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  1. Adams 414 grader

  2. Adams 414 grader

    picture of my grader
  3. Adams 414 grader

    not yet, I just purchased and need to pick it up. Thus, I was wondering the weight to know what kind of trailer I needed.
  4. Adams 414 grader

    Can someone tell me about what an Adams 414 grader would weight? It is powered by a IH UD-14 power unit. Years of production would help too. Thanks,
  5. Here a rare sight, a 7130 with ROPS

    Are those 34" rears? They look small.
  6. Red Power 2017 Pics and Video

    looks like you got everything but the pre '39s
  7. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    no pictures from the pre '39 building? I think a lot of people overlooked them.
  8. 1250 electric clutch problem

    Was mowing today and suddenly the blades stopped. Checked it out and the clutch does not have power to it if the engine is running. You can turn the key on and the mower deck switch on with the engine off and you have about 12.4 volts going to the clutch but if you have the engine running you have 0 volts going to the clutch unless you kill the engine then you have 12.4 volts there again as soon as the engine stops turning. Is there some kind of relay or something that is not working when the engine is running or what? Thanks
  9. Auction September 16

    The Gimpel Estate auction this Friday has a nice list of tractors and has online bidding. How many MI were made or what would have been their main use other than being used to power motor grader conversions?