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  1. Absolutely amazing people they were. Good old comedy as it should be. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful we had it back then😁😁 Mark
  2. My first 22 came in the mail from Sears. Christmas present. Crazy how Christmas list involved looking through the catalog and circling what you might want. To this day, I still have that 22, deadly accurate and full of memories
  3. Hate to mention it but what about cigarette vending machines. All you needed was coin to get a pack. And gas was like 29 cents a gallon. Wow, what has happened to our society?
  4. Never forget the one time pulled up to the fence, asked my son to go open it, as he stepped out of the truck, he started yelling and carrying on, to my surprise and his, I pulled a little to close, truck was "hot", the minute his boots touched the ground he was feeling every bit of that fence, it wasn't a whimpy box either. He hates those electric fences😪😪
  5. 2 years ago it was so muddy here I had to use the td8 to get the round bales back to the cows. Even it was dragging the belly pan in the mud Mark
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Always someone out there looking for something for nothing. Was thinking of a safety to keep the theives away Mark
  7. I'm so broke up here that I still use 6 gallon cans😀😀. Just recently picked up a 100 gallon slip tank for one of my trucks. Still installing the electrical portion
  8. Or in the case of the blue diamond gasers, one rocker bolt is hollow. Don't Wana get those mixed up Mark
  9. Cold weather kills batteries for sure, 3 guys we ride with have ktm's. Electric start only!! Every night they have to go in the garage so as to start the next day. Temps dropped to 2degrees f. My Honda sat outside, 2 degrees is it's limit, it wouldn't start either. Had to use a hair dryer on the cylinder to get it to fire. Great riding down here in mccall this week. One day we rode to a hotsprings and spent a cple hours in it warming up.
  10. My 8 has an inline ball valve installed. I'm sure it's not factory, but works
  11. I hate to knock it, but the td8 I have with the German diesel is a bear to start. With it's "enrichenment" throttle position, it blubbers for quite a bit to warm up before it can go to idle. Oh, that is after it smells the good stuff of course. The 4000 and the bobcat I have both have the thermo-start system and it works great. They both start better than in the summer heat. Funny IH never jumped on board with them Mark
  12. Yea, I hear you there, have a 4000 tore down in my shop as we speak. No sleeves, have to have the block bored. Tons of parts available. Sleeves would be better for in frame rebuilds. Not one of their best ideas sharing diesel blocks with gasers
  13. 4000 is a great tractor. I have one now in the shop getting a complete engine rebuild. Started fine, ran fine, just tons of blow by. Once inside I found the motor to still be rocking stnd bearings all the way around. This one has the later selecto speed tranny. Works great. Also have a loader on it, I think it looks nicer without the loader, but way more handy with Mark
  14. My experience with looking into solar was by the time it paid for itself, it was time to replace. Off the grid is one thing, but to be efficient is the question
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