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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors, crawling down hot smoky hallways, moving endless amounts of snow and cow poop and trying to grow the best corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa we can.

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  1. ChrisNY

    1480 with 1020 head custom harvest

    I do lots of custom work with my 1460. They can laugh all they want, I dont have a payment book. Keep your machine maintained and do a good job you will have work. I charge $35/hour plus fuel and have more than enough work. My profit margin is much greater than those running new machines. I have dealer go through machine every winter, have yield monitor and provide customer yield maps and my grain is consistently cleaner than other custom operators and all the grain goes in bin not out the back like the big guys that need to cover x amount of acres a season to make payments. I can take my time, do a good job, only work for guys that have check waiting when I pull out. Biggest problem with custom work is getting paid. Alot of bigger custom guys have ALOT of outstanding accounts. I also keep my machine looking good and performing good. That makes a big difference when you show up if it does not look like you roll in with a rolling pile of crap. Age of machine is not nearly as important as reliabilty and performance. Shoot me a pm if you want to chat
  2. ChrisNY


    Ahh, the ole waterbed, had one for years and liked it but started to leak so bought new bed. Only thing that sucked about the waterbed was when the heater would crap out and you would wake up hypothermic Need to go mattress shopping ourselves. Ours is a nice mattress, Serta I believe, pillowtop and very comfortable but wake up with back hurting every morning.
  3. ChrisNY

    45 years ago

    Happy Anniversary!
  4. ChrisNY

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    25 I believe. It sounded like thunder. Friend of mine in Buffalo area said some stopped there to refuel so the group may have split up into smaller groups. They most likely left from here at Fort Drum
  5. ChrisNY

    Guess I’m not completely worthless at 44

    Dont miss those days one bit.
  6. ChrisNY

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    Did it look like this? These flew over today heading west across Lake Ontario
  7. ChrisNY

    Unexpected helper

    Lol, cant say I have ever seen that before
  8. ChrisNY

    Over the road trucking at 21

    Matt, like others said above, find out your deficit first from a good eye doctor. Set up a course and practice. Your dads truck/trailer combo is a good one to start with. Get some experience on straight trucks as well, that will help. There are enough farms right close to you that I am sure are begging for silage truck drivers. That will give you a chance to see if it is doable or not. Don't give up, if there is a will there is a way.
  9. ChrisNY

    I have a question about a Farmall 1206

    Its not a 68 if its a 1206. Sure its not a 1256?
  10. ChrisNY

    Central Texas Auction and Salvage buys

    Nice finds!
  11. ChrisNY

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Couldnt tell you because I had no interest in reading them because the topic did not interest me. However corn, bean and milk prices do which was the topic of this thread. Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever party I could care less, everyone has their opinion and gets one vote. It does no one any good to argue about it, respect the other persons opinion and move on. Its not about stifling anyones conversation, its about the proper venue for such conversation. Have a good day
  12. ChrisNY

    On The Subject of Spraying Tall Crops

    Can you just add a nozzle at 30”? My sprayer is set up with 20”,30” and 60” spacing. For spraying use the 20” and droptubing use the 60”. Just a thought.
  13. ChrisNY

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    It may be civil but the point is there are plenty of forums on the internet about politics. This forum is about IH tractors and farming. Don’t ruin a good thing for those of us that come here to talk tractors and farming. Yes Birdman it was about grain and milk prices but then like most topics gets derailed into politics. Just my 2 cents. Carry on
  14. ChrisNY

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    I remember way back when we used to have discussions on this forum about tractors, equipment, crops that didnt turn into political fights. Those were good days.
  15. ChrisNY

    Auction results

    It was in nice shape too. Bought new by owner. Just not much demand for sickle mowers.