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  1. Thank you both I will look for it 👍
  2. OK thank you I have finally overcome my fear of the New CNH parts store I did a little looking and finally figured out how to use it
  3. Currently restoring a 1466 the left rock shaft seal is bad so I tore it out and took it to my local parts store they said they didn’t have anything in stock like it and the guy searched through the books and couldn’t find anything. I haven’t been able to find anything online either does anybody know where I can get one or what I can do about this?
  4. Yes I am actually do you know the Hauck’s? Probably my uncle you are thinking of.
  5. A bit cooler over here in PA it still gets you sweating but it’s not too bad
  6. No not really at least not with IH specific things we have an 82 and 83 5088 and it is funny to see how much Ih changed things between 82 and 84 such as the hydraulic remote lines were originally cast-iron and were switched to steel rods also the steering lines were changed from all metal line to rubber and metal. There might be one or two more things I am missing but that’s what I have seen so far.
  7. We do that with all our tractors in the summertime AC needs recharged but we haven’t gotten to it so this is our air-conditioning for now.
  8. Me and my dad were working on our 5488 the other day and lately I have been getting into checking serial numbers of tractors I found out our 5488 is serial number 4430 meaning it is the 22nd to last made the only other 54 that I’ve heard of that is later than that is the last one. So I’m wondering how special really is this one or am I getting excited over nothing.
  9. EHauck 122

    Tool spec

    If they were properly greased they should come out with vise-grips maybe a wrench hammer and screwdriver needed if not. Our 3588 sat a lot and the pins were pretty stuck but wasnt a big deal.
  10. I would say they used yellow primer. My 1066 has the red under the front axle rubbed off from cornstalks and all and is showing plenty of yellow now.
  11. All of the forums and sources I could find said something roughly the same, I think that 46 number just comes from the 1959 year. Of course we can never know for sure.
  12. Being an original gas, most were diesels
  13. Still not sure of the full story I know it was Mennonite owned and a set of normal rims and 23.1-26 tires came with it they are sitting back there. In the back is a 706 gas with 34 in. rubber and a loader
  14. Purchased this 660 gas last week, and through the power of these forums, found out it’s one of 104! Most things on it are stuck the one I worry most about is the steering. It has a 221 460 motor, Ive got a spare nice running 263 at home to put in. I’m hoping this is next years project for me and my ffa chapter.
  15. Ok thanks for the ideas I think I’ve got a 3/4 tap I’m going to try tomorrow or Tuesday and we’ll see if it works
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