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  1. Looks like you have a decent foundation to start from on the 1206, at least you don't have to buy tires for it by the looks of it. Appears that a good pressure washing would make it look 10x with the mildew and grease. Maybe a little buffing compound afterwards on the tin work to get rid of the dead, dull paint to brighten the paint up some and it would look pretty good. I'm a fan of leaving these old tractors in their work clothes if the paint isn't too bad off but your paint doesn't look all that bad for sitting out.
  2. That dealership is about 60 miles from me and it's still called Scott Truck & Tractor. They sell all kinds of new and used construction equipment and 18 wheelers. Although it's much larger now than in that picture.
  3. Shellaced yellow pine on the bats? Thought that was Stuttgart. I helped put in a bucket elevator at one those grain elevators in the early 2000's.
  4. OK. I knew stuff in the Midwest was way higher for IH stuff than here in the South but I never knew what rear weights went for. I guess more demand since it seems like way more running and working up there still. They are a good bit cheaper "here". And to be honest, when I get ready to buy another tractor and a combine I'll being looking in the Midwest. There are no 14 series combines running within a 100 miles of me it seems.
  5. Is paint all that you used? What kind of primer?
  6. Can you find out if the person who gifted you those tires is looking for any new friends? Nice looking 666's.
  7. What do wheel weights go for in your neck of the woods? If you don't mind me asking that is.
  8. Do you need some copperheads? I can send you a summer's supply of them.
  9. Looks a lot different with a full weight bracket up front. I like reading up on these type of projects, good luck with it.
  10. When you get finished with it Tony it's going to look like it belongs in the Smithsonian.
  11. Sounds & looks like you have a nice little project. A lot of knowledge here on the forum. Most guys here would choke somebody to have their Grandpa's tractor, including me. You're very lucky. Post some more pictures. You can never post too many on this forum.
  12. Frog legs is common cuisine down here, sold in every respectable fish house and seafood restaurant. And yes the legs will kick around a little in the pan. Rabbit is great if deboned, breaded and fried like chicken strips. Squirrels are thrown into a vegetable like stew, head and all. Squirrel brains are often ate whole chilled. I can still remember my Grandmother cracking squirrel skulls open with a table spoon and scooping out the chilled brains out to eat whole when I was a kid. Turtle soup is not that uncommon still around here, especially among the old timers if someone brings them up a 50-100lb alligator snapping turtle but beginning to be a lost art. Have tried it twice, had no complaints. Never ate a pigeon, we have too many doves to have to try pigeons but maybe I'm missing something. Ate beaver two ways, grilled and in the wild. Grilled was pretty good with the seasoning, in the wild is much better but usually takes more effort in the catch.
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