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  1. Then again with today's economy most anything is selling for more than it did new. My understanding of most any tracked ss the running gear is good for about 3-4000 hrs, then most of them will need rebuilding. Warranties are golden as long as you want to keep rotating through newer machines. I have a bobcat from the 80s, minor repairs ever. Brother in law has a new one, constantly hauling in for "warranty" work. At what point is your time worth more than free repairs. Good luck on your purchases Mark
  2. My understanding is a "true" split rim isn't what you have. True split rims are 3 piece rims, 2 half rims and a locking ring, possibly 2 locking rings. No one will touch those, the type I assume you have are solid centers and 1locking ring on the outside bead. Still not the safest. As others say, chains in several places if you don't have a cage. Be safe. Are those 16 or 18 inch rims? I have 2 sets of IH rims from my 1200, 6 bolt. One set is highway tires, the other winter treads. Now stacked up as those axles since been changed out to Ford 3/4 ton running gear Mark
  3. My son and I made a golf ball cannon, round pipe in a pipe, 5 feet long, set it up to take shotgun primers as an ignition system as apposed to fuses. Works great. Anything from shop brooms to gophers have been shot out if it, no cats, sorry too small 😂. Make sure to use black powder as any other gun powder burns too fast, to high of pressures. Ask me how we know 🤔. Did I mention we border a well know golf courses 9th hole? They "might" end up with a few random balls on their green 😂😂 Mark
  4. If that's an original rim, I'm overly impressed, especially having been loaded. Here's what I battled a cple years ago with new tires and tubes. No calcium to my knowledge been in these. All rims will rust, once rusty can cause issues with tubes if not cleaned and painted 75 percent of my tractors have loaded tires, this one and a bobcat has had more flats than any of the others. One tractors been loaded since the 60s, different tires and tubes, same rims. Just my experience
  5. That my friends is the "4 door bronco ". After market by centurion, they did that with the late 70s bronco to start with
  6. City folks buy a bike and a harley shirt, and think they are bikers. My opinion is the real fools are the people buying into the "Harley club" 😂😂 Mark
  7. Sooo, does that mean they are now making the "dent sides" 😂😂
  8. Here's what I have, hopefully this helps you out, photos in the book are by far not the best
  9. I restored a cple vws for 2 guys, had to put new floors in them both. One was a bug, other was a full restore, it was a 21 window van, had the port hole windows in the top portion of the roof/walls. They might not have called them "21" window vans, that just what comes to my aging mind Mark
  10. "I think I can,,,, I think I can,,,,". Nope, I can't 😂😂😂😂
  11. Why is it in a vise? Modifying it are you ??
  12. It's basically a stop for the arm adjustment, I left the heaped up weld as apposed to grinding down and welding it in place. It happens to be the same location. Time will tell, it's hooked up and cutting 😁 Mark
  13. Thanks everyone, here's to trying what I can , worst case scenario, I will splice the steel rod farther up, bridge the weld, and weld the treaded end on Will let you all know how this works out Mark
  14. I don't have a manual with your specs, but a search on the net gave me this info. Don't take it as gospel, just trying to help. Maybe someone with a factory manual will chime in Mark
  15. Does a 16x20 walk in cooler count 😁😁, it's expensive to keep cold, but will get meat down to near freezing. Usually try to do most of my butchering in the fall/winter, free a/c that way, but on occasion someone wants a pig, or cow or one of us gets an elk during archery. Home manufactured cooling unit besides the a/c unit Mark
  16. Well then, if they don't want pork, chicken or beef, don't sell them any, and when they get tired of eating tofu, or soy burgers, they can complain to the governor. Should be a good move for the farmers growing soy, or whatever else they are "manufacturing" into meat. I've been waiting along time for that state to fall into the ocean like the "experts" predicted would happen Mark On another note, those big corporations like the gas companies, won't go without their profits, they will get them, less expense, just on the rest of our backs. Who's not going to have A/C years to come when all those earth friendly electric cars are sucking up all the electric, causing even more power outages? All of us, just like the price of meat, gas, we all suffer for the few 🤔
  17. It's raining, so what better thing to do. A.cple.steps along the way
  18. I agree with sledgehammer, those u joint angles are crazy. Even the steering looks crazy. Looks like a few Ford parts thrown in there, is that transfer case even bolted in ? Can't wait to see your progress on this one Mark
  19. It is the drag bar, that attaches the cut head to the main frame
  20. I know it's not the right color red, but heres to trying to fix what someone else has already tried. Here's to the Massey cutting again Mark
  21. Factory specs are for "fresh" blocks, sooo if he's any kind of machinist, he can do the math, if your sleeves are flush, then, with pistons installed, he can measure the protrusion, and measure relief in the heads, by now, both heads, and blocks have been machined a cple times, if too tight, something needs machined. Or replaced. I would say he is covering his behind if anything goes wrong, or he's way to anal. How many priors throw these things together and have no problems? Best of what I ever found was sleeve protrusion, I don't think those pistons are domed,. I have a set in the shop, sleeves and pistons, I could look if needed Mark
  22. I have 2, and I wish I had a pull behind 😂😂 Mark
  23. Doesn't sound right 🤔. As others are proposing, the draw through the flasher has to be high, so as to heat the unit / bi metal so it pops off, then cools and back on,. Over and over. If you have dim light, I think you have a ground issue. I get what others are saying, led don't have a big draw, so, flasher won't flash. Just stay lit. Did flasher work before ? Maybe I'm all wrong, just my shade tree mechanic fyi. Can't wait to hear what your problem turns out being Mark
  24. For the most part, the value is how badly do you want it??? How deep are your pockets? Mark
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