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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors, crawling down hot smoky hallways, moving endless amounts of snow and cow poop and trying to grow the best corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa we can.

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  1. ChrisNY

    2018 pictures

    When did you get the 806 Bill? Guess I didn't know you had that one. So what month are you going to dust off the parlor?
  2. ChrisNY

    planter closing wheels

    Call Exapta, they can guide you. Very few IH planters in this neighborhood
  3. ChrisNY

    planter closing wheels

    We run 2 Thompson spiked wheels and have had very good luck. Tried 8 different ones a few years ago, 2 rows of each on 16 row to compare and the Thompsons worked the best in a variety of soil types. 100% no-till on normally damp conditions.
  4. ChrisNY


    Yea Travis said the lines were too low, pretty common problem especially since Spectrum has been installing all these new cable lines around here. We caught quite a few this fall.
  5. ChrisNY

    My year in pictures...

    Thanks for sharing, was an interesting year for sure.
  6. ChrisNY

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Yes, lots of beautiful scenery and history up here in the summer
  7. ChrisNY

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    I will send you a PM
  8. ChrisNY

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    If you go, go to Canadian side, NY side is a sh**hole. If you have camper would suggest up here in the 1000 Islands, some beautiful campgrounds on the river. The Finger Lakes are nice too. Its all what you are looking for. I can point you in right direction
  9. ChrisNY

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Plan on attending, booked hotel last summer. About 4 hours for me. Plan on taking 460 to show. Niagara Falls?? Not sure why that is such a huge attraction. There are much nicer spots in New York State than that.
  10. ChrisNY

    Let’s see what you got

    Binkley&Hurst I believe
  11. ChrisNY

    Let’s see what you got

    This one is NOS, never worn. And it fits
  12. ChrisNY

    Let’s see what you got

    They are good quality, have several of those signs hanging in the shop
  13. ChrisNY

    Let’s see what you got

    A few of the IH items the wife bought me. Keep building my IH tool collection item by item.
  14. ChrisNY

    In Search of My Father's 504

    Good luck in your search, nice tractor. I would run some adds on Craigslist in some NY and northeast areas
  15. ChrisNY

    1981 Christmas specials at your IH dealer

    If only anyone knew then what those tools would have been worth today