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  1. It's know that the electric ifrastructure in California is out dated and that PGE has no money for maintenance because California is also forcing PGE to invest more and more in wind and solar power. California can change their name to Commiefornia, because the once so prosperous California is declining to a dictorial communist thirth world state.
  2. Thank you veterans.
  3. The left will us childeren as human shields to advance their agenda, look at how the kid drag queen was promoted by the media and how some parents force their childeren in clothes of the opposite sex and force to take puberty blockers.
  4. Even some fake news outlets in Netherlands try it to spin it in favor of the left wing partys. If the US ore the state goverment comes with stupid envioromental laws that targets farmers, farmers should protest their federal or state goverment with tractors.
  5. This is a funny clip, left, right on the highway.
  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-farmers-protests/dutch-morning-commute-upended-by-tractors-in-farmers-protest-idUSKBN1WG2XD Hey guys did you hear about the big Farmer protests in the Netherlands yesterday against stupid envioromental laws.
  7. Since when is a growing economy and lower unemployment rate bad for the US? maybe for democrats. It's the democrats who want less free speech. It's the democrats who want more gun controll. It's the democrats who don't condem the antisemites in thier party. it's the democrats who are always demonizing Republican presidents even if they are a former democrat. It's the democrats who are used fake allegations to prevent the conformation off Judge Thomas and Kavanaugh. It's the democrats who can't accept they losed the 2016 election. It's where democrats who are helped covering up the Lewinsky scandal. It's the democrats who are in favor of illegal immigration. It's the democrats who want to abolish the electoral college. It's the democrats who are obstructing Trump in any way. It's the democrats who are destroying big city's and California. trump is a saint if you compare him with the Clinton's or democrats.
  8. Even when Glenn Beck covered his face in Cheetos dust to mock Trump he looks more sane than Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Chris ''Fredo'' Cuomo and other pundits on CNN, MSNBC and NBC.
  9. Over here in europe the EU politicians (power hungry crooks) are suporting Beto (His real name is Francis not Beto) O dork's gun confiscation.
  10. The Case brand still exists in the construction bussines.
  11. Over here in Europe farmers also under attack by mostly left-wing politians and i live in a country who has an famine during Winter 1944-1945. Farmers are an easy target for politicians because farmers are an minority and food comes from supermarkets. People should have more respect for farmers because when all farmers worldwide going on strike for a long time, goverments, the world economy and civillization will collapse.
  12. jordi 1455


    I think POTUS is just trolling and the media just took the bait again. The Dutch Weatherservice is doctoring historical weather records to sell the climate change hoax to the public.
  13. jordi 1455


    For the left everything is political, they hoped Dorian will hit Mar a Lago bad and don't care about the people who are living in Palm Beach or working at Mar a Lago
  14. How can Trump obstruct the Mueller probe when there is no crime? Also if Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice, why is Hillary Clinton not charged with obstruction of justice when she deleted the sensetive E-mails from her private server when she was under investigation. Trump is a Saint compared to the Clinton's.
  15. According to the new York post Epstein has an painting of Bubba Bill Clinton in a dress in his Manhatten house.
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