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  1. I don’t like Busch latte… I especially don’t like it with a JD copy track on the can.
  2. I don't think you'd have any issues with any 8' - 10' machine on a 966 or 1066. I have a MF 1328 8' that I put on my 656 hydro. I just cut odd pieces of grass but have never run out of power. I wouldn't want to cut alfalfa without a conditioner but it works fine for the little bit of grass hay I make for my calves.
  3. What is the reasoning/rational the agronomist gave for waiting on bean planting?
  4. Thank you for your service and those great pictures. I'm always amazed at how much is going on on the flight deck of those carriers. It amazes me how much goes on on a relatively small area.
  5. I haven't had it as often lately, but used to get that about once a year. It is very painful, but at least once you get antibiotics it always goes away quickly for me.
  6. The farm I lived on as a young kid had a barn like that with a round roof and laminated rafters. Unfortunately it went down in a wind storm a few years ago.
  7. I'm glad your Dad is able to be back at home, hopefully he will continue to make quick improvement. We were able to finally get the corn done this weekend. My Dad and brother have been doing strip till corn and no till beans for many years so don't get to do much tillage anymore. But this farm was tiled last fall so it was chisel plowed after tiling and then worked this spring to try and level off the tile ditches. I also have a video on my phone but will need to try and figure out how to post that.
  8. I'd even be happy with $1.59 gas.
  9. I found this picture of mine. At first I thought no, but after looking at this it appears to be similar.
  10. Looks like a lot of fun. That 800 vertical fold planter brings back a lot of memories . How are you going to spray the wide row corn? Dad has an old 8 row wide Noble cultivator sitting around if you want to cultivate it. 😀
  11. I hope I look as good as your Mom when I’m 97.
  12. Looks very nice. When I was young my Grandpa had an AC 912. I thought it was great, much more fun to run than the Snapper Comet my parents had and I mowed with.
  13. I don't know anything about your area. But my guess would be that they can get more for the modified and dried distillers grains by shipping it out on rail rather than selling to local farmers. In my area there is a huge amount of DDG's being fed to swine and beef. Is ethanol a long term viable solution? I have my opinions but am no expert, time will tell. But to say that corn is wasted and not used for feed I don't think is true.
  14. What's the story with the waterfall going into the kiddie pool?
  15. Apparently tree lives don't matter.....some innocent tree lost it's live for that stupid note!
  16. Yes, they were made. My Dad has 1 in his collection. If I remember I will get a picture of it. I don't know for sure which short line company made them, Demco possibly.
  17. But this is not the weight I’m asking about. I’m referring to 383393R1.
  18. I’m curious why you say “compaction and poison? Organic doesn’t seem to me like a way to combat compaction considering the number of trips across the field for tillage and cultivation.
  19. My Dad has a lot of the 100# without the L cut out. But I can't really think what they mean about the square front.
  20. A couple questions regarding weights. So which have the flat bottom? I assume just 148347C1 and 1280656C1? Also your list shows just 1 type of 100 lb. weights with "square front". Other than the cut-out for the angle iron what is different about 383393R1 and 383393R2 that you are referring to with the square front? I believe the "flame cut" weights did not have didn't have a completely enclosed hand hole, I believe there was an open slot on the top. Does anyone have a part number for those weights?
  21. I can’t say I agree and that I like the look. But they are definitely unique, the grill is kind of “futuristic”.
  22. Sounds like a great guy and a very impressive collection. What model Ford is that with the picker? Don’t know if I’ve ever seen 1 of those.
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