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  1. february milk price?

    I have to ask a general question and looking for a main answer because I'm gonna assume that their are a few variables and reasons but what is the biggest/main thing driving the price down and dairies under. There is none to speak of around my home but I have been reading posts like this here and on other forums. One like me who is uninformed on the matter would think that as the population grows that milk demand would grow as well. My home buys plenty although some homes may not. Just curious if it was corporate dairies driving out smaller family dairies or regulations or what?
  2. 1086 1486 are rear axles the same?

    Yes 3 1/2 inches
  3. New member

    It looks by the additions that your grandfather made that he was a practical type of guy. I can see the need or functionality in them.
  4. Deal breaker!

    Drove 8 hrs to Nashville about 4 yrs ago to look at a JD 310 backhoe at L&L Equipment ( I'll state name because I filed complaint with BBB and & Tractorhouse about him as well as had an interesting exchange with owner's daughter who was the secretary there on the Ripoff Saw the listing in free Tractorhouse magazine, looked good for age, front bucket up in the air, outriggers out, and could tell it had been moved around in pictures. Description in ad stated "Good runner", "well maintained", "ready to go to work". Got there owner seemed friendly the first 2 minutes. Looked at a half a dozen others before I looked at the JD 310 that had my interest. Nothing had batteries, he jumped them off with a battery he carried around. Sparks flying, ether spraying, (just one fire), noticed several had 4x4 post under rear ends on one side, after inspecting closer it was because ruined tires that wouldn't hold air so he propped them up for the pictures. Noticed some had scotch tape on dash with "No Brakes" and other messages written on them like missing gears, no reverse, which made me look back at the listing on Tractorhouse & Machinerytrader & as suspected they had the usual "one owner" , "fresh off the jobsite" descriptions. His grandson was there helping him while owner was cussing him non stop for not running fast enough for ether, wrenches, keys, and anything else he could think of. After he jumped off the second one I was getting leery and on the 3rd he turned on me asking "Was I gonna buy something or just have him crank everything up?" Should have walked then but still wanted to see the JD 310. Finally got to it and jumped it off, it cranked ok, little blowby and suddenly his grandson who was about 20 leaned over and whispered "You don't want that". I had already decided how this man intentionally made deceiving descriptions online and acted belligerent towards me because I wanted to crank them and operate them before buying. He even went so far to say I should just trust him that they work fine, HAHAHA, to which I replied that he may know that but I didn't and before I handed cash over I needed to run it. Well long story short the 310 was junk, the outriggers were out in picture because both back tires were split in side wall, the bucket was up in the picture but the grandson told me it took 45 minutes of playing with controls to get it lifted into air. The owner eventually walked off to the office and told me if I wanted to buy anything I could bring the money to him in his office. Yea right. His grandson was still out side getting things ready for a big online auction the next week and he walked over and explained the racket his grandfather was running. Buying junk, barely getting it running or a Dupont overhaul and dumping them online. Said he hated working there but his mom/secretary made him come there since he got laid off last job and he lived at home but he was looking to go work somewhere else. I felt sorry for the young man. I just looked on my phone at all the listing that L&L Equipment had online and looked at them in person & read the descriptions and decided this was fraud at best. I spoke to owner in his junky office about the misrepresentations and he flat out said he didn't care he could sell them online sight unseen. After getting home I decided to call, email the advertisers he used, the BBB, (which he had a record with) and rip-off (which he also had a record with) His daughter tried to defend him online but it's pretty clear what he does and the business has terrible reviews online. All except for the great review which the owners daughter/secretary gave herself which I found ironic. I even spelled it out on Google review I believe, that the owner or employees aren't suppose to give themselves 5-star ratings in attempt to get their ratings average up which she didn't care and proved she is morally bankrupt as her father/owner is. You can check all this out on the sites I named. Since letting Tractorhouse and Machinerytrader know about him I think they may have contacted the owner because shortly after this happened he quit putting descriptions in the ad, just pictures last time I looked. Much more was said and seen but you get the picture. I just don't understand some folks. Maybe that's my fault. Didn't mean to be so long winded but I know folks on here buy online sometimes and wanted to get the story and online info and references out on a habitual huckster, fraud, liar and crook who operates as L&L Equipment Sales, La Verne TN.
  5. New member

    Nice 10, I'm jealous. I'm also in the keep original paint group. It shows how well it has been cared for in its life. What are the features your grandfather added?
  6. fuel supply line dt series

    LOL Your absolutely right but oddly enough some feel that way about the Case IH oils..... I know, I'm a bad, bad man for bringing that up.
  7. Guns

    I completely agree. X2. It's a people/society problem, not a gun problem. "Shall not be Infringed" should lead a logical person to look for a solution to the origin of the problem.....the individual perpetrator, not the tool that was used.
  8. Guns

