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  1. Looks like there is room to mount a generator up front to charge your EV.
  2. I power washed all the grease and oil off of this short block and it turned out to be silver. I assume that a C4 block is a replacement block from the factory? Were the C4 blocks that much of an improvement over the original or just minor changes? I picked up a non running 806D a number of years ago and was able to get the engine loose and running. In order to get it moving I had to rebuild the MCV, fix the shifting tower and rebuild the transmission cover. Just for fun I rebuilt the PTO, injectors, fuel pump and front steering bolster. I did hook it to a 14' 470 disk and work it a bit. The TA slips in low, the clutch is bad and it has a knock in the engine. So the plan is to do the TA, Clutch and install the new to me short block and see what else I can find wrong with it. The salvage yard claims 400 hours on the short block for what it's worth. I guess I can always convert it to a Cummins. Prior to this I had little to no diesel experience so I call it my Trade School Tractor. Had to borrow my wife's green tractor with a loader in order to lift it out of the shop. The engine p/n 607294C4 W 5 17 + L s/n B8D3611085 Tractor s/n 10816 about mid 1964. APF
  3. The overhead hoist is impressive.
  4. Is this the same tractor you did the engine overhaul on?
  5. Over the winter I see my bobble box leaking while it is sitting on the header trailer. Last fall when I engaged the reel it appeared to have a slight vibration that was not there before. Can the box be rebuilt or should I just get a new one. Can't think of where else a back and forth vibration would occur from.
  6. The guy missing three fingers has the best ones for sale.
  7. I got my parts last Friday and this past Monday, about 5 days after I ordered them. Steering arm and tie rods for the 856.
  8. We use copper sulfate and limestone in our stock tanks when they get algae in them.
  9. 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88.
  10. Since we had more snow today about 2 inches it is headed east from here.
  11. Check the slip clutch on the mower.
  12. Torgerson's here in Montana is a Viscosity dealer.
  13. Wife just got one. I will stick with my flip phone. APF
  14. Had to date mine that I have had for 24 years. Turns out to be late 50's early 60's Lodge 7". For what it's worth about the same age as me. APF
  15. I was having dinner at my brothers house and my niece who was about sixteen at the time was complaining about her steak being tough. So I said to her give me a little piece of your steak. I took a bite and with a serious voice I said "no wonder this is from an old Hereford and not from an Angus". My niece looked at me and said nooooo you can't tell the difference. Then her mom looks at her and says "well he should know he is a cattleman". Things just went downhill from there.
  16. I thought maybe it was for bigger kernels to go out the large wire concave.
  17. I am planning on growing some barley this year. Looking at initial crop settings for barley it recommends 2 SW and 1 LW. I currently have 3 SW for wheat and was wondering if the 1 LW is really needed for certain types of barley and is 1 LW a good idea for wheat too? How common is it to mix concave's?
  18. I made sure everything had low ash 30 wt after the last oil tread.
  19. Let me guess. There is the porta potty option for the hole.
  20. OK. Generac or Kohler for my house?
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