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  1. One old boy told me he'd thought about tying a string on his for when he had to pee
  2. I made something similar with steel pipe, I think it was 3/4". It had to be a threaded end to be small enough to fit in the fill hole, and it burped so I cut slots lengthwise in the end of the pipe to let air out.
  3. I bought a 5240 with 9000 hours has 11000 now, so far it's needed turbo, hydraulic pump, PTO, parking brake and front end work, no loader on it. Right now it needs brake o rings (axle housings have to be removed to do this), PTO again, and power shift overhauled. It will probably cost about what it's worth if I hire it fixed. It's a nice tractor when it's running, but its been pretty high maintenance. It did chop ten acres of corn silage one fall, but other than that all the PTO has done is run a feeder wagon.
  4. The pump may need rebuilt, my 5240 got to where it wouldn't lift a 4 row stalk shredder unless it was at full throttle until I had it rebuilt
  5. In my experience with my sister you can't tell them anything you have to let them figure it out for themselves, hopefully in time, and my sister was almost 50 and should have known better. I did almost have have a physical confrontation with the knothead boyfriend, ended up picking him up and carrying him out of the way so my sister could leave with me. I really wanted to beat him within an inch of his life, but was afraid my sister would suffer for it the next time she went back. Just try and let her know you are there for her and keep praying, I will too.
  6. I have no idea if it's true, but I have read that the 303 oil since there is no spec any more can be just about anything. Supposedly a lot of it is flush oil( what they use to flush out lines between batches of packaging different oils). Local oil company has what they is Mobil424 that they buy in bulk and sell under their own label for $8/gallon in 55s. That's what I use. http://www.cenex.com/about/cenex-information/cenexperts-blog-page/agriculture-and-farming/buyer-beware-exposing-the-truth-behind-thf-303
  7. They are used in the old style single rock guards they are riveted in under the lip to give a new cutting edge, not very easy even with the special tool we had. I always changed to the double combine style guards. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tractorsupply.com%2Fis%2Fimage%2FTractorSupplyCompany%2F1201366%3F%24456%24&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tractorsupply.com%2Ftsc%2Fproduct%2Funiversal-rock-guard-g81-0803&tbnid=nfsuvJWCjgSpwM&vet=1&docid=3_nuKR-lp_iIjM&w=456&h=456&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim
  8. Lucky thirteen if I added right, 3 Ms, Super M, 560 diesel, 806, three 856s, 1086, two 1486s, 5240 and a Ferguson TO20. No pics on this phone except maybe the 856 I bought a while back.
  9. Years ago I saw thrower racks with hoists and opening back endgates that hinged at the top. The endgates was tied open a little bit and the bed hoisted and someone stood there with two long hooks and guided the bales into the hopper of a wide elevator. The elevator fed a bale elevator across the peak of the barn that had derailers to dump bales where they wanted.
  10. When I was a kid we had an elevator on a wooden crib that was run by an electric motor that drove an old car transmission with a flat belt and a shaft went from the transmission to the elevator. It was a pain in the a$$, but you could usually get it to work. The electric motor had originally operated the printing press at the local paper.
  11. A friend of mine has an early to mid sixties 3/4 ton 4x4 IH with an IH diesel engine. Supposedly it came from the factory this way and was special ordered for work in a mine, couldn't use gas engines in a mine supposedly. He actually still uses it to pull a camper.
  12. I bought a decent 16.5" 1020 last summer for $1100, would have cost most of that to change over.
  13. Friend of mine has an insulated Quonset for a shop. It already had steel sliding doors. Him and his son's made a bifold door inside the sliding doors with an aluminum angle frame and the pink sheets of insulation. They just have a hand crank winch to open it. It works really well and made it a lot tighter and warmer.
  14. I'd do it, the 86 series gauges aren't even reliable or accurate when new. I got concerned because my 1486 showed much lower oil pressure than my neighbors so I put new sender and gauge on mine and checked connections, still the same. Put the same mechanical gauge on both and the had the same pressure. As far as the fuel gauge I'd be happy to have a working one on the upper tank
  15. My neighbor says there are only two good kinds of beer free and cold. My Dad always said when it came to drinking beer one was just right, two was too many and three wasn't near enough. Talking about people who were good at breaking things it was always said he could break an anvil in sandpile.
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