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  1. Nice rig ,but looked like he had just painted all the chassis. Bed and hoist probably cost what it brought
  2. We have 5 815 3 high 2 low 4 915 1 high 3 low kicked a 815 with a 407 in the head for the motor on another 815 didn't cut 50 acres straw walker crank broke threw straw walkers out back took 407 off back on the one it came on and patched back together to finish Then came the 915 herd We never ran the 915 high it got killed for the dt407 , the low profile ones we had did ok as the hedge row was filled with parts . 915s made a great brome seed machine as the didnt have much air to throw it out the back
  3. Coyote Johnson is hoping Vanderbrinks deep pocket crowd from Pierce Nebraska shows up! Be a good place to buy a hotdog and go home
  4. https://herculesus.com/home.php My cat dealer sells these, I can rebuild most cylinders under $50
  5. Must have a new boyfriend she wants to fight with !
  6. Nice collection! To bad its like mine! Worth 1/3 what it was 5 years ago! IF hes lucky
  7. 1466 Good luck in this new world of people you work for!
  8. Any IH made hay equipment , small hay balers top the list with big balers not far behind!
  9. Old neighbor lady we rented a farm from had a 1968 rambler american 220 2 dr sedan . She alway said her husband Chalmer bought a race car with a big engine. It was a 6cyl 3sp. Only reason they got it was barn burnt the model A ford was in 68.
  10. I got some but may be rusty i got 2 sets at a auction last winter ill check how bad they were thinking not good because I about left them
  11. Should have got her a nicer fold out couch!
  12. I"m not far from there and have got several 1256 out of that area. Was the last guys name Rex?
  13. HD was a good ol boy for sure! wasn"t HD and Jere the ones that had the most posts fight ?
  14. Tom This guy is a farmer /trucker in that area shawn 402 910-4311 hes hauled a bunch of tractors for me always does what he says
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