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  1. Only 15k or so SMTAs. Serial numbers started at 60001.
  2. I figured you were on 92. That lot east of town, east of the river. The lot is owned by Plank Equipment, just an equipment lot as there isn't much room in town. They are a New Holland and Kinze dealer. The guy beside it with all the IH stuff is just collector. He has tons of stuff sitting around.
  3. Tons of pre 85 equipment in Eastern Iowa. All of Iowa for that matter. Seemed to be a dealer every 10-15 miles in the day. WP, what roads did you take to/from Muscatine? I'm from Mechanicsville but work in Tipton.
  4. My bad SW is correct. Sounds like you went by their farm.
  5. Members Rich and Cyndy Bayliss live SE of Hedrick a few miles. They have quite the collection of rare and uncommon IHs.
  6. Had a 7250 do that this spring. Half throttle would be fine. Above that it would fall on its face and roll the black smoke. Pulled air filters off it would be fine. Stick the inner filter in it would suck the elbow shut. Both filters were Case IH filters with only a few hrs on them. Rubber elbow was soft and squishy compared to his 7130. Got a used elbow out of a salvage yard that was good and hard. Problem fixed. I wonder if there was a batch of elbows that were made too soft.
  7. You do not have to pull the tank to take off the pto valve. Just had one off a week ago. I did take the support bolts out to give me some more room, but no need to remove tank. This one had no pto brake pressure, but would have pressure lockup. Lever would also not stay in. Ended up the 2 piece spool in the valve came loose and unscrewed itself. Lever should pop out when shut off as it's a hydraulic detent. You may have a problem in the valve
  8. There should be an 1/8in hole in the heat shield to hook the upper end. The lower end just gets hooked over the head of the screw.
  9. Yes I believe the rear brackets are the same from M-560 for a New Idea. Might just have to change the chain drive location.
  10. Looks like I spy a #21 elevator. Good looking crew!
  11. Here's a couple pics to help you visualize how its built. Granted this is on a 656 Hydro, but they are basically the same tractor. There is no need to make fancy adapters and other things to "make it work". The original design worked just fine for 50 years, why change it now?? Why is the oil pickup tube above the height of the full oil level?? That way when you change the filter it doesn't drain the whole transmission. What a pain in the butt that would be.... So the pickup is inserted into the rear housing. It shouldn't be floppy loose in there. There's a "quad ring" tha
  12. Friend of mine and one of our members here has a "1468". Its actually a 1466 but at some point the center housing was broke or something and previous owner or 2 got a different housing from a junk yard. Happens to be tagged a 1468.
  13. You have an aftermarket Delco conversion. Usually installed when the original magneto was removed. That looks to be the correct cap. Yes it could cross to a Deere number as deere used both Clip top delcos and screw top delcos.
  14. Aftermarket, but can't remember the brand off hand. See them on Hs and Ms from time to time
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