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  1. oneday

    Bought a 986

    What I’m calling the pull arm is the biggest link on the 3 point hitch. The lower arm connected to the torsion bar that you mount your implements on the other end. It is a 1980 and I believe the tri-stripe/PPH was a mid-year change. Mine has the metric bolster and newer style rear axle housing.
  2. oneday

    Bought a 986

    So I’m trying to find the pull arm for the hitch. Would the 786, 886 and 986 be the same? I’m having no luck locally.
  3. They mentioned at least half of those singers
  4. Ironically I believe the more colorful version was Robert Duvall on the movie Colors
  5. The first episode was my favorite. The beginning, started off in the 20s
  6. For some reason I got him confused with Nebraska 1206. I hadn't seen anything about the article yet as of a few days ago and I asked him if that was him in the magazine.
  7. There's a TA-26 loader for sale locally that was bought for an AC D 17. I called Westendorf and they said the mounts I would need for my 706 are $1050.21. I didn't expect that.
  8. Thanks, for now I've just got some continuous fence to do where the pasture meets the backyard including a large gate. Eventually I'll tie into that behind the bank barn where I'm going to build the handeling pens and chutes though.
  9. I was planning at least one of those back pack units and wondered about a tank with a pump of some sort so I guess I'm in the right track.
  10. What do you do to control/prevent fires where you're cutting and welding?
  11. oneday

    My transtar

    The old 4300's are one of my favorites
  12. I read that Otto was a self made millionaire. He had/has a business repairing heavy equipment
  13. I don't have cable anymore but I used to like watching The Last Alaskans
  14. An old saying was "hot in the summer, cold in the winter and noisy Year-A-Round"
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