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  1. I was taught at the dealer to charge for cleanup directly related to the job. I continue that. It's all part of the job.
  2. I've been busy since starting my repair business back in August. I have had some slow days which is to be expected. I've even picked up some work from the forum. It's getting to be where the phone is ringing quite a bit and I'm scheduling work out a week or two now. Best of all nobody has complained once (at least not to me) since my last post. I've been getting a nice variety of work. Some technical and troubleshooting and some just normal repair work. Some things I've never done in the past. It's been great. I prefer variety anyway. I dont manage to get pictures of alot of stuff but here are some of the things since my last post. I can't wait to get a shop built. I make do but it sure would be nice not having to make shade on a 90° day. A 3024C Cat engine I'm overhauling out of an ASV skid steer. First engine I had been around that had a crankshaft set up like this. Hub destruction on a MX110. This is something I was very familiar with. Did alot of them with the dealer. This one wound up being cheaper to replace the whole assembly than rebuild. Same MX110. Right hub self destructed but the left hub was leaking. Went to pull it off and it was loose on the axle housing. Found out the previous owner had run it with bad kingpins and bandaided it with new pins and bushings but never repaired the yoke on the housing. I built up the holes in the yoke and fit the bushings. Picture is before the repairs. Emergency repairs on a chopper one evening. Hex shaft spun in a roll. Built the shaft up and put it back together and they were back to rolling. I got hooked up with and power line right of way clearing crew that was working locally. They call at least once a week with something. Either a skid steer or a Jarraff. I've become really good at skid steer tracks over the years. It's not much fun but I got a reputation when I was at the dealer. Replaced some sprocket segments and attempted to repack a cylinder on a 953 this week. Could not get the rod nut loose and the owner took it to a heavy equipment shop and they wound up cutting the nut as they couldn't get it either so I didn't feel so bad. Supposed to go back tomorrow and assemble it. Suction screen on a Cat 416 backhoe transmission. Full of clutch material. Starting the rebuild next week. Just a clutch job here. Owner keeps a feed box on the back and feeds calves daily with it. Running along the bunks on and off the clutch all the time took its toll. Replaced a leaf spring on a IH 4900 grain truck today. Then pulled the radiator out of a 7120 boxcar.
  3. I would agree with a bigger hammer.
  4. WishIhada1466


    How bad is the leak? Hasn't had any brake fluid put in it has it? It will ruin the seals on the master and slave. Use only mineral oil or cnh hydraulic brake oil. I've replaced a few slaves and masters because of the wrong fluid.
  5. Plenty of walnuts here but nothing compared to the hickory nuts and the squirrels were taking them as fast as they hit the ground. Maybe they know something about this winter.
  6. I don't drink coffee but I do have a L&H made branding iron.
  7. I drilled holes into the oil passage from the outside clear through the plate. That allowed the fittings I had to fit just below flush on the inside of the plate. I then welded the fittings on both sides which sealed off the oil passage between the two ports and sealed my fittings. I straight edged it afterwards and it showed to have no warping and isn't leaking.
  8. I'm far from knowledgeable on MM G1000s but I believe the side console and clear platform other than brakes and clutch. I think they may have had better hydraulic filtering as well. Really the first one I've been this close to. I took it for a spin earlier. I know one thing about it. I want one.
  9. A customer dropped off his G1000 today. I'm looking forward to working on it. There arent to many of these in this neck of the woods. It has some hydraulic and wiring issues. He took the cab off and we are going to put fenders and rops on. She is also getting 38" rubber and duals. He eventually wants to paint it. One thing is for sure that 504 engine is sure a chunk of iron.
  10. Yes I do I keep it in the tool box on the tractor but the loader never comes off. A person wouldnt have to cut holes in the seat support but I wanted couplers there and it cut real easy with a hole saw.
  11. I made my own power beyond plate out of the end plate on my 806. Drilled holes and welded in fittings. Screwed pioneer couplers on it and routed new hose in front of the seat and around to the 2 spool loader valve. Works great. Nice not having my remotes tied up running the loader.
  12. Never poor here but never had a whole lot of money growing up either. Never had to worry about food, clothing, and housing but didn't have alot of the stuff my classmates did growing up which is fine. I started working for a neighbor doing carpentry and weed eating when I was 12. I paid for my first truck as well as insurance and gas. I had it pretty decent. My Dad on the other hand didn't have it so good. His father died when my Dad was between his junior and senior year in 1970. My Dad was the 2nd oldest of four. They were already pretty poor before Grandpa died. Dad actually paid for the family car when he was 13. Dad said in the late 60's they ate alot of rabbit and he hunted alot. He aquired a .22 Remington for digging a ditch for a neighbor otherwise hunting rabbit wouldnt have happened. After Grandpas death Dad worked three jobs in addition to attending his senior year to get the family through. After he graduated he joined the Navy (received his draft notice while in boot camp). He stayed in 5 years and sent money home and things were definitely better for them for then on out. As each generation gets further from poverty they understand it less. I always can look back on my Dads experience for reference but it's not the same as living it.
  13. I had trouble with that at the dealer too. Hard to fudge the time. If they offered lunch it was easier as I would just take it off my time. BS sessions were harder. It helped if you were doing internal work or had some internal work on your day you could sneak it into. Thankfully it didn't happen alot and I just did the job and left. Have had some while I was at the dealer it was extremely hard to get away from and they would talk your ear off. Now that I'm on my own I just adjust my time for such things.
  14. It wasn't 8-4 before. I start between 6:30-7 every morning and work until I'm done or I'm at a stopping point. If I'm on the road I work until I'm done. I know it's not 8-4 and never dreamed that it would be but being self employed nobody can force me. I'm not against working late when something needs done. Working late daily isn't going to happen. I dont want to get burned out on it either. I've paid service bills to HVAC techs before. It hurts but I don't work on that stuff my own. I pay a farrier good money to shoe my horses every 6 weeks. I know I can't do half as good a job as he can so the professional gets to. The only two customers I've had complain were long distance and it was only about the trip charge. If it means I lose them because the trip was to expensive then so be it. Ill spend more time with my local guys. The one still wants me to do the parking brake in his MTX so he must not have been too upset. I know you are not trying to ruffle my feathers but when I was planning this business everyone said to charge enough. Several guys on here said to charge enough, several guys charge port to port, the dealerships all do. So I don't get the problem with me doing it that way. I am also CHEAPER than the dealer I was working for by $20 per hour and $0.75 per mile and they are getting the same mechanic. They should be happy and all but two have been. All I was doing in the original part of this post was blowing off a little steam. I had the whole drive back that day to get pissed off. When I got back and was eating lunch I needed to vent about it. I'm not changing my billing if it keeps working for the locals.
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