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  1. Red Flyer

    Lee Iacocca

    One thing I will always remember after I read his book "Lead follow or get out of the way"
  2. Back in the day it was an F-12 and a disc and about the same age. APF
  3. For what it is worth Montana was the hemp leader last year at 22,000 acres and Colorado was second. Montana Dept of Ag is very progressive in the Hemp industry and expects to double the acres this year. APF
  4. Red Flyer

    735 Plow

    Thanks for all the replies APF
  5. Red Flyer

    735 Plow

    I came across an ad near by that is offering an IH 735 variable plow, apparently you can adjust the width of your furrow. I have never heard of such a thing. My question is does this work as advertised or is it something to stay away from. Not really interested in buying it just curious. Arlin
  6. Looks like the crowd was a little thin compared to last year when I was there.
  7. Red Flyer

    New joke

    This must be the new oil thread
  8. Can you post a video so we can see it work?
  9. Red Flyer

    New joke

    Left hand thread and right hand thread ?
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