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  1. I know IH Garands have been discussed in the past but for anyone looking or wanting one there be sold at the Royal Tiger Import website now for 1399. Other makes starting at 1199 and up. Just passing it along for any collectors.
  2. I'm sorry MMI and mean no disrespect but I rarely am able to understand what you type. It seems to be almost like shorthand for what you're talking about but it confuses the crap out of me and I can't really make heads or tails of it. Who is or what is "scambag"?
  3. I was raised being told to never leave battery sitting on concrete or the ground. Still don't do it but it may be because it was drilled into me by my Dad. I had heard that it doesn't bother them anymore due to different battery construction but I'm not sure about any of it. It will be hard to retrain my brain to let myself set a battery on concrete still. If setting a battery on concrete ever did drain a battery then when did it stop doing it?
  4. Very true and it has became a huge problem in the collecting world especially for newcomers not knowing any different. I would name names of a few websites that currently have "numbers matching rifle" yet have different inspector stamps "waffenampts" all over it when each manufacturer had their own stamp and number. They are considered "force matched" which is a fancy way of saying a fraud and a gun that someone has restamped numbers on to make the gun to appear as if it is all matching. Unfortunately Ebay has some of those very stamping dies & tools for sale now. Legacy Collectibles is a site that has been known to traffic in these very types of fraudulently stamped rifles at astronomical rip off prices of 4k-10k for a 98k that is described as "all original, numbers matching". When if you actually look at the acceptance stamps it's actually a rifle put together with parts from 3 different plants yet somehow has matching serial numbers. When in reality it has been recently stamped with new numbers and re blued. It's sad that these tools of deception are openly sold at places like Ebay to defraud people out of their money. I'm a member on the 98K forum and the members do a pretty good job of calling these rifles out and sometimes are able to track down the history of some guns from when they had been previously sold online and how the looked before being "restored" into an "numbers matching" rifle. As with anything it's buyer beware.
  5. Did it sound like a 10 gauge going off when it exploded? Had that very thing happen to me cranking up a Super C one time. I nearly filled my pants since I had no clue at what just happened. Was told when the water gets low it can create Hydrogen gas and that's what causes them to blow up.
  6. I'm not familiar with that brand but please let us or me know how it works out for you. I use one extensively at work on stainless and will be looking for one for the house this year when I get started on putting up a shed for equipment and a shop. The one I use at work is a Miller and it does fine but I want one at home because I am tired of the acetylene prices going up. What voltage do you have to run the model that you just got?
  7. Those plasma cutters are the best thing since sliced bread and they'll all but put your cutting torch in the retirement home. What brand did you get?
  8. OK, I'm extreme NE corner near a town called Kilbourne. I technically live in Arkansas on the North side of the Stateline by about 200 yards due to my long private drive. However I still work in LA and that's where my kids go to school.
  9. Japanese believed the soldier was the weapon not the gun, tank, plane etc so their focus was somewhere else than most.
  10. You guys up north need to close the door. Wind is blowing like crazy and suppose to get down to 25. We may only have 5-15 20 something degree nights down here a year. Not a fan.
  11. Yea, the G43 is on my future buy list. It's an expensive toy but a very nice rifle. Oddly Germany was slow to the semi-auto game, even behind Russia with the SVT-40. I bet I would love to talk to your FIL about it. It's a very detailed endeavor to assemble a gun and remain correct even though it may not be all numbers matching. It's a lot of codes and what's called waffenampt acceptance marks to learn about.
  12. Your absolutely right about the scope Acem. They were poor "sniper" scopes but rather marksman or sharpshooter scopes but Germany did away with their sniper program after WW1 and had to start from scratch around the beginning of WW2 so they came up with the ZF-41 and used civilian hunting scopes initially.And the ZF 41 is a crazy scope to try to zero in and requires special tools to do it. But on the upside they can be removed and re-installed without losing its zero. Here are pictures of my ZF-41 scope and its metal case with horsehair liner with compartment for a lens wipe and brush and was meant to be carried on a soldier's belt. The loose round pieces are sunshades for the scope to deal with glare and also can be removed if not needed. Also this is my 98k its going on showing its mount that it slides on and locks in to. The mount is low enough that a section of stock had to be milled down for the stock to fit barrel and they don't come up for sale too often or very cheap. The rifle is an AR 42 code serial 400 A. Meaning it was the 400th rifle made in 1942 at the Mauser plant in Berlin known as Borsigwalde.
  13. Yea I found the Nazi & Israel marked 98k a dark irony. I intend to buy one in the future due to the good things I've heard about the Israeli 7.62 model but currently assembling an original ZF-41 sniper model I bought that was missing the stock and barrel bands and the rifles with a ZF-41 scope mount have a modified stock which is a bit hard to come across. After that I have my Holy Grail gun, a Walther G41 barrelled receiver with a few other parts I bought that I am slowly accumulating original parts for to assemble and due to the low production number of under 145,000 it's going to be a long time gathering the parts and paying dearly for them.
