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  1. Use the Teflon lip style seal not a rubber lip with the spring. The same tool for 361/407 as for used with 400 series.
  2. Been keeping tabs on it. Union Pacific donated the 2 steam locomotives, a DD40X diesel loco, and a bunch of rolling stock. And 1 diesel F type Loco to Boone and Scenic Valley RR in Boone IA. The new owners RRHMA (RailRoading History of Midwest America) plan to put all locos back to operating condition. I believe 3985 is first on the list. Yes it will take a lot of time and money. But hasn't been the first Loco they have rebuilt and restored. From what I have read, Union Pacific can still recover ownership, but will have to reimburse RRHMA of all time and money spent on them. The tender that is on Big Boy 4014 is supposed to be with Challenger 3985. They are sending the tender that is currently with 3985 to be rebuilt and converted to oil, and then UP will switch the tenders back to the correct engines.
  3. Plastic plunger? Can't say I've seen one made out of plastic.
  4. Pretty simple to reseal it. Quad ring on the plunger itself. An oring at the top for the dirt seal. And a copper washer at the bottom of bore to seal the barrel.
  5. The 656 gas Utility with 2000 loader my grandfather bought new, my mom just bought it from the estate a few months ago. Needs a lot of TLC but I'm happy to have it. The Killbros gravity box has a IH 330 gear under it. We were unloading on the go. Uphill, the 315 didn't have enough ponies, downhill we were good... lol.
  6. Thanks for coming! And thanks for sharing pics! The combine is a 315, has a 3row 30in head on it. I had the 2 row 38in head on for taking off the picker corn endrows, swapped heads out Friday night. It has a hydro, and factory straw chopper. Odd combo. The ladder will fold up against the door when you pull on the rope and tie it up. Makes it a hot box with the door shut. Broke a land then left the ladder down. At some point it did have an A/C kit in it, but the evaporator has been removed from the cab. Mike (DTFan) and Aaron (nepoweshiekfarmalls) both ran my 234 and sheller on Kevins 806. Had the last 4 rows to do, so I swapped on the grinder unit for them, and ground the last rows onto the #10 cart. I will try to get some drone shots posted up.
  7. Please don't scrap that head...
  8. What's all going on here... fender washer... spacer on bottom..? New ones aren't cheap, but one piece and it fixes the problem for another 60 years.
  9. I figured that's what happened lol. Hoping to get mine out of the shed this weekend to do a little work on it for the end of the month.
  10. It is a small world lol. @Super A who is Al, is here too but frequents F-book more often. Figured I'd throw it up here to help him get it home for him. Maybe "The Great Cornsheller Relay Across America" haha.
  11. Have a friend looking to get an IH #30 corn sheller closer to home. The sheller is near Perham, MN and he lives in Richlands, NC. Quite the haul. I'm in eastern IA, if it was closer I'd run and get it this far at least.
  12. @DT FanSounds like things are still a go.
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