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  1. The top of the hood is right at 75 inches from the floor The center line of the crank coming through the bolster is about 2 inches below my belly button and Im 6'4.........
  2. Put in about 6 hours today and feel i got alot done. got the engine slid forward and bolted down, finished up rad connections, put on external oil lines, cleaned out tranny case and installed top cover with shifter. Set the hood and tank up there to see how it looks.....lol This has a cast iron oil pan, and only 1 ive ever seen. All i can say is i was nervous it wasn't going to clear the ball/socket mount for the spindle wishbone. not alot of room there. for the short folks i took a pic of the hood so they can see its a correct early flat hood.......lol
  3. 90 foot pounds done in 3 increments. put some oil on the stud threads .017 clearance hot but if you're doing it cold about 19 to 20 thousandths
  4. Finally getting back to this thing after surgery...... tryin to take it easy and do small stuff so been working on getting the engine buttoned up.
  5. it was finished off long before that..........lol
  6. I find it so very hard to comprehend the lack of any sort of intelligence in people who want gubment run healthcare. I would be happy to let them tag along with me for appointments and Dr visits any day of the week. Even after Ive ad surgery I still am fighting with the VA over my comp&pen claim for disability for all this. They tried telling me it wasnt service connected injury when right on my DD214 it says i was discharged for this injury. They're just a dirty bunch of commies
  7. Got to go in and have back surgery on Tuesday. Cut me open in the belly and went in form the front. Slapped some new hockey pucks in place of my old blown out L5S1 disc and had me up walking on wednesday. Been a long time coming for this procedure since the VA has been adimant about fighting me for the last 6 years about it. Original injury happened in 99 while on active duty and i was discharged for it.
  8. leaving them rusty. ive got a spray mixed up for the shiny bits that will blend then in short order
  9. worked on getting the steering all finished up and front wheels on before surgery. Made a new tie rod from an F20 steering shaft. turned down from 7/8 to .73 for 3/4x10 threads. Modified an existing tie rod end to be the correct style for an F series wide front. Made a new drag link out of parts of a steering are of a 10-20. the steering arms were reamed out for an automotive style 7 degree tie rod so i made new barrels for a 5/8 factory pin. put the front wheels on and felt good because it looks so much better now....lol
  10. Busy weekend. Started with a bare block and got most of the engine done. Pressed on new crank bearings and pressed the crank in the block. Set the engine in the chassis to put the smaller stuff on next weekend. Welded up the lower wishbone that was butchered and farmerized. Hopefully next weekend the front wheels will be on and the engine just about complete
  11. Switched gears a little bit and started in on the engine. Im supposed to have back surgery next month (no def date yet) so I want to get the heavy stuff out of the way while im laid up for a while. Tore the engine down to just about nothing. going to get new main bearings, crank has been turned .020 under with new babbits poured. Sleeves gettin put in the good block. Polished the crank up just a touch and cleaned the faced of the flywheel
  12. Old-F20

    LP experts?

    Vaporizer needs rebuilt as Bleedinred talked about. over time the diaphragm breaks down and leaks.
  13. Old-F20

    LP experts?

    parts are a available still , just not as easy to get as century stuff
  14. got 3 that are about 5 months old and one about 7 months old. they are def good at lounging......
  15. Posted January 1 According to the serial number suffix for the Cane tractors they would all be narrows. the designation for one is CNW on the serial. C for Cane, N for narrow rear and W for wide front axle. The high wheel was originally a NW tractor since its a Duckbill (1934 model) and production line Canes didnt come out until 1935. Ive seen a number of late 34's that have been essentially converted to Canes simply bu changing the front axle since the bolsters are the same. We somewhat concluded that there was enough demand for Cane tractors that fairly new ones were converted for that duty simply by changing the axle. There are no production numbers that we know of. Later in production they made a high speed Cane that has a factory OD unit in the back of the clutch housing. this made those tractors about 8 inches longer than the standard canes. Later in production they went to a style of axle that looks like the HV or MV would have without removable spindle or spindle extensions
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