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  1. Dad decided to let go of his 1206 turbo diesel with front loader and I jumped on it. Now for the fun part of transporting it 100miles. He says it has a either addiction and needs solenoid on starter then ready to put to work. I’ll bring the duals home with me but not likely to run them here on small acreage
  2. Very true. Proud to have it. When I get it going I’ll be able to work ground from one grandfathers family with my other grandfathers tractor. I was very blessed with two hard working grandfathers who both had amazing integrity. Hope to have a chance to get a few more of their tractors eventually. We had a super c (still around with block busted) and A with belly mower ( long gone ) 574 gas, 444 gas, dads 1066 and great grandads 8N. One project at a time. Pray for the chance on these others.
  3. Made the trip to Sikeston Mo Saturday. Picked up wheels and tires, found a canopy and frame too. Ate at Lamberts for the first time too.
  4. Sure could use some parts off that 666 myself. If you decide to let any parts go I’d be in market for some.
  5. Found a set of used rear wheels and tires. Tires will at least hold air. Not to worried about tire condition currently just be glad to roll it while doing repairs. $500 for the pair. 2hr drive from me. From what I’ve saw new wheel alone over $300 then would still have to do something for at least one tire. Would rather get it up and running then worry about tires. No sense in having them sit during the process
  6. Little rough but hopefully can work the mechanical out. The shifter rod from operators end not wanting to slide from R/1 position and when it did go to 2/3 position doesn’t want to rotate to engage 2/3. Now not wanting to come back to R/1. Will work thru it but man at the wad of stuff to get thru to access all that. Need to hire a contortionist to get to it.
  7. Recently picked up grandads 1975 666 gas ser# 14212 and planning to make it functional to use around small farm to bush hog and generally maintain the property. Grandad had it overhauled in the early 2000’s but it has sat for about 10years. Currently engine is stuck but hoping some trans fluid in cylinders will help break loose. Last time it was used the linkage did their thing and stuck in two gears. My issues are someone removed operators platform, fender supports and battery box / cover accessing the linkage and they are no longer with the tractor. Looking for a reliable source for these sheet metal parts. Also would like to rebuild the shifter/ linkage including pins etc. to try make it where the usual problems will be less of a problem. We are located in western Ky. For what it is and no cost to me it’s worth me spending the time and money to give it some new life.
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