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  1. Not my cup of tea, but I’ve seen worse. The 3788 “decal” looks like he used a Sharpie.
  2. Interesting topic and explanation from Diesel Doctor. When I was in seed production we had heaters in a warehouse and 2x 1,000 gallon tanks to supply them. In very cold weather if they were below a certain level, 50-60% can’t remember for sure, they wouldn’t vaporize enough to keep heaters supplied. How does tank level affect this? I assume pressure affects heat in the tank?
  3. I've seen them on lawns many times where trees used to stand. I wondered the reason and thought maybe it had something to do with organic matter left from the tree. the mushrooms make sense, although its surprising to me that they add enough organic material that it's so noticeable.
  4. For most of the corn belt yes I think they are. We've put a 656 diesel or 560 gas on a 10" x 71' Westfield auger. Works fine but you can work them pretty hard if the corn is wet. We run a 10" x 80" Westfield with a 1066. I think it would work fine on a 13" but I'd probably wouldn't run it at full capacity with corn over 24% until I'd played with it a little bit.
  5. I thought the 1566/1586 were 1,000 only and the 1466/1486 had the dual speed PTO. Very nice looking tractor. For that condition I assume it was a premium price.
  6. I just made a crude belt out of nylon rope to see what circumference it needs to be. It appears to me it needs to run in a figure 8 like this to make the fan turn the correct way?
  7. I picked up a hand crank corn sheller at an auction today. Really have no need for it but it’s in very good condition and I’ve always wanted one. I’m wondering if anyone has a source for or knows what was used for a belt to run the lower fan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 1 that still had it. But I assume they must have at 1 point.
  8. My '72 656 has the ether dispenser and button located below the steering wheel just like other 66 series. I've always thought it seemed a little scary putting that on a glow plug machine. Mine doesn't have a can in the dispenser, looks like maybe it never has had.
  9. I've only seen this on Internationals and not Farmalls. But looking at the speeds tells the reason for this, I think it would be great on a tractor used for loader work. The reverse on my Farmall 340 is painfully slow, I can't imagine it as a loader tractor. With this you could have some usable reverse speeds.
  10. But I believe you get more, faster, reverse speeds. If it’s like the shuttle or “ fast reverser” as IH called it on the 340 and 504. I’d like to see some pictures of the shuttle shift lever if possible. I assume it’s the same as the torque lever?
  11. Very cool. I've always wanted to find a nice 315 but haven't seen many for sale. But that's probably ok as shed space is at a premium.
  12. There is a lot of seed corn grown in my area. Everyone uses Oxbo machines now, which I believe is what Pixall is now called. I haven't seen a Byron in many years, I'm not sure but thought maybe that brand was owned by Oxbo now too.
  13. Yes, my understanding was always that the snapping units did not have a husking bed. As Tyler mentioned seed corn is still picked husks on. I believe these were also used for sweet corn. I would think if you used a snapping unit and then put the corn into a crib you would have a lot more spoilage. At least in my climate all that trash would prevent it from drying as it should.
  14. Neat outfit, I really like that 684, just weren't any of those around me. Don't have to bait them here. Just drive down the hwy. at dusk and you can hit plenty, no gun needed.
  15. Thanks for the pictures. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of the Bronco I bought in high school and add it. Mine was not as cool as yours, I had a 1987 with a gutless 302. I'd love to find, but they seem extremely rare, a '95 or '96 with the 300 inline 6 and a 5 speed.
  16. When I used to work in soybean production we had a lot of on site storage. We had problems from time to time with sumps getting plugged, usually from pods. We had success sometimes with a long piece of conduit and would work from the inspection door at the top and use it to poke and get the product flowing again. It took some time and was tricky to find the sump but did work often. We also used something similar to this that we had made by a local welding shop. We would give these to contract growers to put on their bins. They would normally be installed when the bin was empty and we then had a chute we could hang on the outside to gravity feed into a belt conveyor. This was to get better seed quality than running through the auger. At any rate we did have a bin with a plugged sump that we could not get flowing. So we put one of these in the sheet beside the door and 1 180 degrees on the back of the bin. We put silicone on the back side and then used self tapers to attach it to the bin sheet. Then used an angle grinder and cutting wheel to cut the hole out of the bin sheet. This was a 36' bin, I don't remember how many rings but quite tall. So we ran a few loads out of one and then moved to the other to prevent putting to much stain on the bin.
  17. I get the feeling that you are saying this sarcastically. But if you think agriculture in the USA is truly a free market system without government intervention you are sadly mistaken. I remember as a kid in the early 80's riding in a Walsh flair box scooping oats into the IH endgate seeder as we seeded down "set aside" acres paid for by the government. I was young at the time but that was to get corn and soybean acres out of production and raise prices. Our government handed out a lot of money to farmers in the last few years to pay for perceived damage to prices caused by tariff's the Trump administration placed on our trade partner China. The government is paying ridiculously high rents in my area to take land out of production and seed it down. I don't mind that so much when it's unproductive or erodible land that is probably questionable to farm anyway. But they are also doing this on some of the most productive land in my county to create habitat for pheasants....a bird that isn't even native to the US. It's one thing to compete with fellow farms when renting land, but it really sucks when you have to compete with your government.
  18. I suppose that's possible. Although they would need to drag it quite a ways to get to the crick. Not sure if there are beavers in the creek or not.
  19. I think I shared this before, this is from last fall. We usually have some deer damage. But this is from raccoons I believe. Next to some creek bottom timber.
  20. Personally 2 eating for $22 I would not complain. But the prices partially go back to another topic talking about how hard it is to get help. If you have to compete with government benefits and pay up to get help what do you think that will do to the prices you charge? Obviously the elites in our government can't figure that out.
  21. Yes there is. 2nd Thessalonians I believe. We discussed this at a recent bible study. My pastor said many at the time of Paul writing his letter expected Christ to return in their lifetime. He thought Paul was telling them they needed to work, not be lazy waiting for Christ’s return.
  22. I agree that's is how many look at things. My opinion is that's why we have the issue with businesses not being able to fill positions. But to answer your question for me the incentive is self esteem or pride. Financially I get it these people are probably making just as much money....but you have to be able to live with yourself. I don't think they go hand in hand today. But I see your point. Mechanization/technology will just find a way to eliminate these jobs we can't fill today. Unfortunately that will just lead to continued dependence on the morons in Washington DC.
  23. I understand. I’m just saying this would account for a lack of available jobs. What we’re seeing is a lack of workers to fill the jobs.
  24. I understand what you’re saying. However that doesn’t explain what’s being discussed here. These are positions that aren’t being filled, not positions being lost. And many are entry level or don’t require any qualifications.
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