    Because it doesn't fit into the liberal media's agenda, unless that is if those knives had a large capacity sheath/scabbard and had a pistol grip on it or bought using the knife show loophole so it could be labeled an assault knife. But on a serious note it just shows that the guns aren't the problem, it's the people and that's not consistent with some folks agenda. You can't legislate crazy and this mental problem I feel will have to be approached and dealt with like cancer. That is that early detection is the key. Although I admit that even that wouldn't be 100% successful. But I do know gun restrictions would be 100% ineffective. (Chicago) Murder is already illegal and that doesn't slow them down, doubt a weapins charge would even make them blink and without guns explosives would more than likely be next since it's been shown to be so Isuccessful in the past.
  9. Guns

    He's probably having a hard time dealing with the shame of how we defeated the greatest military power in the world to demand our freedom and right to self rule 125 years before the British parliament "ALLOWED" Australia to limited self rule under a constitutional monarchy. The lack of intestinal fortitude is the reason why Australia is not, has not, nor will ever be a world super power. G'day Mate.
  10. Guns

  11. Guns

    In my mind it goes to the fact that if someone is determined to do damage your not gonna stop them. That doesn't mean don't do anything at all but it also doesn't mean restrict the constitutionally protected rights of millions for what 5-10 rampages involving an AR. Once again, it didn't work for alcohol back then with thousands of deaths a year now and it's not gonna work for guns now. As far as dynamite and fully autos, the general public can still buy both with a license. Fully autos are considered a Class 3 firearm and require a background search and a 200$ tax be paid and you can own one. They were never outlawed for the exception that the public cannot buy one made after 1986 unless they hold a manufacturers license. Not many hoops to jump thru it's just that the gun grabbers seem to focus more on talking points rather than facts. And please everyone Google Diane Feinstein's tweet a couple days ago about how a pistol is ineffective weapon against a school shooter with an AR and how being shot with one is the equivalent of being stabbed with a bullet. OMG. Yes she is retarded.
  12. Guns

    LOL the F-word slipped thru last night somehow on another post. It doesn't take much on this forum, trying to keep it civil and all. I've had 2 post I was involved in removed before. One on Confederate monuments and another heated conversation about whether Robert E. Lee was a traitor or not. I was on the "not" side. They should have been locked instead or erased. But what the Hey not my forum and I don't call the shots.
  13. Guns

    Amen and I'm with you on that. It may be a trade war coming but the middle class was bigger and better off when the US was a manufacturing powerhouse. Now we are just a free society for corporations to operate without fear of government take over (like Venezuela) outsource production and manufacturing, bring back to sell then ship the money back out of the country. It will be a hard road to reverse this pattern and a hard road to follow but one that is necessary or we will continue to fall as a nation.
  14. Guns

    per second amendment "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Couldn't be any clearer. So what is there to discuss. Murder is already illegal so more gun laws won't stop anything. What no one has explained is why should I or anyone else lose our RIGHTS because of someone else's actions. With that logic I would lose my drivers license because my neighbor got a DWI. And how come we're not banning fertilizer and U-haul trucks after the Oklahoma City bombing , fireworks and pressure cookers after Boston bombing, cars and trucks after these vehicle attacks. How bout banning alcohol since drunk driving kills more people than mass shootings involving a AR-15. Oh yea, we tried that and it didn't work. Just like all the gun laws in Chicago doesn't work either but somehow more gun restricting laws, more rights being lost will somehow suddenly stop school shootings from happening. Give me a break.
  15. Guns

    Yes I do. I may pay more but often as the saying goes "You get what you pay for" and American quality is superior to Chinese, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and etc. Anyone like their Chinese tires? Also the new proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum is a great thing. Protect American workers and industry. Also I didn't quite understand what you meant by saying "Hard to verify on the web"? Further I see a lot of remarks here and in the news how some liberal leaning people speak ill of Nationalism but I haven't been explained what exactly wrong with anyone from any nation having an outlook of taking care of their own country first. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I believe everyone on this forum pays their own bills and takes care of their own business and family needs before looking after others. It's not selfishness, it's survival. I mean there are many great charities in this world that do wonderful things but I believe if someone donated so much money to them that they couldn't pay their mortgage/bills most people would call them an idiot. As a man it is my duty to support my family and take care of my obligations first. I believe our Federal government has the same responsibility to it's own CITIZENS before looking at any other outside problem. The horrible trade deals in the past is why our market is flooded with Chinese products, definitely not for the quality. More tariffs should be imposed. We may pay more in the beginning but as the economy grows businesses expanding wages will increase. This trade globalization will not bring our country up when dealing with 3rd world countries with substandard living conditions. It will only drag this great nation and our standard of living down. More tariffs. more penalties for American companies who use our free capitalist markets to develop and sell products them park the money over seas as Caterpillar, Google, Apple and others did. More penalties for companies that headquarter and operate in our free country just to manufacture and outsource overseas just to save money on wages. It is the financial rape of America.