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  1. We reserved our room a couple weeks ago with no problem.
  2. If you are history buff, this area has a lot of historical places from the War of 1812. Sackets Harbor is a nice little tourist town with lots of 1812 history, battlefields, barracks etc.
  3. In the city where I work you are not allowed to have anything larger than a 20# cylinder
  4. One big tank is much safer than multiple 1000 gallon tanks. The risk of failure is much greater with the piping and filling operations.
  5. I think the problem comes in when people use the 200hp tractor to pull implements designed for a 300hp tractor. Were quite a few 4366's around here and were pretty bulletproof but they also did not pull 40 foot implements, more like 20-30ft.
  6. As someone who lives in the 1000 Islands region i think you would enjoy it here. Its all about what you want to see and do. If you are coming in the fall, I would recommend early fall, as weather gets a little dicey here after mid October. The fall foliage is spectacular, and there is lots to see and do here. It is also a big ag area so if you are looking to see corn harvest on large dairy operations, September is nice. Clayton and Alex Bay are both nice river towns with lots of shops and eateries but most shut down after late September. Lots of museums in the area, ag museums, wooden boat mus
  7. I ran BFG’s AT’s for many years on several trucks. Last set I got 24,000 out of and they were shot. Switched to Goodyear Duratracs and never looked back, my last set I got 66,000 out of and they still passed inspection. And that is carrying a 1100# plow on the front for 4 months of the year. I am generally not a Goodyear fan but have not found anything that can beat the Duratracs yet.
  8. HP is doing fine, just talked to him the other day, he has just been busy.
  9. Here in Lake Effect country we just call it Tuesday. LOL . We have actually had a very mild winter this year compared to most.
  10. Interesting pictures Lorenzo, thank you for sharing. There are a lot of shipwrecks up here on the St. Lawrence River and lake on Ontario as KRWB said earlier. They are popular with divers from all over.
  11. Awesome picture! Ken, I didn’t think they did the Brass Tacks demo with the utilities?
  12. ChrisNY

    Stu's pics

    That beet harvester came from Western NY, Finger Lakes region.
  13. Bob, a couple more pictures from last time we were out.
  14. Making good headway Bill!
  15. 12 bottom Salford being run by easy Bob during one our visits.
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