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  1. Plenty of people will jump on board and say welding cast is not possible, won't be strong. They "might" know more than I, but, I have welded plenty of cast, "most" have held, even an axle like yours on a 14, it's a farmer fix, meaning, if it holds, you are into it for little of nothing, if it doesn't, try again, or bite the bullet and buy new cast parts. My theory, no harm, no foul for trying Mark
  2. Td,wd 6 should be the same motors I believe, this topic was covered pretty extensively in the construction side here, "when tdc isn't tdc on a td-6. It might give you your information you are looking for, I know those cranks have 2 marks, one for setting up the injection pump, the other tdc. If I remember correctly 🤔. Been ages since I rebuilt my 9. Good luck Mark
  3. Just like the "mob boss" in Chicago 🤔, he's not telling any secrets these days 😂😂 Mark
  4. You could vent the hood and go straight up 😁 Mark
  5. They are handy, work great, hook your shop vac to the side port to keep it clear of dust as you work. Or you won't be able to see what you are blasting in there. Been there done that. Happy blasting Mark
  6. Ohhh, I so wanted to though 😂😂
  7. Looks to me that everything in there is on wheels, except for the rocking chair 😂😂 Mark
  8. And that is what the colt 45 is for, besides shooting cows. Of course 🤔🤔
  9. Ahhh, the good old days , now around here, you have to have surgery done to pull wisdom teeth , it's becoming a racket. I still have all 4 of mine, not sure if that makes me wise or not 😂 Mark
  10. Amazing country you get to enjoy daily. Very envious of you Mark
  11. Not trying to derail this thread, but here's what I have for shear pin holes on the flywheel. I appologize for the color. Also the slip clutch
  12. Be glad to hear how this works out for you, as I have had the same problem on a small square baler. The shear pins break all day long on the flywheel . The hole in it is egged out pretty bad as well. It's only a quarter inch bolt though. I have been using grade 5 for it Mark
  13. If it's anything like mine on my td9, much older than yours, mine only has 2 levers, cable operated controls, forward, reverse, neutral and the other was brake to stop and hold if you needed to. Release before pulling, or trying to reverse the winch. Both of my winches, on the 9 and the td8 are pto driven. The 8 however uses a brake master and slave to engage/disengage it I have the manuals for both. The 8 only has one lever. The 9 is a carco, and the 8 is a gearmatic Mark
  14. I don't think that's what he's looking for 🤔
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