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  1. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    I've made a lot of bales with an 856 with a JD 535 and a Vermeer J with no problems.
  2. 856 Park Brake

    I got the stuff I needed to put the spring loaded park in my 856 from a salvage yard for $65 I think it was.
  3. I have a 1486 thats been in the family since new. A while back I pulled out on the road and when I shifted the speed transmission I lost all gears but 4th. It will move in H, L and R in 4 with the ta ahead, but nothing else (the ta worked before this happened). I've had the top off the range transmission and couldn't see anything wrong, it had a new shift fork and top cover a few years ago. Any ideas? I suppose it's major surgery, can I leave the transmission on the front half when I split it? I have stands and have split it to put in a clutch before. Thanks in advance.
  4. 234 Picker Value

    Yeah according to the book they weighed 5000 pounds or there about if I remember right.
  5. 1066 hood bolts

    Just tryin to save you a buck or two I've always got a box of bin bolts on the shelf and it bugs me to see someone passing off bin bolts as the right ones.
  6. 1066 hood bolts

    Those look like bin bolts to me. If that's what they are you can buy them a lot cheaper than that.
  7. schwartz wide front end repair?

    I read somewhere that you could put a chain and come along between the bottom of the spindle and the rear axle and pull on it to turn the knee and break it loose that way, but it didn't work on my 856. I'm thinking of giving up in til warm weather and taking the whole front end off and soaking it in a stock tank of water. I have gotten tie rods to come loose this way.
  8. Wanting to add aftermarket cab to a 766

    I have a year a round for a 66, but it has no doors or windows or mounts, if you bought the other one between the two of them you might be able to make it work. I'm in western Iowa you can pm me.
  9. Closed center 1486 plumbing ?

    Thanks guys
  10. Closed center 1486 plumbing ?

    So the bottom port would go to the filter then?
  11. Closed center 1486 plumbing ?

    I had an independent mechanic helping me with closed center hydraulic 1486. Long story short I screwed up how he had the hoses marked for where they went on the MCV. So does the hose from the spin on filter on the frame rail go to the top or bottom fitting on the MCV? Thanks in advance, I read a lot on here, but don't post much, I really appreciate all the help I've gotten from both just reading and from direct questions.
  12. Farmall 856 Custom factory T/A delete

    Looks like a new center tube and a socket for the ball on the wishbone would solve a lot of the wide front problems.
  13. Need Idea's

    Somebody on agtalk said they put a come along between the rear axle housing and the bottom of the knee on the front end and pulled carefully. They probably also used penetrant, heat, and or a hammer in combination with pulling.