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  1. I admittedly cuss alot. I use them all. I am pretty good at keeping it clean at family things or around certain neighbors and customers but when I'm around the regulars it's all out there. Not proud but not ashamed. Never thought of them as much more than words. Most of my corruption came from working with my Uncle and industrial work in the past. It was the constant vocabulary in those situations. Probably should clean it up but I would have to want to first.
  2. I've got one in .45 long colt. Behind my M1 Garand it is by far my favorite gun to shoot. Like vtfireman85 said it is more accurate than I am and it is a beautiful firearm. I'd like more of them.
  3. Hit 69 or 70 here today. Snow is gone and the mud is back. Still some frost in the ground so I'm not sinking to far yet. Once the frost is gone it's going to get real soft.
  4. I've got two more gelled pieces of equipment to go to today. It's easy money but miserable in the cold. It's just aggravating since this cold was all forecast. Neither of my tractors gelled because I proactively treat fuel. Had several no starts last week and one Saturday and Sunday. Usually in these cases though the customer is always happy when I'm done.
  5. Take your hoses loose off the back of the washing machine and stick them in the drain for the washing machine and just crack the valves. That's my plan tonight.
  6. I got mine thawed as well. I got tired of screwing around and I made an access to the attic. Wife was pretty proud............but she is happy the washer works again. Me too, I was about to have to sink wash my long johns. I figured going into the unknown as far as truss spacing, and wiring I would be safer with a hammer than saw or knife. Within 30 seconds of hitting the PVC pipe with a hair drier it was free. Now I just have to make the hole in the cieling look presentable and build a frame and door for it. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  7. I'm having fun with water lines today too. Cold and hot lines were froze to the washing machine Saturday. Got them thawed out with an extra heater in the mud room. Wife ran several loads through it and I stacked more hay up against that wall. Well sunday morning it was froze again. I was under the impression they had run the lines in the wall but after digging into it yesterday afternoon I found they went up to the attic instead. So I assume they are froze up in there. I went and had my 100lb propane cylinder filled this morning and now I've got my torpedo heater blowing in the vent. No progre
  8. If I am not mistaken John Deere uses Mato lacing. At least that's what all the ones I've worked on including mine have. Also later model New Holland/Case IH are using them. I bought a Mato lacer and lacing and used it several times this summer on customer balers. I get all my belts, lacing, tools from https://www.americasbelting.com https://www.americasbelting.com/Lacing-Tools-Accessories-MATO-Heavy-Plate
  9. Me to and they are somewhat local to me in Wentzville, MO. I can order something from them and usually have it the next day.
  10. Yes they are LEDs. I got them from Amazon. 10 packs. https://www.amazon.com/Brillihood-Integrated-Fixture-Utility-Lighting/dp/B01MQMPS5X/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=brillihood+led+lights&qid=1613010078&sprefix=brillihood&sr=8-6
  11. I had shop work planned for this whole week so I could stay warm. It ain't happening. My phone keeps ringing with gelled fuel, no starts, and other stuff. Maybe I'll at least get to enjoy my shop all day friday. Froze my fingers off at 13°F for 2 1/2 hours this morning working bare handed trying to get a tractor going. Some things are near impossible with gloves. Tomorrow morning is a oil cooler, water pump, thermostat replacement on an MTX 135 in the elements. At least my waterers are staying thawed out and the cattle are happy on their unrolled hay. I talked to my old boss in Nebraska today
  12. The barn on our place was the selling point for me. I saw it and I couldn't have cared less about the house. I love old barns and spent alot of time drawing them in school instead of doing school work. Ours is a work in progress. I converted the north leanto into a shop and the rest is livestock related. My 806 and horse trailer are in the east leanto and the south leanto is split with access for the horses on one half and feeder calves on the other. Plans for this year are to tear out the old feed room and make it bigger and build stairs to the loft.
  13. I mounted the 12 volt hydraulic power unit behind the seat on my '79 Chevy with a bale spike. That way cold weather doesn't affect it much. Just let the truck warm up a bit. I don't use it a whole lot though. Usually use tractors.
  14. I've got two 12's on my 806. Started right up this morning at 7°F. It was plugged in an hour and a half.
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