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  1. I buy most my ammo online thru places like Classic Firearms since you can buy in bulk. There is a search engine called Ammo Seek that you can enter the caliber you are looking for and it finds what is available online and gives you a list by caliber with the maker and price per round. I've had pretty good luck with it finding everything from hunting rifle ammo to military surplus ammo in spam cans and wooden crates from mauser 8mm to british 303 and 30 06. Might be worth a look especially for the harder to find or more expensive calibers.
  2. Cotton Picker Works in Lake Village, Arkansas use to make some stuff but I don't know how much they do in recent years
  3. For those who have ordered the LED light package from Larsen's, does the package contain just the bulbs or the whole light with the LED bulb?
  4. What is the purpose of this forum if it is not for sharing information on the mechanical problems and diagnostics of these old tractors?
  5. No Indy, it's just the direction you have drug so many threads
  6. It's easy Indy, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". You dont have to be taught that you dont like being punched in the face, stolen from/robbed, cheated, lied to, etc. If you dont like it being done to you it's not a stretch of the imagination that a person can/will figure out that others might not like being done that way either. I think man is capable of understanding that without being taught. So morals dont always have to be taught. But I have come to realize that you will be a contrarian regardless of the topic or what side you choose to champion. As long as your on the
  7. Ease of reach being the benefit?
  8. Socialism is wanting equal outcomes not equal opportunity. That's why socialist don't mind stealing someone else's success to mitigate their own failure. After a while you'll run out of successful people to rob from and all that's left is poverty for everyone. It's the reason socialism has always and will always fail.
  9. Do you have a picture of the lever? Never seen one like that before
  10. I would figure lawyers would get this struck down in time since it appears to me as double taxation.
  11. You still can from time to time. I collect old military rifles and have an early war (4-5-42) serial # 757xxx all original Springfield M1. Your best deals to be found are at pawn shops and gun shows
  12. How does that work since you've already had to pay it once on the vehicle?
  13. That's just a lifetime outdoors in the deep south.
  14. Looks like some cops may have went a little gung ho. I thought it was protect and serve, it doesn't appear that they tried to get the innocent drivers out of harms way at all. They could have tried to disable the truck (shoot out radiator/engine/fuel tank/tires) instead of pumping all those rounds into the cab knowing that there was a hostage inside. Looks like there will be a few "confidential" settlements paid out to several people over this. At least the cops didn't have an armored APC like some police have, I could only imagine them smashing cars with it trying to get to the robbers. I bel
  15. My 1086 also has that same problem on the same side.
  16. I worked in Mitchell SD in 06 or 07 building the ethanol plant north of town just past the strip club on the left. I liked the place but I was confused by all the signs on the side of the road advertising "The World's Only Corn Palace". Being from Louisiana I was wondering what in the **** a Corn Palace was. I'll admit it was pretty neat seeing the ornate designs of it.
  17. Name of business in Florida? I've asked before but have forgotten. I have the black faced tach for the early 86 series that I'd like fixed and I seem to never find a new replacement like the white faced ones that a lot of places seem to have.
  18. I tried and it didn't work. Must be made in China.
  19. I've got a Cat 312 30000# machine and I've taken out and resealed the swivel joint before and it's not that bad. I bought seal kit online and buying some crowsfoot wrenches or the one to use on a ratchet will save you some busted knuckles. Took me 5-6 hours start to finish by myself. Just make sure to label hoses on top and bottom. I'd hate to know what Cat would charge.
  20. The uproar started over a year ago because a "news" reporter dug up an interview by Playboy with John Wayne back in the early 70's and I believe a question was asked about gays/gay rights, etc. and he referred to gays as fags I believe. That is unless in this cancel culture someone dug up something else. No one ever thinks about the times in which these things are said. Just a bunch of virtue signaling idiots.
  21. Actually some food companies do. I work maintenance at a plant that makes sweet potato French fries. They will do a 10 acre warehouse at a time. They will bring temperature down to mid high 40s for so many days then back up to the low 80s for so many days then bring temp down to high 40s again for so many days. It makes the potatoes keep a lot longer but even the big farmers (5-10000 acres) still dont do it because of the cost of refrigeration system. The high temps do make it sweeter because it starts the fermentation process in the potato. A potato beginning to rot is sweetest of all. On the
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