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  1. I'm no planter guru but the owner's manual and shop/maintenance manual should be easy to find with a google search. There are a couple businesses prominent in dealing with shop manuals and owner's manuals of older equipment and the IH 800 planter should be easy enough to find given the number made for many years. Jensales is one and another I've bought from on Ebay is Lazy Acres or Peaceful acres or something like that. Shouldn't be hard with an online search. Welcome to the forum, lots of knowledgeable members here.
  2. Ok. Figured dealer would and it would be a common key like Cat. But you know what happens when someones assumes. Thanks
  3. Anybody know where the best place to get a replacement ignition key for a 1086? I would figure it would be a common key but I don't want to get a new ignition switch since it's less than 2 years old. Do dealership's sell them without switch?
  4. Is there really much of a demand for IH stamped bolts? I know of a place that use to strip down IH's and the bolts were usually left laying in the dirt.
  5. I run across the usual broken equipment pieces that imagine we all find time to time. On my place it usually gives me a chuckle because my son & I are the 4th &5th generation here. So I usually imagine a bad day for my father, Grandfather or great grandfather accompanied by a good cussing fit when I pull up broken equipment pieces. I of course have added a few broken pieces myself along with the cussing fit as well. Still looking for the 24" Klein spud wrench I left laying on top of the Amco disc 3 years ago. I'm sure I'll find the pointed end in one of my rear tires one day. Then there will be another cussing fit.
  6. Wish I had it. Need it for about 80 acres of soybeans and I'm a sucker for a money losing project on old equipment. At least it seems that way.
  7. Live next to Indy Farmer so he can approve of your behavior and support your obvious freedoms & needs. He believes in liberal beliefs so he'll take care of you, maybe buy your first " pipe" since you can't hurt, obviously." True story, dialogue changed that's all and most are against killing and ripping apart 4 month old babies. For Indy Farmer it's just Friday. As @I've said before, you live your rights regardless even if you kill someone else's right?
  8. Only because you have no facts to back up your opinion of hating cops amd defending drug use. Oh yeah forgot to laugh "Billy Madison" hahaha. Ok wheres your facrd about only I'm sorry I see you selectively editted some things. Ok 1. I'm ready to start my meth career. Where do you live so I can crash? Its my right to do drugs you know. 2nd. I ran out of money. You know its your job to give me money for my rights you know? Where's my heroin money? Oh wow. Need a lot of drugs this weekend. Dont worry Indy Farmer, I'll only steal from you & our family's identity, it's my right you know? I have a right to get high its my body. Your on my side right Indy Farmer? I have a right to steal from you as long as it's for drug money which is my right. Right? Should be decriminalized right? You did say that right? Please post your address with your supposed convictions on the matter. I may want to become a drug addict and Rob someone who believes I have a right to steal. So what is your address so we libertarians can crash at your place since you are an ardent believer, right?
  9. It doesn't matter about facts. Indy Farmer will complain and complain about government and police but I'll bet my farm as soon as someone shows up to his home to steal or drugged stupor and beats him like a rag doll in front of his family he'll call the very police he bitches about regularly. = HYPOCRITE I'm sure about how "HIS" Rights are being violated will be all he wants to talk about, not the perpetrator rights to do whatever he wants to do like he mentions as a libertarian.
  10. I'm sorry never saw you mention any facts, just opinions. Again. And if you could reply with facts, how come you haven't posted any links to pro-drug use articles yet? I'm gonna guessing because there are no pro-drug use arguments? Please enlighten me Indy Farmer on drug use benefits, please! I'm tired of working 60 hours a week. I'm a slave and shouldnt have to work. Isn't it by your standard? Well my housenote is 2700$ a month. As soon as you are ready to offset my tax bill with your libertarian beliefs I'll take you serious until then you are like a birthday balloon, just alot of air. Just changed my mind, I'm gonna start doing meth, where do you live? After all its my right to do drugs huh? I'm gonna camp near your house. No problem, right? You should be okay if I rob your house or commit Identity fraud and clean your account right? I have my rights to get high after all, right? So please since drugs aren't serious or addiction and it's my right to do whatever I want, by your own post? Please post your ss# address and mothers maiden name. Please since drugs only affects the user right? I promise you want feel the effect, right. SMH. Liberals.
  11. LOL. People usually revert to that ^^^^^ when they can't dispute logic and facts.
  12. You mean those personal choices that leads to addiction, theft, broken homes, broken relationships & families, people defaulting on financial obligations that leads to higher fees and interest rates for others , increased taxes to adjudicate all of that and pay for the social programs to help the victims of said crimes ? Oh yea, that tiny minority? Yep I forgot all about them. I totally missed all those victims when I was looking at your "big picture" . I hope no one in your family or friends develop a drug problem or a victim of a drug related crime because you're gonna have a hard time eating all that crow. I'm sure you'll do it quietly and in the shadows because I bet your not gonna be out there screaming that the perpetrator had every right to do that, it's there personal choice when you or someone you care about are the ones bearing the brunt and cost of those "personal choices".
  13. It does affect ALL of us. If you are still missing that then there is nothing anyone can say or show you that will make you realize any different.
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