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  1. I have had one for around two years. I use it several times a week. I use it to pump fuel from fuel tanks when I need to split a tractor. I've pumped over 1000 gallons of hydraulic oil. Pumped some 15w40 and some 50w. It has never missed a lick. I have used it a few times for water as well. I've got hoses made up for it that I store in a 5 gallon bucket in my service truck.
  2. I worked nights 11:30-7:30 for a few years. Then bid into swing shift and was there a couple years. 3rd shift wasn't bad. Swings was miserable. We had 7 day shifts and worked all three shifts in that week. 3 days 1st shift, 2 days 2nd, 2 days 3rd. 2 days off but you got off at 7:30am on Saturday for instance and came back in on 7:30 Monday. One week a month we would only get 1 day off between our 7 day weeks. Which left us getting off at 7:30am on Sunday morning and coming back in at 7:30 am Monday morning. I don't miss it at all and I adjusted immediately back to normal when I left.
  3. I made one this week. More so for compressing the spring enough to get the snap ring off to replace the rollers. I did use it when I put the belt back on though.
  4. Quite a few cedars and ponderosa pine there. There are places where it is forested pretty thick. Here is what it looks like not on fire. We really enjoyed riding there and was hoping to go back someday.
  5. My daughter is in kindergarten this year. 4 day school week off on Mondays. She has no choice as she is stuck with me on Mondays. She is either in the service truck on road calls or in the shop. I even get her to help some. That is a perk of being self employed. They haven't had any days off yet but when they do she will be with me. I don't envy those of you who have to figure out where to go with your kids on days off.
  6. We were trailriding last fall about this time and we came across thousands upon thousands of walking sticks in a 2 mile stretch of woods. There were a bunch of young trees along the trail and everyone of them was loaded. The were all over us and our horses. It was pretty wild.
  7. Thanks guys. She is thirsty. The truck I had before had an 8.1 as well. So I am used to it.
  8. It has been awhile since I've posted anything. It has been a busy year and business is booming. I upgraded my service truck about 3 weeks ago. I haven't had a crane since I was a tech at a dealer. It sure is nice having one again. I bought this one out of LA County California. 43000 miles and rust free. 8.1 gasser and Allison auto. 5000lb crane. I'm loving it. It's making me more efficient and saving my back. I got it just in time for pre harvest work. I replaced the bubble up auger and tube, first section of the unload auger, bushings under and on top of the unload auger elbow, some routine maintenance and installed new chopper knives on this 7240.
  9. I run a 10.5' Kubota 3 point disc mower on my 806 on some pretty good hills. Handles it just fine.
  10. We started our herd with three open heifers in 2017. Had a rough time getting everything bred back after the first calving. Every year since we have had 100% bred. Have continued to grow the herd by keeping back heifers and buying a few heifers every year. We have been borrowing a bull from my neighbor. We finally got in a position this year where we could purchase our own bull. It is a great feeling having a complete breeding herd. My neighbors raise Angus and Sim-Angus bulls. I picked out and picked up a bull today and turned him out with cows.
  11. Central Missouri here. There aren't many dairies left in the area. There is some infrastructure though. An hour from me is Central Dairy in Jefferson City. They process milk. I do have a customer with a successful dairy who is active in dairy at a state level I could put you in contact with. Very good guy.
  12. Matt (Nebraska1206) isn't far from there. He may know something about it.
  13. Here is the one I built in spring of '21. I have had several engines hanging off it. It works great. The two feet on it lock down and keep it from rolling.
  14. It took me 32 years to have the opportunity to start my own cow herd. My Daughter got it done in 5. She purchased heifer #81 from our neighbor and my Wife and I gave her #31 out of our fall calf crop. Her purple (her favorite color) ear tags finally came in so we tagged them today. She was pretty happy.
  15. Yes they are. I used to several years ago. My wife went to college at Northwest. When our local dealer lost the McCormick line the only two places in the state to get McCormick parts were Meyers in Bowling Green and Gallatin T&T. We always gravitated towards Gallatin. There is a new McCormick dealer local to us now but I've been dealing with Gallatin so long that as of right now thats who I will stay with. I just call in my orders and they ship the parts to me. I've never actually been to Gallatin.
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