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  1. Who did they copy...

  2. Spring plowing with the 656

    Same here had to get out the 856
  3. New member

    Keep it original. APF
  4. Brand new 656

    That brings back some memories. I had a new 560 when I was a kid when the real 560 just came out. # Still plays with tractors APF
  5. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    My favorite. Keep heading south until nobody knows who Herman Nelson is.
  6. Wire Harness

    When ever the subject of wire harnesses comes up some people state that they build there own. I plan on installing a new wire harness in my 806D and think I might like to build my own. Where would I order all the parts to build a new one and would it be worth the cost savings? APF
  7. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    "Well did you learn anything" right after I did something stupid. Or " I'll bet you won't do that again"
  8. 706 Diesel Electrical Problem

    90% of electrical problems are caused by a bad ground. APF
  9. 806D first start in 20 yrs

    Does the power steering work?
  10. Excuse me pilots

    The Twin Otter is a great airplane, did a lot of off airport landings. In the summertime we operated on 36" tires landing on beaches and sandbars in the wintertime operated off ice strips on standard tires. Always wanted to fly one on floats after flying the turbine Beaver on floats. APF
  11. Excuse me pilots

    I was flying a Twin Otter at the time. Alaska Air National Guard flew C-130's into those sites. APF
  12. Excuse me pilots

    Cape Newenham. Cape Romanzof and Sparrevohn Alaska all have 10% uphill runways with notes that state "go around improbable" Landed there on a regular basis with mail and personal. APF
  13. 856 hydraulic pump update

    Don't always assume other people are smarter than you are. APF
  14. 806 MCV

    I bought it as is, I assume the green stuff is HyGuard. APF
  15. 806 MCV

    Well I took your advice and it worked. When I pressurized the rear end with air I got a small drip of green fluid so I decided the tractor had to be really sick. After a couple more attempts I got a steady run of green stuff, I hit the starter and low and behold the red stuff shot about 3 feet from the hole. I fired up the tractor and in time the brakes work, the TA works and the clutch works. It took a little more time to bleed the steering and it works also. I drove the tractor out of the shop under its own power after sitting there for 2+ years. Always appreciate good advice. APF