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  1. So you had new crankshafts built from scratch?
  2. Nice looking tractor. Love seeing pictures of your work.
  3. x 2 on the wax. While I was an apprentice working with millwrights all of them had a stick of bee's wax in their gang box and swore by it for the really stubborn bolts. I've had good luck with it as well. Sometimes hitting the bolt on the end (not hard enough to damage head) can break up corrosion between threads. Also had luck trying to tighten bolt or nut first to see if you can get it to turn, even if it's a small amount, then trying to loosen it again.
  4. The T/A deletes and T/As that were removed later can be found more often depending where you are in the country. It seems that the mid west loved having TA's for the most part and down south more often liked them without since it was one less thing that could fail or give you problems.. They could be ordered from the factory without a T/A and it won't have a slot on the left side of the dash for the handle. I have a 1086 like that. Some have had the TA removed after they went out or failed and it will more than likely have the handle & TA linkage removed but the dash will still have the slot.
  5. Looks a lot different with a full weight bracket up front. I like reading up on these type of projects, good luck with it.
  6. You won the internet today. Best idea of the year!
  7. I have a 1086 and their fuel consumption isn't near what you would think it is. Besides you won't be pulling a 6 bottom plow in hard clay from sun up til sun down either or a wide heavy disc and big implements is where your going to burn big fuel. I wouldn't rule out something with a cab if it is within your budget. You'll appreciate it in the summer when your baling in the a/c and not breathing in all the dust, etc.
  8. When you get finished with it Tony it's going to look like it belongs in the Smithsonian.
  9. I can't help you but I've always liked the look of those belly mounted cultivators. If I owned a 06/56 series I would definitely be looking for one to buy. Wish you luck.
  10. They are thick as fleas in my neck of the woods. By far the most common here.
  11. Might want to move this to Coffee Shop. A lot more traffic there with people who still run IH grain trucks.
  12. Sounds & looks like you have a nice little project. A lot of knowledge here on the forum. Most guys here would choke somebody to have their Grandpa's tractor, including me. You're very lucky. Post some more pictures. You can never post too many on this forum.
  13. I talked to Art on the phone for a little bit today, sounds like a good guy. Also sounded like he has a decent 1486 with a few suitcase weights and duals to sell if he can get this issue of air in the lines pinpointed.
  14. Holy Crap, I hope it at least had a full tank of gas in it.
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