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  1. Im not sure how steep of hills you have. Our 20' was on a caddy also i should have said earlier. Thats how our 5250 could handle it. There aren't any 15' 1535s around us so i cant tell you what people use. But our 5250 mfd would handle a 15' on a caddy real well. The last year we had the planter we ran our 8950 on it and it handled it easily.
  2. We pulled our 1535 20' with a 5250 maxxum in clay rolling hills. I wouldn't have wanted anything smaller on it. They are very good planters. There is a roll pin that drives the bean metering cups that we would replace every other year cause they get stressed and to avoid a breakdown during planting.
  3. I just saw this. I sent you a message.
  4. Hey I was just looking at the site tonight an seen your name. Really enjoyed seeing you tractor pull last summer. So are you planning to pull again this season. thanks

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