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  1. I rent some land from people that got screwed over by a former renter. I recommended they get a judgement against him even if they didn't think they could collect. But they didn't want to do it. Now the former renter has bought land alongside them. If they would have had a judgement the former renter would have to had to pay it in order to get financing for his purchase.
  2. You need a boxcar magnum on that wagon, stouter drawbar, enclosed engine and very reliable
  3. Are you running a vertical mixer wagon with unground hay to work the 4440 so hard? I fed a lot of cattle with an 826 on a 400 cubic foot rotomix when I helped a guy one winter, but it was all ground hay and silage and corn. If you're pulling it that hard I would question an older IH PTO too. But it's a fact of life that the fuel tank location on a 966 is better for not gelling than a 4440.
  4. Does the bush hog have a clevis on the hitch that can flex or does it need one.
  5. All the John deeres with the tank in the front by the fan are worse.
  6. I know there was a kit available at one time, either Allied Precision or HiCapacity had it. I'm thinking it was Allied Precision and they're out of business.
  7. Just get a heat houser that's about the right size and cut off the part you need. Just fold over and staple where you cut so it doesn't unravel.
  8. Good video I like it when it's just the artist and their guitar or at least appears to be.
  9. We have a 6000 watt poulan was the least expensive when we bought it probably 15 years ago, has never let us down. And it has been running the auger for two bins for two years since we had an underground line go bad.
  10. I can't remember the title but I believe there is a YouTube video about cleaning this screen.
  11. The problem with replacing the center tube is the wishbone shaped piece with the ball on the back end. When the old center tube broke the wishbone got bent. I had a bent one and took it the blacksmith shop to get straightened and they did the best they could, but if was a son of a buck pulling it through the holes on the center tube. A salvage yard I was at the other day had two wish bones for sale, I would try to find a straight one if they not too high.
  12. Some of them put in the old style upper bolster and use a light Schwartz wide front
  13. I like a tractor and finish mower, have run a zero turn and got tired of the clippings blowing in my face.
  14. My 806 came with 18.4/34s and 9.5/15s on it. I put 10:00/16s on it for the loader. For some things that makes the drawbar too low, the implement jack won't lower it far enough for it to sit on the drawbar.
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/311585275310 Some on eBay. We used to cut off Danish tine sweeps all the time without any problems. You could try annealing if you cut more off.
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