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  1. I plan on loading up saturday after lunch to head home. Im not retired, I dont work for myself so i have to schedule days off from work in which i only get so many a year. I took thursday and friday off work so that means I go to work at 4am wednesday to leave at noon then drive 6 hours to get unloaded. that makes for a long day and a grumpy guy. Some people forget that others have things in life going on and cant spend every single minute at the show. I understand people leaving on saturday afternoon but there will still be plenty there to see for someone stopping in
  2. Got a couple 450's around here.... The Gasser is my Dads that we restored a few years back. His uncle bought it new My 450D i scored in Idaho couple years back, Its one of the few tractors out in the wild that still had the entire tel-e-depth FH setup still on it and functioning My450LP I love plowing with. restored that about 10 years ago
  3. My first sled was a 71 Yamaha SL292 my dad bought new. I rode the bogies off that thing growing up. We were strictly Yamaha sleds due to my dads cousin owning a dealership. When i got bigger i graduated to an exciter 440 and occasionally i got to ride the old mans SRX440. From there i went to a 98 SRX700 triple. that thing was nassssty...... Jumped ship and ride PigLaris's now. no Yammy dealers anywhere around me and pretty much died off. Currently have a 79 TX440, Indy Traill 488 fan and a '20 Switchback 800 ProS
  4. I leaving wednesday at noon when i get off work for the entire show. I kinda 'hafta' be there since I got this tractor that people think is special. I just wanna go hang out with friends
  5. that saturn was the best free car i ever got. drove that thing for almost 8 years......lol
  6. Ive got a weld on tail on my 48 foot Fruehauf. I like the fact that i can go to shows or other places without a dock and still get things loaded/unloaded. The drawback is the ramps are heavy but i also dont have spring assist on them. I set it up so when the ramps are down and i dump the bags they sit flat on the ground. Kinda nice to drive up and down and the trailer has zero bounce to it.
  7. I went up for The Jack as well...... I took my switchback ProS though, left the vintage stuff at home. My buddy had the RXL and the Tx250 in the corral there. He raced his 440XCR in a few classes. I missed the drivers meeting by about 15 minutes or I wouldve ran his TXL340
  8. kinda jelly.........still waiting on snow here. Did manage to get just about everything done on the sled i wanted. still waiting on polaris to crap me my windshield bag. Just be careful out on the ice with the yamahas......lol
  9. I saw a meme on FB with that pic and i laughed out loud....... the stop ride recall for the fuel pumps was silly given the actual sleds lost versus those sold. The brake recall on the RMK's is aboslutely ridiculous...... Guys ride the brakes on them getting them hot and having issues but polaris thinks its something to take care of. the fix is a change in the ecu that when it sees brake pressure in the system it cuts out the throttle.....lol. those guys should love that one I actually ride alot harder now that i have a sled with good suspension under it than i did with the ole 'hammer. riding position makes a huge difference
  10. No snow in sight here so catching up on some 'to dos'....... upgraded the primary and secondary with springs and weights....etc updated chain case tensioner and studded track new front bumper along with skis and carbides No one around here rides newer yamahas and ive only seen one turbo cat around. I would imagine those things run like a stabbed rat with the boost.... the one gripe the guys had with the early to mid 2000's 4 strokes were the weight of them. they seemed to get with the program on the trails though. I used to rock a 98 SRX700 so i know all about riding a tank in the snow......lol
  11. There were some Pre 39 stuff that brought seriously stupid money while most were average market price. there were a couple of deals on some tractors. The pre 39 tool board sold on friday and i missed seeing it in the online catalog and didnt get to bid. brought like 575 which is stupid cheap. Only thing i bought saturday was a ridiculusly clean original F20
  12. Ground was crazy hard yesterday. That place is always tough pulling in good years and even worse with no rain most of the year. Stayed in either L3 or L4 on the 806LP, couple times the TA saw some action......lol
  13. I think next year i WONT take the ole 560D. I had to wash my face when we got back to collins cuz i was covered in soot......lol Driving into the north wind that long got me good
  14. Heres one going on tomorrow since its raining today
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