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  1. Welcome! We like pics. The first tractor I rode on was a super C.
  2. Did you ever try the yellow bucket plow idea? And I saw a snow shovel in a freight damage store. I doubt they sell it... Why would you shovel or plow snow when you can just wait for it to melt???
  3. OK Then just tape an old door on the front and add skies like Red Green. You know I must be an expert on plowing snow because we get so much down here!!!
  4. But if you mounted it in a front receiver hitch you could plow in reverse too. Build two blades and plow when your going forward and backing up!
  5. Sorry. I thought I had them in order but it mixed them up...
  6. I'm trying to put together a hydraulic test kit to diagnose the hydraulic system of my tractors. I'll start with my 66/86 series tractors, they need the most love at the moment. Eventually I want to expand it to cover more. I've studied the my 86 and 66 service manuals. Here's what I think I need. For Pressure checking. Fittings 14-2-94 Tee 3/8 tube (JIC) male 14-2-56 1/4 NPT male - 3/8 tube (JIC) male 14-94-1 1/2 O ring boss - 3/8 tube (JIC) male 5/16 Male Tube (or O ring Boss) - 1/4 Male Tube (for IPTO) Hoses and Guages 3/8 Female tube (JIC) hose with 60 PSI gauge 3/8 Female tube (JIC) hose with 600 PSI gauge. 1/4 Female tube (JIC) hose with 300 PSI gauge. (for IPTO) For Checking Flow Hitch Fitting 14-98-13 1/2 O ring boss to 5/8 tube (to flow rater) MCV Fitting 14-2-60 1/4 tube (JIC) male - 3/8 tube (JIC) male or 14-53-7 5/16 tube (JIC) male- 3/8 tube (JIC) male 14-98-26 3/8 tube (JIC) male - 5/8 tube (JIC) male Hose 3/8 tube (JIC) female I already have a flow rater but need to replace a pressure gauge inside. Am I on the right track or am I missing anything? Other thoughts? Thx-Ace
  7. Great pics but farm auctions are bittersweet...
  8. Sorry but it looks like red green beat your design. However your execution may be better.
  9. If you're growing veggies and flowers I expect you are selling on farm, at a farmers market or similar. Your best bet is to find a niche product you can grow that will complement your existing marketing. Something like blue corn, ancient grains, or just something your customers would use.
  10. I don't see any duck tape??? If you put a receiver hitch on the front could you use it there?
  11. The only reason I didn't drive the truck is gas mileage. If it had a 300 6 or something that got 10-12 mpg it wouldn't be so bad. That said the motor ran great! It would be great for someone who occasionally needs to pull a heavy load. It would break your bank as a daily driver...
  12. Gravely??? These have openable side walls for summer use. It would be a solar oven otherwise...
  13. I agree whole heartedly. However this case is even worse since the ag chemical companies are making label applications that can cause problems. And denying their problems. Dicamba is a good herbicide when used at a 'cool' temperature. In my climate it is ideal for burn down in March - April when the temps are cool. It gives good residual action then as well. Apparently the EPA has decided existing dicamba in the system can be used this season but nothing new can be packaged.
  14. I think they are ok when used appropriately. Such as in cool conditions (below 80F). However the application timing for use in soybeans and cotton is normally with highs in the upper 80s and 90s. Miss use of these chemicals (but on label) may take them off the market...
  15. I was thinking about starlink but then our local REA started running Fiber Optic internet. It's amazing. They are running Fiber all over the place. Best of luck whatever you get. Our previous service was poor.
  16. A friend has had one for a couple years. He is using an 8N ford in his.
  17. Kubota makes great small tractors but I've never seen one like that around here. Cubs are everywhere. I'm not planning to buy anything until she determines exactly what she is getting. Some have higher or lower clearances. All this information is great in making those decisions. It will have largish doors on each end. Whatever we buy, I need to be able to get parts for it. I am also concerned about diesel fumes inside a structure. I'm expecting it to be something like these.
  18. Links to more colors. https://oldinternationaltrucks.com/international-truck-paint-codes/
  19. Here's a website with lots of paint chips for most every car made. Luckily international made scouts so it's listed! https://www.autocolorlibrary.com/pages/1977-International.html#parentHorizontalTab1
  20. It's a row crop model and therefore kinda tall but I can try When I was a kid I knew a man who worked for many years on various farms in California. He spent a lot of time cultivating vegetables with a 504. He thought very highly of them. Influenced my decision to buy one. After he retired he moved back to Arkansas and drove a tractor for dad occasionally.
  21. Closest match I see is the 78 Dodge medium blue... Probably not it...
  22. It looks more like the concord blue but it's listed as a scout color in the lower pic. I'll look for some earlier color chips...
  23. Here's some better 78 paint chip pics.
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