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  1. I think your doctors advise is more valid than the advise off the eggheads in DC and from medical institutions. You're doctor knows your medical history and will inform you and let you decide to take the shot or not, while fauchi and bejing biden don't know you and want to force you to take the shot.
  2. The problem is that some medical institutions who are deemed credible are being politicized, there were som so called medical who are telling that the BLM protests won't spread covid, while they telling that anti-lockdown protests will spread the wu flu. Also medical experts who are disagreeing with the narrative got censored, even hearings about covid are getting censored by the big tech overlords. If the medical experts are so sure that the vaccine works that the vaccine is harmless in the long run, why are skeptics censored? Why is the government bribing and blackmailing people to take the vaccine? Also i think that people don't trust the science anymore because governments use the virus as an excuse to act like tyrants. Goverments threatening with prison time for violating covid mandates and will even use the militairy to enforce lockdwons. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/france-makes-covid-19-certificates-mandatory-for-french-travellers-despite-protests/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-58021718 Also it's no secret that big pharma's first priority is make big proffits and that many industries had fooled goverments by bribing experts.
  3. I think the internet is more credible than the mainstream media and governments. The only thing you're heard off the mainstream media the last four years was orange man bad, while they were covering up bidens mental decline and his son's shady business dealings. The big difference between the 50's and now is that the current people in power are corrupt power hungry psychopaths, who are gleefully trampling on the rights off it's citizens. I think mandatory vaccins will incite a hot civil war because, a lot off people believe the current regime isn't legit because they oppose every audit of the last election and is demonizing trump supporters while letting antifa destroying the cities.
  4. People who kneel for the anthem of their country deserve to lose.
  5. The worst off all the ideology what's destroyed south Africa spreads like wildfire in the west, so is the EU always threating Eastern European country's with sanctions because they don't want to take migrants and opposing the woke agenda. The west is under attack from the inside, politicians destroying the economy and are stealing from the people they claim to represent.
  6. According to John Deere you don't own your own tractor. https://www.wired.com/2015/04/dmca-ownership-john-deere/ Also i think it's illegal to force people to pay for an subscription for a service to use equipment they already bought. Also according the great reset people are telling us you will own nothing and will be happy.
  7. The US is behind with emissions control compared to Europe, because the unellectect EU bureacrats will enforce the stage V emissions standards and also wan't to kill the combustion engine by legislation in 2035. Also the big concerns are pushing for more tight emission controls in country's like Australia. In my opinion the emission legislation is sneaky way to kill off the diesel engine and making more expensive to operate, also this kind of laws are hurting smaller (engine) manufacturers.
  8. farm equipment is becoming more complex and with more parts more things can break. Also some parts are designed to breakdown after a certain time period, to keep the sales of new equipment and spare parts running.
  9. If i am not wrong the second year of the Spanish flu was far more deadly than the first year.
  10. According to politicians we are no more than ''stemvee" (cattle who can vote) and ''melkkoeien'' (dairy cows).
  11. Over here in Europe we have fluds https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/1211861255/bakken-met-regen-in-europa-maar-zomerweer-wint-terrein
  12. I am skeptical, because of a lot things proposed by democrats sounds good but if you read the details they will screw you.
  13. In my opinion medical matters are private, if an employer fire an unvaccinated person it's possible an violation of civil rights law or state law.
  14. According to some sources there were around 40 county tractors build of the model that was auctioned.
  15. Divide an conquer. The swamp want's the American people fighting each other so the people won't fight the swamp.
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