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  1. Where is the hydraulic relief valve on a 660? Everyonce in a while I hear a buzzing/squealing noise from the pump area and lose the hydraulics, sometimes when I idle it down for a moment they comeback to life.
  2. I need to replace the oil cooler on my 660, is it safe to remove the side frame rail without supporting the engine in some way?
  3. Josh

    1486 T/A

    Sorry, yes we have tried adjusting the dump valve. And I'm wondering why the clutch triggers the problems so that when I have it apart I won't be miss anything.
  4. When the T/A is in high range, once the hydraulic oil is good and warm, when you press and release the clutch it will not move and the red hydraulic pressure light stays on, however, it would continue to work all day if you were to never push the clutch in, everything seems to work perfectly normal when the hydraulic oil is still cool, When the T/A is in low range it won't move at all anymore. I'm assuming everyone will tell me the T/A is shot and needs to be replaced, but before I do that I'm just wondering why it starts acting up only when I push the clutch in? The mcv pump is new. Back when these problems started you could pull the T/A back into low range and get it moving and then push it ahead into high and it would keep moving, if you were to park it facing down hill and get it rolling when you shift it into gear it will keep going.
  5. And red hydraulic pressure light on the dash is on the whole time or blinks on and off? Start by changing the filter, if that doesn't do anything there will be a spot on the mcv plate to screw in a pressure gauge, see what the mcv pump is putting out.
  6. Will the tractor move at all? Or does it just sit there when you put it in gear with the red hydraulic pressure light on?
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