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  1. X-y. I need to take some pics of it today
  2. The guy setting it up said the edge is too smooth to hold paint on it- that there’s something to do to “rough the cut up”. Gunna go on a limb here and say that any technical questions about this machine should be forwarded to Arizonian above lol
  3. This is all new. I’m sure they’ll do one off parts, but I’m not sure what the going rate will be They said it won’t cut copper due to laser being reflected. stainless yes, up to 1 1/4” mild steel.
  4. New machine at work is running test parts now. Each part took less than 20 seconds to cut. Zero work done besides loading onto bed and pushing the button.
  5. They finally opened, I’m not a big fan of it but kiddos are. We did too much work during off times in winter to enjoy that place! haha i drive past it yesterday on a service call, parking lot maybe 10% full, heard that the distancing and what not have played havoc there. Not to mention having to clean the rides every time. maybe after November things will clear up
  6. Looks like this trip will have a brief reprieve due to volunteer fire Dept duties that, somehow, slipped my mind. i guess I may have to take my son out of school to witness this. thanks to all for the info—- seems to be a lot more to due in Iowa than southern Indiana !!!!
  7. I’ve decided to make the trip to Farmall land this weekend. anything else along this route to see? Anyone need anything relocated? I know you can spend days looking at things, but what is realistic amount of time to see the collection? im trying to figure out what kind of accommodations I’ll be needing to make
  8. I do t know how true it is but somewhere I read that if you offer to pay with cash, and they refuse, you are able to take said item. I would understand their frustrations if you tried to pay with a goat and a dozen apples I guess. i would try this and have “a guy on a tractor forum says it’s ok”, but to each their own!
  9. It’s happened here too... I asked if paying for a diet my dew in nickels would help them out. big ol negative red rider lol again I believe it’s all made to stir us common people up. At least I hope
  10. https://www.facebook.com/ron.himsel/posts/10160044638418712
  11. I’m excited. My 1st rpru, 3 kids in tow, wife making reservations...... I don’t think I can get in trouble lol
  12. Already got camp site picked out by rend lake
  13. Amen. Thought I was only crazy one on this
  14. I would think the transfer switch would have to be between the meter and the panel? If it was me I’d have main come to transfer switch, then into your garage panel and from that panel a disconnect that feeds the house. im not sure if that’s the correct way to go about it surely someone here is more qualified to answer
  15. For you fellas with wood pellets or charcoal grills try this...works well with any meat soak meat in brine of 1/2 gallon water, 1/4 cup salt and 1/2 cup sugar. Mix that brine together well and let meat sit in it over night. then smoke meat to get it just below desired temperature. Then sear it on the grill. Turns out pretty good
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