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    15" row bean population

    When I was working in soybean seed production we had seed stock get back from South America late many springs. One year it came back late and we were planting it as it arrived prior to getting germination results. We ended up with stands of 55,000 to 80,000. Still yielded well. The biggest issue was the large gaps in the field. I think an evenly spaced population of 100,000 would yield just as well as higher populations.
  2. IH Forever

    Finally, my office view today

    I heard that Algona had 5”. I don’t know where you are exactly but hope you didn’t get that.
  3. IH Forever

    15" row bean population

    A lot of times when drilling people do plant at a higher population than with a planter and 15" rows. The main reason for this is because the seed metering is not as accurate on a drill and also the seed placement is not as good so you often times end up with beans on top of the ground. With 15" rows and a planter with row units it isn't necessary to "over plant" to compensate for these factors.
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    What you see when you don't have a camera....

    I understand your point...but would you care to bet that he probably had a smart phone he could use to fill out that online application?
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    Far all 340 misfire

    When my Dad got his 340 out of the shed this spring it had a miss. When I looked at it yesterday he had already replaced plugs, plug wires, and distributor cap but still had a miss. I pulled plug wire off of cylinder #3 and no change. When I set the plug wire by the plug there is nice blue spark but it's not firing for some reason. We tried putting in another new plug with no change. I am going to put in new points for him. My question is could bad points cause 1 cylinder not to fire?
  6. IH Forever

    15" row bean population

    I would say 140 is enough in 15" rows. I agree with Jerry I've never seen a consistent yield gain on 15" rows. The advantage I do seen is quicker canopy for weed control.
  7. IH Forever

    Finally, my office view today

    Glad you are going. Amazing how you don't have to go very far north and it gets wet. We finished up beans today.
  8. IH Forever

    Is This A Fabricated Fast Hitch Adapter?

    This is the adapter that IH offered. I have 2 of them for large points.
  9. IH Forever

    Subsidizing farmers? Hows it work?

    That is interesting, I didn't realize that it was listed on the insurance statements. I'm was basing my number on what I've heard and some research I did on the internet. The latest information I found showed that the premium was subsidized by about 58%.
  10. IH Forever

    Ecco boost engine

    I have a 2013 F150 with the EcoBoost and about 70,000 miles. It's mainly used to drive back and forth to work but I occasionally haul my skid loader or haul a Farmall 340 and to a show. This engine handles this better and has more power than the 5.4 I had in my last truck.
  11. IH Forever

    Subsidizing farmers? Hows it work?

    This is unusual...I agree with you Rick! I think Troy and RKO are arguing over how to say the same thing. Ok, a subsidized premium is not income, it is a reduced expense. But a reduced expense will either increase your income or lessen your loss. CRP programs are definitely a live and well, just different names now. We have a ridiculous amount of land in programs in my area. They do have some benefit to conservation however they also allow very good productive land to be taken out of production. In my opinion this keeps land values and rent artificially high and hurts businesses which supply the ag. producer.
  12. IH Forever

    Front Weight - Weight Bracket Question

    Do you leave weights on all the time? I don’t like taking them off and on but have never understood why people leave them on even when there is no need.
  13. IH Forever

    In side delevery rake

    I believe it is a No. 5. Dad has one that still has decals visible.
  14. IH Forever

    Pasture Disk Needed

    I think a 470 would be too light to do much in sod.
  15. IH Forever

    656 parts help

    I’d love to have the wide front myself. As stated $750-$800 around here.
  16. IH Forever

    What cultivator is this?

    The cultivator pictured has a stabilizing disc right in the middle. You can see it in the 1st picture.
  17. IH Forever

    Dumb and Dumber

    You do realize that a credit union is a....bank. The only difference is they are not regulated as tightly and pay a lower level of income tax than a bank. They also are not supposed to be involved in commercial lending buy many have found ways around that. Since 2008 regulations have increased on banks causing a lot of cost. Low interest rates during that time have also reduced their potential profit. I think a lot of the fees that we have seen in the last 10 years are to offset those factors. I also think the amount of traffic in bank branches has dropped steadily due to ATM's, internet banking, etc. Not saying I like the fees, but banks need to find a way to pay to keep tellers there for the few people that do come to the branch.
  18. IH Forever

    What cultivator is this?

    Yes, the link you attached is the correct gauge wheel. If your rims aren't rusted from sitting in the dirt you should be able to buy just the tires and the bearings. That should save you some money as the link was for a tire and both of the 2 piece rims.
  19. IH Forever

    What cultivator is this?

    That looks like a 463 to me. You should be able to find new rubber gauge wheels and sweeps with no problem. As a kid I learned how to cultivate with 1 of those behind a 560. Also worked for a neighbor who had 1 behind a 656 hydro. The 463's I remember using did not have the springs in the gangs. I don't know if that was an option?
  20. I just wanted to make sure you knew they had a lot of snow...crappy spring.
  21. Are you sure about the plow day in Rockford this weekend? It should get warm enough this week to melt most of the snow. But will be awfully wet I’d think.
  22. IH Forever

    Getting ready for plow days

    I believe IH or some short line company made a piece that went through a hole in the pan seat and was a quick release to put your rope in. My Grandpa said they just used an old piece of twine string so it would break easily.
  23. IH Forever

    Tariff ,Chess

    I've heard several say get the price of corn "where it should be". Where it should be according to who? Maybe the price of corn isn't the problem, maybe the price of land is the problem. I also get irritated when someone, not meaning anyone in this post, has a large collection of immaculately restored tractors but then says they can't make any money farming. Really? Something isn't adding up. Oldtanker mentioned subsidies on ethanol. How about federally subsidized crop insurance? Why should my tax dollars be used to keep the value artifically high on land that doesn't produce high corn yields normally.
  24. IH Forever

    110 IH Silage Box

    I was asking the original poster as I’d like to find a good.