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  1. I have had a muffler eliminator on my 1486 for years no difference at all with doors on and doesn't bother me even in the summer when I take the doors off. My 1086 that has 1066 style exhaust and tin on that side is a different story it barks pretty good, gets a little annoying with the doors off.
  2. If you don't really need the adjustment you can just bronze the two pieces together, I've had one like that for several years, but it doesn't do any plowing.
  3. You can make a couple extensions for the rods that hold the elevator up and lower it down. A neighbor did this every year to put his in the shed. You could also maybe unlatch the husking bed and set it down on the trailer.
  4. Just be aware that sometimes the pigtail has wires switched.
  5. I've got three tractors with copper that replaced brittle plastic one of which broke. No problems with copper yet, been on one tractor since 1992.
  6. Should be lots of them in salvage yards of you don't want to weld it. Im working on buying two salvage tractors. Will have an extra if I get them bought.
  7. At least 5 years ago I replaced bad tie rods similar to those with cheap three point third arms. Still working and I regularly haul 8 1500# round bales on that wagon. Can you add sides to that bed for your thrower.
  8. Been wondering about that myself, haven't come up with any ideas.
  9. We built a cider press in the ag shop when I was in high school. The teacher was pretty talented and he welded together a stainless cutter for the radial arm saw. It had a stainless chute and would grind apples as fast as two people could drop them in. We just used a hydraulic jack to push a plate down for the press. A tarp was suspended from the stake pockets of a pickup box and the tree was shaken to gather apples. We had it down to a science and sold quite a few gallons of cider and no lawsuits for food poisoning. I did some experimenting and came up with some pretty good hard cider too.
  10. I thought I'd seen all the different cabs that might be on an old IH, but I was wrong. I found an 806 on a consignment auction with a Westrum cab. There were backwards doors before the 86s. It's pretty rickety you can see it rock back and forth when you let the clutch out, will come off right away. On one pic of the cab you can see porcelain insulators and wire across the back of the cab, can't figure that out. The tractor seems to run well, has the R&D pump, hopefully just clean it up and put it to work, I guess the shift linkage is pretty sloppy, probably try to tighten that up. Got another one with a bad engine for parts, it will be donor read end for an 856.
  11. If you plugged all the holes with corks, could you fill it up with Diesel and penetrating oil and let it soak.
  12. Here are pics of the one I have. It has the same number as the one from 560 but it feels lighter and where the back bearing goes it is definitely smaller measures about 1.7 regular measures about 1.8". Probably wouldn't save you much weight but you're welcome to it. I'm about 25 east of Decatur.
  13. I believe there is an 843 on Bigiron next week.
  14. I have one I bought on an auction that has smaller spindles than a standard 6 bolt hub takes. Somebody said it was maybe for a 656. If I can locate it Ill see if it's any lighter than a standard one.
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