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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  2. One more thing. The Lancaster farming has a readers choice for best video. I’d appreciate a vote for mifflinburg FFA. Voting is at the bottom of the page. http://Bit.ly/FFATractorVideos
  3. Haha that would be cool. It’s with 3 other tractors entered for the restoration competition.
  4. I got two more ready for paint I’m debating wether to put them on this or keep them for my 560 restoration.
  5. Fenders and front weights now with less than a week until farm show.
  6. Yeah it’s first trip on the road will be to the junkyard to visit him. Idk about going in those weeds though haha.
  7. A little more progress after rearranging things so that the hoods could lineup.
  8. Yeah I used a few primers. The frame and superstructure got a Cumberland epoxy primer. It was relatively inexpensive so hopefully I won’t regret that. Then on the hoods I used shopline by PPG, epoxy and surfacer.
  9. That’s quite a few! This will probably be my only one unless I come across another rare one. I have no interest in those 282 diesels haha. Good eye, I started it in my schools ag shop but come summer I had to move it to my home shop. Definitely a downgrade. Right now a new shop is just a thought being thrown around but hopefully in a year or two it will be a reality.
  10. I’m in central Pennsylvania currently freezing my rear end off without a heated shop lol. Certainly not a place you would expect to find a 660.
  11. Just the side panels left to do and I’ll be done with white.
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