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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice I ordered one off of pilot knob their website seemed to have nice looking ones.
  2. I guess I should cool down a bit I’m just floored because I can’t figure out who to be rude enough to do this. But I’ve been looking for two hours and I can’t find one with the black letters.
  3. I know how to get ahold of a blank one and I know the number. it is still readable but a chunk is taken out of one number. My problem is stamping the numbers on the blank plate and how in the world to get the INTERNATIONAL 660 written in black letters reproduced
  4. I have my 660 gas in our FFA ag shop and a few of us are restoring it some dense minded kid thought it would be funny to take the angle grinder to the serial plate so I am in dire need of some advice on what to do where to get a new one stamped and printed. Please if you know what to do respond every single step of this has been a battle and I need help now.
  5. When I get home I’ll post some more. 👍These are from a year ago I sold all that spraying stuff since then.
  6. I have an AV Serial number FAAV 220103. I was lookin at the new red power magazine with the list of first and last models known to exist, I noticed the last AV on the list was something like 220050 or something i dont remember off the top of my head. My only question is why it has All the thing needed to make it a super ( hydraulics, rear lift etc.) and it has R casting codes all over. So is this some sort prototype? I dont think someone just added hydraulic things because the codes match and everything is there.
  7. I have been looking for a 20 inch steering wheel for my 660 and can only find ones for 560's it is part number 372282R1. The closest thing I can find is a case wheel from steiner and it is only 18 inches.This is the case wheel
  8. Thank you both I will look for it 👍
  9. OK thank you I have finally overcome my fear of the New CNH parts store I did a little looking and finally figured out how to use it
  10. Currently restoring a 1466 the left rock shaft seal is bad so I tore it out and took it to my local parts store they said they didn’t have anything in stock like it and the guy searched through the books and couldn’t find anything. I haven’t been able to find anything online either does anybody know where I can get one or what I can do about this?
  11. Yes I am actually do you know the Hauck’s? Probably my uncle you are thinking of.
  12. A bit cooler over here in PA it still gets you sweating but it’s not too bad
  13. No not really at least not with IH specific things we have an 82 and 83 5088 and it is funny to see how much Ih changed things between 82 and 84 such as the hydraulic remote lines were originally cast-iron and were switched to steel rods also the steering lines were changed from all metal line to rubber and metal. There might be one or two more things I am missing but that’s what I have seen so far.
  14. We do that with all our tractors in the summertime AC needs recharged but we haven’t gotten to it so this is our air-conditioning for now.
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