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  1. And collecting tax money. https://freebeacon.com/national-security/australians-bail-out-general-motors/
  2. The risk with politicians having jobs in the private sector is the possebilty of conflict of interrest. The EU MEP's are aloud to have jobs but a lot of them have board positions and get royaly paid.
  3. Dems complaining that Trump stole the election from Hillary even when Trump won fair and square, but the DNC helped Hillary to steal the election from Bernie and will steal the election from Bernie again..
  4. Sometimes i think goverments using the emission standards to collect more tax money from diesel and gas sales. A nephew off my dad works for an company who are developing diesel engines but he also says that so called clean diesel engines has a lower power output and lower fuel economy. Also the use off fuel with Ethanol with in it is bad for fuel economy, envioroment and the engine.
  5. jordi 1455


    I hope the UK will make closer economic ties with country's like Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia and the commonwealth In the past some think tanks proposed CANZUK what goes further but if you only got the Economic part and the US joins it you can create an economic juggernaut of a trade block, Hopefully Hong Kong got its independence and Ireland leaves the EU, so they can join the trade-block. That wil be a big F*** you to the EU.
  6. All Same tractors and engines where Aircooled at that time.
  7. jordi 1455


    Over here in Europe we paying taxes for owning a car and we are paying taxes over taxes for buying gasoline while some rich people are driving a electric car bought with goverment subsidy.
  8. Its also about power, fossil fuels has bring more prosperety and also enable for people to move faster ant further what increase thier job prospects. The same people who are in favor off gun controll and against free speech are also pushing the climate change hoax.
  9. those emmissions systems are crap also some safetey features.
  10. you're dowplaying the New York stabbing, if it was a white guy you called that guy a white suprematist and try to blame Trump for it in some way.
  11. jordi 1455


    I think those Liberal Democrats should also be investegated, they openly colluding with the EU.
  12. jordi 1455


    I think the whole impeachmend showtraill is a desperate atempt from the Democrats to remove Trump because their candidates are not populair and also they are afraid that the AG Barr will expose Obama's spying on the Trump campaign, FISA abuse and Hunter Bidens dealings in China and Ukraine. The democrats want to have identity of the so called whistleblower be an secred and Google, Twitter, Facebook and the fake news media is helping them with it. ABC (part of the fake news media) killed the Epstein human trafficking story during the 2016 ellection and MSnBC fired the alledged leaker of the video where the ABC anchor was complaining that ABC has killed the Epstein story.
  13. jordi 1455


    This satirical song from the 80's is timeless, it's describes Labour then and now. Also it can describe the current democrat party.
  14. Trans people are in the most time mental unstable people and unstable people can compremise the mission. If you use the wrong pronounce some trans people will be freak out. It can be worse some activists wanting sex change surgery for kids or putting them on puberty blockers. I think this sketch will be considered hate speech today
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