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  1. F-14 Heisler overdrive pictures

    i wouldn't want to go 20mph on an F-30!
  2. I like your picture in your avitar. Do you have a full size version of it?

  3. '63 706 Resto

    here's some of the 3pt cyl. piston and the old ring system vs. the new.
  4. '63 706 Resto

    here is a pic of the 756 support installed, i had to cut the speed trans shaft down as well as shorten the shaft on the right for the range shift. there must be some differences in the speed trans. covers. the other pic is of the new clutch pedal shaft w/ the pedal bored and bushed.
  5. '63 706 Resto

    i dropped off the pedal and a new shaft at the machine shop to get the pedal bored to allow for a bushing. i'll post some pics how it turned out. i just came in for lunch but i'll have some pics w/ the steering/gear support assy. mounted tonight.
  6. '63 706 Resto

    and here's one of things beginning to go back together. 56 series range cover w/ A&I updates.
  7. '63 706 Resto

    sorry for the long layover, it was a slow yr. for the 706. here are some pics of it in the shed where i've been working on it. i had to make a mini gantry for a chain fall that would fit in the shed. here i removed the rear frame cover so i could change out the 3pt. cylinder ring.
  8. Learning alot, but want more info

    they dropped the ball on pwr. shift though.
  9. '63 706 Resto

    i'm gonna' fit her up w/ all the tins she needs including flat tops, and new rubber and than put it to work this yr. to see how everything holds up. my father-in-law is giving me a Cummins 6BT this coming winter to thow in there, so i will wait until the swap is complete and i have the tractor the way i want it before paint. i just took her down the road for the first time and she fly's, it's gonna be scary fast when i put the 18.4's on!
  10. '63 706 Resto

    here she is, first time running and driven on her own power in over 13yrs.! i still didn't have any steering, the local IH service manger said to pull the plug on the MCV and see if its pumping. it was pumping a good stream out of it. so i pulled the caps off the selector valve and found out it was stuck. i freed it up and threw it back together. a few turns of the wheel and she turned her wheels, but as soon as she reached full lock , the line that goes all the way to the front (behind the grill) sprung a leak. it lays right on the bottom of the casting so if you left it out (which was done in the past, as i could see where it had been braised a few times) the rain would pool up there and make the line rust.
  11. '63 706 Resto

    the seven-O lives! i got it running yesterday and it sounds really good. i'm going to hook up a oil pressure and temp gauge, than adjust the clutch, shifters and T/A. after that i need to bleed the hyd. system, the 3pt. came up when it started but there is still no steering. when i pull it out of the shop on its own power to check everything i will take some pics. any advice or things i should do/look for?
  12. '63 706 Resto

    i figured out why the sleeve had to be so long. it appears to be a band-aid from IH. when it's pressed alll the way in it acts as a stop and a guide of sorts for the shifting cam. a couple more angles.
  13. '63 706 Resto

    i pulled the PTO and found the missing pieces. now i can begin putting it back together. i'm going to move the front aux. hyd. outlets to the rear and fill everything back up. i have a question on the range cover, my new one came w/ a sleeve to be pressed in for the dipstick. why does it have to be so long? by the looks of it, it will barely clear the shifting cam when pressed all the way down. it's at least 4" long. couldn't i just press it in a couple inches than cut it off?
  14. '63 706 Resto

    little update..... i'm still looking for the broken piece from the range cover. i want to make sure it's not in there, i'll feel a lot better if i find it.
  15. '63 706 Resto

    yes, i will be getting new arms and rollers along w/ a new cover. i saw an aftermarket piece for the detent itself. looks like a few plates stacked together w/ the notches in them for the roller to drop into for each detent. this piece shows a little wear on the very end notch.