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  1. I like the suspenders I got years ago from Duluth trading they have clips on the sides.
  2. In your pic the hitch plate is on top of the cross drawbar, putting it on the under side would help. You could put some spacers in between and move it down farther. You could even clamp a receiver tube under the cross drawbar and use whatever drop hitch ball mount you need.
  3. A friend of mine had a Westendorf wl-42 on a 656 it would be similar to the the 40 pictured. He would put a round bale on the back when he was gonna move dirt with the loader. He broke the bell housing, twice. The 40 pictured probably has mounts that bolt to the bell housing and look non adjustable so wouldn't work very easy on a 656. Same way with the other loader if if it was on a 560 and bolts to the bell housing it wouldn't work very good on a 656.
  4. If Snowmad doesn't need the brackets you have I might be interested depending on how far away you are.
  5. When you say cultivator wrench it makes me think of the 1 1/8" x 1 1/4" double box end that always rode on the front mount cultivator hanging on one of the lift rods. It was too big to fit in the toolbox. Luckily it never got lost, it's still in my toolbox in the shop.
  6. Yup local dealer had them, I figured they'd only sell a high priced complete piston
  7. I've had good luck with Milwaukee drill bits I drilled all the holes to put stiffeners on a 24' bin with one of their bits.
  8. I got a Mac set given to me recently. I thought they looked really nice, but I snapped one off today when I didn't think it should have.
  9. A few years ago my neighbor said to stop by his Mom's place, he had something there for me. So next time I went by when he was there I stopped by and he had a walk behind middle buster that his Dad had borrowed from my Grandpa to dig potatoes with probably in the 60s, so I hauled it home. I haven't figured out a good way to display it yet.
  10. I drilled a hole in the little square plate on the right hand side under the seat and welded a pipe fitting to it.
  11. Can you still buy the brake pad material to glue on the brake piston for an 856 anywhere?
  12. I remembered a friend of mine just took a worn out screen to a fabrication shop and they cut it out on a computer controlled water jet cutter and rolled it to the right curve.
  13. 801486

    Old cans

    I've got a few old oil cans and buckets. I found a quart can of Yamalube two stroke oil from the 70s when I had a Yamaha. It was kind of dirty so I was going to clean it up with some brakleen, well that took the words right off the label too.
  14. It was easy to find when I knew where to look. I must have caught something solid it pulled the wires out of the solenoid, those things aren't cheap, $243. Thanks again.
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