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  1. Sweet looking tractor in that first picture. I had no idea that IH was still making front mount cultivators on the 86 series.
  2. Is there any benefit to all this?
  3. Do you need some copperheads? I can send you a summer's supply of them.
  4. I liked to fell out of my chair at work when I saw the 'Who gives a Crap" toilet paper on the link posted. I'd buy a couple rolls of that just for a gag gift.
  5. Not trying to get in your business but what price range does a set of 9 hole duals go for in your neck of the woods?
  6. Ah Come on Man, he dindu nuffin, he was a good boy just tryin to make it in tha world.
  7. Oh, you mean the fentanyl overdose?
  8. You should look at Paul Joseph Watson's YouTube channel for the video about soy boys. It describes them in deep detail and their inferiority. But shouldn't surprise you of what looney left calls things. They put a dress on 6'5" 300 lbs man with a ZZ Top beard and call it a beautiful brave woman. So getting confused about what milk actually is shouldn't be that hard to understand. They're morons.
  9. The head, there is a lapse in armor behind their head before the main shell starts where a dog can bite and break their neck and the belly is soft like a dog's stomach.
  10. Yea, I on a gravel road out in the sticks so they run loose on what's left of the family farm I've been buying back. 3 females all spayed, but for some reason they'll pass other animals for a dead armadillo. They'll hunt out their burrows and dig them out and kill them as well. I got a little over 100 acres here so them running out in the fields and the thousands of acres of woods around me isn't an issue. Just can't understand their love of armadillos.
  11. So you had new crankshafts built from scratch?
  12. Nice looking tractor. Love seeing pictures of your work.
  13. ArkLa 1086

    Oil price

    Only 40 bucks cheaper than Hytrans
  14. You're heading into dangerous territory now!
  15. x 2 on the wax. While I was an apprentice working with millwrights all of them had a stick of bee's wax in their gang box and swore by it for the really stubborn bolts. I've had good luck with it as well. Sometimes hitting the bolt on the end (not hard enough to damage head) can break up corrosion between threads. Also had luck trying to tighten bolt or nut first to see if you can get it to turn, even if it's a small amount, then trying to loosen it again.
  16. Same problem here, usually dead armadillos laying in my front yard.
  17. I bet that good looking truck will draw more than a few bidders. Would it have been a Detroit in those model trucks?
  18. That's kinda what's been happening to Texas last few years, lots of folks fleeing California, etc.
  19. I know people I work with that live in Tallulah, Louisiana were stopped and ticketed if they weren't headed to work last year. I saw the tickets they were written for "unnecessary travel". Here it was all up to what police chiefs and sheriffs wanted to do and their political leanings. We were all given letters from our employer showing we were "essential workers" but the police in town knew when shift change was. The sheriff's deputies didn't didn't enforce it in that parish though, only the city cops.
  20. Sounds like the laws, regulations, weren't crazy because they didn't affect certain people directly even though it may have affected untold thousands of others. With this forum having a lot of members being in agriculture it directly affected less than say people who worked in restaurants, entertainment, traveling industries who were told they were "non-essential" & couldn't work had to stay home and were told "Sucks to be you" when people asked how would they be able to pay their mortgage/ rent, car notes, medical bills or any bill for that matter. Not to mention the insult of being told you & your means of supporting yourself & family is "non-essential". It's easy to see for those people in industries that were targeted or just affected on the periphery when the first domino falls they'll lose,foreclose, repossess everything and a person or family is left to try to start all over with ruined credit and/or judgements that will haunt them for many years when you're just trying to get on your feet again. When it all could have been prevented by not shutting down parts of the economy which showed no benefit in the end anyway. Sweden proved that. To those people directly impacted or targeted I bet they would say it was a tyrannical government actions that brought about their financial ruin and broken homes from the dire consequences from the government directives. I'd be careful to apply one's own experience in the Wu flu mess to everyone else because all of us were affected in different ways and to different degrees. Some much worse than others and it wouldn't be surprising to find out that those impacted the worst felt that a tyrannical government over stepping it's bounds made a bad situation much worse.
  21. I thought the 96-02 powerstroke models ran forever. My dad had one that had just shy of 400k when he died and had no major problems. He just had to change the crankshaft position sensor about 3 or 4 times for some reason.
  22. Because "we" couldn't do without it
  23. I understand your outlook. It's just every riot starts with the first rock thrown or window smashed. Look how the Antifa & BLM riots in the summer of 2020 spread throughout the country and world. Think how bad it would have been if even just 10% of them were carrying firearms. Herd mentality is real, yet I don't believe we are there yet but if and when it starts I believe it will be much worse than before due to modern weapons, communication, vehicles, etc. That and the enemy won't be on one side of the Mason-Dixon line or the other but quite possibly next door or down the street and that makes it more personal which lends itself to even more brutality just as the overkill murders, such as being stabbed 30 times, etc. when it involves someone the victim knows. Hope it never gets close to that but those who are more prepared will have a better chance of seeing it through. Just like a lot of guys on here have generators in case of losing power during wintertime. Also remember people made fun of Noah for building a big boat too.
  24. I'll mention for the last time Lorenzo, don't wish to argue with anyone, I understand your outlook about it won't last 2 days but exactly what you are saying now was said 160 years ago. Exact same thing. And just the kia number, not the casualty numbers, was not surpassed in all wars afterwards until during the Vietnam war. That was a war with muskets and muzzle loading cannons and NO modern communications or travel available. Those weekend warriors with the proverbial 30,000 rounds of ammo will be able to spread those extra guns and rounds to a lot of like minded people. It would be a lot deadlier than the first civil war in a shorter amount of time and the military will be split just as it was the first time. Just look at the civil wars in Nigeria, Congo, Liberia, Rwanda, Ukraine, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and etc. Rwanda was over million dead and machetes and hatchets killed an estimated 30% and no cell phones or social media around to help spread the word. I don't believe all people with a strong belief system are just going to drop their guns and say "OK we'll go back to the way it was, we won't stand up for ourselves". Once the shooting starts it will just embolden even more to do the same. Just as it did the first time around.
  25. Aren't those the same people who are scared of guns, need cry rooms and talk to their therapist because they weren't able to get soy milk in their latte?
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