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  1. On regular residential hvac systems we use rx11, would t see why it wouldn’t work here. Name of the game is to get the oil out from what I was told
  2. Put some pan treat tablets in drain pan in unit. They are supposed to help with algae and slime from even forming.
  3. zleinenbach


    Over here they’ve been letting timber rattlers loose to mitigate the turkey population...seems there’s a better way than rattlesnakes
  4. Hopefully house is framed heavy enough for the extra load! A home owner here did that and had some fly by night outfit install slate on a stick framed roof. They almost lost the house due to it
  5. The opportunity has presented itself to farm my family’s ground. It’s is approximately 50 acres tillable, 20 acres of what used to be good hay ground, but would need work to get that again. Heres my dilemma. I know it’s not near enough to earn a living off of solely. But I do believe that, coupled with my ground at home, there’s the potential to supplement what I make being a plumber, and teach kiddos a few things along the way. my question is, for mild hills and mostly clay type soil, what size implements would I be looking for with a BS 1066 ? Again, it’s not a big deal to go slower or make extra pass or two. This is mainly to justify having a red tractor addiction to my wife. And not having the crop background I don’t know what some of the equipment is capable of
  6. I’m not a straight ticket kinda fella. If the upcoming elections can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they can/will do better than the people I voted for last time, I’ll vote for them. The two party politic system is more f’ed up than Chinese rap music, IMO. Too much money spent for (supposedly) $150,000/yr or $400,000/yr. i mean really guys, they said this presidential election each side will have close to $400,000,000. For a $400,000 job do you see they will spend $400 on $4? It’s all a crock of good ol bull....
  7. I hope you are wrong but I believe that what’s you’ve forecast will be the closest to reality when time comes.
  8. If you stop and think about it the only way to confiscate firearms is to go door to door and get them. Can you imagine the amount of resources (people and time) this would take? I’m going on a limb here and going to guess the green new deal doesn’t have that budgeted in their $93 trillion.... pray for all law enforcement personnel if that order ever comes down...
  9. I have an AR15. They are fun. Example to keep it IH related. you can go to any tractor pull and you get to be the driver of anyone there. Don’t tell me you’d pick the ol F20 vs the new pro stock diesel. It doesn’t matter if it’s needed or not, the point is that people with issues are going to ruin it for people that didn’t do anything wrong
  10. If the us census in 2010 is right it only makes sense that white people make up a larger amount of welfare beneficiaries. IMO it would be interesting to see the statistic (as much as I hate statistics) of the % of white population that is a beneficiary, and compare to other groups. My gut tells me that the numbers would most likely be surprisingly equal.
  11. Looks like it’s missing a piece but looks very similar to a spot welder points file
  12. I agree that racism is a two way street and will probably never be completely erased. i really don’t think the govt. should be playing referee in this debate. if everyone would quit the over exaggerated hysteria when the simply don’t agree with someone else I think a lot would be taken care of. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease motto has taken full effect lately
  13. I’ll give them a shot, seems to have a good general consensus
  14. He was a farmer who took a friend of mine under his wing so to speak on farming. Super guy and was dumb luck I talked to him about 1066. I honestly think the history and stories the tractors and equipment could tell are neater than tractor itself. That’s why I’ll put that card in the cab...so then my kids can know that it wasn’t always dad’s tractor
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