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  1. Could you imagine the cluster flook that a plug in skid steer would be? mine cord gets tangled when I have it tied up and put away....I could only imagine that one lol
  2. Heck, when i read the title I thought it was going to be a Happy 50th Birthday announcement!!!
  3. I’ve got a great ideal! Instead of idea that one gets me a lot
  4. She chose him because He probably had a real charming personality lol
  5. Makes sense to me
  6. I’m being ignorant, but what is difference between prepared and say, I found this scrap steel xyz and take it in? Does it mean there’s nothing extra hanging on it?
  7. Roscoe has fought the good fight for a long time
  8. I called local FSA office and they have kits available. $15/ test. I figure I’ll do a baseline today and then see about finding someone to do a more thorough job next year
  9. Is this something you can do the leg work for and send it off, or is it like many things and much more in depth than simply digging a hole?
  10. If they are older guns you may check into a c & r license. I had one of those but let it expire like a dummy
  11. And they had their azzes beat if they didn’t look presentable because that reflected poorly on the family! or was that just ours? in our first house I found the previous owners report card for grade school and a “I like IKE” button
  12. Asian carp are shiit eaters though lol
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