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  1. Texting and more than likely being she was on a highway, had the cruise control on. They love how they don't have to think while driving Mark
  2. The replacement are way cheap, I can't see how you can go wrong. Ran into the same situation on a motorcycle carb. Oem wanted $500, new aftermarket $46 through amazing, works like a charm. Looks identical. They are making identical knock offs that use parts identical to oem. Don't get me wrong, not a fan of those "over there " manufacturers, but when oem can't get you one, or the parts. What else do you do? Mark
  3. Last time I needed a kit I got one through all states ag. Wasn't much to it and not all that cheap. Check your distributor rotation and make sure your plugs are timed correctly, after rebuilding mine, won't start to save my ars, I had wires timed for wrong rotation. Have you pulled valve cover to verify the starting valves are being opened when you pull the decompression lever? With plugs out, are you getting compression? That should tell you the valves are open or not. With either, gas or not, you should get something. Plugs are good? Interested on your progress now Mark
  4. Mmmm is that short for "sexy assistant"? 😁😁. Gotta get me one of those
  5. I lucked out, got the blue eyes, am tall, and still have all my hair. Balding didn't hit our fam. Mark
  6. Just poking fun, sorry I didn't get the smiley face in there before it sent 😁😁 And yes, one side talked about the others, some would say the norwegians were a swede with his brains knocked out, all kinds of sayings like that back and forth, but for real. Just a mountain between them. Not like a continent. 🤔🤔. All good here 😂😂 Mark
  7. Wow, that's harsh. My ancestors were from Norway 😁😁 Mark
  8. On a serious side for out if car experience I have garmin. 2 as radios for back country adventures and one straight gps. Have run property lines and found markers many times with them Mark
  9. Above said is a very good explanation of the general workings of abs brake systems. Wheel sensors will throw it into abs mode. I dislike how once it is activated the pedal goes to the floor and you basically are out of control of the brakes. Best thing to do is release brakes and re apply if you have time to. Are you getting an abs light? Very good scan tools are the only way to get codes from abs computer. Good luck Mark
  10. Hmmm I bet a beer would fit in there. Open container and no one would be the wiser. Gotta get me one 😁😁
  11. Funny, this is probably the worst smoke I've seen in my entire life. Haven't seen blue sky for a week. Visibility down to 3/4 mile here. Ash on my truck every morning. Fires in wash/ Oregon not to mention a big one east of me. We can all blame who we want to, it's nature taking care of it's forests. Aside of idiots starting these, it's going to happen if we can't manage the forests. How's that spotted owl now??? Been in plenty of old growth forests. Nothing grows there. No under brush for deer/elk, or???? Not even new generation trees. Nature will take care of things if we don't. M
  12. Looks great. I used a "kit" to fix my 1486 tach lense. Couldn't tell how many hrs on it when I got it, way better, but not near what your lenses look like. Will take some sandpaper to it to clear it up more. Thanks for the idea Mark
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