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  1. Yeah I recalled it. I liked that movie too.
  2. I guessed on the spelling.....😁
  3. Pronounced who de ki. A former coworker used it a lot. Sorry if I made anybodys brain lock up. 😁
  4. It's a feel good headline intended to placate those in the population not directly involved and casually but not closely observing the facts, imo.
  5. For sell 1 used hodykia, not to be confused with a thingamajigger, know what I mean? It's a nice one but I don't need it any more so decide to sale it. No low ballers I know what I have. Just sayn!
  6. Worked at Firestone for a couple years in powerhouse. I was thinking cure time referred to the amount of time in the mold under steam pressure or very hot water pressure. Like 265ish ° and 230 or so psi. I may have those figures backwards. Been 12 years.
  7. How many different ways can you spell hydraulic? 🤔 😆
  8. Glad to hear your doing well. Better take nurse goodbody along just in case! Safe travels.
  9. I suspect that might be exactly the plan. If it is don't look for much change.
  10. Happy Birthday Ron and all who may also celebrate on this day.
  11. Not post office but brake parts ordered from rock auto shipped FedEx. Tracking says they are in grimes iowa as of sat. Now says no delivery date scheduled......wth?!?! Was expecting them Monday and need them asap. 😡😧
  12. Dad's 961 had power steering. Iirc it was belt driven pump tho I'm not sure any more. But I do recall the power steering slave cylinder somewhere on the steering linkage. Wonder if power steering off and early 60s ford Galaxie or late 60s mustang would work? I think the tractor cyl might have been longer and slightly bigger around than the car ones but I could be mistaken. Might be worth some research.... 73 and 74 maaaaybe 75 4x4 pickups had the slave cyl set up too.
  13. Always enjoy the happens in Macs area as well as Gary's and all the other regulars here. Good to see Anson and Wrangler!
  14. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a great guy. Losing too many these days.
  15. Better pray for peace world wide. Something else to consider. Read at your own risk https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=245855
  16. Is this just on the utilities? Or are the row crops also this way? Please excuse my ignorance on these.
  17. Just as a casual observer from the sidelines I don't think it's uncommon. And I would guess nate is probably right too about needing to clean out the rear end.
  18. Gary I hope you and the missus are recuperating steadily! Hope Anson and Wrangler are doing well also. Always like your stories and photos.
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