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  1. ArkLa 1086

    Testing temperature gauge

    Grounded out temp. Sending wire to battery and it pegged to the right. Still came to rest at 3/4 to the right the key off. I gave up and ordered a used one.
  2. ArkLa 1086

    Testing temperature gauge

    Not near my shop manual but how do I test my temperature gauge on my dash, ohm meter? What range? Mine is stuck near the red and rises from there when it warms up.
  3. ArkLa 1086

    Tach Rebuild

    I need to get my tach rebuilt on my 1086. It is the round black face, it bounces (like it's slipping) at low RPM's then at high RPM's it quits all together. It already has new cable and I tried another tach to make sure drive gear wasn't wallered out and it worked fine. Want to keep it original on tractor, just need a name of somewhere that's reputable to get it rebuilt. Thanks
  4. ArkLa 1086

    12 billion plan announced today

    Is that where the money is coming from?
  5. ArkLa 1086

    12 billion plan announced today

    I hope it actually helps farmers with the price drop, I have the feeling that this action may be just part of the bigger picture in trade negotiations with China. I don't know but I would think that when China sees that the Fed. government is making up the difference in price drop after tariffs that the tariff loses a lot of the effect and takes some of the pressure of the government from the people to get Trump to back down against China. Time will tell, just hope it actually works out for farmers.
  6. ArkLa 1086

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    My granddad use to say about a crook or person with a generally poor character, "If people like that go to Heaven then H#ll will grow up with hogweeds." He also had a great dislike for the crooked televangelist, even though he attended church regularly and would say "Don't be worried about going to H#ll, you won't be able to get close to the fire for all the preachers."
  7. ArkLa 1086

    What Is Meant By "Basis"?

  8. ArkLa 1086

    5488 steering shaft u-joint

    Oh had no idea of the configuration, I've never fooled with an 88 series. I was thinking it would be similar set up to automotive steering shaft with the small u joint.
  9. ArkLa 1086

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    Saw the video this a.m., no one should have been on the water.
  10. ArkLa 1086

    5488 steering shaft u-joint

    Is there anyway you can mic cap diameter and overall width from end cap to end cap? I know you said they can't be replaced but somebody is putting new ujoints in the new shafts somehow. I saved 45$ on u joints on my bat wing mower shafts a couple months ago since that u joints are used in other applications as well, price just gets jacked up depending who is selling and for what brand.
  11. ArkLa 1086

    A Costly Mistake....

    Wouldn't that have exceeded the labor hours allowed by shop book? That's nuts they would do somebody that way and tell the customer they were being charged to look for lost tools.
  12. ArkLa 1086

    Meet Sam

    Don't know if it's true or not but I've heard women naturally have finer motor skills then men and faster reaction times. Some of the most prolific snipers in WW2 were Russian women. Runner maybe in for some serious competition down the road.
  13. ArkLa 1086

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Good that it's settled. I bet it would be mass confusion if nation wide, you see how much "confusion" it caused on here, Lol.
  14. ArkLa 1086

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    Maybe that's what it was. When I went to Hot Springs Ark. awhile back I noticed that the riders had life preservers on while going down the road before getting close to the water. Don't know why it caught my eye but I remarked to my wife that insurance liabilities probably dictated that. Hope this situation wasn't purely negligence.
  15. ArkLa 1086

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    Didn't one sink up there with several fatalities in the late 80's or early 90's?