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  1. That’s it thanks. He’s advertising it for the axles for mud trucks. It would’ve made an awesome bale stacker.
  2. What model is this? It’s for sale on marketplace but I couldn’t figure out how to link it
  3. What I’m calling the pull arm is the biggest link on the 3 point hitch. The lower arm connected to the torsion bar that you mount your implements on the other end. It is a 1980 and I believe the tri-stripe/PPH was a mid-year change. Mine has the metric bolster and newer style rear axle housing.
  4. So I’m trying to find the pull arm for the hitch. Would the 786, 886 and 986 be the same? I’m having no luck locally.
  5. Ironically I believe the more colorful version was Robert Duvall on the movie Colors
  6. Thanks, for now I've just got some continuous fence to do where the pasture meets the backyard including a large gate. Eventually I'll tie into that behind the bank barn where I'm going to build the handeling pens and chutes though.
  7. I was planning at least one of those back pack units and wondered about a tank with a pump of some sort so I guess I'm in the right track.
  8. What do you do to control/prevent fires where you're cutting and welding?
  9. If Herr/Leaman wasn't so far from me I would've bought the one they had. I was surprised it sat as long as it did. ICB cab and 23 degree SAT on new rims.
  10. When I got it home and starting looking it over I realized one of the hitch arms was a CAT 3.
  11. Why is it that some tractors have more camber than others?
  12. None of the gauges work so I'll probably be getting familiar with that first.
  13. Tractordata says it's an '80. I live near Lakeview, about 10 mi. east of 131 on M-46
  14. It was an online auction listed on tractorhouse. I paid $11k for it which was worth it to me because it was only 30 miles from the house. I drove it home this afternoon. It's got a little blow by but the exhaust is clear. TA and clutch was said to have been done recently. 5600 hrs and pretty straight. Park/Reverse is pretty stiff. Not sure what causes that because I have no experience with these 86's.
  15. Just got this tractor today. It was bought at the Forest Junction auction in WI about a month ago. SN: 23261
  16. How far will a quart of paint get you? I bought a quart to paint some front wheels and I have a set of direct axle wheels to paint as well. Just wondering if that'll use up most of it.
  17. Right on. I thought he found it online
  18. How do you find the archives to track the history of a tractor again? I look on the Wisconsin historical museum site and found the McCormick collection but still did come up with anything.
  19. here's some of the 3pt cyl. piston and the old ring system vs. the new.
  20. here is a pic of the 756 support installed, i had to cut the speed trans shaft down as well as shorten the shaft on the right for the range shift. there must be some differences in the speed trans. covers. the other pic is of the new clutch pedal shaft w/ the pedal bored and bushed.
  21. i dropped off the pedal and a new shaft at the machine shop to get the pedal bored to allow for a bushing. i'll post some pics how it turned out. i just came in for lunch but i'll have some pics w/ the steering/gear support assy. mounted tonight.
  22. and here's one of things beginning to go back together. 56 series range cover w/ A&I updates.
  23. sorry for the long layover, it was a slow yr. for the 706. here are some pics of it in the shed where i've been working on it. i had to make a mini gantry for a chain fall that would fit in the shed. here i removed the rear frame cover so i could change out the 3pt. cylinder ring.
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