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  1. I like it. Haven't heard that one before either. I'm blessed with a really good local classic rock station and every now and then they play their entire music library from A-Z or Z-A. You get to hear a good variety.
  2. https://www.abc12.com/2020/09/13/huron-co-sheriff-teen-hunter-killed-in-freak-accident-involving-corn-chopper/ Bad deal.
  3. Well I got the shop mostly finished up this weekend. I still have some shelving to build for some tools and install the heater and exhaust fan but I can use it now. It ain't big but it's nice and a whole lot better than what I had.
  4. I wear Red Kap button up shirts for working. I'm pretty sure the Wife orders them from www.workingperson.com. they hold up really well for me and I'm hard on clothes.
  5. I was finally able to work on my shop again over this three day weekend. I have had customer tractors in it constantly since the last post. Pulled the last tractor out last week and promised myself nothing was coming back in until I was done. I've got plenty of road calls for a couple weeks anyhow. We put all the wall insulation up and liner metal. I'm so glad it's done. The old crooked existing buildings made it a challenge putting the metal in. Every single piece was a different length. There is still plenty to do before I can move in permanent but I can see the end.
  6. Poor old 966 didn't even make the picture. I guess we will have to wait til winter snowfalls with the Gnuse bucket. Glad you got it all wrapped up. Mine are all cleaned up and in the barn. Minus the 806. I use it almost daily.
  7. Tilt the bed and lock it or crib it up. I did this one in a creek bottom pasture after we unloaded it. I used ratchet straps to get it up high enough to get it with a tractor and loader. Exchanged it for a rebuilt unit and dropped it in.
  8. You have no idea. That's why everytime I go on vacation in the summer it is north and west of Misery. The more elevation and drier the climate the better. Summers never bothered me much up there. Yeah it got hot but it wasn't drown the boys humid.
  9. I absolutely despise summer and humidity. Doesn't help I sweat like a whore in church. Makes my summers miserable. The other morning I was rebuilding hydraulic cylinders on a loader. It was overcast and 71°. By 7:30am I was almost completely soaked. I wasn't working that hard and it wasn't hot by any means but it was humid as can be.
  10. Actually the wifes new 2020 Chevy 2500 has less cupholders than my 2010 Chevy 3500. Kind of sucks. Smaller cupholders to boot. Only part of this post I could contribute to. I do miss running beside a chopper though.
  11. MSHA is even worse. Place I worked at for several years had a unwritten policy if an inspector showed up to plan on doing the bare minimum to keep the place running and basically sit on you a** until they left. Thankfully I worked 3rd shift most of the time and didn't have to deal with those pricks much.
  12. Same here only both forks. I did make one very similar too what vtfireman posted once though.
  13. A true 3rd function in my opinion is another solenoid operated spool stacked on the normal two loader spools but some brands/models don't make that possible. An L600 with 3rd function had a 3rd solenoid operated spool originally. I guess since getting power beyond from the factory valve is out I'll either have to locate a Husco 5005 valve with solenoid operated spool or go with a 3rd function off the bucket circuit.
  14. Yes it is the two spool valve plumbed to the power beyond. I'll have to do a search for a second spool now that I likely know the brand of valve. Tractor isn't here. CNH wants like $3600 for the 3rd spool. Thanks.
  15. I've got a customer that asked me about putting a third function on his MX100 with L600 loader. He doesnt want to use a remote for it. I know there are some kits that you can tie into the bucket circuit with a solenoid operated valve but I was just curious if anyone had any better ideas. It looks like adding anything factory is going to be cost prohibitive. Is there a power beyond plug on those factory loader valves a guy could work from?
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