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  1. It was a two man job getting them off and it might take more to get them back on without damaging them. They sure are intimidating though, I’m scared I’ll mess up when I paint them.
  2. So what I'm gathering is that I have one of the first Super AV's but the seat was swapped from the last regular AV known to exist??? I guess this could be possible but that seems like a 1 in 10,000,000 chance. Especially considering the rust on the bolts of the seat bracket, it matches all of the other bolts and looks like it has never been taken off. I understand the info on these tractors is really fuzzy but I believe there should be some better explaination.
  3. A little bit more primer today. Don’t mind my 15 minute paint stand.
  4. The 34 inch wheels seem more common but these were an option. supposedly there were a 26 inch "light" version but I've never seen any.
  5. They are all one piece weighing about 1000 lbs. I dont know why they were made so big. They wrap around and cover up most of the planetaries.
  6. I looked on there and I could only find the louisville production number for the A. There was no A list in the farmall works list. The last straight A was 220537 and they started the supers with 250001.
  7. I'll try to list the major things that are different than a 560. Obviously the axle housing and the planetaries. The standard front axle. It has a completely different steering rack. there Is a bigger radiator and a spacer under the tank. But the frame and rear end should be the exact smae if not very close.
  8. I’m not sure I’ve looked at the block but can’t find out. where is that designation hiding? The part number on the block is 251089 but I’m not sure if that is the same for both
  9. The number on the engine is 257776 i’m not sure if this is correct or not but I have been told that once they got to the supers the numbers didn’t match because they were putting the 123 motors in a lot more things.
  10. From what I’ve found it was an option. I don’t know if it is rare but I have seen two others. The outside adjustable pieces are SOLID steel.
  11. Are you sure? Ive seen other 660s with 23.1-26 tires that had the axles adjusted there.
  12. It’s a 59 serial #3066 I got the head completely gone over but the bottom end was in good shape so I didn’t do anything to it. I replaced both of the bolts, they weren’t left there, those crazy mennonites were so rough on it that somehow they snapped. They hold the differential case together
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