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  1. I've got one tractor for everything. I feed hay in three places with it, pull the spike off to use it for all my heavy lifting around the shop with pallet forks, throw the bucket on when its needed, drag pastures, pull fertilizer buggy, mow hay with a 3pt disc mower, sometimes use it to rake, then bale with it, either load or unload bales out of the field, spread manure, brush hog, pull sprayer. The old girl is a jack of all trades and she never complains. Someday maybe I'll get another tractor but I think a skid steer is next on the list.
  2. Yes it will be one of the first things in. It needs a wiring harness and #1 remote does not work and the hydraulics get hot.
  3. It was part of the ration they were feeding feeder cattle.
  4. My Uncle was involved in a silo explosion back in 2016. He survived and the truck driver did not however. My Uncle was in bad shape for a little while and then did alright. Now his injuries are beginning to plague him again. They were filling the silo with corn syrup as they had done many times in the past and it exploded. I'm not sure they ever came up with a definitive answer as too why it happened. Uncle and driver were standing next to the truck when it happened.
  5. This is what it looks like to do repairs in about a 12' wide area. It can be done but it sucks. I would go wider than 12'. I normally didn't use this bay for repairs when I worked at the dealer but I had to many tractors torn down awaiting parts.
  6. They are LP. The tank will be outside as well as the regulator as per the installation instructions. I'll end up with a 500 gallon tank somewhere outside. The one for the house is on the wrong side of the paved driveway to draw from.
  7. A friend of mine brought me two Hired Hand Super Saver XL heaters to install in my shop. One does work and appears to be in good shape and was being used. The other is for parts. The identification tags are both worn off but from what I can tell from part #'s they are at least the 120000 btu models. I was curious if anyone had experience with those or have ever installed one in a shop and how well they heated. They are ventless and I realize I would have to worry about fumes from the heater and also any fumes I may be making in the shop being drawn into it. The shop won't be real airtight with sliding doors on both ends anyhow. I think they will work fine after all they are used in hog and poultry confinement.
  8. Thanks. Yeah I am not going to use it for storage it will just be a shop. That's a pet peeve of mine. Even with my current "shop" there is very little stored in there but tool and shop supplies and it is tiny. The old shop is going to get the wall knocked out of one end and reinforce the roof so I can get my 806 in there.
  9. Here is a true Wheatland 806 I saw last summer being used to pull a sheepsfoot or box blade, can't remember now, on a job site. No TA, heavy standard drawbar and no pto.
  10. We are making progress on the shop. The exterior is done. Most of the electrical is done with the exception of the circuits in the cieling for the lights which is the next step. Then comes insulation in the cieling and metal and lights. Then I will insulate the walls and put metal on them. I'm hoping to have it all done sometime in April.
  11. I made this two years ago on Valentine's day so I wouldn't have to buy flowers anymore. We usually just fix home grown steaks for supper.
  12. WishIhada1466


    Injector seals with #11
  13. WishIhada1466


    I wonder if an injector wasn't seated all the way in the head and its letting compression by. I had that happen on a magnum once after a head gasket job and that sounds very similar.
  14. I'm down to one now but I kind of have a thing for square body Chevy's. My old '79 needs restored but as long I use it to feed hay and build fence I guess that won't happen.
  15. 1973-80 Chevy K20's and K30's with a SM465 4 speed and NP205 transfer case, any healthy carbureted V8 with headers and dual exhaust.
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