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  1. This seens to be getting worst as time goes on. There is a safe house here in town but is kept vey quit about. Glad to hear that its working and is helping.
  2. This was a surprise to me tonight. Wife went to Wlly World tonight her bill came to 45.70 she gave them 46.00 andthey did give her the.30 cents back. Shocking
  3. Nice find there John. Glad everything works.It sure ought to serve him well.
  4. Boy showed me that pic a few hours ago and told me that I needed it so the old man wouldn't have a heat stoke. Wonder if he was telling me I"m getting old. LOL
  5. Nice looking outfit. Have a safe trip home.
  6. Will be there with 806. Buddy said he was coming up sad to say he's green. Did meet a fellow yesterday at TSC was telling him about plow day said he might try and make it up with the Super MD he just bought.
  7. Have a safe trip getting it. Kubota made a good compact tractor imo. Will be looking for pics of it.
  8. Wes806

    The Hillskiners

    Willing to bet it was more then Ouch
  9. I'm always using a 2 to 3 lb hammer. I just can't keep them bother and nephew's seen to plant them or hide them. LOL
  10. Nice work always enjoy seeing your blacksmith work. Is the hammer 2 or 3 lbs?
  11. Happy Birthday FD and all others. Hope you had a good and safe day.
  12. Kept getting calls about my car warranty one day they called and started to tell me about it. I stopped them and told them Their insurance for their car warranty was overdue please give me your card number for the payment..... So far they haven't called back for a week now. Still don't know why they wouldn't give their card number. LMAO
  13. Sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers for you both thru this. Hope things get better soon.
  14. Wes806

    Cab question.....

    I don't know anything about putting that cab on your 806 but would like to see some pics of it as you do do it and the end results. Good luck to you while doing this.
  15. Wes806

    Here's to BJ

    BJ sure does a good job on here. BJ thanks for the time you put in on here and all you do.
  16. There is afire. Time for some of us boys to put it out before it get to far of out of hand.
  17. If it would happen to go to using cards what is a fellow to do that won't use and can't get a credit card. I use cash only and every penny I earn is very much needed.
  18. As he said there is proably rust holes under there. As it has running steps on it they tend to hold the snow and salt up under the doors unless people kept it washed off.
  19. I think you can as I've seen a lot of carts and people just walking around looking and talking in the last 2 years I've went.
  20. I'm about 2 hrs from there. Maybe I could lay eyes on it if no one else is closer or chimes in. PM me if You want to about it.
  21. Nice pics thanks for taking time and posting them.
  22. Glad to hear that you made it safely.
  23. Wes806

    I know better

    Sorry to hear but it happens. We get in a hurry or at times think we done everything and go then it happens. Don't feel bad stuff like that happens to us all at one time or another.
  24. Sorry to hear prayers for you and wife.
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