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  1. Does look like it'd clean up nice. I spy a wet bolster. Its possible that it was a cornpicker tractor in its early years.
  2. Hwy 20 is real nice, except for the last 20mi to SC. Gets a bit rough. But I'd sure take that instead of 80 for sure. Lot less traffic.
  3. Well first gear has nothing to do with that. I can't remember off hand which way the leaver goes on the speed cover, but I have seen where the arm that runs the rod for the speed under the seat, will hit the arm on the Hi-Lo range cover, if the cab mounts have settled.
  4. Yep local CaseIH dealer. Ours has both brands. Havent seen the new Viscosity Hytran yet.
  5. Just FYI, Viscosity is still making the same oil as they always used to. Many dealers are also carrying that oil also.
  6. Hose for a 560 done up, ready to replace a leaky factory hose tomorrow.
  7. They are selling EVERYTHING. Complete contents if building is being dispersed. Will probably be at least 2 more sales.. Not just simply selling tractors.
  8. Intriguing it is. Curved pipe, yet looks like a small pipe, and 856 hood yet. Gonna need a pic of the other side.
  9. I'm not much a green guy, but I'd save a Waterloo Boy even if it casts a shadow. The green underwear boys would kill just to have one.
  10. Originally the hose is crimped to the pipe. We have cut the hose and crimp off. Braze on a steel pipe coupler. Then make a short hose to screw on. Then it's replaceable if ever needed again.
  11. Dad has a 450 Arts Way. Works fine for us but we only feed 20 head of fat calves. Mostly ground shell corn and protein. But last year we started grinding ear corn. I pick ear corn and we put up a wire crib, so have about 1000bu in the crib. Will last till late July or so. I have always wanted a IH 950/1150 as I think they look nice and would fit in with the rest of our IH stuff. I have my eye on a local one. One owner, original paint, no duct tape or flashing that I can see.
  12. Very Nice! A nice touch to finish off a restoration.
  13. I'll bump this back to the top as I remembered I had a couple more pics of it. These pics were November 21st. I drove up to Tims to help him resurrect the 706 again and move some equipment back home for him. The poor girl needs some major fuel system work. Pump seems to be pretty slow to react and injectors can't be pretty. We run it around for a few hrs, and it used an excessive amount of fuel. But overall I believe its a decent tractor, clutch is good, TA not so much but thats to be expected, sprag will not hold at times. He was happy as a peacock to be actually using
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