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  1. Thanks for the complement. This one had the 8V92 but it wasn’t the Silver 92. I could get if I tried 4mpg I wish it had a Cummins or a 8V-71 in it I hated that 8V92. I’ve been around Detroit’s all my life and drove many but this one was a basket case
  2. Here’s some pics of me getting some John Deere Implements and a Corn head going to the Country of Brazil.
  3. Been working on this old Ertl 1/43 International McCormick Flare Wagon for my 1/43 Farm Display. I finished it this evening. I remove the original tongue made a new one re-painted it added some International McCormick decals and sideboard to it.
  4. Make sure you do I would like to see it. The 786 is one of my favorites. Well then if it’s ok I’ll post pics with the WD in them now on just thought the crew on here liked to keep it Red.
  5. As I was looking at the running gear yesterday I spotted a small chip of Red paint. David Bradley I read if correct used Harvester paint but those wheels are different than any I’ve seen who knows
  6. That might be it. I bought it for $150 no Auction he had it for sale with a bunch of stuff.
  7. Here’s some more pics of it.
  8. Thanks I’ll post some more pics of it
  9. I bought this old Flare Wagon about 23 years ago. I used it quite a bit in the Fall time of year my wife always had my put it in the yard and she would decorate it. As time went by the bed stared rotting away. So I’ve decided to try to restore it and hope to pass it on to one of my Daughters one day. I think it was a old David Bradley but I’m not sure. I’m going to paint it Allis Chamlers Orange to match my tractor. I also pulled the International McCormick Spreader out of the woods too.
  10. Picked up a few of the New AMT International 4070A kits. AMT has re-tooled the old Ertl molds of this truck. There’s lots of reviews on this New Model kit on the web if you need more info.
  11. Thanks Heath didn’t mean that but glad I did some very nice kits there. Guess I’ll have to be next when I get time and post some Goodies
  12. Happy Birthday Heath. Hope you enjoyed your day and thanks for the Welcome here.
  13. I live outside of Park Hills (Flat River) as it was once called and I’ll always call it that. I have a small 10 acre place. My Grandpa is buried at Union Mom and Dad live there back in the 1960s. I bought a old Flare Wagon there still have going to try to restore it if I can this winter. I posted if someone had any info on it in the General Discussion thread but I think I post it in the wrong place. I bought it between Union and St. Clair off Hwy 47 about 24 years ago someone had a small Implement place there.
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