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  1. none of this is true unless you make an effort to post 36 different charts showing differences in each variable of your argument
  2. never heard if that! will remember that one!
  3. kurt this is an awesome story. as another vfd member tgats for what you do!
  4. in todays theme he could identify as a dalmatian then
  5. i guess Netherland cows really get after it. you know, eating and doing cows things. notice how i cited my source right away.
  6. how does a man of your intellectual capacity manage to have the time to navigate the pages of a forum dedicated to a line of farm equipment that went bankrupt 40 years ago?
  7. isn’t nitrogen an inert gas? and, as a solid, a plant fertilizer that would, by default allow the plants to use CO2 and convert it to oxygen? why is nitrogen the devil here?
  8. here is drawing of cattle corral or working area at this farm. these numbers are measured out but not set in stone. any ideas on where to put what?
  9. don’t look for it on my account! only thing i can build out of lumber is a bigger burn pile
  10. fil is the cattle whisperer. typically goes twice as easy if he stays out.
  11. agreed. we won’t have a large quantity of cows, especially compared to what a lot of you guys have. my problem is scheduling help and weather and cows at the same time. we got jack spit for handling equipment now, so it takes 3 or 4 adults and a kiddo or two to get anything accomplished. FIL is getting older and our kids are only ones to show interest in it. i may be over extending it by buying equipment to save me the headaches of schedule conflicts. example, cows need to be vaccinated but could t pull it off because everyone busy this weekend. so next weekend will be 30 degrees cooler and muddy. this is hypothetical but could be very accurate
  12. does anyone have any brands they would recommend over another?
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