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  1. Is that an IH spreader in the back ground? Just bought one and need to get it home to get operational. Yours PTO driven? Mark
  2. No I didn't. I live on a rock 😁😁. But friends did
  3. Same here, my wife is using zoom for family chat, as well as work. Seems easy, I haven't used it, but I'm usually in the shop or outside somewhere Everyone, stay safe however that can be for you Mark
  4. Yes, it's the top rail. Cracked lengthwise Thanks
  5. Perfect, thanks for all the replies. Will check the laws. Thanks again Mark
  6. Oh, finally, the price fixers are allowing us to have diesel at $2.45. Ow wow, so generous of them Mark
  7. Hi, I have possibilities of getting a great deal on an international dump truck, problem is, the frame has a crack in the frame. The crack is in the middle of the truck, top of the frame on the flat where the box sits, it's about a foot long. Question is, is it safe to weld, or is it truely not ok to weld frames? Any insight would be appreciated. It's a 90's double axle 50,000 lb gvw truck Thanks Mark
  8. td9inidaho


    Perfect, a very happy day for you indeed, congrats, nice to see someone hasn't lost the original American dream and pride in owning what you have Mark
  9. If mine had doors I could tell you, if only I would have held out for a cabbed 86 🤔🤔. Oh well Mark
  10. And then there's the 4 wheeler seat the elk ate
  11. And here's another on the docket
  12. One of many, not necessarily quarantine brought on, but still needed to get done. This is just one of many
  13. I know the feeling, I raise bees, get our own honey that way. Small scale, was sharing with the kids, one wife was cooking with it to the amount of a quart in 2 weeks, surplus running low, had to cut them off. For cooking i told them they needed to buy the store "corn syrup" blended stuff Mark
  14. I agree, that big old shifter for the transfer was crazy big. I think I might be able to see it in one of the pics Mark
  15. Looks good. Didn't realize the body style hadn't changed yet. Looks alot like my 4dr. Might even have the IH locker in the rear as mine did
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