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  1. Oh I will probably still go but not sure on hauling a tractor out. Wifes car gets a lot better mileage.
  2. Still undecided here, was going to take a couple tractors out but with gas prices and 10-12mpg it adds up quickly. Will see what June brings I guess.
  3. So what is a good replacement for the 3LM466 since I can’t find one and the others are not available either?
  4. No factory is disconnected. Red Dot works. It is how I bought it.
  5. Yes, finished early. Started at normal time but had a beautiful stretch of weather so pushed hard. 1500 acres in 7 days, planted and sprayed. Might not seem like that much but that is spread out over 50 miles with average field size probably25- 30 acres.
  6. Thanks guys. Finished planting yesterday so was a good day.
  7. Finally got some pics for you. Did this one probably 10 years ago. The back panel needs to be reglued as it is starting to come off. First one I ever did so not perfect.
  8. I put a cab kit in my 4386 several years ago. Will try to remember to get some pictures. If I do it again I would Dynamat the floor and rear wall at least.
  9. We had 30.5x32's on a 4366. I liked them better than the 18.4x34 duals on my 4386.
  10. Yes, Batavia Farm equipment was the first Steiger dealer east of the Mississippi. Bob Call gave a presentation to Chapter 35 many years ago about it. Our Steiger was the first and only one around here for years. Ford dealers up here never did anything with the Blue steigers. Small dealers with small shops.
  11. We used to deal with Finger Lakes Tractor some. Our Steiger ST-310 was bought through them in the late 70's. Our local IH dealer Taylor Implement brokered the sale as they were not a Steiger dealer.
  12. Don’t think those will slow them down much. Wrap the tires in tin maybe. Best way is to clean it good so they have no food to eat. Other than that most of the tricks are feel good measures.
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