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  1. I’ve played the 1812 on a couple of occasions, but none of the groups I was in got that realistic on the cannon.
  2. I concluded long ago that the only winner from the proliferation of metric in the US has been the tool companies. They get to sell us twice the number of tools, not to mention bigger tool boxes to hold them all.
  3. I’m not sure what you are planning on doing with the truck, but I wouldn’t be afraid of a 4 speed. There were also 3 different variations of the 5 speed offered, so it is hard to know what you are comparing to. On a 73 I’m assuming that the 4 speed would be a t98. Good tranny, only drawback is a fair sized hole between 3 and 4, but you can get around that with the 2 speed rear.
  4. I stayed up to watch it, definitely a sight to see. Hope the rest of the mission proceeds according to plan and the stage is set for Artemis II.
  5. Good to see BD264 pistons available again.
  6. Beautiful tractor, mine isn’t near that nice. I agree about the 856 being one heck of a great all around tractor. Mine has served me very well with very few repairs other than regular maintenance. It’s almost hard to believe that these are over 50 years old, especially the ones like mine that still work for a living…
  7. DaveinSD


    I think there is some potential there, but that’s quite the price, especially since it looks like you need a couple plus a whole pile of parts to make one good one. Not to mention that unless something has changed in the last couple years, fiberglass quarter panels are no longer available (steel was never reproed.
  8. The way I understood the new CDL rules is that if you currently have a CDL you are grandfathered into the old rules and just need to take a test to pick up an additional endorsement. At least that’s the way it was explained to me in South Dakota.
  9. I know I have seen IH bolts on the truck side into the early 70s but can’t say when the cutoff was.
  10. This is my little Kubota that I mow with. Smaller than the others being discussed but does what I need it to do. Dad bought it new in 1986, still runs like a champ and Kubota still has parts.
  11. I saw someone pulling a roller like the one pictured down the road last week, and I was wondering what it was for. Now I know! This is not really soy bean country, there are a few people who try them once in a while, but they have never become popular.
  12. One of my co workers just bought a Kubota, not sure of the model #, but his is about 25hp. He runs a tiller and a mower deck, said that in heavy ground the tiller really works the tractor. His loader is rated at 600 lbs, and I think they were being generous. I think he paid $28,000 brand new.
  13. I’ve got quite a few real Scouts, and quite a family history of driving Scouts, but do not believe I would have any interest in this reintroduction.
  14. I use folding rulers marked in tenths for measuring water. I actually prefer the yellow plastic ones to the wood, they hold up much better, especially getting wet all the time.
  15. We had quite the lightning show last night too, but got close to an inch of rain with it. Currently snowing and blowing, which is supposed to continue through sometime tomorrow. This is the storm we needed to at least have a fighting chance at things this year.
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