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  1. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/bLaVhAdWHWB7b4bP/?mibextid=xCPwDs
  2. yes, do yourself a favor, insulate, vapor, barrier, and put the tubing in. The big scheme of things it’s worth it.
  3. she might have !!! not exactly a movie star on my end 😁😁
  4. a joke i heard a while back: ” you know why my wife closed her eyes every time we did it?? she’d do anything to not see me have a good time!!”
  5. I was always told by an old guy here he got the last words in every argument. Yes, dear. Forgiveness and permission is a true sentiment!!!
  6. can’t comment on the dress , but your eyesight is perfect sweetie!
  7. now ace, you should know by now wine is just grape juice with a bad yeast infection !!!
  8. honestly, one of those lil trucks will be contemplated when replacing the ranger for farm use. used are about 1/3-1/2 price and for hauling dead turkeys, seems it’d suit the bill. have time to research that yet
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