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  1. I wonder how many times they had to start over as they lost count 😂😂
  2. I will have to agree with most here on putting airbags In place. They are a very inexpensive way to gain more carry capacity. Get the weight assist you want. Easy to install, and easy to take out, transfer to the new truck down the road. Drop the air when not hauling and have a great 1/2 ton ride. Or, if you were to keep the truck, beef up the springs/suspension and add bags as I have done to my truck. It never sags anymore Mark
  3. It will take some time. Prices here are ridiculously high. I could sell my 16 for more than it sold for new. Unless the vehicle is way over priced, they sell in a day or so of listing Mark
  4. My Massey gets the same way, I believe alot of the water is entering through the shifter. I have replaced the rubber boot. Also temp swings here causes alot of condensation in those cases. I try to change fluid every cple years. Mark
  5. I can't wait to see the finish product or this project you have here. I'm eating alot of popcorn waiting 😂😂 Mark
  6. My understanding is most of the early smaller gm motors, 350s included did not have balancer bolts, they were press on fit. Some 350s that were threaded were smaller bolts, and many brill them and rethread the crank for a larger bolt. I have one in my boat that I just put new heads, cam, intake and carb on, when turn the engine over to time, the bolt stripped out. Now I get to see if I have enough room in the boat to pull the balancer and rethread the crank. I believe the small bolts gm used were 7/16, I could be wrong on that, but most are going to 1/2 bolts Mark
  7. Great find. Memories from days gone by. Even better it still fits. You must be doing something right Mark
  8. Also let's not forget the flip up air intake in the middle below the windshield. My kb-7 has them both Mark
  9. If like most engines, take the entire rocker assembly off the head and replace the pushrod, bolt the assembly back on making sure all pushrods are held properly Mark
  10. Don't get me started. I am always late, and plan on being very late to my own funeral. That's my story Mark
  11. Great work. Thanks for the pics along the way Mark
  12. Funny how in the 60s and 70s, the 4 door trucks were rarely seen, as stated earlier, state, forest service took some too. I have one as a plow truck, sits out front in the driveway. Atleast once a week I get random people stopping and wanting to buy it. Friends of mine have told me to put a "huge" price tag on it to stop them. And if they come knocking, they must be serious. On a side note, the floating rear axle posi IH made wasn't all that stout Mark
  13. Why is it I get all the equipment the previous owners didn't fix the lights, just started hacking away at the wiring 🤔🤔. The 14 and 5000 both look like been through a blender Mark
  14. Well now, I so enjoy the "fun" we all have here. We all get the idea Mike likes seeing all our dozers dressed up in as much pig iron as we can bolt/weld on em. As for derailing the thread, I guess there's a first for everyone. Sandhiller, great assortment of pellet shooters you have there, and to help keep your thread on track, I will send a peak at my 308. A bit heavy, but def does the trick Mark
  15. It's crazy what we think we own when it comes to our space and land. Atleast in Idaho, as far as water is concerned. If you don't have documented legal water claim, the pond water on our property is public, if needed the state can scoop from it with choppers for fire suppression, same with mineral rights, unless documented in your deeds, anyone can claim a gold mine on your property if they found it "legally". As for air space, that's 100 percent public, I have a drone, use it to keep an eye on the cows, and where they are. Not all are as respectful for others privacy as some of us. I would never fly over someone's house/property. But that's me, I'm not one to push my rights on others, just to have them get aggravated. Beware, the video they take is automatically saved to the fliers phone if they set it up that way. GPS coordinates also downloaded to a file. Mine hit a tree one winter, went down. Was quite easy to locate with my phone. Good luck, Mark
  16. Good job, nothing like diving in and doing it yourself. Getting hands on knowledge is always good. Pics are always appreciated, and I'm sure down the road this write up will help someone get the courage to fix their own equipment as you are. Mark
  17. That's def an old school 4000. I very much enjoy mine. It has plenty enough power to pull a 3 bottom 18 plow, and hydraulics for days Mark
  18. Very nice. Good for you. My 1200 has power box. I like how it steers Mark
  19. Funny, I have been dealing with same situation. I needed new rocker arm lock nuts for a Chevy motor, looked on AutoZone website, says they have em in stock. Great, off I go, didn't write the stock number down, they couldn't find it in the system, left my phone at home, couldn't look it up for them, go home, look it up, come back with the number, ohhh yea, we have those. One box, they come 4 to a box, I needed 16, so, they order 3 more boxes, it shows up, 1 box, with 3 nuts, how dumb can they be, had to order 9 to get the rest. They are sold by the box 🤔🤔 Mark
  20. Here's a clue, it's not the donut that your Prius rides on, so figure it out, big balloon goes boom when it explodes. Seen plenty of bigger explosions than that. Guess it's all in where your from Mark
  21. Looks great, but at what price??:. Like everything, restores are awesome, have spent many hours working on those old scouts, my mom ran mail routes for decades with them. When you needed a starter , you weren't sure if it was a Delco or Ford???: They took what ever parts were available and made it work. Looks great, good cleanup on that unit Mark
  22. Years ago I had a cylinder go out on a back hoe, had to be the top cylinder too, I used the pipe wrench method with abit of heat, left it attached to the boom, worked ok, hard part was putting ram back in the cylinder, getting seals compressed and back in was very difficult for me, so when the main cylinder went out, I took it to a truck shop. Long run I felt I saved myself the aggravation, looks like they used heat as well Mark
  23. Back when I rebuilt mine, I bought most of my parts through cars Mark
  24. My neck of the woods in Idaho, we are super short, on avg everyone is getting 1/3 of normal cut, not many of us get a second cut, and if they usually do, might not this year as we have had little to no rain. Some are already sending cattle to market while prices are high. Alot of the big suppliers ship out, not sure to where though Mark
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