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  1. td9inidaho

    Any go kart builders?

    Years ago, kids were in high school, for a shop project I let them strip down a Toyota Tercel 4 door car. They shortened it by 4 feet, took the roof off welded a roll cage and pipe doors. Then put atv tires on in place of the radials. Only go kart I know of with a heater😁😁. Probably a bit much for your daughter, but it did teach them to drive a clutch. Also bought a 4 wheeler for grandkids, it has a screw you screw in or out to limit the throttle movement as well as the remote to kill it, haven't had to use the remote yet Mark
  2. td9inidaho

    I'm calling it KB7

    Changed my distributor over to electronics. Starts so much better. Had to position it differently than the paperwork said to get it installed correctly Mark
  3. td9inidaho

    Follow up MF65

    Nice loader, back hoe or? Pics be great
  4. Very good question, my td9 has the same setup. Does anyone know what pressures these gauges are taking if we were looking to replace with and aftermarket one?
  5. td9inidaho

    I'm calling it KB7

    I am no expert on identification, but I do have a kb7 I am in a long term restore Mark
  6. td9inidaho

    Anyone here from Idaho?

    Yes, up north, 40 miles from the Canadian border. Anyone close by?
  7. td9inidaho

    Ever had a small bike for a runabout?

    I grew up on an old school Suzuki, I think ts 110. Yours have the lever to change gears from trail to street? Heavy as a tank, but would go anywhere As for 3 wheelers, I would stay far, far away from them, love our 4 wheelers though
  8. td9inidaho

    Hay tonage per cow

    Last few winter's I been feeding big rounds of alfalfa/grass mix. Been avg 6ton per cow easily.
  9. td9inidaho

    What model of Ford?

    All this talk of the to20, I can't help myself but say my dad had one as our only tractor for digging, loading and all work needed done clearing and such. Not much power but would start no matter what time of year. As s matter of fact I now have it and still use it often. My newer power steering tractors leave it sitting more often than not, but still a great tractor for it's time
  10. td9inidaho

    Went in for my first repair work

    Preaching like others, but pt it is the deciding factor in how well you rebound. Had hip surgery twice, first failed, second was a replacement, best thing since toilet paper. Hope all goes well for you. It's a new lease on life to not have all that pain every minute of your day. Happy for you Mark
  11. td9inidaho

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    One thing I did find out was that the pump up at the front which I found to be a gear pump pumps pressure to the header hydraulics, then the bypass circuit goes to the hydraulics cooler back by the radiator, then back to the reservoir. The pressure return line goes directly to the reservoir. The machine I have has two suction lines, one for the front header pump, and the other to the two drive/steer pumps. I find it odd the suction lines come out the top of the reservoir and through the filters then to the pumps. I guess I am to assume the fittings welded to the reservoir must go at least half if not almost all the way to the bottom of the reservoir to suck fluid up. Again, thanks all for helping me try to understand this system. My first time dealing with a hydro system Mark
  12. td9inidaho

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    Thanks everyone for all the replies, so far, after pulling the front charge pump off and apart, I found it to be a gear to gear pump as oil pumps are and functioning well. After reassembly, and hours of bleeding the system to find I was still getting air locked, I too found the main suction hose fitting had loosened and was sucking small amounts of air and once I worked along a slope to the right, the suction side of the reservoir was high and dry and left me without hydraulics. So far, it's all working well. Made a cple laps fine till I broke a master link on one of the augers. Will finished tomorrow. Again, thanks everyone, and hope this might help others in the future. Mark
  13. td9inidaho


    Oh, it's never a dull moment here, you are right. Not always do we see the humor till a fair amount of time has passed. I Do remember one Christmas Eve, kids grown, staying the night like old times. Wife and I are asleep, kids up "enjoying" the refreshments when all of a sudden a chicken flies up the stairs into our room, then one of the boys comes up after it once his wife tells him how his mom is going to have a cow in the morning when it craps all over up here. Just one of many memories around here. The waterbed being turned up was nothing😁😁
  14. td9inidaho

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    Thanks for the information, I was of the understanding the hand lever on the side was to lockout the steering for parking, I have a hard time imagining how it will charge as all the lines and pumps are above the reservoir. Heading out today with more fluid to try and fill. Funny thing is, fill port is full of fluid to the cap, but when I pulled the plug from the reservoir, it was empty. Am thinking to extend the fill line to a higher point by adding a piece of pipe as that's all it is, a pipe and cap with holes drilled in it to vent. Will let all know how it goes when I fill it, that is after I put the driveline and charge pump back on it. My thoughts were an internal shaft must have been broke or? As I see it, the charge pump must feed fluid internally? Only lines I see coming/going to this front pump go to the hydraulics for the header Thanks again Mark
  15. td9inidaho

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    Thanks for the reply. This 5000 has no brakes. It's all in the hydro system. So far after pulling everything apart. I have found the system to have air locked, and possibly that is why the hydro fluid was blowing out the fill plug. As it sits, there's no fluid in the reservoir. Will fill tomorrow. Pulled filters and they we're pretty much without oil. Any priming of the system to do or needs done? Thanks for all help