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  1. I am trying to install a new muffler and tailpipe on a 1986 F-250. When I got the pipe and muffler I put a magnet on the pipe and muffler to see if it is steel or stainless. The magnet stuck and then I find out that some stainless exhaust pipe will hold a magnet. My original plan was to weld it with a mig welder and not use the clamps that came with the kit. If I do weld it I assume that I will need stainless welding wire and then how do I transition from OEM steel to new stainless pipe. Should I just clamp it and forget about welding it? Should I not worry about it and just weld it. Four pieces that came in the kit will all slip together. Thanks in advance for the comments. Arlin
  2. We put one in 5 years ago for the A/C mostly. When the heat side kicked in it did not do well below 25 deg F.
  3. Stevens Model 67. Must have been the auto correct.
  4. Most of the series is filmed here in the Bitterroot Valley. The barn and ranch house are just south of Darby. Other scenes have been filmed in Hamilton and Missoula and I see the Yellowstone trucks in my town (Stevensville) on occasion . Down side is that it has attracted to many people to the area and real estate prices are just getting stupid. I enjoy watching it as well.
  5. Well I certainly do not need another tractor or project for that matter. It would just be added to my collection and sit most of the year. Mostly interested in your comments about the hours. APF
  6. Neighbor has this for sale for 20K has over 12 thousand hrs on the meter.
  7. Glad someone explained that to me.
  8. For what it is worth I got my new top screw and lower housing today. I measured the old top screw and new top screw and the were the same. It appears that only the lower housing stripped out. APF
  9. I was plowing with my 550 5 bottom plow with 2 rounds left go. The left hand leveling screw striped out. In your experience does the screw part strip out or the housing part strip out ?Should I just plan on replacing both halves? Top screw 397 095 R2 housing 396 752 R1. Thanks in advance. APF
  10. Yes I see that now. Looks like the smoke was coming from under the gear box. Any way to look under the gear box?
  11. I discovered smoke coming from the rear rotor bearing after the rotor bogged down. I can turn the rotor ok but found some burnt chaff inside the rotor cone like it is wrapped around the bearing. I can only get my fingers in there so far. Is there another access to the rear rotor bearing. Thanks in advance. APF
  12. We have a center pivot irrigation system and some Sudan grass showed up in our field in a perfect pie shape. I assume someone dumped the seed into the supply ditch and ended up on our field. Still see some of it in the field 5 years later.
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