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  1. After 2.5 years I finally was able to use my tractor for its first task. Hooked it to a manure spreader for spreading chicken litter. Had trouble with the mcv when I first started running it around the yard. So I pulled the PTO and found a huge mess on the inside of the housing. Cleaned all of it out by hand and put new hytran and filter in it and everything has been fine since. I purchased the second remote valve and made the hoses for a second remote hookup as well. Just need to get new front tires now to match the new SAT2 firestones on the back with unverferth rims.
  2. Currently there are 2 straight 186 Hydro with Coleman front ends under them on tractor house. Both auctions start on the 23rd, it will be interesting to see how high they go.
  3. Can’t post the PDF of the service bulletin but here are the pictures of it for converting the fan.
  4. It is very tight to get but they do come out once you remove the pulley and fan hub. Good time to check your harmonic balancer and make sure none of the rubber has shifted or blown out.
  5. The rotary screen is hydraulic drive and seems to be spinning as it should. The problem seems to be the air disruptor that is supposed to break the suction and allow the debris to fall away is not doing it’s job.
  6. I am having issues with a 2577 plastic rotary air screen not dropping bee’s wings and damp dust off when it comes around by the disruptor. They keep building up until the the machine overheats or intake temp warning goes off. I have tried moving the disruptor on the inside closer and the outside brushes are touching on both sides and in good shape but still no luck. It tries to knock the debris off but it’s like the suction never cuts off enough until you shut the machine completely off. It does have the Coarse mesh screen on it. I know they offer the kit to convert it to the vacuum fan style but I was wondering if anybody had an improvement to make it work better with out spending that kind of money. It is running a plane 1083 head so no chopping action going on to cause sap. Thank you
  7. The dimensions on the new bearing #9608135 are 40 ID X 80 OD. The original bearing #353125 is 45 ID X 85 OD X 19 width. It is the correct one when you look up that bearing in the RBX 442 book. The #353125 is still available from CNH for $56 @jimb2
  8. Just an update for anybody else with one stuck. Putting a bearing separator between the spline pieces and then using a bar puller with impact did the trick. It was stuck awful and it ended up destroying the concentralok piece behind the high speed pulley. It did come off though with out cutting it off.
  9. It is interesting that now the shell Hy-Tran is being recommended for use in patriot sprayers instead of the hydraulic excavator oil that we switched to a few years ago. The reason behind the excavator oil was for the life of the hydro’s. The message we received was that you can add it in right on top of the blue colored excavator oil to help aid in the cost of converting back to Hy-Tran. So either they changed up the formulation or they are second guessing their excuse for early hydro failure in sprayers.
  10. Thanks SDman and Young mechanic, I will try the puller and air hammer on the back ring. It is going to be tricky to get the air hammer lined up back there but its surely worth a shot.
  11. Does anybody have a suggestion for removing the high speed chopper pulley chunk from the chopper shaft? I have the Allen’s backed off on the backside that lock it down and hit the front of the splined piece with a big rubber mallet to unlock. If you try and pull on the pulley with a regular 3 or 2 jaw puller it locks itself back. Looking for suggestions for tools to get behind the pulley itself and pull on the inside shafts sleeve. Trying to put updated chopper bearings in and never had trouble getting this piece off before on other machines. Thank you
  12. The 4wd shield is still available from CNH. Part number #282500A2 at a price of $242.
  13. I got ahold of Miller diesel and they are going to get one prepared for an exchange so I can get back going. Thanks for the recommendation they are easy to work with so far.
  14. That hose was replaced years ago with a hydraulic hose in a pinch. I will order the correct hose and put it on when I take the pump off.
  15. It had been a long time since I have updated on the progress of my 826 and it is still a work in progress. Just wanted to update that I have had it running and have it back into somewhat working form with still a lot of work left. After having it running i had to pull the plug on the MCV valve to make it function but I drove it and the the TA worked as it should. After a few minutes though it soon lost it’s prime and lost steering and TA. I pulled the MCV valve off and put a new hy capacity MCV pump and rebuilt and sealed the MCV valve but haven’t started it yet. I still need to make cables for the battery’s and order a new harness from brillmans. Because all of that was destroyed by the elements. It’s coming together slowly but surely.
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