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  1. 1256 hydraulic pressure problems

    Thanks for the help guys!
  2. 1256 hydraulic pressure problems

    The last time I changed the filter it had a couple pieces of debris on the screen but it was no where near plugged off, I will change the filter again and then try your trick of over filling it by 5 gallons.
  3. While picking rocks my 1256 was giving me hydraulic problems, sometimes the remotes would stop working for a couple seconds and every once in a while the tractor would stop moving altogether for a couple seconds while in gear, the power steering has also been stiffer than usual for quite sometime. One day it stopped moving altogether and had no steering or remotes at all, and the red light on the dash to signify no hydraulic pressure was on. So I changed the hydraulic filter/oil and it seemed to work fine other than the steering was still stiff, and the red light on the dash would come on if you tried to steer it at a low idle. This spring after using it for harrowing and a little bit of cultivating the red hydarulic light on the dash comes on when the engine is at idle, and it sometimes won't move until you throttle it up. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Does this indicate a weak mc pump?