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  1. Here is my '67 with M&W turbo. She ain't pretty but she ain't a bad ole tractor. Gets used almost daily for something. This one is a '67 I did a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration on for a fellow forum member a few years back. M&W turbo as well.
  2. I think you might have got unlucky. I haven't heard any bad about them and I'm a Chevy guy. Friend of mine has one in a F150 and runs the crap out of it. Only problem he had was plugged cats that some somehow succumbed to a sawzall........
  3. That could be done easy enough and not loose any clearance. Thanks.
  4. No offense taken. If I shorten the shaft I'm afraid I won't have enough clearance for engine accessories, oil coolers, front covers, filter bases, etc. This will bolt the side of 6 and 4 cylinder diesel engines so the leverage would be reduced from bolting on the rear of an engine. 4" square with 1/4" wall. Not really worried about it ripping out. It will have a constant load and no jerking. Same reason I did not include more gussets. I thought about 4 casters but most of the manufactured ones and the OTC we had when I worked for the dealer have two rigid and one swivel and was
  5. I spent the afternoon and evening today building this engine stand. Tired of wrestling engines around on the floor or bench with the cherry picker. I'll put her to the test next week with a DT466. I used a 60:1 speed reducer and a 2" shaft. Two rigid casters and one swivel with two locking feet on the rear corners. I'll have to make adapters as I go but at least I have the stand built now.
  6. Here you go. If you need anything else let me know. I've got McCormicks parts program on my computer.
  7. We are headed out to Colorado in the the area between Creede and Lake City with the horses this summer. I know in researching the area for horse riding we found a lot of ATV and UTV's trails. We are going to park the horses one day and rent a jeep to explore some old mining camps along the 60 mile Alpine Loop which is accessible by UTV's. A person can also side track off the loop to Lake City, Ouray, or Silverton. There were several ATV trails in the Big Horns in Wyoming when we were up there riding horses but I'm pretty sure they had width restrictions and most UTV's were too wide. I only rem
  8. This or a concrete slab with a few culverts under it. Normal water flow goes under and high water goes over. Thats probably not realistic for what you want though. Living in Osage County Missouri we have very few bridges. Mostly slabs for county road creek crossings. Makes it fun trying to get somewhere when the creeks are running.
  9. We got a new mattress tonight. I threw the old one out the front door to dispose of it in the morning. I went out to put the two older dogs in shop for the night and here Ruger is laying on the mattress completely comfortable. He wouldn't get up so I reckon that's where he will stay tonight. Must be more comfortable then the dog beds in the shop. It is a ruff life.
  10. I use Messicks site rather than Case IH's. Sometimes I use Avspare as well. https://www.messicks.com/vendor/case https://avspare.com/catalog/case/
  11. Busy here too. 856 in the shop for several things, D8 engine overhaul, fuel problem on 01 Dodge with Cummins, new hoist cylinder on a dump truck, broken pasture harrow, H needs a clutch, 2040 deere, TTX 230 McCormick, 7120 Magnum, CX80, new slack adjusters on a dump truck. Dt466 overhaul for a dump truck, 685 Case IH, AC 160 wiring harness and I'm sure I'm forgetting things.
  12. I got the CJ2A fired up last weekend after a little hibernation. Now that it's been warm enough I'm using it to check cows again.
  13. Well I resurrected the old flowrater. I actually located the old flow gauge and it had been repaired. Had some hoses made for it this morning and threw it on my 806 for a quick test. Worked perfect. Glad I got it going. I need it for a MX240 tomorrow.
  14. Not far from where I lived when I was up there. I was about 7 miles northwest of Bloomfield. If I had to guess I'd say your near Randolph.
  15. Bland, Missouri here. Originally from Wellsville, Missouri. Both more or less in central MO.
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