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  1. I dont think that was a thing this year. Is supposed to be a display in Springfield. Unless I missed something.
  2. Saw this 560. Has a 282 with a RD injection pump. I looked it over quick, then forgot to go back and look closer. I know there was a batch of 200 or so 706/282 tractors that had the RD, but did not know about the 560. Maybe this engine was a transplant. Would've like to hear it run.
  3. I believe Iowa was the only one putting in the bid.
  4. Oh yes they still sell reliance junk. You have to specify when you order you DO NOT want Reliance parts.
  5. Planning to be down Tuesday afternoon, and head home sunday. Will have the PreProduction A down there.
  6. It's fine. Bolt it on and go.
  7. I dont know why I want it but kinda do. Lol But I believe that is the anchor point for the brace rod to tension a side mount electrall. Nice find!
  8. It's possible the balancer is going out. Did the bolt loosening just start out of the blue? Are you putting sealer on the gasket or dry? I haven't had any problem getting them sealed up, but there's got to be something going on with yours to keep doing it. I use a light skim of grey rtv on both sides of cork gasket, and dry bolts.
  9. There needs to be a check valve and spring in that hole. That is to let some oil in for steering for emergency if engine happens to quit. No valve will allow pressure to bleed off to sump and not allow correct pressure. Those plastic valves can come apart from time to time. Replace it and stick the original MCV back on and away you go.
  10. Looking good! Here's my 806 and 53 cultivator.
  11. How long had it been side diamond sided 4 rib tires have been and how long since that style rear? Both are most likely the original tires.
  12. I'll be the odd man out, it's possible it actually only has 975 hrs.
  13. Looks like a turboed 66 series replacement muffler. So it would be on there "correct"
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