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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, Farmall 100, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors

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  1. News reporting she has been found in good health and a suspect is in custody.
  2. MC 600 continuous flow. Great dryers
  3. I think the white boxes were the later versions before switching to the 510. The earlier versions looked like this
  4. Dragged this old #10 drill home today for no good reason. I had one 25 years ago or so just like it and always liked it but sold it many years ago. Its in nice shape other than the lid hinge needs a little TLC. Maybe a future restoration project. So it got me thinking, what years did the 10’s have the white boxes? The older 10’s had the smaller all red boxes. The later ones like this one is more like a 510.
  5. I have Estes disrupters in my keystock grates on 1460. Beats trash up pretty good.
  6. I have a broker I have used to haul lots of equipment of all sizes all over the US. Never a problem and usually cheaper than I could do it myself. Sometimes same day or next day pickup. If you want the number pm me
  7. Farm Fans AB8B I believe
  8. Never seen such a thing. Looks handy
  9. My 1984 1460 getting ready for its 38th harvest. Best combines ever built and will still hold its own today.
  10. It is usually pretty close. Only valid close to the 45th parallel however.
  11. Was upper 30’s here last couple nights but not cold enough to frost. Usually 1st or 2nd week of October. I have October 5th marked down. 6 months after the first spring thunderstorm.
  12. CaseIh, Claas dealer 10 miles, another 30 miles away John Deere 15 miles away, another 30 miles NH, Kinze etc 15 miles
  13. I agree with you Bill, NY is not as horrible as some say. Markets, good land, dont have to worry about irrigation, plentiful equipment dealers, lots of recreational opportunities no matter what you like to do. So far they really dont mess with us up here on environmental issues, it is very ag based state outside the urban areas. It really is a beautiful area 9 months out of the year. You learn to deal with the winter. There are people farming here that have come from many other parts of the country so must not be too bad. Too each there own I guess but I have no desire to move anywhere else.
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