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  1. Only thing I can think of is the snapping that holds in the bearing quill for the pto drive shaft. Would be right behind the Hitch pump drive gear
  2. Our cornpicking weekend is this weekend. Have the other half of the field to do today. Awesome weather.
  3. So one day I looked up the pipe part number on Google. Low and behold, Bates Corp had the pipe and rain cap. I bought it. NOS, still in the IH print card board tube. Now mine, is not Chrome plated, but is stamped with those part numbers. It's more of a brushed stainless look. I'll get a pic and post it.
  4. With a 36in trailer you will be up close to 12 or 13ft height. Pretty tall machines.
  5. Front cab mount for a YearRound cab.
  6. The 856 is probably my favorite model. This is dads. He bought it in 1989. Has put in its hours, now lives on semi retirement running the grinder mixer. Along with whatever else we put up it to. Has over 10k hours.
  7. Thanks for the pics! Looks like a well done job. Notice the fuel tank. That is a 856 Custom.
  8. 2 ideas come to mind. Is it bolted in correctly? Like a clutch disk only goes one way. Did someone draw it together with bolts and "dinner plate" it? Does plate have a bow in it?
  9. Do you have a pic of the other side of the 856 with homemade turbo setup?
  10. Glad you got the 234 home Good luck on the parts search. 66 series parts are few and far between. I have a complete set, but sorry they are not for sale.
  11. Owned by Andrew Tucker of Indiana.. Quite a nice outfit. I believe the tractor was ordered new to be put in a 234. This 234 came from northeast Iowa.
  12. Pull the pan and see what the part number on the crank is. Only way to know for sure.
  13. That's an oddball. Diesel with spinouts. Worth saving to the right guy.
  14. You still need to put a gauge in it. The linkage wears and will cause the spool to not pull up as far. But as I said in the beginning... your problem was not because to clutches were slipping. It's is because of water in the hydraulic oil. End of story.
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