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  1. jordi 1455


    Hummer from Gas guzzler to electricity guzzler. With a full fuel tank (60 liters) i can drive over 800 km and filling up takes just a few minutes, while charging an EV takes longer The problem with solar panels is that they stil generate electricity when they are damaged.
  2. Most what I write are news articles but some times also editorial articles. Also i make some photo slides of oldtimer events, shows by farm equipment dealers and importers. https://www.mechaman.nl/landbouwmechanisatie/author/jordikolenbrander/
  3. My dad is a farmer, I am a journalist writing about farm equipment.
  4. The problem is that everything is becoming political today.
  5. The worst thing off all is that some people with influence are trying to normalize pedophilia, also the media pushing sex changes for minors. Remember how the media tried to cover up Eppstein's crimes to protect the Clinton's. The mainstream media is run by dirty scumbags who calling themselves feminists while they sexual abusing their female employees.
  6. Chrystler lost that court case and was forced to buy the brandname to use Plymouth name.
  7. When a black former cop got killed during the riots the media didn't care because it didn't fit the narrative. There where clips on the internet of a black young man abusing a elderly man in a nursing home and the media didn't care. Trump called the fake news media the enemy of the people the enemy of the people and he is totally right, the is sowing division and are driven by hate for the orange man. The media is calling de rioters peaceful protesters and people who are protesting the lockdown are far right extremists according to the fake news media.
  8. YTO closes Saint-Dizier plant. https://www.mechaman.nl/blog/2020/08/10/yto-verlaat-saint-dizier/ https://www.profi.co.uk/news/yto-pull-out-saint-dizier
  9. Some conspiracy theories turned out to be true like MKULTRA, mass surveillance and Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Also the so called fact checkers are telling some things we see with our own eyes are conspiracy theories, like the violence caused by antifa and the so called peaceful protesters while the cities are burning. Mass surveillance was an conspiracy theory until Snowden came out and told us that the NSA was spying on us.
  10. No the gun violence is caused by corrupt democrats who are destroying the cities for years and aren't enforcing the law, because they think enforcing the law is racist.
  11. We should ask how many deaths are the lockdowns are causing. It's known that threathments getting lower priority. It's known that opioid abuse is increasing during the lockdown. It's known that people get less exercise during the lockdown. People don't get their vaccinations for other life threatening diseases.
  12. Death cat gets voter registration form https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1308033/US-election-2020-Atlanta-dead-Cat-voter-registration-donald-trump-latest
  13. Farmtrac has an electric tractor in his range
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