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  1. Hoping the pace of recovery picks up for her. glad she is able to be home.
  2. Maybe in the 70s that was true I don't know. I do not believe that to be the case this time around.
  3. Ray is right. Not all were meant to be mounted. The free standing ones were staked to the ground with metal rods to keep em from walking across the ground during use.
  4. Drones and cell phone cameras as well as mounted cameras. This ain't the old days. I doubt very much of the behavior you talk about would fly today but maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Legally strikers cannot block entrance into and out of plant. Any contractor or trucking company that is union will typically not cross picket line. So I belive your statement to be inaccurate or misinformed.
  6. Talked to a guy the other day that said if this isn't settled favorably he may do just that as he feels he may do better elsewhere. Not everyone has that option. And it's not that easy sometimes. Besides if No one fights for these jobs will there be as many good ones to go to? It's always easy to play armchair quarterback with another person's life and livelihood. I and others could sit here all day long and second guess your decisions and your career. Is that the right thing to do? Is it fair? I don't know all your circumstances so I really couldn't begin to be fair or know what I'm talking about as far as your life and choices go. Not sure who said anything about rights other than you. I'm sorry your having parts issues. No one wants to stock very much anymore including the companies.
  7. And do what? Work for you with no vacation ins or retirement? They can't hire people now so something is amiss. And jacka is right if your not happy with or getting compensated enough in your current career perhaps it is time for a change? Why do you begrudge others who have found a way to live a decent life style? Folks there is a lot at play here and both sides are attempting to use the media for their advantage. That's the way these things work. Lot of info no one here is privy to nor should they be. As to the supply shortages.....cmon man those have been widespread for quite a while now as evidence by other topics on this site. May or may not have anything to do with this current situation. Your parts may be produced overseas and sitting of the shore of California. But that's a whole different thing we best not get into. The assumption that all workers and union officials are knuckle dragging greedy morons is really quite presumptuous and offensive. Sure there are knot heads amongst them but there are in any group, even farmers boys. Workers are quite aware of what their jobs mean to the customer as well as to themselves. Many want nothing more than this to be settled and to go back to work.
  8. I dont know how effective the or cub is but a few years ago my shoulder was bothering me for probably 6 months. Enough so that I can see that long term chronic pain can wear on a person. Thankfully my shoulder got better but it was a bit of an eye opener for me as far as those suffering long term pain. If your in enough pain I imagine anything that will help starts to look good. Now if something impairs or slows mental function, then for safety sake certain activities should be avoided.
  9. Kinda looks like a John Deere Triumph box like I have on a running gear. But I'm sure many brands were similar. Got no idea on the running gear.
  10. Happy belated birthday.
  11. Glad things turned out as good as they did Mike. Carpool buddy dropped a tree on himself last weekend. He is hobbling around but ok. Could have been much worse.
  12. Sorry for your loss Ace. Neighbor kid where I grew up died recently. He was vaccinated too.
  13. I would think there would be legal grounds for an exemption in cases like this, regardless of whatever else we may agree or not agree on relating to this issue.
  14. Just said a prayer for you Searcy. I feel you are being wronged. Respectfully disagree with ace. Medicaly some DO have problems with shots. Also I thought even if you do get it that was recomended that you wait at least 90 days after recovering from covid. Tho as somebody said you will have natural antibodies now. I do agree with whoever said make them fire you rather than resign. Now wether it's a good move to take temp job and look for other employment in the mean time I'm not sure. I dont feel it would be wrong to have a respectful honest conversation with your boss. I know you would be nothing but respectful any way. See how boss handles it first and them respond as best you can. Good luck. This is a double whammy no one needs.
  15. No I agree the one on the left is the pick of the litter......not that I was looking of course. 😁
  16. Have had some 22 long rifles misfire. Same box mostly. Might have been Remington idk.
  17. Always kinda liked the looks of that era case in row crop version.
  18. Glad your back up to speed after your stroke. As for the other idk but might wanna get er done before they decide to lock down again?
  19. There was a kit. From what I read it didn't work out very well because the Sheppard engine didn't make near the power of an M.
  20. Searcy that's good news about you and your wife! So sorry for the friend of your sons loss.
  21. I kinda flutter at an idle anymore too..well not just at an idle. Dont think springs will do me much good tho. 🤔😏
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