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  1. Could be. He put a used hand pump on today and it steers again. I'm just glad we got it solved.
  2. This is an update to H to 80's MCV troubles. Also may be in need of some advice as it is a head scratcher. The MCV pump that was in it at the time of the problem was trashed inside and sent alot of aluminum into the MCV. H TO 80 had previously put a new spring kit, gasket and o rings, new steering relief and pump on this tractor. After the failure I thoroughly cleaned and inspected the MCV installed a new pump, gaskets and seals and filter. Everything worked afterwards. Fast forward to last week and the tractor looses power steering only. Brakes work and TA works, lube light isn't on. I tee'd a gauge in the hose going to the hand pump from the MCV and there was no increase in pressure trying to turn the wheel either way. I decided to pull the MCV again and see what was going on expecting to find a blown steering circuit o ring. I pulled the new steering relief valve to find what appeared to be a two broken pieces of a spring. Also the relief valve housing had bend in it. I disassembled the relief valve and the spring in it was fine. So in I tore the rest of the MCV apart trying to locate the broken spring. Every single spring looked great and the pieces I had did not really match the radius or wire diameter of the springs in the MCV. When I pulled the pressure regulator I found more pieces of spring. Decided to split the pump to inspect for damage and sure enough it had damage to the housing and scuffing on one tooth of the gear that matched the shape of one of the spring pieces found. At this point I thought I had found the culprit to the loss of power steering. Cleaned and checked everything over and resealed the MCV and installed a new pump. New filter and new hydraulic oil. I installed a different steering relief as well. I inspected the check valve after the handpump. I inspected the loader valve plumbed into the supercharge line. I found no broken springs. I fired the tractor up and we still don't have steering or more thanTA and brake pressure when trying to turn the wheel. I suspect the hand pump is bypassing internally which could be caused by some of the foreign material found previously if it made it into the hand pump. A used hand pump is on the way and H to 80 is going to install it and see if it takes care of it. Am I on the right track here? I wish I had a flow rater and I could have checked things more thoroughly in the steering circuit but I dont have one yet. One thing neither of us can figure out is how a piece of what appears to be a ring off a spring that we cant find broken anywhere can make it's way through the MCV pump. Where could it have come from? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was in the process of installing a new 12 gpm MCV pump on a customers tractor yesterday when I noticed some aluminum in the ports when I pulled the shipping plugs out. I decided I had better split the pump and see if there was anymore and sure enough there was. My dealer called Hy Capacity and they warrantied it no problem. I got a second pump and it was clean. Just a heads up for anyone installing Hy Capacity pumps to check for foreign material inside. It sure wouldnt be good sending all of that down stream into the MCV. That's the slivers I could see after taking the plug out. You can see the indentions where they tightened the halves together with the aluminum in there.
  4. I bought the highest torque Milwaukee 1/2" when my last air one took a dump. I didn't know how well it was going to work but I'm thoroughly impressed after a year and a half of daily heavy use. I only had two batteries in the beginning for it, a drill, sawzall, and impact driver. Never did have a problem with running out of battery unless I ran it hard on something like combine duals. I had it sent off once due to the housing screws backing out. It came back with a new housing and I've not had that trouble since. I doubt I ever go back to air except for 1" but now Milwaukee has one of those too.
  5. I like that light setup. Wouldnt have many dim spots that way.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. Now I've got something to go with. I'll take some pictures when I have it done with whatever lighting I decide.
  7. He makes the rest of us look pretty silly. What he can do with his feet is amazing.
  8. I looked at the UFO's but I was concerned about them "spotlighting" too much and requiring more fixtures. I know the one hanging in Menards display the other day was spotlighting more than the flat rectangle style hanging next to it. Have you noticed that at all with those? They would definitely be a quicker install and it appears they can be linked together easily.
  9. That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Yes it says they have no external drivers or ballast. There will be almost no storage in the shop as I need room for at least two projects at once with how difficult it is to get parts in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks
  10. I am working on converting the 24'x60' lean to on my barn into a shop for my ag repair business. I'm getting by so far this fall but I've got enough work I need to get a shop space to work in as soon as possible. I think I know what I want for lighting but there so many options anymore I am open to suggestions. Ceiling is going to be 15' on the high side and around 10' on the low side. I was thinking 8 of these https://www.primelights.com/shop/items/led-4-lamp-t8-stingray-4xl-highbay-fixture-88-watt-clear-pl-4srhbld88fmp. Their formula calls for 9 but I will have white metal ceiling and walls and have intentions of a couple of lower hanging lights directly over the work benches. So I think I will be good. I'm sure it will be way better than any other shop I've worked in and 10 times better than the poorly lit shop at the dealer I used to work for. I am open for suggestions though as this is the first shop I've had the opportunity to light and I want it right the first time.
  11. Knox. I understand the fact that each state can choose to do more than what the feds require. I'm still not understanding why it specifically states Nebraska was against a skills pretrip and even states the reason why if they were already requiring it.
  12. Explain to me why they would need to propose to change the law then? If it was already a standard they wouldnt need to propose it and Nebraska wouldnt have opposed it. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2011/05/09/2011-10510/commercial-drivers-license-testing-and-commercial-learners-permit-standards
  13. He made it sound like it was nation wide. There is nothing in the federal law that I can find for random testing. I did state in that post that certain states may do that. I even said Illinois which someone commented afterwards that they had indeed tested randomly. I also made that post before I found that FMCSA document that stated they were proposing to change to require pretrip.
  14. B. PRE-TRIP INSPECTION In addition, modifications to part 383, subparts G and H, were proposed to make the entire pre-trip inspection (not just the air brake inspection) part of the skills testing standard, rather than the knowledge testing standard as it is currently. Comments. South Carolina supported making the pre-trip inspection part of the skills testing. Texas and Nebraska opposed making the pre-trip inspection part of the skills testing. Texas commented that administering the pre-trip inspection as a knowledge exam will not reduce safety. Nebraska commented that changing the pre-trip inspection back to a skills test would add 45 minutes to each skills test, thus increasingcosts to the State. It says right there in this document that the pre trip was only required as a knowledge test and not as a skills test at the time. It also specifically says Nebraska opposed making it a requirement. Therefore Nebraska wasnt performing a pretrip as a skills test and only a knowledge test. I copied and pasted that paragraph from the document. I had to perform the air brake test just as it says in the above paragraph. I dont normally turn into an argumentative ***hole unless I know I'm right.
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