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  1. I believe the serial number break for both gas and diesel was 37236 and below, and 37237 and above. I'd have to double check. I know for a fact the first production D310 706 is 37237. Friend of mine owns it.
  2. Just needs the short driveshaft, 2 couplers,PTO assembly and control linkage. Pretty straight forward to installing it. A lot of bigger horsepower IH came without pto from the factory, then the dealer added the dual speed setup before it left for the farm.
  3. @Brian stortenbecker does his own, but for personal projects, not for customers. Sources new or NOS parts.
  4. Red Power Round Up is June 20-23 in Spencer IA.
  5. I like the old service truck! What's the story on it?
  6. It's been probably 6 years ago, maybe more. Was Arts Services at the time. Sent in the under seat lines for a 560. Got them back, had to tweak on them a while to get them to fit correctly. I'm sure things have gotten better since then. There is also Dairyland Manufacturing. He is doing MANY of the hard to find steel lines for IHs and others. https://dairylandmfg.com/
  7. Next project came too. Dads 7120. Getting Hytran changed. Pto needs a 540 shaft. Water pump is seeping. Block heater. Lower cab kit and cab posts. Had his 856 over here before the 7120. It got new batteries and cables. Key switch. And cab fab resitor.
  8. Just about whipped. Need to make a hydraulic hose, get some gear lube for the trans. Have some used hydraulic oil in it to flush the trans before it gets new 90wt. Test drove it around the yard Thursday night, seemed good. Built a new wire harness for it. Had what was left of the original Ford harness, and a bunch more other wires wadded up everywhere. Front axle pivot pin had no bolts in it, was walked out a good 1.5in, got that slid back in and new bolts installed. Should be finished up tomorrow finally.
  9. Piece from clutch, and cracked finger. All the big chucks that were laying in the bottom. And cover support removed from rear of speed trans to remove rails.
  10. Here's the latest project that's been in the shop, still is, but making progress forward. This is a long one, lots of reading... Ford 3500 KD forklift. Neighbors rig. He called as said he lost a couple gears. Went over and found that it broke a shift fork. Could get the broken pieces removed, but no way to install a new one. Shift rail didn't move far enough. In Fords infinite wisdom, you have to backspin the tractor to remove the shift rails, to remove the shift forks. Got counterweight dropped off, then rolled the diff housing away from the engine and speed trans. That's when things took a turn for the worse....... First, found a broken tooth on a gear in the speed trans. Have to remove trans from engine to pull bearing and snap rings off front of topshaft, to disassemble top shaft. Found clutch, that wasn't terribly old, had a finger/lever that was missing a piece and was cracked. Then found metal filled goo in the bottom of diff housing, along with lots of chucks of metal. 3 bearing rollers came out when I dropped the oil. Pinion had been flopping around forward and back. Like 0.150" endplay. Saw the ring gear had a chipped tooth. Pulled pinion out and found the flat roller bearing had lost all its rollers, inner and outer races were broken. Shaft was missing thrust washers behind the nut. Looked in the fill hole, found differential carrier was missing 5 out of 8 bolts... so then I pulled axles off and dropped the diff out. All 8 bolts were sheared off, just 3 hadn't completely fallen out yet. Spider has been working back and forth long enough it moves about 1/8in. Toast. My guess is the washers behind nut on pinion broke, which then let the pinion move around. That then tore out the flat roller support bearing. I think then the rollers wedged between pinion shaft and diff carrier. And wedged it tight enough it tried to push the 2 halves apart. Axle housings keeping it together. It's a giant mess. Nothing was wrong except for a broken shift fork when I started. A 3500 is its own animal, yes its basically a 3000 tractor. Lots of differences in the back. Luckily was able to find everything I needed at All State Ag Parts in Ft Atkinson IA, and resonable too. Got speed trans back on Thursday night. Hopefully go back together with diff housing tomorrow.
  11. My 9370 has one also. Though I just leave the lines shut off, as they are hooked thru the heater lines, and I only run the truck in the summer. The red can along the frame rail.
  12. Have you actually verified injection timing, and that the balancer has not slipped causing the timing marks to be off??
  13. Here's what we have at work. Pretty universal. And heavier duty than the ones "Charlie's Repair" sells.
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