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  1. Glad to see and hear that is still some young willing to work and learn. You got every reason to be proud. Glad you and Lisa got to go and spend some time with family.
  2. Good deal on the weights. Glad it worked for one money. Looks like you got a good drill press and well built.
  3. Just got 175 dollars of diesel and only got 32 gallon. Gee
  4. Good job Rusty teaching him. I almost bet he was just as proud as you was if not more.
  5. By the looks of it at least the curves were much even, Know a guy that runs Deere and usually see him out with a beer. Maybe it's a JD thing.
  6. Gee I am learning a lot from this thread.
  7. Now that is a good one (wants)
  8. Happy Birthday Irondiesel and all others. Have a good day and make care and be safe out there.
  9. Dang sorry to hear that. Hopefully they will get you back up and going very soon and help you out with billing. 65000 seems to be low mileage for that to happen so soon. Wishing you the best Nick.
  10. There is one station here that is not prepaid. At it I can get my diesel furl in truck then pull up and fill the mower's with gas and then pay , Makes it nice for me plus when I go to pay they cane ring each one up different for receipts.
  11. True but she's just trying to get home.
  12. Happy Birthday hope you had good day.
  13. She can come and drive my truck.
  14. Sorry to hear this about your Dad. Will be keeping y'all in thoughts and prayers. Hope everything goes well with him.
  15. My boy and nephew's are already claiming stuff and saying what they are going to sell. When they say something about my stuff I keep telling them that they can't wait till I gone.
  16. As far as I know parts are still available. As far as a engine for it go Small Engine Warehouse in Indiana number is 800-321=6725. I have gotta engines from them for a couple of mowers I had they know what their doing and engine bolted right up and wiring fit right.
  17. I put a bullet thru it then throw it on a burning brush pile.
  18. LMAO I done 3 smaller fobs then went to a big one. Spent 6 hrs straight on the mower and thats with 72" inch cut. Was ready to call it a day after that.
  19. Happy Birthday Jingles. Hope you had a good day and many more to follow.
  20. He sure was good always enjoyed his songs. RIP
  21. Nice looking setup. Thanks for sharing.
  22. That is a pic to keep and treasure Jeff. Hope y'all had a good day and enjoyed it with family.
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