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  1. I’ve got quite a few real Scouts, and quite a family history of driving Scouts, but do not believe I would have any interest in this reintroduction.
  2. I use folding rulers marked in tenths for measuring water. I actually prefer the yellow plastic ones to the wood, they hold up much better, especially getting wet all the time.
  3. We had quite the lightning show last night too, but got close to an inch of rain with it. Currently snowing and blowing, which is supposed to continue through sometime tomorrow. This is the storm we needed to at least have a fighting chance at things this year.
  4. Glad to hear some folks got some much needed moisture. We missed the heavy snow by about 50 miles. On the plus side, I tried the chisel on Saturday and it was too muddy. We still need a big storm to get grass growing on the prairie.
  5. Holley 2300 to start with, went to the 2210 in the Scout II’s. The 2300 is a way better carb, just half a Holley 4bbl. They are easy to adjust and work on.
  6. I usually do stuff on shares and give the landowner the first option to purchase my share. That way they get first shot at the feed it they need it, and if they don’t have the cash at least I still get paid for my work.
  7. I’m a tried and true road ranger fan. We have a dump truck at work with an auto, it’s an absolute slug, I do my best to stay far, far away. I also drive manuals in smaller vehicles when I can, so I guess you could say I’m o fan of autos in general…..
  8. Years ago when I was still riding ditch, I had a farmer on my ride who was trying to round bale with a Nortrac tractor. Not near big enough for the job, had the hood off to try and keep it cool. I honestly think my M would have done a better job. I did end up going over with the 856 and a real baler to help the guy at least get his hay put up. Before next haying season he decided to buy a real tractor……
  9. I have a 490, great disk in my opinion. I do agree with the previous comments about being a little light on the wings. I haven’t tried adding weight but was sure thinking about it. I wouldn’t hesitate on a 490 if you can find a decent one.
  10. The biggest parts issue on the BD264 is pistons, especially oversize pistons. The are not typically available and you have to get them custom made. Egge used to make them to order, but that was quite a few years ago so I would check. Every so often a set of NOS ones will show up, but you usually need to be in the right place at the right time and hope the seller does not know what they are selling….
  11. My best friend has a t34 in his Travelall. It works fine for his purposes, but the are definitely some large gaps in gears. I agree with Eason that it is probably not the tranny for your needs. I will add that I personally have a t35 that one day will get put into my 71 1210 4x4, though it lacks an overdrive, the gear spacing will be much better for a tow rig.
  12. You are correct, an actual B series would be designated as a 120. Anyhow the point still stands as both have nearly the same size engine bay.
  13. I’ve taken plenty of firewood therapy over the years, gets a person over what they are mad about and gets something useful done at the same time. Basically a win win.
  14. Last Wednesday I got one of the worst calls a person can ever get from their neighbor, he was feeding cows and saw a lot of smoke in the area of my house. I was at work, and actually almost 60 miles away in Rapid City picking up supplies for work on the office. All 3 local fire departments were there by the time I got there. They were able to get the downstairs basically put out pretty quick and I was able to save my bassoon and saxophones, guns, a few other valuables, and most of the food in the upright freezer. Putting out the upstairs didn’t go so well, and the fire department finally had to give up and let it burn. I’m doing ok and living in a house that the Irrigation District where I work owns. I will rebuild, but don’t have any firm plans on what I’m doing yet. As bad as this is I’m thankful that I am ok, and that the fire did not spread beyond the house and that my barn, shed, vehicles and equipment are just fine. The cause is undetermined, but it started in the north side of the house, probably in my bedroom, so most likely electrical. Sorry for the super long post, just thought I’d share what happened. Dave
  15. The sv and my engines use different bellhousings. With the right bellhousing it could be made to work, but would be a tight squeeze in a b series.
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