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  1. I don’t know, been trying to sell a 6 row for that or less for 2 years with no bites.
  2. We have a 6 row 7000 conservation with liquid fertilizer, precision meters that could be had reasonable. We have not used it in 10+ years. We are 100% notill and do not use coulters or rowcleaners. No till coulters actually work against you and push the unit out of the ground.
  3. Large wire concaves and keystock grates are what you want for corn and beans. You can get small wire for small grains or use coverplates on your first 2-3 large wire. Thats what I do. Do yourself a favor and hire someone to do inspection on them both and find out their history. You can easily put more money into one than the initial cost if you don’t know what you have. It is money well spent.
  4. Won’t load and can not download app now. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Here is another neighbor about a mile south of me. Smaller operation that milks about 800. This was shot about 2 weeks ago.
  6. Yes, a little shrink from dumping, blowing off trucks going down the road and chopper misses is just the cost of doing business when dealing with large volumes. There are pretty much 2 schools of thought in this area, and really across the state, either have trucks setup with floaters to be able to go in wetter conditions or use dump carts and keep trucks on the road. We have floaters on trucks but plant shorter season corn than some neighbors so take small yield hit but get finished most years before it gets super wet. being we are no till, this works for us as we don't tear up the fields as bad and can get a cover crop planted. We shoot to be done by September 15-20th. Dump cart operations are great but take lots of people and lots of tractors. Dump carts are well over 100k now so it adds up. We do the switch on the go sometimes and it works well, no radios, no headsets. Chopper operator should be able to hit the truck as long as they are not to far forward of spout rotation.
  7. 3500 milkers, 4500 by next fall. we sold them all our corn and chopped and hauled it into their bunk. Think their goal was 45,000 ton in the pile. We are done, they have a couple hundred left.
  8. They are Sunflower/ Richardton carts. they have 2 of them and 2 H&S carts.
  9. They have 4 carts all pulled by 8R’s. Can only run tractor trailers in the fields for short periods here. Usually muddy. Day after that video it turned to mud. Trucks stay on road and carts dump on them.
  10. Yes, lots of Meyers boxes here. We run 3 of them.
  11. Thought I would share a cool video of one of my neighbors chopping corn this weekend. There is one red one in it at least.
  12. ChrisNY


    Anyone know where to find a original ashtray for a 75 Paystar? I believe the 4300’s and others of that vintage used same one
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    Here, Agtalk, Facebook, Instagram and have Twitter but never use it and Snapchat but rarely use that either.
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