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  1. I seriously agree 100%. but for your (our) argument to be valid and for it to resonate with this dipwad, he would have to have a conscience, a set of ethics, and a decent moral backbone. of which he is about 0-3 in my book lol
  2. Has anyone ever used the washout from concrete plants? around here they give it to you, and if your ground has drainage it ends up setting up like, you guess it, concrete. only bad part is it’s a sloppy mess when it’s wet
  3. Dang capitalism. he beat the system and has a bajillion bucks now. So much so, in fact, he can shoot himself into space for the heck of it. i don’t agree with it, a total waste and two faced approach to everything he’s spoken out against. I feel it shows how hypocritical people can be. to each their own I suppose.
  4. We had a few jobs held up due to rebar shortages.... hopefully not the case for too long
  5. that is the funniest Thing I’ve read all week!! What a 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!
  6. If you find something in southern Indiana or Kentucky let me know I’ll grab it for ya for the time being... don’t worry about this squawking about weights on front. If IH thought it was an issue I’m sure they wouldn’t have offered 20 hole options lol
  7. They will also be the same people calling you an over zealous idiot when the advice they give you fails. Keep being you and doing your thing. It’s working.
  8. Now this will be a good one to keep tabs on!!!
  9. Sounds like you need to make your fields as hard as the track and you’ll be set !! 🤪
  10. When I had one the braided negative cable was bad. that was found after rebuilding a starter. Two new batteries, and heavy positive cable’s
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