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  1. Dan Robinson


    Thats an IH DVT800. Props to the guy for using it, instead of putting a Detroit in it.
  2. Dan Robinson

    1066 gear issue/question

    When you adjust all the linkages, you need to start from the bottom and go up. Needs to be in park.
  3. Dan Robinson

    PTO overhaul question

    Lots of grease and a .005 or .006 bent end feeler gauge.
  4. Dan Robinson

    1456 Gold Demo at auction

    Not my pics, but found them on facebook. A guy would be pretty dumb to paint over this gold..
  5. Dan Robinson

    1456 Gold Demo at auction

    Had heard it was going to the Ft Atkinson IA area.
  6. Dan Robinson

    Does this look right for an H?

    The one labeled OUT should go to the carb. IN should go to the starting tank.
  7. Dan Robinson

    Hydraulic oil leak

    Is the leak on the left side only? If yes, then you can get by the easy way. The piece is call the torsion/load shaft and you must remove the crank arm. Drain transmission. Remove the 1/2in bolt holding the pin for the 3pt arm. Remove 3pt arm or pull it off to the side. Clean area of crank arm well. Locate the timing marks. Should be in the area of the triangles if I remember correctly. If you cant find any make your own. Remove the 2- 3/8in bolts holding the lock in place and slide out the lock. Remove crank arm. It will slide off thr tube. There will be 2 orings to replace. Clean up each surface where the orings real well. Grease orings and surfaces, you should be able to wiggle crank arm and it should pop back on. Do not force it. Reverse order to put it back together.
  8. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    Few more pics. The gear lube bucket brought 75 or 80 i think.
  9. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    Heres some of the things we got, along with about 36 engine oil filters that fit 361/407 engines.
  10. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    Just some smalls, oil filters, couple old balls of twine, few buckets.
  11. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

  12. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

  13. Dan Robinson

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    503- $4000 Cargostar- $3900 Loadstar- $1000 806s- $2500,$2600,$2600 Super M- $1000
  14. Dan Robinson

    1586 Injection pump noise.

  15. Dan Robinson

    In frame cam bearings 5488

    Good luck trying to get all the oil holes lined up....