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  1. ArkLa 1086

    something got,Lost one of our Turkeys

    Do you have bobcats up there? They can take down small does here.
  2. ArkLa 1086

    Needed a lift

    That's what you call a MAN.
  3. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    The rod pulls up out of the housing.
  4. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Thanks, luckily I have those things already. About the spring activated piston brakes or hydraulic activated, my 1086 is a '76, within the first 3000 made. I'm guessing the early ones were spring activated? Is that a different kit or are all the parts in the same kit?
  5. ArkLa 1086

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    Called Arc-gouger. Uses copper clad graphite rods. Have used them hundreds of hours. Very effective. Faster than a torch with out super heating the metal long distances from the actual cut. Very easier to burn out or gouge out the old welds or anything else needed to be cut. Will cut through stainless very well also. Just be careful of your surrounding, with the compressed air blowing out the electrode holder head down along the copper clad graphite rods you will blow sparks and molten metal quite a ways. Pretty loud with a distinctive sound too.
  6. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    I went out to check over my 1086 pto a little closer this morning. About 1 out of 5 tries on the pto handle and the shaft will spin 2-3 slow revolutions then stop, other times it does nothing at all. I'm guessing my clutches are gone? Right? Since I'm gonna have to pull out the whole pto chunk in order to totally rebuild it, what other things should I look at and/or replace while I'm there? I don't mind replacing something before it wears out (like pump) since it will already be disassembled and I don't like having to go back into it a second time. Also given the fact that I don't know the history of tractor before I got it, other than it wasn't very well taken care of and left outside all it's life and the hydraulic fluid was about 50% water.
  7. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Thanks I'll check that out. It just stopped suddenly running the 15ft batwing.
  8. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Thanks. I like your YouTube videos as well.
  9. ArkLa 1086

    You can't be too safe these days

    Well he does have a "Can do" say the least.
  10. ArkLa 1086

    And you just can't make it up....

    Instead of changing my gender I want to move up there and change my age and draw social security since I'm tired of working for a living. Trust me, I feel 65 some days, is that allowed yet?
  11. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Thanks for the info. Mine stopped all the sudden luckily on my way home from cutting right of ways. If now is the time since I don't know the entire history of tractor I may go ahead and change pump while I'm already there if it's not much more than pulling the pto chunk.
  12. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Anyone know of the RPF post about 86 series pto rebuild?
  13. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    That wasn't the thread I was referring to but I thank you for your help.!!! Your a good man. I've done got myself in a bind.
  14. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Can anyone give me the post name /title of the 66/86 series that was posted in the past? Gotta get mine going ASAP. Would be grateful for all help and psi settings.
  15. ArkLa 1086

    86 series pto

    Sorry for a boring post but my 1086 pto quit spinning today. I'd appreciate any link to the pto chunk being rebuilt. Thanks for all who helped.