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  1. What did the seeds forecast ?
  2. Saw them on I-90 headed west by the truck loads, always wondered what they were. APF
  3. Tried organic soybeans this year but the deer ate them all.
  4. P: Seat belt crotch strap loose. S: Belt fits mechanic just fine. (back in my Tiger days)
  5. I assume that I have to take the display to a Case IH dealer for the software update?
  6. Inside cover says January 1999. Bottom of display says 5/99
  7. OK here is what I have.
  8. I recently acquired a 2388 combine that came with an AFS system. The mounting bracket for the AFS system is broken and a new one is $160. Before I spend the $160 on a new bracket I would like to know if the AFS system is worth it. We are talking about something that is 20 years old with a data card that reminds me of an 8 track tape. Can anyone share some insight here? Thanks in advance. APF
  9. Skinny long legs big jugs.757
  10. Tried electronic ignition on my 230 and went back to points/condenser.
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