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  1. He is on Facebook and posts in several IH groups there
  2. I like plowing but don’t get to do it much anymore. Did some plowing for a neighbor 2 years ago. Think we are going to do a little plow day this spring.
  3. We apply 1 pound and works well in our rotation. New regulations will all be under 1 pound max use
  4. Atrazine works very well here. I do all the spraying and have never had a problem with plugging or clean out 🤞
  5. There is not a lot of talk about it, just distant whispers, in fact everyone winter spreads, very little injecting or incorporating. The upcoming rules to reduce Atrazine rates are going to hurt. All this states energy initiatives is going to drive everyone out of state anyway. Amish will claim religous exemptions to all the new rules.
  6. My county in NY is big dairy country. 1000-1500 milkers is average with several over 5000. About the only ones under 500 anymore are Mennonites. Not any Amish in my immediate area but in the northern part of the county that has more marginal soils there are quite a few. Haulers will not pick up at individual farms so what they do is they still milk with can milkers and they have a neighborhood milk house with bulk tanks that all the Amish haul their cans to and dump in bulk tank.
  7. I have this 2007 Massey 1528 I bought new. It has been a very good tractor. It is handy for work around the house and driveway maintenance type tasks.
  8. We took ours off because we needed to hang suitcase weights on the back
  9. I have a 1000 gal buried tank for my house and shop. Been in for 12 years and never had a problem. Not uncommon to have water and snow in the riser. Have seen a lot more than 3” in mine.
  10. Don’t split it up. Worth a lot more as a running driving truck. Paystars bring decent money. Good trucks
  11. Taken today. Snowfighters are still alive and well here in NY
  12. Those videos were shot here on the Tug hill. The Frink plows were built here in Clayton. Not much has changed except bigger trucks. Currently fighting the same battles.
  13. Ahhh Rumford, with its own smell from the paper mill
  14. Well this is my excuse, I am in the hot pink area with winds 50-55mph. Please don’t lump us all in together the same as we don’t lump those that live in Illinois as living in Chicago.
  15. They better either get a couple trackhoes in there and start spreading it out or let it burn. What they are doing in these pictures is just delaying the process. It will not put it out.
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