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  1. WishIhada1466

    Dealership debate

    At the dealer I work out we remove pto shafts and top links on used machinery. Theft and the element are our reasons.
  2. WishIhada1466

    Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    I just realized after talking to a salesman here at the dealership that this tractor was from only a few miles away from me. He had known about and just never mentioned it. If I would have known about it I would have liked to have seen it before it left the area. Sure is a small world.
  3. WishIhada1466

    organic milk price down

    When I lived in Nebraska we bought milk from that dairy sometimes. Their chocolate milk was awesome and the root beer milk they had was pretty good. Glass jugs made good tea jugs too.
  4. WishIhada1466

    Slow times

    We stay fairly busy especially for a small dealer. We were a little slow from December to January but there is always new equipment to assemble or bring in something used off the lot and go through it. Our second store had more slow time then we did and still are. We have been sending them compact tractors to assemble. I probably stay busier than all of the other mechanics. I do 90% of the service calls, a fair amount of fabrication, all of the combines(which isn't very many), 90% of the balers, all of the 88 series on back, and a fair amount of skid steers. I hate when we are slow because I don't like to ask for a job because you never know what you will get into. I prefer the next piece of equipment waiting on the lot or the next service call.
  5. WishIhada1466

    Our sons new service truck

    Sure is a nice truck. I would trade my 2001 F450 for one of them. We are a small dealership and only get used trucks. This is our only service truck at the moment. It sure beats loading tools in a company pickup then unloading at the end of the day like I used to and I would hate to be without it.
  6. WishIhada1466

    Finally found a tractor for the Xmas tree farm

    Fuel filter is correct.
  7. WishIhada1466

    School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Most of my bus riding was on 366 powered Chevy and GMC from the 80's. After I quit riding daily they upgraded to diesel Chevy and GMC with autos and Cats and a couple of Internationals for trips and sports.
  8. WishIhada1466

    What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    The school had a Cub with belly mower and a little diesel IH styled like the 86 series. Had a mower deck as well. Only truck I remember was a late 80's early 90's Chevy. By the time I had my license the front row in student parking was mostly square body Chevys trucks, beat up Rangers, mid 90's Camaro's, 72 green Impala, and a sweet black 67 Nova. My cousin had their dualed up 1456 and disk in student parking one day. I graduated in 2004 to put things in perspective.
  9. WishIhada1466

    IH 756 Farmall Question

    I had a low houred 67 model with wedge lock rears. The tractor appeared to be unmolested so I believe they were factory. Also had tilt wheel and hydraulic seat but was a gas.
  10. WishIhada1466

    1206 high range issues

    You don't have to split it to remove the High Low fork. Take the bolt out of the fork and slide the shift rail rearward. Then take the top link mount off above the pto. With several 1/2" extensions and I believe a 12 point 7/8" socket you can slide the socket over the rail and with two people, one helping the rail along and the other to guide it out, you should be able to get it out without dropping it in the rearend housing. If you do drop it just fish it out with a magnet. When going back together stick the shift rail in your socket and poke it back in its hole as someone guides the fork on. You actually wouldnt have to pull the rail all the way out. Just far enough to get the fork out.
  11. WishIhada1466

    Propane torpedo heater

    You could always track down one of these.
  12. WishIhada1466

    Caseih tools

    I believe they are mostly blue point. My 3/4 drive set from Case IH is identical to Williams which is part of snap on.
  13. WishIhada1466

    2388 vs 8010

    I have made two of the feederhouse gearbox repairs this fall. 7240 and 8230. Case IH has paid for some of the parts on both machines. They say the bracket on the feederhouse for the gearbox was not welded on correctly from the factory. Because we are a small dealer and maybe only sell one new combine every 2-3 years we did not buy the special laser tool and instead I made one using a bore sighter and cardboard as a target. Neither one ruined the gearbox and just had to replace both the rock trap beater output and sprcket output. Also installed new beater and sprocket and chain and I believe the final bill was around 8500.
  14. WishIhada1466

    babysitting tax question

    Our little girl is 17 months and has been at our sitter now since she was 6 weeks old. The sitter wasn't doing taxes which was fine with me. Then she became licensed and raised the rate and now has paid holidays and claims the income. While she is still very reasonable and we like what she does the becoming legal part cost us more up front.
  15. WishIhada1466

    Can't resist the red

    I hope it treats you well. We sell Case skid steers here at work. Mechanically they are sound but electrically they are a nightmare. We have had 5 apart for electrical trouble at once between me and two other mechanics. Seems to always be one in someones bay. We sell Kubotas as well and other than some routine maintenance and some busted glass we dont touch them. I like the controls and ease of entry on the Kubotas as well. I do like the red paint on yours though.