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  1. I got a number for a guy who has a d310 in a 715 over in nebraska if you want it!
  2. My 1256 has 20.8 38 on it and they are big ! 10 bolt 3,25 hubs and your good.
  3. Ya Dale is a hack ! needed line bored , checked for cracks .boiled painted in epoxy oem color ,blue printed if you want to do it correct! Looks good Dale ! glad to see i'm not the only one that makes it run rebuilds!
  4. worst older disc made are made by krause and john deere wings ride up in air when their suppose to be cutting
  5. https://www.hoober.com/cas-sc40001-socket-set-34-dr-sae-21-pc https://www.snapon.com/CNH
  6. What a waste of paint on those back tires! Dyna torqs are really popular for putting silage in though!
  7. That auctioneer knows its a old repainted wore out rig why cant they be just a little bit honest?
  8. My old 580d the edge was the frog in the bucket. I cut it out and made a new one once it was shot. I just grabbed a cutting edge at heavyquip when I was there and bolted it on . Seems under $75 for the edge and bolts. New edge keeps the frog flat .
  9. Take it apart and weld it back together ,redrill hole and roll on!
  10. i welded mine , its a 100 gal square tank had a piss poor 4" factory weld at top of side . I cleaned up side with grinder and wire welded it after it was empty . if your a decent welder and don"t blow threw you wont die ! I didn"t ever air it out . I"ve done alot of old tank fixing. Got my experience in the 80"s 1/4 up a old 10000 gallon gas for hog huts .
  11. Ive got a triple axle detach lowboy that I wanted to redo a year ago but couldn't find 2"x12" apitong , all i could find was 1.5 x 8 at that time! Local equipment dealer did his and claimed (I believe him, he's not a clown) that if you get a green board splinter its like a poisonous snake bite! Comes out of rain forest timber in Brazil.
  12. you know when Homer Simpson says DOH and it echos
  13. I think you better study up on lpg before you get to hot ! a grill runs about 6 ounces
  14. shot_gun_red


    Still see a few NFO stickers on old tractors here!
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