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  1. Our county fair was cancelled, not really sure why everything else here has been going on this summer. The local sale barn stepped in and they had the livestock sale there last Friday night.
  2. I live in rural western South Dakota, I cook a couple nights a week at the local cafe, and I worked tonight. Saw two people come in with masks to get their to go orders, knew immediately that they were from out of town..... I’m not sure if anyone from here even has one, much less wears it.
  3. Give me a day or two to find which box my old Wagner book is in and I might be able to come up with something. I think an A should have a t on 5.5 bolt pattern, could check tomorrow have a parts A setting out back.
  4. During drought years the government will open CRP up to haying and grazing to help people get through the drought. Their payments are not reduced, it’s kind of like a disaster relief thing.
  5. In my state, but can’t make it. It is summer, so we are of course running water, and as Watermaster I have to stick around and take care of that...
  6. Same header as my old hydro swing. You will probably have to go pretty slow, though your swather looks to be in far better shape than the old hydro swing was.
  7. I’m thinking that I remember seeing some Spicer stuff that looks like that, if you have a decent Spicer parts dealer in your area I would see if they can match something up.
  8. I prefer: You will never learn if you don’t try something for the first time.
  9. Not a Delco alternator, something Japanese. For parts you would probably hav to go through Australia, which is what you have to do now for the engine parts.
  10. DaveinSD

    Small dozer

    I need to get my D2 going again this winter. It’s not much of a dozer but would sure be handy, even better I got it with my place so I just have to get it going again.
  11. The master is a common part, should be able to find anywhere. The odd part is the special alternator with the vacuum pump on the back that powers the booster. They are pretty much not available. There are several work around that have been used, but hopefully you are just working on the brakes. Pads, calipers, and such are also easy to find.
  12. DaveinSD

    345 Timing?

    I usually set mine 10-15 degrees BTDC, running points ignition. I’ve found they seem to run the best in this range, but of course every motor is a bit different.
  13. Correct, A’s and B’s use the same windshield as a Loadstar. I’ve never priced one but most decent glass shops should be able to get one ordered in.
  14. DaveinSD

    A sign?

    A couple of years ago I had a pair that built a nest and wintered up in one of my cottonwood trees.
  15. DaveinSD

    Knock knock

    Nope, that’s just part of an in frame. As long as the crank is ok you can in frame it.
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