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  1. We have a center pivot irrigation system and some Sudan grass showed up in our field in a perfect pie shape. I assume someone dumped the seed into the supply ditch and ended up on our field. Still see some of it in the field 5 years later.
  2. And the off color pistons from a 466 so said Eddie one time.
  3. We did that about 10 years ago. Cribbed up inside the barn and raised it with jacks. Used an excavator to dig out the old foundation then did footings and concrete blocks. APF
  4. Red Flyer

    IH DC-3

    Dad passed away in march of this year. While going through his belongings I came across this card. I remember dad telling me that he along with his father rode the DC-3 from MSP to MEM and back. As I recall the story my grandfather sold a certain amount of hay balers that won him a free trip to the factory in Memphis TN. My grandpa was always called "tractor grandpa " so we would not confuse him with my other grandpa. Grandpa's dealership was called Fratzke's in Watertown MN. Phone 955-1901. I was 4 months old at the time according to the date.
  5. Driver next to the trailer?
  6. Last week the heater/AC blower fan quite on the wife's JD 6605. Hooked up the round bale monitor - nothing no power. All I could find on the fuse panel was a blown fuse for the horn. Checked the horn and is was inoperative as well. Replaced the horn fuse and guess what? The fan and monitor were back in service again. Go figure.
  7. All I ever find are broken plow shares that say Oliver on them.
  8. Lost my dad March 6. Dad was still helping with field work last fall, by February he could not get out of bed and into his chair with out my help. He is in a better place now.Spent a lot of days tagging along with him to grandpa's IH dealership when I was a kid. APF
  9. Who are your helpers in the back ground?
  10. On a sunny day around March or April it was common to have temperature inversions. It could be below zero on the ground and at 2000 feet the temperature was 40 degrees warmer. You could actually see the inversion when you climbed through it.
  11. All the bear did was roll over and go back to sleep.
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