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  1. A great tragedy, the Notre Dame is one of the symbols of christian Europe. Also a very sad thing is that Churches become victims of vandalism in France. https://www.newsweek.com/spate-attacks-catholic-churches-france-sees-altars-desecrated-christ-statue-1370800
  2. Trump's best move off his presidency. Trump is at is best when he is trolling the democrats.
  3. Buffalo 120 or 130?
  4. If Democrats are in power transparency doesn't matter for Democrats. When Republicans are in power transparency is importend for Democrats. The same thing is with character.
  5. Open borders will destroy the US, like how it is destroying Europe. Open borders means also that crimminals and terrorists can enter the US. democrats are in favor of - gun control - censorship - antisemitism (look at the FRESH FACES) - abortion until birth - illegal immigration - Islamism - socialism - kangaroo courts - High taxes - Over regulation - destroying the US. I hope Trump will succeed in his crussade to drain the swamp and expose the corruption in the US govermend.
  6. rougly translated. IH and Fahr havin g an agreemend, that IH can sell Fahr combines under the IH brand in France and Belgium, also KHD will sell the 2 biggest IH Axial Flow combines under the Fahr brandname. The agreemend enable IH to meat the demand for convential combine's Landbouwmechanisatie isn't a newspaper, it's a magazine about Farm equipment.
  7. The media criminalizied the GOP since Reagan. The same media is helping covering up all crimes of democrats. Democrats and the media calling trump evil because trump is threath for them and their crony friends. The only that is comming is the wave of tasty salty leftist tears.
  8. The DT-402 engine was used in the 1455XL untill the production off the tractor ceased in 1996. The 1455XL had 145 horsepower but can reach 200 horsepower.
  9. Over there in Europe they also painted IH tractors in the new collors in 1985
  10. The 94 went in production in 1984 and the 5088 series went in production 1982. Over here in Europe was both 94 series and the whole IH range at the time avalible. The 94 series went out off production in 1988. The 1455XL went out off production and the last tractor with IH engine (3200/4200 sereis) was build in 1998. SAME had taken over Deutz-Fahr in 1996 , but the Deutz-Fahr tractors are over 60% of SameDeutz-Fahr's tractor sales.
  11. There is Good news, the governing pro EU party's has lost the majority in the senate of my country (the Netherlands) after the provincial elections. Also the EU parliment elections are in may and there is a lot anti-EU sentiment. Poland, Austria, Hungary and Italy have anti-EU goverments. But Soros will use his NGO's to help his crony's in the European Parlement elected, those politicians also blaming the Russians for the anti-EU sentiment in Europe.
  12. Also the cars must have a black box, the perfect way to spy on citizens. The EU is an evil empire they want to controll how we think, speak and vote. Also the EU want to impose their regulations on non-EU country's.
  13. Also she want to kill al cows because cow farts.
  14. Normaal Annie get your gun Normaal Alie, the same song but in the original version off the same band.
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