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  1. The by-pass valves are stuck open on other three. You may be able to free them if you take the side cover off.
  2. On a 62-series are the fuel caps not just pipe thread?
  3. McCormick 40


    1456 with M&W oil pan on HIBID auction in Dane WI.https://hibid.com/lot/40449-211832-215718/1456-ih-tractor---runs---drives---w--snowplow-and-ch/?utm_source=tractorhouse.com&utm_medium=listpage&utm_campaign=hblistings-tradesites&utm_content=hb-193658611 I have no connection. I just thought someone might be interested.
  4. The TD35 also has 4 bottom rollers and a TD40 has 5.
  5. The easiest is that the TD35 has a flat drive sprocket. The sprocket on the TD40 is cupped.
  6. The newer ones had a 282 in them. The older ones I don't know if it would even be possible, at least not with more work and headache than it is worth.
  7. I don't see why you couldn't hang 1000# or more on the front of a w6. I have seen quite a few with front end loaders on them and have never heard of breaking an axle on one. I did buy one that had a twisted front axle and steared terrible hard because of it. It was twisted between the wishbone and the spindle like someone had run that front tire into something solid.
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