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  1. opposite side is these car dealers that think and I think its working , that try to act like your scum if you try to jew them. We buy a new chevy pickup a year and man have they turned into aholes! Walked out of 2 dealers that thought msrp was a good price. We always pay cash for ours and they could care less its just screw you as hard as they can. The new internet group of armchair buyers are just looking for someone to talk to . Want to beat you up and never had intentions of buying anything but maybe a new game for there game boy!
  2. Fb should be loaded in next week with over priced ih stuff , makes me laugh at these guys wanting 4-8000 for old salvage tractors. I can already hear the if I'd been there story's.
  3. Danny, I overhauled a dt414 last fall and clevite only had 5 pistons at time . I get mine from Dons diesel and they were not gonna make more for awhile.
  4. Kansas hay looks short stunted , 1/2 crop unless it gets in gear
  5. We always tried to get it about 24-30 . Always seams to be 18" and a 2" rain and its 4-5 feet before its dry enough to get in field. No we dry baled also some times we chopped it after swather and fed in summer when the grass got short.
  6. We grew it up till a few years ago. I think I had a patch at my place last. Kinda double sword , it wont do much in a dry year and wont dry in a wet year. Back in late 90s dad planted 50 acres and it was just a good year. Like to wore the swather out and would hardly get baled before new crop was up in windrow foot tall. This was before the balage craze . You better have your wheels greased when it comes on! Not raining on your parade but our cows didn't care for it ,but i do think it would be a good mix in a mixer wagon, but that is a pain to. now about only time you see it is plant turn cows in, Buts that is here,
  7. I always wondered how sunflower ,krause ,JD, White found enough suckers to buy their disc in the 80s! Ever the hard core IH haters pulled a IH disc! Nice 496
  8. Every 300/400 i was around almost pegged the oil gauge all the time . I noticed yours fell pretty good! Ive got a 1466 here that was overhauled less than 500 ago that hardly has any oil psi ,60 cold 0-15 warm Its coming in the shop to find out whats going on , yes my gauge is correct, What turbo did you use? nice 766
  9. If they all look like that id smack them with a block of wood and i bet thy would come loose! You got lucky with those lookin that good
  10. looks like a rajay turbo after thought
  11. About all of our 400 series do that now days ,spit and sputter on start up for few seconds i suppose pumps are weak, but run fine all day so they stay on there!
  12. I bought a 279C new and its got 2200 hrs now. Only thing is you have to blow air cleaner out daily (was going to put prebreather up high but haven't) track frame bushings at 1400hrs we did them not bad job,we grease daily dirt gets caught behind quick tach frame by bucket cylinders easy mine has full ac heat cab lexion glass door and cab filters wasn't thought out very well as outside one is right by track suckin alot of dirt but i haven't found one like it that anyone can operate as easy as i have hired help i've worked construction for 30 years and I think its the best on market for me
  13. i just bought a 4366 and the guy gave me a extra pump he was running on the bottom of the transmission(10sp) like a regular truck wet kit . thought pump said 30gpm.
  14. shot_gun_red

    Cool it

    Turbo is fine on that. That is the replacement for the the old rayjay turbo. 806Dan runs one on a 806 which is 361ci. Bus pan sump is in back or front not middle like tractor plus I doubt capacity is any bigger.
  15. They had a decent one at a local consignment 2 years ago and got $3250 dueled runner
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