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  1. 706 L.P.

    None of the main parts like the tank and sheetmetal interchange between the two unfortunately
  2. Gooseneck Trailer Storage

    I wanted to have a new shop built for RPRU in DSM to have an open house but that didnt happen. Dealing with the VA for disability claim i thought would be fairly easy since its the reason for my discharge. Boy was i wrong............over 2 years and still fighting with them We have lots of 'things' around here.....lol
  3. Gooseneck Trailer Storage

    car #558
  4. Gooseneck Trailer Storage

    I dont like my trailer sitting outside either. I just built a 3 sided lean-to on the back of my shop. its 40x11. Trailer is 25+5 so backed in all the way it just fits. ran a piece of romex out there so i can have lights and an outlet for a battery tender. Maintain the battery for the trailer winch and in the winter i store my Talladega on the trailer and plug it in as well. I think i have right at a thousand bux in all the material. built it in 3 days
  5. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    I didn't have the heart to scrap it since its so damn ugly/goofy. set it on a pallet out back. After the PITA that thing was to restore I don't wanna do anything else to it, think ill just leave it. bought a bit of newer stuff lately, got a 1486 mfwd and a 1066 hydro.......lol
  6. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    this brand here....... don't buy it, its junk. this is my second one after the dealer had to take the first one back. this one dogtracks worse than an old 70's chevy nova next one ill get IF I buy one will be a PJ with hyd dovetail spend the little bit extra money when you buy one and go with electric over hyd brakes. don't buy a big flex.........
  7. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    You seriously need to work on getting Mel there. Tell him if he comes out Wednesday or Thursday night dinner on me!
  8. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    I don't think you'll be able to smuggle that one on the plane back home. lol you can drive it around but its not as nice as yours. mine has an amateur paint job on it
  9. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    Boomer hasn't been over here since I started doing this one......lol He occasionally popped in while I was doing the 806
  10. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

  11. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    Going to bring my T20 tailseat orchard crawler
  12. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    Ill be bringing the 100 thousandth Farmall
  13. wheres the transtar talk at?

    Id still like to get a transtar II but for what i paid for the K100E i couldnt pass it up. maybe someday i will find a nice one, or a west coaster would be cool too
  14. wheres the transtar talk at?

    I looked for a few years to find a nice 4070B and couldnt ever find a decent one. If i could, id sure send my old Kenworth down the road Transtar II's are my favorite old cabover

    i dont have enough money to buy a gold tractor, so i just got a gold plow instead......lmao