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  1. I have 4 henry's. 3 are the frontier series. 22 LR 17 HMR and 22 mag with the 24 in long barrel. The last one is a silver boy 22LR . It is the 2020 Trump serial number edtion. Haven't shot them. Won't ever shoot the trump edtion
  2. Got down to -17 Monday night here at the Des Moines airport. Had UPS and FedEx cancel flights. Tonight FedEx cancelled there flight because it was snowing in Memphis. American cancelled a few flights cause Dallas was having bad weather. Tonight we had to preload a few overnight planes for American so they could run there APU's to keep planes warm. And our fuelers are out in it till they get done
  3. I bought a new Heckler and Koch VP 9mm night sights and 2 17 round and a 20 round magazine came with it. Something wild and crazy to do
  4. All those steaks look absolutely awesome almost too good to eat but since you're cooking them you better eat them
  5. I am busier than a cat covering up s---t on a tin roof seven miles from dirt. Mom always said don't bite the hand that feeds you
  6. My grandfather had a saying If you smell something first you better look in your on pants . dad had a good saying for eating at buffets. Might Just as well be the first hog to the trough
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone and may God bless
  8. I remember when I was in first grade in 1961 the school I went to steamboat rock iowa used t have a shooting class for the seniors. They made a back stop in the gym. Used 22 shorts
  9. I got meet Clint Eastwood in person while he was making the movie Bridges of Madison County. He would flying into the Des Moines airport at our FBO. Got to carry just bags and other stuff he had. Even got to carry his little daughter Francesca off the plane. He was a awesome guy.
  10. Colaguy

    Lug nuts

    I remember dad's 59 Oldsmobile and a 63 Mercury had left-handed threads and plowshare bolts have left-handed threads
  11. I have a Dillon 550b reloader also just love it never fails me I can load 7 rounds of 357 in a minute 9 mm 380 40 45 ACP 357 38 specials. Always wanted to get a powdered funnel to set up on each Calibre so I would never have to just it but never got that far.
  12. What I miss is cultivating with the 4 row rear mount on the 656 no cab going 3 mph north with a 3 mph wind blowing north just loved eating the dust
  13. Here's a picture of some of my tomatoes that are decent. Some red and white onions. The one with the stem on it is called a buffalo steak.it didn't grow buffalo steaks just tomatoes darn it
  14. What i have tried over the last couple of years and it seems to work is use epsom salt. About a ΒΌ cup of epsom salt in the bottom of hole before you plant.than just a little dirt on top than plant your tomatoes.
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