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  1. I’ve heard of that...he said it’s pretty good though
  2. Worked at a guys house yesterday changing HVAC equipment out. Noticed a jar full of sticks and water in his window sill. Curiosity got best of me and I asked. Yep , stick tea. Apparently it is the new super fancy all natural deal. Now I’m not judging because I’ve never heard of it or had it. But really? Who thought milking tree branches would be good? I’m not going to be trying it anytime soon, so sorry, but I’m not that thirsty yet.
  3. Along with every other member on here, the rest of us don’t have the quick wit or kahunas to pull off “hey, tomorrow there will be two more of these fellas sitting here, nothing to worry about!” 😂 Mr. Long needs to be writing a book in his spare time IMO
  4. My FIL is wanting to sell his “cattle operation” to me. Really, he has 13 pets that have babies once a year. I’m hesitating to buy his newest loader tractor jx95, because of electronics, and issues he’s had. Been looking hard at 52 series maxxums. Anything to ponder over or think about? Either direction is fine by me, would like to hear all sides
  5. Can you have your wife call mine? Her name is Emily and really needs to hear about this lol
  6. I know that...In our area they were sold at our IH dealer (before my time I’m an ‘86 model) I just thought others would have a similar chuckle thinking about them as I did
  7. They work!!! For a quarter my 5 yr old will do any dare!!! (That is a total joke I used a hammer on fence post to check)
  8. Grandpa would be laughing if he was still here.... all those times them things bit you and now you are using them again??!?
  9. I was in airgas the other day and they had a couple Lincoln machines that were relatively inexpensive...could get stick, wire, tig (ac and dc) for around 3000....they weren’t commercial production machines by a long shot but for what most of us in here do they’d be great I would imagine. Will get model numbers as soon as I can
  10. We worked at an Amtrak rebuild facility one time and their turbos had 14 or 16” inlets. I tried to get a junk one as an awesome conversation piece but the guy in charge told me the core charge was probably more than my house lol. I’d hate to see what that one would cost!!
  11. We just got done building a new house in southern Indiana w/2 kiddos a 5 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl. If you count up the fridays for 2 hrs a whack that’s darn near exactly how long that tv has operated. He has more fun dragging around a log chain than watching tv. Hopefully it lasts another 13 years! Our local stations aren’t great, what you hear on radio every hour is what’s reported at 6....
  12. Soooo the blue ribbon for dumb***es goes to yours truly today. If your picture isn’t in right format they won’t publish the whole ad, not just the picture. Told ya guys it was dumb. Have a great weekend
  13. Supposed to be photo. I know it’s something dumb
  14. That could be too. Hated jumping to conclusions. I figured someone had dealt with it before
  15. An 806 and a 856. I’m not sure if selling things on here is allowed so I’m stopping there- I read this way too many times during the day!!🤫🤫
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