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  1. oneday

    My transtar

    The old 4300's are one of my favorites
  2. I read that Otto was a self made millionaire. He had/has a business repairing heavy equipment
  3. I don't have cable anymore but I used to like watching The Last Alaskans
  4. An old saying was "hot in the summer, cold in the winter and noisy Year-A-Round"
  5. oneday

    986 Temp Guage

    Right on thanks
  6. oneday

    986 Temp Guage

    That makes sense. I'm guessing the temp sensor is on the back of the head between the cab and engine?
  7. oneday

    986 Temp Guage

    I figure it's probably the guage itself but I started with the sensor because they had one on hand and it was half the price of the guage but the one they gave me looks like it must go in the head somewhere. Mine is in the top of the radiator.
  8. I wasn't aware that the radiator shops were disappearing
  9. 10' rotary cutter to mow tall pasture is why I need it right now.
  10. It's a 986 I just bought this winter. had to replace the water pump because it had a lot of slop.
  11. Is this beyond what a flush will take care of? Should I just get it recored, and if so will it be alright for now until I have time?
  12. Right on. I didn't know if it was one of those cases where more isn't better.
  13. the reman pump the dealer gave me has 8 vanes (turbo version) instead of 4. Anyone see a problem using it?
  14. Got a Binder to haul it too!
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