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  1. I believe it was South of Dallas that I saw signs, then to the West I assume. I ate a fair amount of Blue Bell ice cream while in Galveston, no peach, but it was delicious.
  2. We normally don't need to deal with snow during harvest. But around here almost everyone leaves them out during harvest, just can justify the time driving them home every night. Opening up the clean grain elevator if you are expecting rain is a good idea.
  3. Are all the mowers made in Beatrice now? I believe Toro has a plant in MN, Windom maybe. Maybe they make other things there.
  4. Did you take Hwy. 50 all the way across CO? It's been many years since I've been through there but I love the Gunnison area. You hear so much about Georgia peaches I thought they were just a Southeastern thing. When in TX this summer I saw a big peach growing area, now I learn they grow them in CO too.
  5. You may need to keep them away from your cattle to. My wife sent me this picture this morning from our pasture.
  6. Interesting to hear, that is what the Exmark dealer claims as well. The Toro does fine, but I may need to try an Exmark the next time I trade. I have a really good Toro and Exmark dealer wthin 5 miles of each other.
  7. It will be interesting to see how much this affects grain prices in my area. Local demand is so much larger than it was say 20 years ago, it has to be a much smaller portion that now goes to barges. There is still grain shipped on rail, but even that is lower than it used to be as demand from ethanol plants and feed mills has really blown up. It's always looked to me like the Mississippi dumps into the Ohio, not the other way around.
  8. I have a Toro Titan HD, 2000 series I believe. As IHCubGuy mentioned the Exmark and Toro are the exact same mower. Exmark dealer told me that the decks are different, he says the Exmark deck cuts better. But looking at your picture it looks very similar to the deck on my Toro. My has the Toro/Exmark engine, if I had to complain that would be my only complaint. No problems with it, just seems a little under powered.
  9. 200 acres sold for $20,900/acre here just a couple weeks ago. A very well off farmer who owned quite a bit of land told me once "I never bought a piece of land that seemed like a good deal at the time." I get that, but it's hard be think that when it's this high.
  10. This was 19 - 21%. 103 day corn, 1st planted, and on light soil. Most isn’t that dry yet.
  11. Soybeans aren’t quite ready for us. But did take out some early corn on Thursday. Stay safe this harvest season.
  12. Beautiful sun rise on my way to work last week.
  13. That's how I got into raising goats when I was a little kid 35 years ago. Went to the sale barn with my Grandpa and he let me bid on a goat kid. He had a gunney sack in the trunk of his big old Oldsmobile. Put the goat in the gunney sack and threw it in the trunk for the ride home.
  14. I was surprised by the amount of spillage also. Especially dumping the carts into the semis. I understand that it's a very small percentage, I've just never been around large operations chopping like this so it was a surprise. I was also a little surprised how fast they were turning around with the dump cart raised. They must be more stable than I realize as that looks like a good way to tip 1 over.
  15. I think my Dad has a couple in his collection. I know he has a small 1, 3 ton possibly. I will try to remember to get some pictures the next time I'm there.
  16. My only experience with burning wood is in an outdoor fire pit or on a brush pile. So educate me on your stove. I assume the heat exchangers are to get the heat out of the stove and into the shop? Also assume they go completely through the stove do that air moves through them? They look like a dryer vent pipe, I assume something heavier than that to withstand the heat?
  17. Looks like fun, brings back memories of my childhood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Kilbros. wagons in 1 place. Dad had 2 that my Grandpa got when he traded in 2 Gehl chopper boxes.
  18. I assume that’s a bobcat? I’d welcome them if they killed groundhogs, they are destructive critters.
  19. It’s east of the island of idiots in a sea of conservative people known as IA City. So it should be on your way. As an Iowa State Cyclone alumn and fan I say Go Wolverines!!!😀
  20. x3 for Larsen Lights We have these in a 2366, MX270 and 1586. Make a world of difference.
  21. In 2019 I redid our deck with composite decking. I had some rebate money at Menards so I used it to buy a compound miter saw. I decided on a Craftsman that looks almost identical to that Rigid. I didn’t expect much, just wanted to make it through the deck rebuild. It worked flawlessly and I’m shocked how much I’ve used it since.
  22. Very sorry to hear this, you will be in my prayers. If she feels up to it I’d say go to the funeral, Covid or not. We are exposed to it anyway.
  23. I shouldn't even comment as Grandpa and Dad sold the dairy cows when I was 4 or 5 years old, so I have no practical experience. But I do remember the 560 running a Gehl blower on the 20x60 concrete stave silo. I also remember a garden hose running from the barn to the blower. As mentioned above Dad told me that was to keep haylage from getting gummy and plugging the pipe. He's also told me before how they had forgetten to shut of the hydrant and filled the blower with water. Doesn't sound like water blew up the pipe really well.
  24. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic.....but I love that movie. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=3+AMIGOS+MAIL+PLANE+SCENE&view=detail&mid=69A41228DE5D8E2C197269A41228DE5D8E2C1972&FORM=VIRE
  25. I currently have all my electrical "stuff" in an old craftsman tool box with pull out drawers. I like that idea with the plastic cases you can take out and take with you.
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