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  1. A guy could sure get used to working in a nice warm, dry, well lit shop. I've never experienced all three at once. I think it's making me soft. I won't want to go on any service calls now. Since everyone likes pictures here are a few from some recent repairs. Tree puller I made for a neighbor. Replacing broken leaf springs and hangers. MFD supply tube popped out on this MTX. Installed an old Great Bend 800 on a 560. Since I have the same loader I thought I'd get a picture of the great bend girls together. I added
  2. My Dad just came off quarantine last week. Just the sniffles mainly. He worked the entire time since he can easily quarantine in the dozer. I had two uncles and an aunt with it at the same time and they all had basically the same symptoms. I don't doubt the severity of it with some people. I too wonder though if the tests are accurate and normal head colds are showing as positives. We were worried about Mom getting it from Dad but she never showed any symptoms which is great because she has asthma. My Wife is a therapist at a nursing home and is tested twice a week. Her being tested so o
  3. I wound up shooting a doe just before end of legal shooting last night. The only one I saw and it was supposed to be soggy today and tomorrow and I'm not that die hard of a hunter. We processed the one my wife shot earlier in the week and mine this morning. All either ground or cubed except for the back straps and loins. Now I don't really want to shoot another because then the work starts again. Rifle season last day is Tuesday and then bow starts back up along with alternative methods later and then antlerless season. Bow season is open until Jan 15th I believe so there is still alot of time
  4. Rifle hunting here this evening. Normally I would be in a stand or blind but there seem to be more deer in this spot lately so we will give sitting on the ground a try tonight.
  5. I had a cheap auto darkening helmet after I broke my pipeliner non auto darkening. The cheapie quit and I got a new Miller Digital Performance. It worked great until it didn't. It got to where it wouldn't always darken right away and sometimes wouldnt darken all the way. A new battery and keeping it in the light to charge did not help so now it's useless. So a couple months ago I went back to a Fibre Metal Pipeliner like I used to use. It doesn't auto darken and if you want a different shade you have to switch lenses but it works every single time I nod my head and it's more comfortable. I do
  6. Thanks guys. It was a pretty nice day.
  7. The local Case IH dealer here has a single axle and a tandem. Massey dealer has a tandem and John Deere dealer has a single axle. There was only one occasion when I was still working for the Case IH dealer when the truck driver caught a low hanging wire. Its higher now and it was only 220 volt anyway.
  8. There is no online access to parts for McCormick. Everything is on a program called Newton 8.0. I have it from a bootlegged version that runs $150.
  9. Several MTX's around here. Depending on the year makes a difference on which engine. Later restyled cab's with gray bellies had an Iveco very similar to a 6.7 Cummins. I like them and my customers that are running them like them and wish McCormick wouldn't have discontinued the MTX. The biggest issue with these is parts. Drivetrain parts can usually be sourced from Case IH and typically cheaper from them too. If you do run into McCormick only parts then it can be more expensive and take longer to get.
  10. No square in our town but the rest sounds spot on with my old saturday nights. Oh and from the ACDC post I also wore out a Back in Black cd on the those Saturday nights and it does indeed add 15 horsepower while mudding.
  11. https://avspare.com/catalog/newholland/67490/
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