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  1. Check to o rings at the base of the rosebud where you screw it into the torch head. If one of these is damaged you will get a lot of popping and very little heat.
  2. Planting oats with alfalfa for a cover crop is common around here. Most people cut the oats for hay, it makes good feed.
  3. My wood stove has a mechanical thermostat to help regulate the draft, works great, needs no electricity....
  4. Thanks for the info, I will do some research in my parts books and see if I can come up with something. As you know 1300’s are quite hard to come by period.
  5. The D series box is totally different, and the manual box is a pos, horrible to drive compared to the c series box. I think I have a manual d series box still kicking around, but not something I would think about using. I don’t think that the steering box you are looking for is specific to the 1300 as most c series parts interchange rather well. You also might want to try Inland Truck Parts for parts, I know they used to do lots of the old Ross boxes, so there might still be some parts sitting on a shelf.
  6. Sounds like the infamous gold box, used to have that ignition on a couple of sv motors, they were converted to points 20 years ago..... And yes the “gold box” is the module on the fire wall.
  7. I hear you 100%, for many years a 5288 was my “dream tractor”. I found a 5088 close enough to drive home in awesome shape and the price was right, so needless to say I have a 50 instead of a 52, but the 50 does everything that I need it to do so it all works in the end.
  8. I saw one, I think at Scout and light truck nationals many years ago, I wasn’t real familiar with the ag side of things back then, so the motor and it’s at use didn’t click at the time.
  9. I don’t remember if that is the correct engine, but they did make some with a diesel, but they are very few and far between. I think they are mentioned in the Crismon book, my copy is in a box at the moment so I can’t go check on the details.
  10. I got 139.5 inches from the center of the rear axle to the bottom corner of the grill.
  11. Yikes, that sure sounds like a mess. Here you get a receipt from the courthouse saying that you paid. I’m thinking I should make sure I save those from now on....
  12. In South Dakota first half is due April 30 and second half October 31.
  13. I’ve heard lots of stories about that storm, was definitely a horrible winter all the way around.
  14. I use a bench mount grinder wheel style Oregon sharpener. They are quite speedy new but I picked mine up at an auction cheap. Definitely the way to go if you cut a lot.
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