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  1. DaveinSD

    NLCS baseball

    That would be why I will be rooting for Tampa. The Cubs are my team, and of course are out, so I would usually go with the NL Team, but just have a problem getting behind the Dodgers. Not to mention the Cubs have played them a few times in the NLCS.
  2. DaveinSD


    It’s been snowing on and off all day. The county roads are slick and muddy, getting off gravel would probably not be a very good idea....
  3. I agree 100%, and that’s what caused me to change course so many times in college. I finally discovered what engineering really was after two years, and that 95% of the jobs were in big cities. I couldn’t see myself spending the rest of my life behind a desk, and I detest cities. I wouldn’t have had the foggiest idea that I’d be where I am today, but happy things turned out the way they did.
  4. Even though I’ve know for a while this or another deal was just a matter of time it is still a shame to see.
  5. Nice looking truck Zach.
  6. I will say you need to look carefully, there are more than you think.
  7. Here’s a few from this year. Extra credit if you can identify all the non tractor IH’s in the background 😀
  8. Let’s see, I changed majors several times, graduated with a degree that I’ve barely used. Now I farm and am the Water Master at the irrigation district. I do use some of my engineering background at work, designing pipelines and such, but that is actually civil and I studied mechanical....
  9. They were only made in 1985, 19 7288’s were built and 16 7488’s.
  10. I’d never heard of mowing pastures either till I got on this forum. Around here the cows eat off the grass, and weeds need to be sprayed in the spring. For us to control thistle by mowing you have to get it super early, like during first cutting and even that doesn’t always do the trick. It’s interesting to see how different areas have different practices due to differing climates, etc.
  11. We have a 412B paddle scraper at work. It gets used from time to time, but not a whole lot. It works ok but is quite tippy and kind of a challenge to run. We have a Payloader too, and that is an excellent loader, had to be one of the best on the market when new.
  12. I had a set of Michelin snow tires on my Buick when I had it, I’m not sure if they were pinned for studs, but they never let me down and wore great. I have a set of Firestone Winterforces on my Jeep and they have performed well but do not seem to be wearing the best. They do see a decent amount of gravel, so that may have something to do with it. My worst problem with snow is when it drifts, and once the county road drifts high enough it really doesn’t matter what kind of tires you have.
  13. Looks like everything brought plenty of money, more of a sellers market than a buyers...
  14. DaveinSD

    Lug nuts

    All the International light trucks has left hand lugs on the left hand side until the D series pickups and Scout II’s came out. On bigger trucks left lugs on the left is pretty much the norm, though of course stuff gets changed out over time.
  15. Yikes, having the brush rig at home sure made the difference! There was a power issue in town tonight here, flashed twice and then out, whole town so probably the main line. Fortunately I have power at home as everyone in the country is on the co-op. I hope what ever BHP line went down didn’t start anything.
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