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  1. An easy way to check points is to take cap off, to the point you can see the points as you crank the engine. As you crank you should see spark every time they open. I have an old Massey that if this happens and I get no spark, it's the point base not grounding properly. Take the points out, sand the base and base of the distributor, install set Gap and usually works Everytime. Good luck Mark
  2. Ok, now I think we are getting somewhere. Took triangle cover off, was able to move the arm back and forth but it was a bit sluggish. Sprayed with brake clean and moved arm while doing so, moves much easier now, replaced cover and it works much much better. I did find however the compartment it's in is lubricated by motor oil. A line goes to the bottom of it right off a t at the pressure sending unit right next to it. Now I need to adjust the low idle as it will go below 600 rpm and die if I pull the lever all the way to the bottom of the run socket. Also shuts down as should now without delay. Thanks everyone for all the help and advice. This being my first big frame IH, I'm sure I will have plenty more questions. Now to fix the draft control lever. It only moves half way back Again, thanks Mark
  3. Perfect, was hoping it be something like that. I will check that out this afternoon and let you all know how that goes Thanks Mark
  4. So? With time and use might it get better? Is it immersed in diesel and.free up or separate chamber? Thanks Mark
  5. Takes a while to shut down also. Was told the tractor sat for over a year, before I received it. Runs good, starts instantly, just delayed reaction to throttle
  6. Update on the injection pump. Finally received the IH fuel line as suggested and the results are the same. Delay in throttle response. Won't idle, just dies below 1200 rpm. Had better response with the solid copper line, but also experienced the wandering low speed fluctuation as was told to happen. Here's a link to YouTube of one of the videos showing linkage/arm movement and how.long it takes to respond. It is the old hose on there in the video, but with the new one response is identical
  7. Wow, if only we had prices like that. Around our parts it ran $150 to 180 per ton 1000 lb rounds. Small squares even more. Not sure what this year will bring.
  8. Yup. After rebuilding 2 ih motors and having to go back in after the fact. Most pressure was lost at the cam bearings. Had a td8. New everything but cam bearings. Had 30 at start up, 15 after warm,. Tore down and did cam bearings, oil pressure for days and not much drop. Same I did with a 350 td9. Think I would have learned the first time huh? Mark
  9. I know. It's not what's supposed to be I'm sure. Got the idea from my td9. It's only temporary till the ih part gets here. Tried to rule out the injection pump. Thanks again for all the help. You all wouldn't believe how the hydraulic filter looked like.
  10. Update to the progress, I know this is not the way to do it, and have the original ih fuel line on order. But, for a temp fix I put copper line in place of the other, it runs like a champ. Idles, accelerates, responds to throttle immediately. Thanks to Sparky, as well as everyone else who helped persuade me it was the line. I will update when ih line is installed. First off, I have heard it's not the best way to set this up, and the tractor won't do any work till the line is replaced. Just thought I would try this. Thanks again Mark
  11. Perfect. I so appreciate all your advice. I just got the tractor 3 days ago and it's all new for me. Thanks. Will change the line and let you know the outcome Thanks Mark
  12. One thing I heard of was if there was back pressure in return line, it can cause odd things to happen. Cracked the return line till it was dripping fuel at the "t" at the back of the block. Also, here's a pic if the IP on this tractor
  13. Hi all, new to me 1486 has a delay when accelerating the throttle. Not as bad of a delay on the decelerating side. Won't idle, will die if you try to let it idle. Starts well with 3/4 throttle position. Changed fuel filters and still the same. Is it the injection pump or? I gave included 2 videos:. One from the seat showing the throttle movement and can hear how long it takes for the motor to respond. The other shows the IP and linkage move versus engine speed. Thanks for any suggestions. Motor is supposed to be a rebuild and looks to a newer pump Thanks Mark Ok, can't send the videos. Will download to my you tube and link to there Any ideas without the videos?
  14. My mustang came factory and still has pirelli tires on it, seem soft enough, but then again it's a garage queen convertible. Once the warranty was up, on the hoist it went. Supercharger, injectors, dual fuel pumps, headers, full exhaust replacement, computer programed. Would never know it's the same car😁😁
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