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  1. I bough one of those new Omaha standard utility beds on their close out sale for $2800 . Most brought 2500-4000$ Palfinger bought them out and sold all the beds on big iron
  2. Guess the Oregon beef council checkoff gonna have to spend some of those dollars on the producer now , instead of trips to Hawaii and sucking up to the packers! Maybe?
  3. Pretty sure Wright made the original International tools 60s 70s 80s
  4. Shouldn't be many dead Coons and possums along the road in July I guess !
  5. What's up with Lp tanks ? I bought a 750 last Saturday at auction for a $100 with 20%. Nice tank that I figured I'd fill this summer and set it by my other 750.
  6. **** a local clown dozed out a cemetery here , neighbor owned ground that it was on and called every state ,county agency and they shrugged their shoulders and walked away. Road made a jag and cut the corner off neighbors place where cemetery was. There was 10-20 stones from the 1800s that was guys family who dozed them into a brush pile. Needed the grass for Herford cows.
  7. I was at Humboldt imp auction in 1992-3? They just sold lots of used parts and equip it seems like . I know we got a complete front half of a 1256 there.
  8. Went to a IH sale and ran into Blaine in 5 minutes ! He’s alive and well pulling a ih hot stock 10000 tractor !
  9. You must not live in the part of the world were a bunch of morons drink a 30 pack of horse piss a day and their wife screws the neighbor twice a week!
  10. IH Hytran ? doesn't mean much if you used cheap oil because filter waxed up or water soaked. 656 666 686 i have all of them and they seem to collect water in case even when in shed . Mine does same when filter is plugged. Quit using cheap hyd oil and fixed leaks filled with hytrans and still needs filter every 6 months.
  11. My brother used to have a 70s puller when they were a paper that had a picture of a nf early 1466 with emblem's. I think the tractor was Kays delight.
  12. Doubt your gonna plow 160 acres a year with it ! I'd do O-rings like diesel dr said and use rest and not hone it , just put pistons back in same hole. If the bearings don't show wear they are way better than new stuff! I do this with the gas start diesel motors that are hard to find parts for . Never reused a head gasket YET!
  13. I own a farm that has a endangered snail (ya). I'm a rebel and don't care for enforcements ! I told them they are not welcome here but if they want to be here bring wallet for snooping fee ! Btw better hurry 200 head of feeder pigs are going to make those snails really endangered. It did make it all the way to a state senator calling ! Wife answered phone and i said "HE CAN GO DUCK HIMSELF TO " loud enough he heard . Bride was so proud of me she didn't speak for week over that ! But they leave me alone now . They were having the ASCS guy send me letters about wetlands that I used to start br
  14. I've disc a lot of ground with a 470 480 and a 496 but for some reason the 490s didn't stay long around here. Seen a wore out 496 bring $8500 up at Maryville Mo month ago , front blades were wore down like pie pans.
  15. This was my neighbors tractor . I know 12,000 + hours in the 90s. Out lived a 148 and a 58 loaders . brought $9000 not running (batteries dead Saturday .
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