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  1. That reminds me of what my neighbor had for planting beans in the late sixties. It was called a sidewinder. 3pt mounted rotary tiller with a 6 row narrow bean planter units mounted on the back. Had it on a 2150 Oliver with from mounted saddle tanks for putting on treflan. Didn't work the best
  2. How S&G green stamps gold bond stamps and Holiday gas stations and Henry's fast food burgers for $.15 cents
  3. NASCAR is better to watch now cause they have zero practice. They get to the track get into the car and drive. They go down pit row following the pace car to get the correct RPMs for pitroad speed been more pitroad penalties.
  4. Gets the taste buds all worked up. BLTs and sweet corn, barbequed ribs and sweet corn or just sweet corn and sweet corn
  5. Back in the day I planted around 25000 on IH air planter 8_36 rows. Doubled the fertilizer and nitrogen. Made for awesome corn. Also nice good soil
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