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  1. Nice little combine. Knowing its history and previous care is the number 1 important thing in buying a combine in my opinion.
  2. The 9500 was pretty whipped. They plugged it and shut it off and had to be jump started. When they hooked up the cables it sparked and lit off the bean dust. The owner and operator is 82. They have a nice 9610 now
  3. One of my neighbors lost their 9500 to fire this fall. It had 9700 hours on it. My father in laws 1480 had 11,000 hours on it when he traded it for a 1680.
  4. Here is a clip that shows how it is here
  5. New Englander, it is quite a interesting phenomena actually the way these bands work. Having lived my whole life here right at east tip of Lake Ontario where the lake effect is probably the worst in the nation you learn to predict when you will get them. has to have all the ingredients, wind direction, warm open water(Ontario is only great Lake that does not freeze over) and cold air temps. We actually get a fair amount of lake effect rain as well when conditions are right. When the lake effect machine is fired up you can drive from sunshine and blue skies to a wall of snow where you can't see your hood in a miles distance. Travelers that are not used to it can find themselves in trouble in a hurry.
  6. The 10 series Deeres are good combines. Probably the best walker machine built.
  7. We usually get thundersnow several times a season in intense lake effect bands
  8. Always thought that Black Massey was super sharp looking. Wonder where it is today. Guy here had a 760 he used to do a lot of custom work with. Seemed to be a good machine. Couldn’t quite hang with the 1480 though. He would help us out some falls if we got behind. Had a set of steel tracks for it as well for those wet falls. The conventional Gleaners did fairly well here, still a few around running. Had better dealer support for AC than Massey in this area. IH and Deere dominated the market though.
  9. I throw a 1’x1’ square out behind mine to check for loss. Just randomly toss it and check
  10. So many variables, yield, ground conditions, combine set up etc. I run anywhere from 3.0-4.5 with my 1460 and 6 row head in decent corn.
  11. You can keep those wildland fires. I will stick to buildings. Cool pictures though
  12. I think that is very possible, we have never tried strip till so really don't know. We are getting comparable yields as conventional till and do not have the labor or equipment to try strip till. A couple guys around here are experimenting with it but is slow to catch on it seems. I think it is a good practice with lots of benefits.
  13. Its true 2022 FMCSA Changes May Impact Your CDL Costs - South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (sdpaaonline.org)
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