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  1. They mentioned at least half of those singers
  2. Ironically I believe the more colorful version was Robert Duvall on the movie Colors
  3. The first episode was my favorite. The beginning, started off in the 20s
  4. For some reason I got him confused with Nebraska 1206. I hadn't seen anything about the article yet as of a few days ago and I asked him if that was him in the magazine.
  5. There's a TA-26 loader for sale locally that was bought for an AC D 17. I called Westendorf and they said the mounts I would need for my 706 are $1050.21. I didn't expect that.
  6. Thanks, for now I've just got some continuous fence to do where the pasture meets the backyard including a large gate. Eventually I'll tie into that behind the bank barn where I'm going to build the handeling pens and chutes though.
  7. I was planning at least one of those back pack units and wondered about a tank with a pump of some sort so I guess I'm in the right track.
  8. What do you do to control/prevent fires where you're cutting and welding?
  9. oneday

    My transtar

    The old 4300's are one of my favorites
  10. I read that Otto was a self made millionaire. He had/has a business repairing heavy equipment
  11. I don't have cable anymore but I used to like watching The Last Alaskans
  12. An old saying was "hot in the summer, cold in the winter and noisy Year-A-Round"
  13. oneday

    986 Temp Guage

    That makes sense. I'm guessing the temp sensor is on the back of the head between the cab and engine?
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