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  1. I try to buy for use but sometimes it ends up setting. For awhile at least.
  2. Spent 6 relaxing hours bush hogging with 806 and 8 Ft wood's mower. Nice day for it in the 70's.
  3. So glad to see and hear from you Zach. Good to hear that things are getting better. Will keep y'all in prayer's.
  4. Wes806


    Oh no it was in the kick stand. Now where did it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon Finney and rest is all it takes.
  6. How big is the building your bring in?
  7. Wes806


    I have enjoyed reading this thead as I mow 4 cemetery's. 3 old small ones and a 10 acres one that is still being used it does does have a old section in it.
  8. I drank hard alot while in the service and after I got out for years. It didn't much for me to drink a 12 pack a night. Finially I told myself no more. Its been a few years now since I said no more. Every once in awhile after working on a good hot day I think a good cold one will taste good. I'll get one beer take it home and drink a sallow or two. Ugh this tastes like crap and pour the rest down the drain. I can't stand the taste any more. Good luck to you
  9. Greased the 806 and bush up for a job either for Friday or Saturday. Also had to get a front tire patched. Had a thorne in it not sure where I got it from.
  10. I know one thing for sure about that. There is no way I'd be doing that or what to be anywhere close to it.
  11. I was there yesterday and didn;t see that one. Did you see Chapter 6 display? I thought they hsd a decent display.
  12. And in better shape.
  13. Happy Birthday guys. Huoe y'all had a good day and took some time out for yourself.
  14. Hope he's only going to end of driveway.
  15. Happy Birthday all. Hope y'all had a good day.
  16. Used the 756 with blade to move dog house that the wife just got. Boy that thing is heavy. Logs on three sides.
  17. You will have to lwt ua know how close or on the dot that is.
  18. Glad to hear and see that Shadow is working out for guys.
  19. When I was driving cross country I was always inpressed at how good of a jpb they done at them truck wash's. Looking good.
  20. Thanks guys for all the information. I think I'll pass on it unless the guy gets ahold of me and offer's it to dirt cheap. Dad had a T340 years ago and I really like it for doing small jobs.
  21. ok thanks Looks like I'm staying away from it. I ran the 440 that they had out years ago can'nt remember muxh about it.
  22. Found this crawler sitting. Been sitting alittle over a year. He said they put all new fuel lines on and went to start it and for got to turn the fuel return line on and now it leaks fuel into crankcase. Any ideas what's wrong . Is it a easy fix. WHat's its worth? Are they any good tell me the bad and good. Thanks
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