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  1. Guess I was around spragless TAs too long
  2. I thought about the couplers especially since I'm using adapters, but all four are slow, I didn't figure all four would be bad at once. I'm pretty sure it's the mcv pump on the 10 it had been having some problems before, it lost steering, brakes and drive for sure, I will check the other things.
  3. We put a gauge on the hydraulics today and it was less than 1000 psi, so we tried a different relief valve and got over 2000, but not still not much flow. Very slow to raise and fold disk. So maybe a pump the next rainy day. Rainy day jobs are piling up, mcv pump must have quit completely on the 1086. It stopped moving and rolled backwards until it jackknifed into the planter tounge.
  4. It is an open center tractor. On the three point levers the pivots are pretty good, its the actual control valve at the back of the tractor that's sticky. On the hydraulics I should have said the motor doesn't pull down hardly at all not near as much as my 1086 or 1486. The eyebolt I just didn't know if I could that hot enough to get it loose. After I posted last night I read about somebody taking something that stuck and soaking it in the stock tank and it came loose. Has anybody tried that?
  5. We bought a pretty low hour nice 1586 last winter. A few things seem to be kind of sticky. The hydraulic levers will stay in detent with nothing hooked up and it doesn't pull the motor down much, could the bypass valve be stuck? The three point lever was stuck pretty hard, we got it moving but it's still pretty hard to move, can you get at the control valve sight removing the fuel tank. Finally the bolt that screws into the lower three point arm that the sway brace hooks onto is stuck, any ideas how to get it loose? Will try and post pic of that. Thanks in advance.
  6. https://www.sloanex.com/pioneer-8450-series-rigid-mount-coupling.html
  7. But I have the doors off my 86s except in the winter.
  8. Yeah it doesn't bother me to look around one pipe. I'm sure I'd burn my hand if I put the pipe on the corner of the cab.
  9. Neighbor had a 1486 that would stay lit up after turning key off until you pushed the 1000 rpm PTO button.
  10. Not an 806 but a friend of mine used to pull a 560 diesel that was hopped up a little bit. He pulled it twice one night at the same weight once with a muffler and once with a straight pipe. He went farther with the muffler. I know its not scientific, but interesting.
  11. I've got one like in the picture, got it free, it was on a rotary hoe at an auction, they sold together, I bought it and told I them I only wanted the converter so resell the hoe. It brought as much as I paid for both. We use for both a fast hitch blade and a hog carrier we made from a fast hitch carryall back in the 70s. We don't have hogs anymore except for 4h pigs, but we use the carrier if we need to get a baby calf in, usually the cow will follow right along.
  12. New to me 1586(hopefully will be able to post pics). I want to change it it to dual PTO. If I understand right there are two ways, cut and weld coupler for input shaft or change back cover and add 540 shaft to the original 1000 only PTO. Is either way preferred or easier or is it a toss up? I have a donor dual PTO from a 856. TIA
  13. The old IH mechanics around here recommend the aluminum paint for the older tractors. I think two coats let dry and then install while the the third coat was still tacky. Did it on my 560D a few years ago so far so good.
  14. Gehl grinders with a hay table came with a hydraulic driven bent auger, at least every one I've ever seen.
  15. 801486


    Didn't know they made such a thing. Our 1486 came with regular am-fm that quit years ago. My brother's 1586 came with the 8-track.
  16. A wheel stud nut from an 88-98 Chevy pickup will screw on an injector from 400 series engines. I welded a bolt to the nut and used my slide hammer vise grips. Have removed three sets so far.
  17. My M that has been switched to 12 volt and electronic ignition several years ago has gotten hard to start and sounds like it's running labored at idle. It will fire and act like it's going to start but then not. The alternator and power steering both spin easy so I don't think either one of those is the problem. A neighbor with some experience said the distributor is probably getting worn. If this is the problem does the whole thing need replaced or certain parts and are the cheap ones ($139) any good. It has had new plugs and wires and wires in the last couple years. Thanks in advance.
  18. I still have the 560 diesel my Dad bought new when I was a year old. It has 6100 hours on the meter and it quit counting in the early 70s. Still gets used almost every day. Will still pull 7x14 high sided silage wagons up the steep hill to the pit. For some reason it will get around better in a muddy cattle yard pulling a feeder wagon than the 806 with nothing behind it. Has had a little engine work and one clutch but still on the original ta. Love the fast hitch for hooking up stuff. After my oldest son ran it a fair amount he said it was his favorite tractor, that makes the third generation to say that.
  19. I'm only 6' and my feet never leave the ground fueling an 86 just use an auto shut off nozzle.
  20. A 480 is a lot stouter than a 470, but in heavy stalks I pulled harrow sections behind both the 470 and the 480 just the weight of them pulling down seemed to make them go in better and do a better job. I thought a 500 was considered a plowing disk, they look really heavy.
  21. Congratulations, I know a little bit about how you feel our daughter made kind of a dramatic entrance into the world.
  22. https://www.google.com/search?q=ih+1086+power+beyond&oq=ih+1086+power+beyond&aqs=chrome..69i57.22295j0j4&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 This link shows lots of hits for getting oil supply and return for a joystick valve. If you Google "cable joystick valve for IH 1086" you will get lots of hits for sources of those too. As far as when you had joystick on 756/766 you wouldn't have been deadheading unless you had a closed center joystick valve. The seeder should work unless you need hydraulics for something else while it is running, it will stop the motor when you raise the three point.
  23. You could take it off and soak it in water for a few days sometimes this break the rust.
  24. The coop here years ago had 3-4 806s running around with hoses hooked to the back of the MCV.
  25. I'm the first to admit I don't understand how they work, but there are two things I have done for tractors that wouldn't prime. The easiest is to put male ends on both ends of a 3/8" hose and hook it to one outlet and lock the lever on as soon as you start the tractor. This worked on my neighbors 1066 that wouldn't prime when it was cold. The other thing is to plumb a hydraulic hose into the plug on the back bottom of the MCV valve and hook the other end to an outlet and push oil in with the hydraulic lever if it won't prime. Clear as mud?
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