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  1. I know people I work with that live in Tallulah, Louisiana were stopped and ticketed if they weren't headed to work last year. I saw the tickets they were written for "unnecessary travel". Here it was all up to what police chiefs and sheriffs wanted to do and their political leanings. We were all given letters from our employer showing we were "essential workers" but the police in town knew when shift change was. The sheriff's deputies didn't didn't enforce it in that parish though, only the city cops.
  2. Sounds like the laws, regulations, weren't crazy because they didn't affect certain people directly even though it may have affected untold thousands of others. With this forum having a lot of members being in agriculture it directly affected less than say people who worked in restaurants, entertainment, traveling industries who were told they were "non-essential" & couldn't work had to stay home and were told "Sucks to be you" when people asked how would they be able to pay their mortgage/ rent, car notes, medical bills or any bill for that matter. Not to mention the insult of being told
  3. I thought the 96-02 powerstroke models ran forever. My dad had one that had just shy of 400k when he died and had no major problems. He just had to change the crankshaft position sensor about 3 or 4 times for some reason.
  4. Because "we" couldn't do without it
  5. I understand your outlook. It's just every riot starts with the first rock thrown or window smashed. Look how the Antifa & BLM riots in the summer of 2020 spread throughout the country and world. Think how bad it would have been if even just 10% of them were carrying firearms. Herd mentality is real, yet I don't believe we are there yet but if and when it starts I believe it will be much worse than before due to modern weapons, communication, vehicles, etc. That and the enemy won't be on one side of the Mason-Dixon line or the other but quite possibly next door or down the street and that
  6. I'll mention for the last time Lorenzo, don't wish to argue with anyone, I understand your outlook about it won't last 2 days but exactly what you are saying now was said 160 years ago. Exact same thing. And just the kia number, not the casualty numbers, was not surpassed in all wars afterwards until during the Vietnam war. That was a war with muskets and muzzle loading cannons and NO modern communications or travel available. Those weekend warriors with the proverbial 30,000 rounds of ammo will be able to spread those extra guns and rounds to a lot of like minded people. It would be a lot de
  7. Aren't those the same people who are scared of guns, need cry rooms and talk to their therapist because they weren't able to get soy milk in their latte?
  8. That's exactly what they said about the first one too. Lincoln initially called up 90 day volunteers because the no way could the Federal Army lose to southern rednecks. There was hundreds of picnickers from Washington DC who followed the Potomac Army to Bull Run so they could watch the first big battle. Then when they realized it wasn't going to be a Union victory they couldn't get back to Washington because it turned into a total defeat and a route and the roads were full. The civil war killed between 600k & 700k out of a total population of 31 million. Roughly 3% of the population died
  9. Ok, the ones I have seen before the stalks were tied upright/vertical then laid to the side on the ground. But no they don't have them down here and if they ever did they went to scrap long before I was brought into this world. I still can't make heads or tails of the back of the thing.
  10. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/205507047/international-binder?_gac=1.191620952.1620459343.CjwKCAjw7diEBhB-EiwAskVi1703DM4XDXQfkpXyM1hzMj0445NvAKJQHWDKGlZlEFhJuh0x0i26yRoCmHEQAvD_BwE and tell me how it works. Just saw it looking around. Obviously a harvester with a reel and cutter bar but never saw anything like it before.
  11. The T/A deletes and T/As that were removed later can be found more often depending where you are in the country. It seems that the mid west loved having TA's for the most part and down south more often liked them without since it was one less thing that could fail or give you problems.. They could be ordered from the factory without a T/A and it won't have a slot on the left side of the dash for the handle. I have a 1086 like that. Some have had the TA removed after they went out or failed and it will more than likely have the handle & TA linkage removed but the dash will still have the s
  12. They do jump when startled, they'll jump when you straddle one on the highway and hit the underside of your truck. When you shoot them with a 22 they'll jump 2 to 5 foot off the ground. You're also right about the leprosy. Not all them carry it but I've been told it's somewhere less than half. One man in his 80's caught it around here after picking up one that had been ran over near his mailbox. Luckily now it can be treated and cured.
  13. I can understand that Lorenzo, just that criminals don't care about laws already and in a terrorist situation if they have any funding at all getting fake documents such as birth certificate, ss card, immigration papers or a falsified passport I would think would be one of the smaller problems that they would need to deal with. Or faking another countries paperwork that would be harder for TSA to check the validity of. Such as a lot of 3rd world countries that don't have the record keeping capabilities like the US, Canada, EU, etc. As far as the 911 terrorist, it's harder to get all those ID's
  14. Isn't the type of paperwork needed for a Real ID the same type required when you get first driving license or ID? I mean birth certificate, SS card and etc.
  15. Oh ok. It may be my ignorance but I don't see how it makes flying any safer.
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