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  1. Insurance scam , wifes boyfriend ,girlfriends husband , rented-bought farm out from under someone .
  2. Watch Larson ,sonny farms . They act like its their first summer mom wiped their snotty nose and let them out of the back yard with a fudge pop to go with dad.
  3. id be interested if you have a phone number . im in north kansas pm me
  4. 282 starting problems is usually 1, bad glow plugs or nor getting power. 2, valves sunk up into head lowing compression just enough to make hard to start . 282 heads have a hardened in place valve seat as most other diesel heads have a hardened steel incerted seat
  5. I only have to live to be about 150-75 yo to get my projects done , but i'm game for another one1
  6. Thats funny because in 1976 dad was coming home on a tractor and disc on the highway and seen what he thought was a baby pig run across the road about 10 pm at night . Stopped and shut it off and it came right up to the tractor . First hog of we had on our place . Fell out of a pickup with stock racks from sale barn. Never minded hogs unless someone missed cutting a boar and waited till he was 250.
  7. Just a tractor. If i was buying it id hold that against it. Not original and cost to much to go back to 68. I get 10-20 calls a year wanting 68 parts.
  8. I'll bet that 1086 is Stan Goltl's old stanlys steamer 986 from bridgeport Ne.. Only 86 series nf 4 post rops i remember. It was in puller once.
  9. Who owns the houses? sounds like their planning to add 1000sq ft to their hording program!
  10. Not like you and this clown that drive hogs with a pistol! First day on the farm ?
  11. How many cattle you shot that didn't go through a gate and charged back? I've loaded steers that charged back off of a pot before and didn't shoot them ? Stand by my comment trigger happy
  12. If i shot every every animal that didn't want to go where I was driving them ,Id have a pile of bones a mile high ! Trigger happy idiot that don't know how to handle livestock or to fat ,dumb, slow to get out of his own way !! Truth hurts
  13. Built from 1958-1976? Gas engine converted to diesel. Did its job and sipped fuel ! I've had many but the later engines (68-76) had a better head ,my 1972 656 starts almost without glowplugs . Know of quite a few that spent their life on feed grinders with 20000+ never had head off. My grandpas 59 560 had 30000+ and had been through several times , he was a coop double circle oil guy till he bought his 1466 in 1972 . IH no1 30 from then on.
  14. 1 , starter wife year or so of a nutsack drunk! 2 18 years , still bitches about junk tractors and hounds . Shes a good sport about it though coming from town .
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