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  1. shot_gun_red

    2nd 1256

    I’ve never seen a manifold like that either.
  2. shot_gun_red

    Where did those weeds come from?

    706 that seed had to be there in dirt I moved a bunch of dirt here for a shed .got down 15-18 feet to the real tough dirt red clover grew like it was seeded 50# to the acre on yellow clay within a month
  3. shot_gun_red

    Lyme's disease

    I for sure have it then because i get a tick once a month I just pluck em off and go on ,Get a new Dr
  4. shot_gun_red

    Any ornithologists here? Need some bird control help!

    Good bird control stopped the day they out lawed furadan
  5. shot_gun_red

    Got it home.

    Good deal they changed take a pic I may take mine off and bolt bars on I think they moved the tie mech for more throat clearance on yours to
  6. shot_gun_red

    Got it home.

    Word of advice I have a rs561 case ih which is the 5x6 version of your baler . Pick up a set of starter flaps and screws as there a tapered allen head . That ol slick fesue will test them and you on a hot day. There a great baler ive had a couple .
  7. shot_gun_red

    Local Deere Dealership burned

    I buy there ! that sucks Jere guess you heard McConnels sold to KanEquip story is closing Ottawa
  8. shot_gun_red

    Found the needle.

    Clean it up and run it!
  9. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

  10. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    560 M&w
  11. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

  12. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    Some decent pics to work off of
  13. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    The one I have is more like 2.5-3” 2” is too small
  14. shot_gun_red

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    id just buy some steel weld elbows and go to work
  15. shot_gun_red

    M&W turbos on germans.

    i have the angled exhaust piece that comes off the manifold for a d358 I'm looking for a m&w oil filter base