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  1. Letter Series Brakes

    My 400 does that some.
  2. Letter Series Brakes

    Grandpa always said if they got glazed get another set and hang first set in fencerow out in the weather for 6 months or a year and put em back in and would work just as good as ever. Idk it was his story. I do know the brakes on my 560 work pretty good. The ones on 400 work ok but not nearly as good as 560. Never had either apart. Should check 400 brakes someday.
  3. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    Dad had 2 diff 190s, D21, 7040 that got traded for a 7060 in a few years. None bought new. Had some of the typical problems, mostly the 190. It broke several spindles and had steering arm trouble a time or 2 but wore a loader a lot of the time. Also after we had it for several years it started jumping out of 3rd till we got it fixed. All were good tractors for us. Only remember having any trouble starting in extreme cold. Of course IH is a step above but i didnt know that then....
  4. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Hang in there. We are all pulling for your family.
  5. Back from road trip, met a very nice MM guy

    Still needs lots of luv but here is Uncles M5. Engine is fresh.
  6. Back from road trip, met a very nice MM guy

    Vail, iowa.....they are the folks that put out or used to anyway, a magazine similar to red power only its for mm? Cant remember their name but have heard of them.
  7. Tractor Mechanical Advance Distributor

    Dont all or most have mechanical advance? I know 400 and m do right?
  8. prayers desperately needed

    Cute lil fella
  9. Phone cases

    Pelican with seperate tempered glass on screen. Galaxy s7
  10. life in our corner

    Hope it all turns around for you. Best wishes.
  11. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Computer might want to see a signal from crank sensor before it allows fuel to pump key on. Had a car with similar but not same issues. Couldnt get fuel to pump key on. That one ended up being bad computer.
  12. Proud parent

    Good job!
  13. It wasn`t even opened yet!

    Heard they had some bad reports on them.previous?
  14. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    I like it. Always thought the 78 and 79s were good looking. Had a f350 4x4 at one time. Sometimes wish i had kept it. I know who i sold it to, should track him down and see if he knows where it is. Best all time trucks imo are still the 67 to 72 f100- f250s. Still have the candy apple red one gramps bought new in 72. Need to get it started sometime soon, its been years....
  15. Looking for

    Whats the story on that one? Whats gonna happen to it?
  16. prayers desperately needed

    Thats good to hear!
  17. Vintage Ads

    Hooking multiple planters together with that special hitch im guessing Oops, i see others already answered.
  18. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Ironically i had a service update done to my car and saw reg cab long box with a snow blade at back of my local dealers lot. Whole outfit looked new and had 2017 sticker in windshield. Wonder if dealer used it for snow removal. But ya im not paying the kind of prices that are being asked for some of these trucks. When i bought my 02 f250 ext cab shrtbox 4x4, 9 or 10 years ago it had 14000 ish miles on it and had had a bit of a rough life. Still nicest truck or maybe i should say most optioned truck i had ever had, iirc i paid 8 ish for it. And i squirmed at that.
  19. New member has question in the front row

    I agree keep the cab, looks sharp. I think he was only saying take it off to make it easier to put in interior tho. The cardboard templates also a very good idea. Nice looking tractor. Good luck with the interior.
  20. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    X2 ,sorry about your window, that sucks
  21. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Great pictures old binder guy! Nice looking family.
  22. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Dont have a 1066 to trade ya and if i did i probably wouldnt. Lol i know im the odd duck on a lotta things any more but after having a f250 ext cab short box for the last 10 yrs ive come to the conclusion the only thing they are good for is hauling people and pulling trailers, and ya can do both those things with a suburban or an are old enough to not be riding with me much and i dont always want to pull a take a rwg cab long box nxt time if i could find one i liked.
  23. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    No way i will ever be able to justify the price of a new truck.. in fact lately i been wishing for a precomputer controled reg cab long box 3/4 ton 4x4. Just a plain ol truck, air and maybe cruise would be ok. Along with ps and pb. Dont really need or want much else.