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  1. Everything you read about TSC in the Midwest is the same here in the Delta. Hobby horse people store. May be just my experience but I doubt it. May have the bushhog u joint you need if your lucky or a T post but pretty much the city slicker version of a country living store. Or what they think country living is.
  2. AHC used to be the Military Channel. It even showed the military news broadcast at lunch on it along with lots of documentaries. As of the last several years it's programming has went down hill considerably, at least in my opinion. I have Direct and AHC was the only reason I had a bigger channel package than I needed just so I can watch it. But it seldom has new content now and has shows like "How I almost got away with it" and other garbage all the time. It pretty much went the same route as the History Channel, down the tube.
  3. Looks like she lost a bet
  4. That's the reason I bought "bulk" years ago. All you have to do to put a lefty into a panic attack is cut off their WIFI for 2 hours.
  5. Misery loves company. Just as a newly divorced woman can't stand to be around a happily married one. (Seen it in person) A newly divorced woman will convince her happily married friend she is being taken for granted and ignored and she shouldn't put up with her husband's Bu&&*IT. But he will be the first guy she sleeps with after he is divorced from her friend since its in her best interest. Ask me how I know. Life is a fickle thing.
  6. And liberals can't understand why other's cling to "God and their Guns" as Obama put it. Are there 2 other things in this world that do more for a person's wellbeing?
  7. Even though I'm young and in my 40's (don't tell my kids and grandkids I said I was young) I remember the greatest thrill of sitting in a GM 60 and getting in a cabover and getting raised up in the lift in the 90's to dump "canner" sweet potatoes to the cannery out the back. It made you keep your truck somewhat clean during harvest. Now cannery is closed to new Federal regulations that always seems to kill jobs rather than create, but I do remember getting stuck at a 30-35 degree angle one day when a proximity switch went out on a day the resident electrician had called in. Took a good nap in
  8. We can't be other countries nurse maid either.
  9. That would have been a 25-3000$ tractor here tops. May have gotten more without the rotten cab
  10. Mike I really hate to hear how you lost all those nice firearms in the boating accident. I hope your insurance company is willing to work with you having all your sworn affidavits that you were out on the water shooting at floating targets before the boat began to take on water. It's a real bummer that you were in the water at a depth too deep to dive to recover them. I wish you luck in starting your collection over again
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