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  1. Red Flyer

    One more saved

  2. Red Flyer

    Fuel Tank Sealing on Inside

  3. Red Flyer

    The Super WD 9 is on a Slim Fast diet 😎

    Looking Good A&J
  4. Red Flyer

    6.5 misfireing

    Thought you meant 6.5 Creedmoor
  5. Red Flyer


    Same here. My neighbor across the roads swears by it. I must live on the wrong side of the road for it to work . APF
  6. Red Flyer


    About half done here. APF
  7. Red Flyer

    Wow, 28 years already...

    Flying B747's from McGuire AFB to Frankfurt to Dhahran to Dubai and back again. Desert Shield and Desert Storm. APF
  8. Red Flyer

    Beef hanging weight

    So your beef is worth $10.00 lb hanging weight?
  9. Red Flyer

    68 Binder

    Well I have a Cub Cadet 100 complete with fenders and IH hub caps to haul around on the flat bed. My grandfather was an IH dealer so I was thinking something along those lines would be appropriate. The flat bed is still unpainted and am trying to decide if I should paint it white to match the truck or black like everybody else. Arlin
  10. Red Flyer

    68 Binder

    I picked up this chassis at the Binder Bash in Clayton WA last summer and built a flatbed for it this winter.
  11. Red Flyer

    Poop pusher

    Miller Maxstar? APF
  12. Red Flyer

    1200C fuel sending unit

    Thanks I was thinking that was the best thing to do. APF
  13. Red Flyer

    Restoring a bobsleigh runner

    Always be carful what is in your photo. APF
  14. Red Flyer

    1200C fuel sending unit

    Just pulled the fuel tank on my 1200C and the sending unit only had one wire attached. Is the loose wire (black) for a ground? Thanks in advanced APF
  15. Red Flyer


    Now that the new Farm Bill drops the restrictions on hemp is anybody planning on planting hemp in the spring? APF