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  1. I am led to believe it is not only Siri, but also facebook that is listening on your phones, I don't have either one, I get no such adds, only when I do searches. Wife has both, gets all kinds of adds after a good conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mark
  2. Yup what Sledgehammer just noted, it's either a np205 gear to gear transfer, or the 208 I believe, chain driven transfer. I have a 205 now in the 65 IH 1200 plow truck. With it being driveshaft driven, most any divorced tranny can drive it. Good luck Mark
  3. I have one that I have had since 82, balanced, blueprinted 429 punched out 40 over, mean cam, 4 speed, xlt package, black paint with blue pearl in the clear coat. Sitting on 44 inch ground hawgs, 5:38 gearing, detroit locker in the rear, traction bars on the rear. Rear axle steel plates and gusseted as it liked to bend the axles. 10 inch lift. Goes anywhere as long as I keep and eye on the fuel gauge 😁😁 Mark
  4. Yes, we have them. Pine beetle is killing our forests.
  5. Ok, I wasn't going to add to this post, but after tracking some parts I ordered over a month ago, I have to. I can't wait to see where you hide parts go next 😁😁 Here's the screen shots of their progress. East coast, to the west coast and now back to the east coast. Good thing I'm not paying by the Mile Mark
  6. I for see Bologna sandwich in your lunch buddyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. That's a bummer, great saw. A bit heavy though. After a day of packing and swinging my 385 around, I will go to the dolmar for the small stuff Mark
  8. I use weather channel, it's fairly close to the hour on temps and weather. Goes out 10 days. That far out, who can predict mother nature accurately?? But can be a good guide of what's coming. Mark
  9. Might it be the same as a 9? If so, I can help you out when I go to the property Mark
  10. Then being a "special" interest group, we will have rights, and even be able to sit on our a**, burn buildings and get federal funding 😁😁😁
  11. Nope, some say it's an absence of color. There for non existent. This is why we will have no rights, as it's coming to be unless we label ourselves as others have said viking american, swedish american, or ???? Mark
  12. Vaccine??? What's going to be in the vaccine? Why is it some get extremely ill, others not so? Could it be linked to prior flu shots that had covid dna? Covid has been in years prior flu shots. Maybe look for the link there to extreme cases versus not so extreme. Be careful who you trust, and what you ask for Mark
  13. If you were experiencing nasty exhaust, could be rich as you suspect, but also could be old nasty gas. Those older engines are quite forgiving at times, but crap gas, is still crap gas Mark
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