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  1. The winners write the books!!
  2. My guess is it ordered what was on its receipt!
  3. C’mon man! thats called redistribution of wealth !!😂😂
  4. That’s how I took it! Or meant it I guess
  5. My dad didn’t teach me a lot about anything TBH.... but Ireland,Indiana isn’t really the hotbed of racial injustice either lol
  6. Same question from me, only a 1986 model. i wasn’t even a gleam in daddy’s eye in the 60’s!!
  7. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2021/04/12/the_schoolyard_bully_morphs_into_the_corporate_bully_145564.html?fbclid=IwAR333XiiY6AYHvB9P9KAz9KiY5bszGKMllgMeV0yCgEgmRhiQSBZzKPOeXA
  8. Can’t be over yet because they would loose ratings and viewers! Going to be a couple more “young and the restless “ soap opera moments for sure! the post verdict experts were criticizing his eyes darting to and from the judge to whoever else it was in the room. well **** yes they were!! You just convicted the dude of murder three different ways!!! watch the uniforms pile up now fellas. I don’t see, understand, or honestly blame anyone in the LEO world how they could possibly not be considering different lines of work effective 10 min ago
  9. I agree, unfortunately they didn’t ask my opinion this time.
  10. Guilty is what the jury found on all 3 counts
  11. ⬆️⬆️Winner today 😂😂
  12. You guys won’t believe this but around here the albino ones all stay together in the same house!!! Have to be just as sneaky lol
  13. Not to be a Debbie downer, but I watched a show years ago about the life of people in Cuba. The only thing that stuck out to me at the time was the fact that the people drive 50’s Cadillacs around, repairing literally anything instead of purchasing new. the line that stands out was the guy saying this “there’s nothing to replace this car with, and even if there was we couldn’t afford it.” starting to echo a current situation as well.
  14. Had to dumb it down so I could understand!!!
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