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  1. Last year I was lucky enough to find some real monsters Mark
  2. Another guaranteed way to tell false morels is the tops won't be connected to the stem around the outside edges. I enjoy tons of them every spring, the extras I dry, have gallon bags full of them Mark
  3. My bobcat has that setup and it's great, quick and easy to change attachments, I made a 3 time hay spear loader for it, easy to make, easy to change, now I might make it hydraulic as it be even easier to change attachments. Being more standardized has its advantages on available used implements Mark
  4. Ok, sorry took so long, snow has finally melted, it def needs a bath. Also the damaged 9 inch rear. Threw the pinion across the field
  5. It will sell, question is, do you want it??
  6. From my neck of the woods that's quite a tractor to have. But by what I see on here , it's basically price of scrap metal. Then again , to each their own Mark
  7. Sooo that's an excuse why???? Starting a new pitty party or? Mark
  8. Wow, very impressive work you are doing there. Good luck, can't wait to hear the next steps of this adventure Mark
  9. Wow, very impressive work you are doing there. Good luck, can't wait to hear the next steps of this adventure Mark
  10. Great fix by the sounds of it, pics be great to go along with to help others get the idea. Seems everyone has had some sort of issue with those adjusters Mark
  11. I received those notices for years on my 06 mustang, finally took it in when weather got nice, they told me they wouldn't have the parts for a year, so I said ok, can they stop sending the noticed, nope, not untill it's fixed. Obviously eliminates their liability when it if it deploys. It's all about money. My son's 01 infinity is still getting the notices. Mark
  12. I get the interest, but are we all here to try and collectively get information about the equipment itself as apposed to greedy sales people trying to make money??? If you bought the barrel as a memoriabiliy, that's great, but to ask us what it's worth???? Go look on craigslist or e bay. We are real international inthusiasts and not just vultures Mark
  13. In our neck of the woods it's about the same as the others. 50 cents per lb, cut and wrap, anything special, you pay extra, like smokies, summer sausage, pepper sticks all extra. If they come out and do the kill, yea that's extra too. I understand their time is just as valuable as anyone else's. Mark
  14. Not sure what mine are. Will have to go look now, I have 2 sets for my 1200 Mark
  15. Years ago I made a bale handler for my SS, it had 2 spears for one round bale, this fall I was working with big squares, put the third spear in for stability, I guess I don't trust those spears Mark
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