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  1. This is why I have 6x6 uprights in the ground for over a year and still tarping my hay. I'm not falling for this covid extortion Mark
  2. That's some impressive work all Mark
  3. td9inidaho

    IH 1300

    I expected it to have a straight 6. What do I know? I know the older dump I have was a 6, that's about it. Been tempted to put it back together, needs a different motor though Mark
  4. Just put my 350 back together for my boat. Rebuilt a truck 350 years ago, small chamber heads, put domed pistons in it, mild cam, full rebuild, after a year of running one of the studs stripped and it bent a valve. Pulled the motor, sat in shop for years, had head rebuilt, except they didn't replace the stud, soooo I ordered the screw in upgrades, my experience. If your studs are pinned as some were from the factory, "don't do it" !!! While tapping the hole, it cracked The head. I now have a very expensive boat anchor. The small chamber heads were great for compression, but not so good for flow. Get some small chamber aluminum heads and be done. Get way better flow, standard gaskets, nothing special
  5. Dryer than dry here, been hot on top of that, can't remember the last rain we've had. Thunderstorms only brought us lightening and fires. We only ever get 1 cut, this year is coming in at 30 percent of normal. Hay is already hitting $285 / ton in places Mark
  6. We will take your rain. We are on fire out here. What we've cut we get 1/3 of last year's cut. Hay is already $250/ ton Mark
  7. Cattle guards here, would love to have a Cple, just don't trust em. My luck I would be missing more cows than I already am Mark
  8. Nice, we all like pics ? Mark
  9. I guess it's a good thing I don't plant 100s of acres, but the chart has a setting for alfalfa, is very tight, but it works Mark
  10. I start with alfalfa, plant the fields, then timothy, finish putting down oats as a cover crop. Three passes, clean and change planting settings with each different seed, do you have the seed rate chart inside the lid? If not I can get you pics off mine. Mark
  11. Looks great, wish I had the grass boxes on mine. I get to make 3 passes everytime i seed. Mark
  12. Question For all of you that have used them, I have been told they don't like, whether it be won't pickup, or stack well , the lighter bales? Was this just someone who didn't have it adjusted properly, or is there truth to it? I would very much enjoy the idea of getting one, but might be changing over to big rounds. Mark
  13. Just drove a Sandpoint yesterday, used 1 1/2 pipe, 16 feet, once past the clay layer it fell in like butter. I used the bucket to "push" it in the ground. Was done in 10 minutes. Be careful not to bend your pipe. Ask me how I know Mark
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