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  1. We will have some family down. Daughters 4th birthday is the 6th so we will celebrate it today along with Americas. Brats for lunch and brisket is in the smoker for supper. Then we blow s**t up. Have a safe and fun day folks. Old Glory, red tractor, white barn, blue trim.
  2. My neighbors run a Bush Hog brand 20' they have had good luck with it and it gets used hard by several different operators. Only work I have done to it is wheel bearings and new center tires last year as the old ones were coming apart. I have also heard nothing but good things about Schulte's but they seem to be spendy compared to others.
  3. 8 gauge single shot industrial shotgun. We used it to shoot ring and ball buildup out of the rotary kiln. They bought ammo by the pallet. Me and the burner shot 700 slugs through it one night. They don't like it if you take it out on the handrail of the burner floor and shoot a junk grease barrel. The narks come out on the next shift when they find a barrel with holes in it. O well it was a good week off when I was very busy with side work.
  4. I've got a set I've had for a few years. They are very good quality. I had to have the ratchet warrantied when I somehow broke the forward reverse lever off. That was no fault of the tool really. I think they are the William's line which snap on owns. Snap On will not warranty it though even though they own William's. Had to go through Case IH.
  5. I wound up mowing under some electric fence and spread a couple dump truck loads of rock and consolidated some manure piles. Your day sounds more enjoyable.
  6. That's why I hate to see county roads wind up paved. I guess almost all of yours are in Franklin county. If they wouldn't pave them and left potholes, rock ledges and washboard like ours they wouldn't go that fast.
  7. Just got back home and grabbed some custard on the way past the custard shop. Going to find some real food to eat and that's about all I will accomplish. Wife and daughter had to go 3 hours north to help her Mom with some funeral arrangements so I'm a bachelor the rest of this father's day. So you have my permission to take off the rest of the day Jeff.
  8. One even spun out with a left handed bit. I had better not do anything the rest of the day. I'm sure my luck has run out.
  9. I had a great regular customer call this morning to tell me they had broke all the bolts off holding the middle gearbox on their rake. It is always relieving when you can get all the broken bolts out without heat or a welder. The last one that had been broke the longest fought harder but the rest weren't too bad. Now I'm just sitting here waiting for him to run after bolts. I had a bunch of stuff I was going to do today but I think after this interuption is finished I'll call it a day. It is Fathers Day after all.
  10. That would be great. We were down to putting a mechanical gauge in which looks tacky in those tractors.
  11. I don't have access to a dyno. I've driven it in every gear even with the pto on but with no load. I won't have time to get back to it until next week sometime anyway.
  12. It had certainly crossed my mind.
  13. I have been finding this more common. I have a guy with an MX135. Its had a new gauge and several different senders. One new sender will read low and put another new one in and it will read high.
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