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  1. Hope he recovers soon and fully..prayers sent.
  2. See a few generators for sale already too, tho i suspect some are trying to double their money. Some not bad priced tho.
  3. No black spots on ours that im aware of. Wife been canning salsa and tomatoe juice/ sauce.
  4. iowaboy1965

    High winds

    Lotsa clean up to do locally but we got pretty lucky. No one locally hurt that i know of.
  5. Got power back 1 pm ish yest. Kids and inlaws as well as many others still without power in town. Taking generator from kids to inlaws after work... Started cleaning up some of the mess at moms yesterday. Dang lil mulberry tree is a lot bigger than i thought....🙄 Wife and i helped kids clean up some of their yard, worst of it anyway. Havent had time to start on mine really yet. Should have taken another vacation day. Shiek is right clean up is gonna take a while. We escaped with nothing too major overall in the family, thank goodness.
  6. Not that many hogs around any more either cept for a big confinement here n there. Saw some bad looking fields last nite but not that bad. Ones i saw will be hard to combine but still standing mostly. Email from power company at 3 am said power was restored. Wrong. 😆
  7. Didnt see any fields that bad today but a lot are gonna be a pain in the butt to harvest this fall around here after today.
  8. Glad you guys are safe. Hope you enjoyed farmall land.
  9. Carpool buddies shed north off town that is on top of his tractors after 2 trees fell on it. I didnt drive all over town but from what i did see I'm not sure there is a single block without at least some tree damage and most had quite a bit.
  10. Got the sheet of steel screwed down again earlier while fridge cooled down the first time. Row of hedge elms with damage from wind.
  11. The limbs by the lil white shed are the tops of the maple trees from the OTHER side of the 20 foot evergreen trees. More out of picture up against lil silver maple in my yard.
  12. Just got home. Been cooling down fridge/freezers at our place, kids, and moms. Moms power back on just a lil bit ago so i packed up and came home to cool my stuff off again. Kids still out in town too. 1 sheet of steel blew part way off on the lil ol grainery i use for storage. Tree limbs down all around yard and 1 lil maple that was just getting nice size snapped off even with the ground. Most likely calling in to work in morning to cool kids stuff off again and start in other clean up. Lots of folks around with lots worse damage than i ended up with.
  13. Keep all my friends and neighbors in your thoughts and prayers. Stuff tore up in central iowa from storms Have heard reports of lots of damage from Perry to Newton and beyond im sure. Kids, mom, and my house all without power. Lots of blocked streets in town sounds like. Carpool buddy is off on vacation to do some cleanup around his place. Now lots of trees down in his yard. Windmill fan blown off, quanset with 2 wds and a xt190 is down with 2 trees on top of it. Sounds like i have 1 small shed with some roof tin peeled up and a small tree down in back yard as well as lots of tree branches. I havent been home yet but sounds like could have been lots worse....many probably not so lucky.
  14. Lol i cant take credit for it tho i would like to. When son go kart raced one of the guys that gave us a hand up and helped us a lot had a bead breaker just for kart/small tires. It was a minni press set up and sold just for that purpose. I just came up with something to slip into my press to duplicate it. I think the one i copied was a full circle (which might work a bit better). I made this one with slotted arms so i could adjust it a bit. Seems to work better if just barely outside the rim and doesn't take much force sometimes other wise tire can roll a bit and if not set at just right height i can run out of stroke on jack before bead pops of. But with a lil patience it works pretty good.
  15. 1 new one mounted. Gotta clean up sone ick on the other rim and paint it. Finish tomorrow i guess.
  16. Mom has been wanting new tires on her cub for a while.....
  17. That sucks. Glad everyone is ok tho.
  18. do you remember those dinosaur skeletons everyone cut with the new laser they got? I do not. But i have only been around lasers for last 10 ish years and then only on the fringes of them. I can un jam a pallet and take covers off for the electricians and plumbers and adjust mirrors once in a great while. Thats about the extent of my dealings with them currently.
  19. Its ok according to a recent article in a teen magazine we need to do away the police and what they are protecting, Private home ownership. So when they take away that right we wont have to worry about it anymore. Seriously tho sorry you are having to deal with this.
  20. Im not sure but i gathered those were preprogramed test parts laser manf loaded to test machine?
  21. Thats pretty cool. Glad it worked out.
  22. At work they run parts thru a deox process so edges will hold paint. Basically a bead blast process or a wire brush type machine with a belt thru it to take parts in and out of brushes. There is also a wet oscillating ceramic bead thing they will run smaller parts thru as well.
  23. Hey Jeff did you know theres a pipe in your........oh never mind... 😆
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