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  1. Colaguy

    Lug nuts

    I remember dad's 59 Oldsmobile and a 63 Mercury had left-handed threads and plowshare bolts have left-handed threads
  2. I have a Dillon 550b reloader also just love it never fails me I can load 7 rounds of 357 in a minute 9 mm 380 40 45 ACP 357 38 specials. Always wanted to get a powdered funnel to set up on each Calibre so I would never have to just it but never got that far.
  3. What I miss is cultivating with the 4 row rear mount on the 656 no cab going 3 mph north with a 3 mph wind blowing north just loved eating the dust
  4. Here's a picture of some of my tomatoes that are decent. Some red and white onions. The one with the stem on it is called a buffalo steak.it didn't grow buffalo steaks just tomatoes darn it
  5. What i have tried over the last couple of years and it seems to work is use epsom salt. About a ΒΌ cup of epsom salt in the bottom of hole before you plant.than just a little dirt on top than plant your tomatoes.
  6. The Beatles they seem to like my rhubarb a lot of the leaves by the way I work with the guy that lives in Newton I work for signature at the Des Moines airport his name is Marty he was telling me how bad the trees blew over
  7. I was very lucky none of the tomatoes really got squished cuz I have woven wire as tomato cages and concrete wire that they use in concrete as cages. so it was really strong and the A-frame that I have for the cucumbers is made out of 4 by 8 wire panels they put in for concrete so it kind of held stuff up.
  8. Yes I heard that also that the blight is in the soil. We had cold spring lots of rain then hot dry than rain and hot again. And to top it off part of the neighbors tree feel on the garden
  9. Very nice looking tomatoes. Will have to look for them next season.
  10. Yes had early blight late blight I think even blight on blight. Did spray for it but didn't help much. Been growing tomatoes for 45 years worst I ever had. I plant all variety of tomatoes and regular tomatoes blight-resistant ones
  11. the worst thing about the tomatoes is they look nice from the outside but when you cut them open they are moldy in the inside. Last year was the best tomatoes I ever had
  12. Anyone else here in Iowa having really bad ugly tomatoes with black spots. Also have lots of bruised tomatoes from hail
  13. That reminds me of what my neighbor had for planting beans in the late sixties. It was called a sidewinder. 3pt mounted rotary tiller with a 6 row narrow bean planter units mounted on the back. Had it on a 2150 Oliver with from mounted saddle tanks for putting on treflan. Didn't work the best
  14. How S&G green stamps gold bond stamps and Holiday gas stations and Henry's fast food burgers for $.15 cents
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