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  1. My dad has 3 milking robots and had in less than a year a fried circuitboard. Also
  2. It's also down here, they are the wildest theories why.
  3. At least you can repair older tractors with more ease than the new ones with all the electronics. The worse off al the consumer doesn't need that emission junk, what's always causing a higher fuel consumption than older tractors.
  4. If Case IH will take the models like the 1056XL, 1255XL and 1455XL back in production and give both models an update like optional airco, more gears, more hydraulic valves, optional front-axle suspension, more hydraulic output and an updated cab it can become a bestseller. But it will never happen.
  5. AI is like guns, not good or evil. AI can be helpfull by solving problems and executing tasks. Also AI can be abused to infringe peoples rights or make human workers obsolete. And what if AI decides humans are a plague for the planet and decides to reduce human population? If AI won't kill us, I am afraid humans become to dependend on AI and on technology in general, we will become lazy, fat and stupid people if we become more dependent.
  6. According to some Si-Fi movies we should now have flying cars. New Holland has one. https://agriculture.newholland.com/eu/en-uk/equipment/products/agricultural-tractors/t6-methane-power There is an company who is developing an engine who runs like a diesel and runs on ethanol. https://www.clearflameengines.com/engine-manufacturers/
  7. The problem with electric tractors is that the time you can work a short time with one charge and charging takes a long time. This is very problematic specially in higher horse power ranges and during the harvest when you make long days and work in shifts. Refueling a tractor with diesel will take less valuable times than recharging a tractor with the same amount off horsepower. The people who want to ban dieselengines in tractors never worked with a tractor or has seen one for real. Like Eisenhouwer said ''Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field.'' I think electric tractors only will only be usefull in the compact tractor class. Storing a large amount off electricity in a small package is very dangerous and will be very explosive when things go wrong. Hydrogen what also is seen as an potential replacement, but it's has a lower energy density than diesel and is more flammable than gasoline because it's a gas. Diesel is has a higher energy density and you can drop a sigaret bud in it and it wouldn't ignite like gasoline.
  8. You miss the 8-16 Junior the first tractor with PTO Many times when a TV program is showing a tractor, it's a John Deere.
  9. According to my sources they are 25 left of the 1.700 built.
  10. The most time when a modern diesel malfunctions it's the emmission controll technology specially egr valves and particulate filters. are troublemakers. Also
  11. 3 weeks ago a International Titan D 25 HP was auctioned for $325.500, also a lot of interesting old iron. https://bid.aumannauctions.com/auctions/catalog/id/28270 My article about the auction https://www.mechaman.nl/landbouwmechanisatie/2021/08/24/international-titan-d-25-hp-geveild-voor-325-500-dollar/
  12. So is that, and manufacturers using some lower quality parts to keep the prices in check and still the prices are up. The most electronics on tractors are there because government mandate's from bureaucrats who never seen a tractor before and had never drove one. In my opinion the best tractors were built from the 60's to the early 2000's If Case IH re introduce models like the 845XL, 1056XL and 1455XL and give them some updates like more comfort, beter performance and optional more gears it will be a populair tractors because the original one's are still loved and retaining the value and some models the value will increase. Massey Ferguson had even reintroduced the UK build 35X from the 50's for Africa.
  13. People who kneel for the anthem of their country deserve to lose.
  14. The worst off all the ideology what's destroyed south Africa spreads like wildfire in the west, so is the EU always threating Eastern European country's with sanctions because they don't want to take migrants and opposing the woke agenda. The west is under attack from the inside, politicians destroying the economy and are stealing from the people they claim to represent.
  15. According to John Deere you don't own your own tractor. https://www.wired.com/2015/04/dmca-ownership-john-deere/ Also i think it's illegal to force people to pay for an subscription for a service to use equipment they already bought. Also according the great reset people are telling us you will own nothing and will be happy.
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