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  1. Chainsaw Mill

    Those are some seriously nice pieces of wood. A person could go crazy making tables,benches, bars out of those. Have kicked the idea around of building a saw mill one day, but too many other projects in line I suppose Mark
  2. quick books pirating

    Your QB will still work, you have paid for the program, it will work as long as your computer boots up. I am still running a 2010 version for a small business. It won't integrate into the new turbo tax software, so I print the year end balance sheet and do taxes that way. But the program will never go away or stop working for you
  3. Tariff ,Chess

    First off, by no means am I one of extensive knowledge to the value put on a countries dollar, but, I don't believe it's up to government/country leaders to put a value on their dollar. My understanding is it's the open markets and economies that do that. The reason the American dollar might be stronger than say another countries dollar, is the economy is stronger and has more value comparatively speaking to other countries. Our dollar tanked years ago when other countries were booming and our costs of goods and oil went through the roof as it took more of our less valued dollars to buy their goods. It's a cycle of economics, if countries can mass produce goods and pay daily wages in bowls of rice, and our factories can't compete, they close down and become importers as apposed to exporters. They adapted to the changing economy, or they went out of business. Farms over the years have had to evolve to mega farms, work on volume to survive, or get pushed out. So now, what's the next evolutionary step? Get even bigger or?
  4. 7 day project

    I have 2 l8000 sa dump trucks, same seats I'm sure as the 9000s. One 89, one 94, one has air ride seat, other spring adjust, one auto, one 5 speed, I find the seats ok, not my overstuffed recliner in no means, but ok for a 10 hour day. The 94 seat I swapped with the pass side as it is like new and not near as worn Mark
  5. Td 7c engine issues

    I'm with Kevin, hate to say it, but that's exactly how my 8 acted when it gave up the ghost to a spun crank bearing. Let's hope not, but is my guess
  6. Tariff ,Chess

    I must admit, it's crazy what people will do and pay for a chance to hunt, look at some of the places in Florida, they have a "problem" with hogs, but because there's so much money in paid hunts, plenty of farms are now fencing them "in", relocating hogs to their property to guide and sell a hunt. Not for everyone, but hunts can be another avenue for revenue
  7. This Is How The System Really Works

    People doing their jobs,. Now that's funny😂. Had a situation last fall, "someone" broke into my shop, stole numerous power tools to include my new plasma cutter. Filed police report, told them who it had to be, after they searched their pawn lists, they found where over time all my belongings had been pawned, put police hold on the ones not sold yet. Fast forward 6 months and countless calls to sheriff asking about my stuff, officer finally goes gets the items, but then tells me how he's not sure how he can get the items back to me!! Really, must be the first time they have ever recovered stollen property. One item a chain saw which was sold but the pawn shop had the person's name that bought it, the sheriff "forgot" to get his name and address to recover that one as well. I wonder what people get paid for anymore. Sit and answer their phone and get a 4 wheel drive provided to them to drive home and back with. Must be nice
  8. The "In jail" scam.....

    Yup, seems "IRS" is busy this year, wife received a call this morning from them saying to call imediatly or they would file federal charges. Even had a local number to call back, but the caller had a middle eastern accent. Guess we be in fed court then
  9. prayers desperately needed

    Thoughts and prayers are with him and your family from Idaho Mark
  10. Resurrection

    Welcome Sally, as for the basic "guts" of the machine, it will be all the same as any other 500, drivetrain, motor will be the same, the attachment portion will be different, and some suspension pieces added or deleted for the loader. Have fun, good luck, steering clutches are not on the top of most people's "love to do " list😁 Mark
  11. Electric fence question

    I have 4 hives out on some remote acreage, plenty of bears, last spring game cameras showed 6 different bears 1 to be a grizzly, bee hives surrounded by 3 strands of electric hard wire, solar 6 volt powered, once their noses hit it they run for the hills. No losses so far
  12. TD9 91 loss of Hydraulics

    I believe sugarmaker had one made for his td6 if I'm not mistaken. My shaft on my 9 was a six sided solid shaft, I built it back up with welds and machined to fit tight
  13. Am looking to put in 400 t posts this spring. Unlike the last 300 I put in, I am leaning towards a power pounder, has anyone used one, are they really as good as they say? There's expensive ones, and not so expensive ones, by no means am I trying to make a living off this thing, just looking to save my back/shoulders and hands of the hand pounder I used last time, most of the posts will be installed through trees, not open areas, so attachments to the tractor/bobcat are out. Any experienced opinions on these would be greatly appreciated. I know some will say, spend more money, get more machine, I hear that, but if someone has had good luck with an economy model, I would like to hear of it. Thanks Mark
  14. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    3 degrees f this morning, went for a snowbike ride. 2 feet of fresh powder in the hills in the last 3 days. Was a bit cool, but a very nice day all in all
  15. Is It Really Winter?

    Jeff, yes, good eye, it is the nose of my wife's 77 Vette, had a couple projects in the shop this winter, so it had to sit in the outside covered area, and the nose didn't quite fit all the way in