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  1. td9inidaho

    Fuel Rock

    Thanks for the heads up. Always someone out there looking for something for nothing. Was thinking of a safety to keep the theives away Mark
  2. td9inidaho

    Fuel Rock

    I'm so broke up here that I still use 6 gallon cans๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. Just recently picked up a 100 gallon slip tank for one of my trucks. Still installing the electrical portion
  3. td9inidaho

    Rocker arm oiling

    Or in the case of the blue diamond gasers, one rocker bolt is hollow. Don't Wana get those mixed up Mark
  4. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Cold weather kills batteries for sure, 3 guys we ride with have ktm's. Electric start only!! Every night they have to go in the garage so as to start the next day. Temps dropped to 2degrees f. My Honda sat outside, 2 degrees is it's limit, it wouldn't start either. Had to use a hair dryer on the cylinder to get it to fire. Great riding down here in mccall this week. One day we rode to a hotsprings and spent a cple hours in it warming up.
  5. td9inidaho

    TD7E Fuel Tank Shutoff

    My 8 has an inline ball valve installed. I'm sure it's not factory, but works
  6. td9inidaho

    Hardest starting tractor

    I hate to knock it, but the td8 I have with the German diesel is a bear to start. With it's "enrichenment" throttle position, it blubbers for quite a bit to warm up before it can go to idle. Oh, that is after it smells the good stuff of course. The 4000 and the bobcat I have both have the thermo-start system and it works great. They both start better than in the summer heat. Funny IH never jumped on board with them Mark
  7. td9inidaho

    Ford Tractor Pros?

    Yea, I hear you there, have a 4000 tore down in my shop as we speak. No sleeves, have to have the block bored. Tons of parts available. Sleeves would be better for in frame rebuilds. Not one of their best ideas sharing diesel blocks with gasers
  8. td9inidaho

    Should make some of you smile.

    4000 is a great tractor. I have one now in the shop getting a complete engine rebuild. Started fine, ran fine, just tons of blow by. Once inside I found the motor to still be rocking stnd bearings all the way around. This one has the later selecto speed tranny. Works great. Also have a loader on it, I think it looks nicer without the loader, but way more handy with Mark
  9. td9inidaho

    Air to water heat pump

    My experience with looking into solar was by the time it paid for itself, it was time to replace. Off the grid is one thing, but to be efficient is the question
  10. td9inidaho

    Does anything surprise you anymore?

    Ah, yes, doctors as well as attorneys take an oath. The oath to "make lots of money". Society is all about money, and the latest cell phone. An establishment we went to in Canada had the "which bathroom" thing figured out. On one door it had a squirrel and said "with nuts". And the other a squirrel "without nuts". Seems pretty easy to me
  11. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    I have found the bike to be way easier in most situations, powder is no problem, they float well, boon docking is way easier. Now find myself getting to places I would never try to take my sled. Sled is a '13 800 snowpro, 162. Front swapped over to '16 configuration, new float skis, and track relocation. Does well, but bike is way easier. Down side to the bike is packed trails. Darts everywhere under you
  12. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    These pics are in the mountains east of pend oreille lake. Selkirk mountain range
  13. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

  14. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

  15. td9inidaho

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.