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  1. I was riveted to the story until you said 3rd grade, then I knew it was fake 😁😁 all seriousness though it is a very solid point. We all need to keep our side of the street clean and worry about the broom in our hands, not the guy across the road. (Which , as a side note, across America are littered with potholes apparently)
  2. I’d say you’re right or even lower if the trucks are service body vehicles
  3. Your jaw would fall off if you used that mentality around here 😁😁
  4. What are these roads you speak of? our paths just have these orange barrel type flowers that bloom in the spring and stay there until a semi rolls them over! our interstates literally put up a sign that says “bump” for uneven pavement or “dip” when “we are so damn stupid with our finances we can’t afford to fix this foresaken hole in a road” won’t fit on a yellow diamond sign legibly
  5. How many heaters do you want?
  6. The bad part is the help is there for people that want it, not the people who need it. my thoughts are with you and all during this time.
  7. For the prices you guys are talking I’d consider letting this one leave duals and all!
  8. In southern Indiana. Before it’s scrapped wondered if someone could use it . hydro 149
  9. .....it only would have put you 148 seconds behind schedule
  10. Before beating tin together and being around dust collectors and such has taken a toll on my hearing, I loved to try to piece stories together of conversations overheard at restaurants. They were all strangers, I never interjected anything, just listened. And laughed. Still wonder what that SOB Frank did.....
  11. I heard somewhere (truth?) that the reason the weather forecasts were so jacked up this past year was lack of data transmitted from aircraft. Would make sense if true
  12. Selling the truck as is is verdict I received
  13. If they decide to sell it I’ll fire heater up in camper! To the left of red truck in picture is bathroom w/shower and all.
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