock trailer on fleabay
  12. You should have a grain trailer or lowboy with it. Better yet get both!
  13. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you got a minivan for you birthday!
  14. What model and size field cultivator are you using?
  15. My Suzuki Samurai is about the same size. Very handy.
  16. Warren Buffett's BYD electric car company in China is building a factory in Mexico so they can import them into the US without tarrifs. They are also building a plant in Hungry for the European market.
  17. I've done both headliner types. It depends on your skill level with upholstery. If you are good with upholstery the original headliner is easier. If not the other bolts in. Be sure to clean all the old headliner out before installing the new. Fehr has a video showing how to do it
  18. I found a rock on my place once when digging a pond. It was 19 ft down. I normally haul rock in to build up my roads. They're easy to find. Just 1/2 mile north of me the rock crops out and they're everywhere. A friend sells rock for landscaping. Some as big as a car... That's the norm here. My place is bottom land of the Arkansas River. Very unusual land for here.
  19. I wonder how much cheese it took to make the moon?
  20. Here's the 'snow moon's from last night. A friend (native American) is a moon nerd and keeps me up to date.
  21. The last sugar mill in Texas is closing. Apparently there is a lack of water in the Rio Grande. Many farmer and workers will be hurt. https://texasfarmbureau.org/texas-only-sugar-mill-to-close-permanently/
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