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  1. Picked up this B120 last weekend. Found it on Facebook Marketplace. I needed some parts to complete the other B120 I'm buying (last pic) and this one had those pieces. Did some messing around this week and got the engine loose and running on a gas jug. Runs pretty smooth. Found some cheap tires to put on it to make it roll easier. Kind of oddball size, 8x17.5, modern equivalent is a 215/75x17.5 which is what I found. Hoping to get it moving on it's own power and get parts swapped around between the 2.
  2. I'm thinking the sheller is between Grand Mound and DeWitt?
  3. You were over in my neck of the woods! Clarence with the Elvis house. I've seen the sheller rig but can't place it at the moment. I'm 2.5 mile south of M and Mechanicsville.
  4. I lot of these engines have enough years in them that the bore in the oil pump has a bad groove wore in it. Try the quad ring.
  5. The one in the pics I shared is stock. 1256 came standard with the precleaner shown in the 1256 ICB pic. The deluxe precleaner was an option. Most people opt to put the deluxe one on as they are a bit more "showy".
  6. Quick Google search popped up with these. From 2016 Mecum Auction. The hardest part is finding the correct 3.5 in pipe expanded to 3.75 on the bottom.
  7. Somewhat of a similar situation recently for me. I found a IH Cat 2 quick hitch on Facebook Marketplace 3hrs south of gere. Have bought a few things on it and did find. It was advertised for 375 OBO cash only. Sent him a few messages asking about cracks and working order. Everything was good. So beings it said OBO i shot him a 325 offer. I figure it cant hurt to make an offer when it says OBO, worse they can say is no. He said that would work on price. I asked if he would take a check he said no cause he had been burned by one before and didnt want to take a chance again. Granted this is thru messenger. Being 3hrs away and the middle of planting season i told him i wouldnt be down till the weekend when it looked like it was gonna rain. I sent him a message Saturday night asking if he would be around the next day so i could come get and give him cash... He comes back with "Sorry i didnt let you know, but I sold it to a neighbor for more than advertised" Ya i wasnt real happy. So i let him know that, told him if your going to agree to something, you need to keep your word. Its not right to sell something out from under somebody when pricewas agreed upon. Is what it is I guess. I was happy to find a Cat 2 hitch as they are hard to find. So if any one bought surface rusty one with what was left of an IH decal around Quincy IL it was problably the one i was looking at.
  8. No thats not a tenderfoot. Its a pressure sender made by Allied. Usually seen with the Allied spragless TAs. Lookslike theres no linkage hooled to the spool.
  9. Yep around 900-1000. Never saw it get above 1050.
  10. Disking last night, planting today, and hauling manure tonight.
  11. Ive recently nicknamed it "Project F***around". It always seems like im changing this or that on it. I just got the 1456 front axle together last weekend. Was very rough when i got it and finally got enough parts rounded up for it. Not sure if I will hang the 234 on it this fall yet or use something different.
  12. Disking some stalks tonight so snapped a few pics. Planting corn tomorrow. 66 806 with a few add-ons. And a 18ft 470.
  13. The only one that i know will touch a Solar is Central Plains Diesel in LeMars IA. Yes you could convert it to a 3LD schwitzer. You will need the spacer, turbo, crossover tube and adapter sleeve between turbo and elbow. Whatever you do dont turn in the Solar for a "Core". If your interested in selling the Solar outright, PM me.
  14. Dan Robinson


    Ill agree to disagree. Prone to failure? Yes the pin will wear and the block will wear. Put a new one in and go. A quick online search showed you could get the tapered pin and block for about $100. And a 86 steering cylinder for around $300. If the 66 cylinder has had the trunions wore so much that it wont hold a new bushing, yes youre probably money ahead to convert to a 86 style. But if theres nothing wrong with the original cylinder, theres no use in wasting money in unneeded parts
  15. Dan Robinson


    Theres a tapered pin for use with the square block on a 66 series. Bottom half is tapered top is straight to fkt the block. If you go to the tie rod 86 series style, you have to change the cylinder also as noted above. The trunions are located in a different spot.
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