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  1. zleinenbach

    Real Estate 🏡 Market (house ) Dilemma

    I work in hvac and plumbing field to make my paycheck. You guys aren’t wrong with people putting lipstick on pigs to sell their houses. My sister in law and her husband are kinda clueless on anything of this nature, so I felt like a real a-hole telling them my opinions on things. It’s like everything else nowadays. Throw it out and build new. A wise old man (grandpa)always told me, “you can’t make chicken soup outta chicken sh-t, you got to have the chicken!”. Pretty smart fella come to think of it
  2. zleinenbach

    Looking for

    I know it’s off a few- but maybe it’s close? I envision this being a map of the us with a whole bunch of thumbtacks lol
  3. zleinenbach

    Looking for

    Easy enough!
  4. zleinenbach

    Cattle Guard

    The ones around here all have a pit underneath them. I assume that they aren’t needed? Woulda made life a heck of a lot easier if not
  5. zleinenbach

    Looking for

    Ok so hypothetically a spur of the moment deal shows up and viola it’s 15699. What would you prefer we do? Buy it and then call or call you and hope you get it? This is a worst case/ best case and by no means to put anyone on the spot
  6. zleinenbach

    Excel cab removal

    Cab on it now is in decent shape- except one door is racked.
  7. zleinenbach

    Excel cab removal

    Wasn’t sure if it was a straight up and off deal or if it had to be tilted back. Never done one, surely it’ll be fairy straightforward
  8. Anything special about taking an excel cab off an 806?
  9. zleinenbach

    Corporate Tragedy Relevant on the Farm Today...

    Being in the HVAC field on my own for four years, I decided trying to make everyone happy at the cost of my family life wasn’t worth the price. I relied on the triangle to justify prices sometimes. And the phrase “this isn’t a charity, and profit isn’t a dirty word”.
  10. zleinenbach

    IH properties

    Has anyone else sat down and considered just how many properties IH was involved in? I drove by the old whirlpool place in Evansville and had a slap to the head moment that that was IH refrigerator and freezer factory, not to mention the m1 rifles. There’s another building downtown with a faint IH painted on it. I don’t know if I can comprehend just how large of a company it truly was?
  11. zleinenbach

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    I understand, on the 856 I’ve got a 1508 jd bush hog (for sale) that is just fine on the wishbone drawbar. I’ve heard, with no experience, that post hole diggers on fh are nice because you can put down pressure on them. Another side note, what kinda adapters are these? And also, does anyone have plate for 856 for top link?
  12. zleinenbach

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    I guess here is a more specific question. Anybody got some fast hitch implements for a 856?
  13. zleinenbach

    Antifreeze testing

    I use refractometer for testing geothermal loops at work. I understand the basic idea (not a chemist) about different densities and characteristics of different chemicals for antifreeze. Just curious how everyone approached the topic. We always used a methanol as an antifreeze due to the viscosity being lower versus propylene glycol. As everyone knows methanol concentrate is flammable so we mixed it outside. And basically I have two tractors now that I really have no interest in replacing heads on due to me being a tight wad and not having the coolant set up right
  14. zleinenbach

    Antifreeze testing

    With bitter cold (for us) in southern Indiana a couple days away, what’s everyone’s precautions with antifreeze? What temperature would you protect down to?
  15. zleinenbach

    Whats another one to the pile....

    I would leave it. All seems to work fine, pretty straight, and the conversation piece of the ultra special rare prototype front axle is almost a butchery you can’t get rid of imo