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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors, crawling down hot smoky hallways, moving endless amounts of snow and cow poop and trying to grow the best corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa we can.

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  1. First day of planting anything here in NY. More rain coming tomorrow
  2. ChrisNY

    1256 and 1456?

    The 1456 is kind of a beast all of its own. Probably one of IH's best tractor ever built.
  3. Sorry to hear of his passing, he was a good guy
  4. Just this weekend a young farmer from the local community was unloading silage in the barn from a self unloading wagon. He buys a load of TMR every day from a larger farm neighbor and brings it home in a self unloading wagon to feed his herd. While he was unloading as he does every day, his 8 year old daughter who was helping in the barn became entangled in the PTO shaft. She passed away yesterday. Very sad
  5. Some early sweet corn guys do it here
  6. Have never seen any noticeable yield bump with it. Money is better spent elsewhere in the fertility program
  7. Thanks guys. 35 degrees and another 1โ€ of rain last night. Not what I asked for
  8. Very nice truck! My dream hauler right there.
  9. Wow your lucky, would be sunk to the axles here
  10. Had a couple dry days last week so neighbor pushed and got some corn in Thursday, took this Friday
  11. Same here in NY, have not turned a wheel yet. Rains every other day and cold
  12. Donโ€™t blame you one bit
  13. I put cover plates on the first 2 sections. Works well for SRW here. Have keystock grates with disruptors so straw is really beat up. Not ideal if you want good straw
  14. Do I smell a new project coming on? ๐Ÿ˜†
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