  14. I have an SS mauser too. A BNZ 4 code with the one lightning bolt rune in between. All rifles made for the SS built and assembled by Steyr, with few exceptions, at the concentration camp next door. They will have BNZ 43 or BNZ 4 some with sig rune some without. But not all 98k with those codes are SS rifles since the SS took out contracts for those rifles. Royal Tiger Import just bought out a warehouse in Ethiopia and some of the guns are crap some are not. Many different models going all the way back to 1870's Vetterli rifles and many others. I've bought one gun from them and I was happy. I've heard some weren't. Guess it all comes down to grade and whether a person chooses hand select. The Gun Jesus at Forgotten Firearms on YouTube has several recent videos of what all came with this recent cache. It's more models than I can remember but a lot of different Vetterli models, Carcanos, Mauser etc. They have many different makes of Garand, even a few Beretta made Garands and they're hard to come across here in the States. I think the prices on the Garands are going from 1300 to 2200 for the Beretta models. I may be a hundred or so off on price. Acem is the 7.62 98k you have Israeli? Oddly enough after WW2 a lot of German mausers were shipped to Israel before and after the 1948 war. After US agreed to help them with military aid they rebarreled the 98k's for the Nato rounds since the US couldn't supply 8mm. I've heard the Israeli models are top notch guns.
  15. To anyone who is interested, Royal Tiger Imports has IH Garands on sale for $1499 currently.
  16. Looks like you have a decent foundation to start from on the 1206, at least you don't have to buy tires for it by the looks of it. Appears that a good pressure washing would make it look 10x with the mildew and grease. Maybe a little buffing compound afterwards on the tin work to get rid of the dead, dull paint to brighten the paint up some and it would look pretty good. I'm a fan of leaving these old tractors in their work clothes if the paint isn't too bad off but your paint doesn't look all that bad for sitting out.
  17. I had a "rebuilt" battery from Bumper to Bumper last me 11 years in a early 90's XLT. Also made it through 3 winters working up north and cranking down to -14. Can't find them around here anymore or buy the acid for them anymore either unfortunately or I would have a few now.
  18. What is the benefit of windrowing?
  19. I wonder why that was just a regional thing especially since down here people weren't much for bells and whistles either and didn't even want a TA?
  20. I've never been in a basement. Down here if we dug that deep we'd have a pool instead.
  21. What is the benefits of a pull type combine other than one less engine to take care of? I notice when they come up for sale they are usually in the far north and Canada and little where else.
  22. That tractor looks like someone lost a bet.
  23. Someone, some where may be willing to part with 2700$ to get one. That however doesn't mean that is the true value of the rifle and that is what I was meaning. Just as if someone pays a million for a 1066 it doesn't mean that's they are now worth a million. However that gun is not worth 2700$ for what the Garand market is at this time or has ever been. Not even close. WW2 models and pre war bring the most money historically and ones with original stocks & barrels in good condition without having gone through an arsenal rebuild. IH didn't make any til Korea. CMP sold good quality shooting rifles but the majority are a mix of parts made across the 20+ years they were in production and non original barrels and stocks for the most part. For what it's worth Winchesters usually tend to bring the most money when dealing with Garands. PS. I bought my Garand up in some of yalls neck of the woods at a gun show in Princeton Indiana. It was in February and I was working a shutdown at a power plant on the Wabash river by Mt Carmel, Illinois. I was pushing fresh snow with he bumper of my truck all the way from Mt. Carmel to Princeton that morning and it was a bit of a harrowing ride for a Louisiana boy who usually sees snow on TV.
  24. I hope for 2699 it came with 2 industrial size jars of Vaseline and a couple of group meetings. I have my C&R license and collect WW1 & WW2 guns, especially SS rifles and original 98k snipers. Unless a Garand is in the sub 100k serial range or it was issued to Elvis, it's not worth 2700 bucks. Period. That's even higher than most of the online raping that goes on at Gunbroker. Pawn shops have the best deal and I know a couple of dealers that can find things like that at a reasonable price. Also a Garand is considered original if all it's parts are within 3 heat stamping lot numbers since I believe there were 37 revisions of the M1 and considering there may have been 100k more of one part than another from different government suppliers. In the collecting world a few being outside of the main heat stamping range is allowed and still considered all original. Don't spend that kind of money just because it says IH on the receiver. I have one of those all originals but it's a Springfield in the 750k range without an arsenal rebuild (bomb blast on stock) and I paid less than half that price for it.
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