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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, Farmall 100, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors

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  1. ChrisNY

    Bethel Maine

    We had reservations
  2. ChrisNY

    Bethel Maine

    Was great, spent a couple nights near Mt. Washington then off to Boothbay Harbor Maine for a night and Bar harbor for a few nights.
  3. Been smoky like that for 2 weeks here in NY. Was in Maine last week and they said even had gotten to the Maine coast some days this summer.
  4. Parts are not a problem except brake calipers. Rest can be mostly built from a truck shop.
  5. Dickey John Mini Gac plus
  6. Very nice. Same size as mine. Would love to see interior pictures when done. Mine is sprayfoamed and very tight as well and the biggest problem I have is humidity in the summer. I run a 14,000 btu A/C unit and it helps but still need something better.
  7. Beautiful! Is it stock or tweaked?
  8. Not really looking for any more because am about out of room and don’t need any but probably my top 3 red ones right now would be 544 utility hydro diesel 300 utility 1206 Wheatland
  9. A little over a year. Was in pretty good shape. Just needed some small stuff and a paint job. I am just up the road a ways, anytime.
  10. Yes. Pretty rare option for the 100 I am finding out
  11. Finally got the little Farmall 100 finished up. Turned out pretty well.
  12. I have the silver cover on it that I thought was right. Recovering and recrimping would be nice. Anyone remember who did them?
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