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  1. I am very glad to see you all are doing very well with that tax money. Sorry if I came across wrong, was just merely going off what our city and volunteer depts are doing. One dept chief only spends money on new trucks, but never sells, or moves on the older. He has a fleet of em now. A cple years ago, a house fire occured, they had a really nice truck sitting there, and only 2 volunteers to run it, they lost the structure. I think his priorities are a little off key. Mark
  2. How much do these cost??? Hopefully it's not hitting the tax payers pocket book too much after retro fitting them. Our local town bought a "fire boat". Was a great deal, we have a big lake, after they had to rebuild the motor, as well as pumps, could have had 2 brand new pump trucks 🤔🤔 Mark
  3. Last set I bought from Carr's, they weren't cheap, now I'm hearing they are even more , yours in that bad of shape? Mark
  4. I get doing our best to improve what we are doing to the environment. Fictitious numbers or not. But like always, the person's in charge are making one heck of a nice cart before realizing they don't even have horse 😂😂 Mark
  5. E brakes here always froze in the winter. To this day I will never use an e brakes. Mark
  6. Dji is a very good drone, relatively easy to fly, will return to home if you lose signal, just a few fall back settings you can Taylor to your environment and surroundings, I lost mine once, it was returning to home when I tried taking control of it, hit a tree, my fault. I should have trusted it's technology. Using my phone, I did finally find it in a snow bank, a few broken parts, replaced, and back in the air. I enjoy mine, takes great video and pics. One time I was at the front of our 80 acres, two sons sitting in their truck at the back, "hunting", I flew over, saw them, dropped that puppy right in front of the windshield of the truck, hoovered, looked at them, and flew away. They knew they were busted 😂😂 Mark
  7. Great video, good information for those that don't quite know how glow plugs work, or to test Mark
  8. Kind of odd that your off road trucks or equipment isn't getting as hot as your on road trucks. My understanding is it's the same fuel, just die added. Are they the same distributors? Possibly different additives in the fuels you are getting if from different distributors. Be curious to see how this ends up Mark
  9. Right?, And all you have is white, or black spruce, throw in a few birch, and that's about it 😂 Mark
  10. Then again, the driver could be handicapped you know🤔🤔.
  11. Sorry for your family losses, not sure how old school your state is, but COVID is nothing more than the flu these days, if your mom's healthy enough to attend, let her attend. People can hide under a rock all they want, but we have all had it by now, and we only live once. No one should die in a hospital alone, void their family, and now, she should be able to be with her family, pay her respects and be free as we all are supposed to be. God be with your family in times like this Mark
  12. But if fits officer 😂 Nice pics Mark
  13. Let's not forget the blood dumplings, or so I'm told was one of the fall delicacies during butchering time . Also, pickled pigs feet, Or so I'm told by my dad, whom was Norwegian Swede. I always told him, he could have my share 🤮 Mark
  14. Only a/c I know of in my '16 Ford platinum is rolling the windows down, not one of my pieces of equipment, equipped or not, has operable a/c, "I have to acclimate" to the conditions outside. So I tell anyone that rides with me anyhow 😂 Mark
  15. Well sorry to hear that, seems we have plenty of sources, maybe there's a chance to order one online, wait for the pony express to deliver it. Good luck, hate seeing older equipment mothballed Mark
  16. Not sure who your supplier is, but excuse me if I'm wrong, but most all of those 2 speed units are alike, use the same motors, and switches, alot if times, they just need cleaned up. Have replaced the one on a 76 Ford, as well as last year on an l8000. Again, I could be wrong, but Google search brought up quite a few, through nappa even Mark
  17. Just remember, he answered the question where's beef come from? "The store " 😂😂😂
  18. Better be the whole front axle assembly 😂. I'm sorry, but these corporate companies are no longer making these parts that I know of, if so, they would still hold the pattens, so no one can make them, they are sourcing these items, putting them in a box, selling to "brand loyal" customers for ten times the price. For that mark up, I will buy 5, wear them out and still be ahead , to each their own, some people think leasing is the best way to go, turn in, and get a new machine every 4 years too. Never own it, but accountants tell you it's smart 🤔🤔. On paper anyhow, as long as you are "making" money, but hiding it from the IRS Mark
  19. So that's who, and how they put up the "weather" station in the other discussion 😂 Mark
  20. Too bad, seems to be the norm these days, get a replacement out of a box, make sure it's a high priced unit to make a good profit on, minimal labor, on to the next, oh, and no warranty to worry about either. New age repair shops I guess Mark
  21. That's just too bad, at times I've wanted to ring my kids necks, but never kill them. Sad things were so bad he shot his brother as well as his son. Prayers for the survivors, and hopefully they can let go of the disagreement, what ever it might have been. Probably a new one after this though Mark
  22. That does not look like fun at all, I can only hope that never happens to me on my excavator. I've seen people "roll" them back on if loose enough, still not what I want to try and do Mark
  23. Can't see a cable to it, must be one of those sadists, that want to have "Christmas" lights up all year 😂😂, ohhh, wait, I guess that's the lazy arse that lives here too 🤔 Mark
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