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  1. ArkLa 1086

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Ok Will do. I'll be calling from a Louisiana 318 area code cell phone.
  2. ArkLa 1086

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    10-4 I'll definitely give you a ring soon, I gotta run up to Lowe's in Greenville for some parts for my well.
  3. ArkLa 1086

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    What's wrong with your old grain truck in the background DD? Other than just lack of use I mean.
  4. ArkLa 1086

    wiper blade refills

    Can still find them at our local Autozone, just have to let them know if your vehicle is 2wd or 4wd first though. Smh
  5. ArkLa 1086

    Carry a Spare- Only in Texas

    That picture with the truck with the pen in the back wasn't uncommon "here" in the 50's and 60's. Although that was before my time my Dad (born in 1951) told me a story how when he was a kid he rode with his aunt hauling a mean Brahma bull to the sale in the back of a early 50's Ford pickup. Long story short, bull was cantankerous jumping around in the back of the truck in that pen/cage so much that he flipped the truck over on the passenger side in the middle of a flat gravel road breaking the bull's neck in the process. My Dad told me that his aunt, who was a rather LARGE woman almost broke his neck when she landed on top of him pinning him against the door and the gravel road. He said they were lucky because someone was only a mile or so behind them and his aunt being so big she couldn't get off him with the truck on it's side. Someone had to bust the windshield out for her to be able to roll off him. He never cared much for bigger women after that.
  6. ArkLa 1086

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rode her bike to work today

    Hate to get into this conversation and I'll make it brief but when did birth control become expensive or hard to access? Most gas stations sell condoms for 1$ or less in the bathroom.
  7. That's just terrible. It's obvious that those shoes don't go with that outfit.
  8. That's about as handy as an electric butt wiper. But does look like a good gift for the in-laws.
  9. ArkLa 1086

    Buyer Beware

    Wonder if they would take a few fake hundred dollars bills for it?
  10. ArkLa 1086

    IH 6588 steering

    Thanks for the info without rhe douchebag view J-Mech provides.
  11. ArkLa 1086

    IH 6588 steering

    I can see your point but I'm afraid it would be the equivalent of feeding a gremlin after midnight.
  12. ArkLa 1086

    IH 6588 steering

    IH Australia please keep us updated on the 6588. I'm a fan of 2+2's and hope to buy one next couple years and appreciate learning about the problems and solutions. Just ignore any snide remarks from J-Mech. (Or block him like I did) There are others on here who want to read about it.
  13. ArkLa 1086

    IH 6588 steering

    No. Everything stated was fact. I'll just make you the first person I've ever blocked. You are not worth the time. Multiple people including the moderator have said the same thing to you as far as your needless remarks to folks and you are unwilling or unable to pick up on it. Hopefully in short time ADMIN will boot you off here. As far as advice, I've got some great advice. Let's all block J-Mech so eventually when he doesn't see any new posts maybe he'll just go away.
  14. ArkLa 1086

    IH 6588 steering

    The OP only asked for mechanical advice on a potential purchase that has a few major NLA parts, maybe to prevent getting into something that turns to a money pit or useless, that's it. If that somehow presents a problem for you then don't answer him so it's not a waste of "your time". Everything outside of some troubleshooting suggestions or personal experiences related to the specific matter are your personal feelings and he didn't ask for that. You've been on this forum less than 4 months and have already given yourself a bad reputation and deservedly so. People want mechanical help and ideas, not yours or anyone else's snide or smart-### remarks that you seem to be full of.
  15. ArkLa 1086

    IH sweet corn pickers

    That might stunt your corn