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  1. Dan Robinson

    In frame cam bearings 5488

    Good luck trying to get all the oil holes lined up....
  2. Dan Robinson

    Anybody heard from Howard/NebraskaCowman

    He checked in to Facebook a few days ago. Cattle and hay are keeping him busy this time of year.
  3. Dan Robinson

    1206 Solar turbo rebuild

    Central Plains Diesel is where we sent one this spring.
  4. Dan Robinson

    2MH Help

    Your in for a bit of work if you want to take the picker off. I would find someone young to pull the brakes off the bottom. Take a look at the end of the cylinder, the "horseshoe" where the cylinder connects directly under the belly pump will have 3 different sets of holes in it. Let the picker all the way down on flat ground. Look under to see if the cylinder is completely retracted or at least within an inch of being there. If its more than that there is probably room to move the horsehoe back a set of holes. I dont have pics handy otherwise i would post them. Could also type up a step by step of mounting/dismounting which i have been planning on doing anyway.
  5. Dan Robinson

    560 D310 repower

    Here's some motivation. We had dug a 234 picker out of this guys shed, had this one and one that was in the process of being converted by his dad before he passed away.
  6. Dan Robinson

    2nd 1256

    Brought $25,500.
  7. Dan Robinson

    I Wish....

    The price went up from the last I heard.. Ive heard the 68 gasser number before also. There was a nice red one on auction a month ago that brought 12500 i think. Was a real nice straight original tractor. First gas demo that i know of. Can only be a handful out there.
  8. Dan Robinson

    Air filter access panel 26,56,66,86 series

    They would pull out the filter and blow them out with air or beat them on the tire, which would get more dirt inside the filter. Or dirt would be knocked into the filter housing directly into the intake. A dirty filter will catch more dirt than a brand new filter.
  9. Dan Robinson

    1206 Wire Harness Question

    Going to be ordering a harness for my 806 (yes 806). Planning on putting in a 1206 harness as I have an IH turbo setup with air cleaner. I like the fact that the 1206 has the separate lube light in the dash and also the filter gauge. My question is: On the Porch Electric website, there is a serial number break (11792) for the front main harness, what is the difference between early and late?? Link to the Porch website. http://www.porchelectric.com/farmall9001500.html Thanks, Dan.
  10. Dan Robinson

    1086 Exhaust Location

    They most likely used a 66 series exhaust elbow and put a hole in the hood.
  11. Dan Robinson

    500 hour M on page 33

    Phone number comes up as Dennis Meisner. So the owner of Red Power Magazine. In my opinion if it actually is/was a 500hr tractor, it should have been absolutely left original.
  12. Dan Robinson

    Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    Was just gonna post to bring this back up!. I've got a few screenshots off Google maps, of dealers around here. I'll get some posted up. Here's pics of the old prototype building in Marengo. It's owned by Todd Roberts who runs he business "The Farmall Shop" out of it.
  13. Dan Robinson

    Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    Sorry for the screenshots. Here is the IH prototype building in Marengo. It's owned by Todd Roberts "The Farmall Shop". He sells parts and does a little bit of repair work. Has an ad in the TO magazine.
  14. Dan Robinson

    E4A mag question

    E4A mags were changed to automatic impulse in 31 or 32 I believe. All regulars had Manual impulse, and the first F series had automatic until 33 or 34.
  15. Dan Robinson

    Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I work in Tipton, live northeast in Mechanicsville. That was the Oliver dealer in the 60s I believe, i would have to look back thru some receipts of grandpa's. It could have been IN very early, I'll ask my boss. The current dealer is on the south end of town at 102 Cedar street. Was David Farm Equipment for a lot of years, in 2012/2013 it was bought by H.D. Cline Company. Which is family owned out of West Liberty. Keep posting Eastern Iowa dealers!! I have a few pics I've found on the internet of Montz Implement in Mechanicsville, which closed in 82 or 83. Before my time.