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  1. Switched gears a little bit and started in on the engine. Im supposed to have back surgery next month (no def date yet) so I want to get the heavy stuff out of the way while im laid up for a while. Tore the engine down to just about nothing. going to get new main bearings, crank has been turned .020 under with new babbits poured. Sleeves gettin put in the good block. Polished the crank up just a touch and cleaned the faced of the flywheel
  2. Old-F20

    LP experts?

    Vaporizer needs rebuilt as Bleedinred talked about. over time the diaphragm breaks down and leaks.
  3. Old-F20

    LP experts?

    parts are a available still , just not as easy to get as century stuff
  4. got 3 that are about 5 months old and one about 7 months old. they are def good at lounging......
  5. Posted January 1 According to the serial number suffix for the Cane tractors they would all be narrows. the designation for one is CNW on the serial. C for Cane, N for narrow rear and W for wide front axle. The high wheel was originally a NW tractor since its a Duckbill (1934 model) and production line Canes didnt come out until 1935. Ive seen a number of late 34's that have been essentially converted to Canes simply bu changing the front axle since the bolsters are the same. We somewhat concluded that there was enough demand for Cane tractors that fairly new ones were converted for that duty simply by changing the axle. There are no production numbers that we know of. Later in production they made a high speed Cane that has a factory OD unit in the back of the clutch housing. this made those tractors about 8 inches longer than the standard canes. Later in production they went to a style of axle that looks like the HV or MV would have without removable spindle or spindle extensions
  6. So it seems the wishbone pivot stems are the same part from Pre 39 clear up to the 66 series. about 30 minutes of flipping through parts books and research taught me that one......lol The original lower wishbone had the ends broke off them and they were welded to the backside of the lower spindle. cut all that mess off and cleaned it up to see what i was working with. Luckily the diameter of the lower wishbone is the same as the Super M and up factory widefront wishbone. Happen to have one on the shelf that someone snapped the pivot ball out of so it was sacraficed today. OEM it used a fine pitch 1-3/8 nut but the holes in the spindle are 1-1/8. Back tot he lathe we went and turned it down to fit. Thats about all i got done today
  7. spindle extensions sure do make it look strange
  8. shes not expensive but sure can be moody......lol
  9. Upper wishbone installed and spindle extensions put on. Lower wishbone was welded to the back side of the extensions because they somehow managed to brake off the through piece with the threads. Somehow never broke the axle or spindles. Found out that the wishbone from a super M and newer is the same diameter behind the spindle. gonna cut the ends off of one i have on the shelf then repair the wishbone off the 30 with them. bad news is the spindle hole is 1-1/8 and the threaded portin on the super M wishbone is 1-3/8. ..........guess its back to machining parts for this turd. lol Pepper is overlooking the work done
  10. Little more work today. New bushings and seals in the bolster along with shimming it as well. put the bolster in the frame with cultivator mounts on. Whipped out a new pivot pin since my old one looked like a camshaft. Hung the axle then called it a night
  11. Looks like ill be getting a midsota then....lol Im sure you remember my trailer fiasco from CAFES last april Danny. Did you get full electric brakes on those 12k's? If i get another trailer im gonna go with electric over hydraulic brakes. Im just plain tired of dealing with them. Pretty lucky there there is a midsota dealer here in Des Moines
  12. That SRX was one **** of a sleeper. It still runs the bogies off the newer 800's
  13. couple shop pics. red curtains are the welding area when it gets smokey or lots of grinding. red an white curtains are the paint booth/washbay
  14. 1947 OS4 experimental. live hyd and rear hitch. 50 of them made 1971 F350 390/C6 dana 60. doing an engine rebuild SRX700 Super H with mower and sprayer
  15. Lemme round up some pics.......lol
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