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  1. I was wondering about you all Curtis. I knew it had to be close.
  2. From Eldon through to Jeff City got hit pretty hard with a tornado. Missouri River at Jeff is also due to crest tomorrow at its 7 highest level in history.
  3. A fair amount of baleage was put up here last week. Some dry too. I baled a little dry. Didn't yield that well. Plenty of moisture just need some sun. This moisture will help regrowth where I already put up hay though.
  4. I spent a little time on a 4020 disking with that transmission and used a 4430 with it and I never had any trouble. 4430 had a loader and I mainly used it for moving and stacking hay. 2nd reverse to fifth forward was perfect for that. Just one straight movement forward or back with the shifter. I think that's the same reason I prefer IH 06 series pattern over the 56-66 for loader work too.
  5. Yep the check and spring are not there. That's what happens when you tear down a tractor in November, finally get back to it in February and do the TA and MCV, and then dont get engine parts back from the machine shop until now. You forget things. Thanks for your help.
  6. Surely I did. I didn't look when I pulled the mcv off earlier though. I guess that would let all the flow dump though. I'll feel like a dumb*** if that's what I did. I'll check when I get off lunch.
  7. I've got a 966 here at work that I did an engine overhaul, TA, MCV, MCV pump. Runs great but I have no lube pressure or TA pressure. Steering works great but no brakes. I'm not getting any pressure to build on the steering return circuit which supplies the TA clutches. What could possibly be causing the return flow to dump instead of build pressure? I have pulled the MCV and taken it apart again and all the gaskets look great and all the spools are in correctly. I do get flow from the return port if I remove the regulator spool and crank the engine. I'm completely stumped as well as one of our older mechanics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Yes. It is getting old. I wish my big shop at home had a roof and walls. I worked on what I could in my little shed this morning but the rest I need to do outside so I'm shutdown until it stops. O well. Cant cut hay yet anyway.
  9. It will not work without electrical power. Found that out a couple of weeks ago.
  10. That does appear to be one of those sealing rings in the clutch packs although all of the ones I just replaced were yellow. 180 is a little older than the 305 I just did though. I couldn't really determine what they did unless it was to slow oil flow out of the clutch to aid in lube of the discs. I could have showed you one when you were in here to get parts the other day Curtis.
  11. Yes. Going to make one up at work today.
  12. I made up my own power beyond plate for my 806 with loader today. I'm on a tight budget with my tractor expenses and I couldn't justify $250 for a premade plate. I had an extra end plate and the fittings already so I figured why not. I drilled the plate out so two 1/2" pipe nipples would fit snugly. Then welded the outside and on the inside. Then I screwed on a couple pioneer couplers. I used a hole saw to cut out the left hand seat support. I hope it doesnt leak. I have the tractor down for other things so it will be a few days before I have it running to find out for sure.
  13. Mine is always on but not by choice. It's the only tractor I've got and it's not easy to take off. I mow, rake, bale, and then load and move bales with it. One of these days I'll have a second tractor and maybe a loader that comes on and off easier. I would much rather not have the loader on.
  14. My wife and mother in law were there. I opted out. They said it was awesome. My wife's 4th time seeing Garth. I went once. Best concert I've been too as well.
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