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  1. Did he pay you? Don’t you usually need to pay as soon as the auction is completed? If so sell it again! Sounds like a great arrangement. 😁
  2. Dolly wheel must have been an option, not standard equipment. I have seen many NH256 and IH35’s that have them.
  3. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be limitations. But to say the fast hitch would have become impractical isn’t necessarily true. Today’s 3 point is different than what Ferguson first used. I’m sure the fast hitch would have evolved, grown, just as 3 point has. But at this point it’s all speculation and really doesn’t matter. The fore and aft adjustment needs to be either part of the implement, like on a 45 fast hitch cultivator I have, or part of the hitch as Super C’s did using the front rock shaft. That’s probably a downfall as I see that being more expensive to manufacture/purchase than accomplishing it with a 3rd link.
  4. Yes, this is a 5 bar. I have no desire to get a 4 bar rake. As you said that wouldn’t be great in my conditions.
  5. My hay making is very small scale these days. Just some grass hay for a little roughage for the few calves I feed out to butcher. I use an old wheel rake that we used back when we had a lot of alfalfa and oat straw to bale. But it doesn’t do the best picking up the fine grass I sometimes get in waterways and old pastures. I’d like an IH 35 rake but most I see locally are more than I really want to spend. Noticed a NH 56 locally for a good price. I think these are a good rake, but never used 1. Any comments? What’s different between the 56 and 256?
  6. As mentioned already that is a 100. I used to have a fast hitch 7' mower that was older than this, had the pitman drive. I can't remember the model number, 2C something. It came with a 230 I had. That tractor had no problem with a 7' mower so neither would the super C.
  7. Not sure where you are delivering but they aren't very personable...don't even know your dog's name!
  8. Only 1 grain cart for those 3 12 row heads? Unless the corn isn't yielding much I would think he is a very busy guy. Never seen a mother bin in use around here. But I assume they are just parked at the end of the field so that the combines/cart never have to wait for a semi?
  9. Thanks for the pictures. My family quit chopping silage when they sold the dairy cows. I was quite young at that time so never helped at all. I do remember them filling the 20'x60' cement stave silo vaguely and also a bunker silo. I'm curious, it looks like you are covering an upright silo? Is that common? I guess I thought an advantage of the uprights was that you didn't need to cover it and should have less spoilage since the upright itself has a roof.
  10. A lot of neat stuff on that auction. I'm really intrigued by lot# 173 and 173A. The Dodge 3/4 pickup with a front mount snowblower and engine in the box to power it. Not something I need but an interesting set up.
  11. I understand what you are saying and wish it was still that way. Where I work it has become hard to hire anyone, let alone a conscientious employee. How do the Air Tags work ? I’ve heard of them, have seen wallets that have a place for them. Apparently they don’t need to be charged or powered? Just not sure how they work.
  12. We use Verizon Reveal Connect at work. It’s a paid subscription though, not free. Keeps drivers honest but also helps us to know if driver makes a mistake or cover our butts if they didn’t.
  13. We are trying…had 2.7” last night. But we are so dry I don’t think any will make it to the Mississippi.
  14. I did a lot of weights that way when I was a kid. Also painted the duals for both of Dad’s 1066’s that way.
  15. I painted 10 70lbers by cleaning them up with a flap brush on my angle grinder. Then laid them on cardboard on the shop floor and rattle canned with Rustoleum primer and CIH 2150. Turned out very well. I do like the barrel idea though.
  16. Yep, very similar concept to an SMV bracket.
  17. That 1 could probably be sold for more than that. It has the bracket for mounting and the cup inside the lid. Often times they are missing the cup. I have a couple. 1 doesn't appear to have ever been used. The mounting bracket is still in a manilla envelope inside the thermos.
  18. Looks like fun! We went to Orange Beach for our family vacation 4 years ago I believe. I remember eating at the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar and also a nice restaurant at the Wharf. Had a great time, very nice beaches. Last year we went to Galveston TX. Not quite as nice white sand. But were we stayed near Jamaica beach it wasn't as busy and you could drive right out on the beach, that was very nice. This year we went to North Myrtle Beach SC. It was busier but the water was much more beautiful than what I've experienced on the gulf.
  19. So you bought a 7230 and still have the 2366 and 1440? I’m jealous of the amount of shed space you must have to keep this all under roof. 😀
  20. I will admit I haven’t read everything here, just skimmed. But I haven’t seen anyone mention the fact that the union wants to work 32 hours and be paid for 40. I could be sympathetic to the argument at a wealth differential between blue collar and corporate big wigs. But I loose all respect when they want more money but work only 32 hours/week. I would say there are many self made wealthy people who worked their a**es off for it.
  21. I'm guessing that was an Almaco. Made in Nevada, IA. During college I did an internship at a Pioneer research station. Spent a lot of time on an HP5 and some on an SPC20...can't really say it was a pleasant experience.
  22. Many many years ago I used to go to the Blue Beacon in Altoona IA to get the Volvo I drove cleaned and the hopper acid washed. I always thought those guys had a terrible job. Always damp and wet, looked miserable. Your truck looks very nice!
  23. My Dad found this somewhere and gave it to me. He thought I should have it since I have a 656 hydro.
  24. As others have mentioned 2 4-d and Dicamba sprayed in the fall work good. Later in the fall when it's starting to get cool at night is when you have the best results. If you have it really think I would do 2 applications, spray once and then hit it again in a week. Both Crossbow and Grazon do a good job too.
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