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  1. Mine was hard to start after I changed the fuel filter. I cracked the lowest injector line and let it set over night, Started the next morning. Just sayin. APF
  2. Looks completely different to me.
  3. Mine is manual and I am converting it to hydraulic. I have managed to accumulate all the parts except this one. I have one but need two just thought I would ask before I fabricate a new one.
  4. Newer drills incorporated the arm into the rock shaft and not a stand alone part.
  5. I have looked all over the internet for this part. I actually found the number as available but when I contact the vendor they say it is no longer available.It is the arm attached to the rock shaft to raise and lower the planting disks. Does anybody know of one that is available? 510 grain drill.
  6. I installed a new switch and solenoid that is why I am at a loss here.
  7. I have a good starter, good relay and good switch. I have power to both sides of the amp meter but my switch seems to be dead. Is it possible the voltage regulator is my problem? Thanks in advance. APF
  8. That being said. I own 1 green tractor and like my UPS driver better than my Fedex driver.
  9. I spent most of my childhood hanging out at my grandfather's IH dealership and more recently retired from Fedex after thirty years. I bleed both red and purple. APF
  10. Retired. Nearly 31 years at Flying Tigers/Fedex Express. Set the parking brake on the MD-11 for the last time on 12-12-2017. Before that I was a bush pilot in Alaska flying Beavers and Twin Otters. Now I farm my 100 acres with tractors that say Farmall on the side. APF
  11. Post pounder on the front?
  12. Type in HSCXK in the Case IH model search for Super Chief shares, shins and moldboards. Makes no sense to me either. APF
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