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  1. Metal decks are slick as you know what when it’s frosty/snowy/wet i know they are salty. But look HARD at a tilt deck. I had a diamond c, 18-20 foot can’t remember when I had my own business. Yes it was more money but it was built like a tank and it was so nice not flipping those foresaken ramps all the time! Carried an S250 bobcat , pipe, whatever would fit
  2. We do as well. ours has a touch more green being “Ireland Fire Dept” keep saying our trucks aren’t quite ripe yet!!! (Tomato referenced there)
  3. If it’s clogged solid hook a shop vacuum up to downstream side. I guess that’s assuming electric is available. there are snake cables that are tgat long but would be expensive to buy for just a one time use?
  4. Also, with way PVC prices are, look into pex. Way less fittings and fairly easy to work with
  5. I’d second the ride on trencher
  6. We have cooper atx3 or whatever they are on several trucks at work, I have them in my duramax 3/4 ton. i like them. They are quiet, seem to have decent wear on pavement /gravel roads, relatively cheaper than others. the go to tire it replaced around here was BFG a/t’s
  7. In our neck of the woods, furniture manufacturers reign king, along with Jasper Engines. there was one particular part needed, a flat bracket if I recall, that one factory needed to build cabinets. It was being made in China, stuck in a boat now, effectively shutting down four to five plants down the line since cabinets couldn’t be assembled. so they had us cut and paint 5000 of these brackets at a price slightly higher then what they were paying. i think it used to be the cheap crap that USA was “above” got made overseas, now it’s dang near everything due to our labor being higher, and all the rules placed on businesses. i don’t know the link but I’m sure if you google “Mike Rowe, safety third” it’s a very interesting piece he put together. not really related to the above, just neat
  8. I can only imagine what some of the knuckle dragging bus mates I had would have done with the optional seat belt hardware!!! Plenty of goose eggs and bruises as it was! we had extrication training on school buses for fire dept. very amazing the way they are designed. Don’t know all specifics but there’s places (stayed above) that’ll make the extrication tools look pitiful
  9. When the secretary leaves at work everyone says: hate to see her go but love to watch her leave 😂😂
  10. I’ve went to attorney to get it written up that any and all permission given by anyone other than property owner (grandpa) is null and void, and written permission by property owner is required from this point forward, and enforceable by anyone property owner chooses. I didn’t and don’t want it to sound like I’m commandeering it or anything. i liken it to tap dancing in a mine field lol
  11. Will have the back part for sure will feel like a hoe when I’m done 😂😂😂
  12. Survey crew already put corner marker back up. So that’s a no dispute. I’m afraid if I spend the $ to put trees up he might “accidentally”knock em with round up or the likes...
  13. The old telephone pole post was fine for 50 years. Now all of a sudden it jumps in the way. 5” sch 40 pipe buried 6’ deep and 42” up. Don’t want to cause harm, but maybe they’ll notice
  14. Never would’ve been an issue had he asked. Or truly an honest mistake. On the other side of dads ground he is farming an entire right of way the county owns. He’s just being a jerk. I do t want to get into a huge argument with him, but for Gosh sake he could let it be for a bit!!! if I knew I wouldn’t get kicked off of here I’d explain the entire thing. Bunch of self serving a holes all in kahoots with each other. If m trying to teach my kids that what’s right is right, all the time, no matter what iit is or who you are. So even though it’s my dad, and he’s turned his nose to me and my family, I feel it needs to be called out.
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