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  1. IH tractor brands

    I will make a list of all tractors build by IH, bud first i must know what a IH brand is or not. In my opinion are this all brands IH used in the past.I consider Farmall not as a brand like Case IH today bud more the name of a tractorseries like Magnum and Maxxum. - Cub Cadet - Deering - I.H.C - International - McCormick - McCormick-Deering - McCormick-Deering Internatnional - McCormick International - Mogul - Titan
  2. Where were the MX Maxxums built?

    Bar axle's are avilible in Europe on tractors but are rare.
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I was on the Agritechnika in Hannover this week and had seen a few electric tractors, after 4 ours you must recharge the bateries of the tractor.
  4. some good music.

    Some good music from the Band Normaal from the Netherlands. Normaal is Boerenrockband band that was active between 1973 and 2015 they make also Blues and Country music Importend members are Bennie Jolink alias Buizend Berend, lead singer and guitar 1973-2015 Ferdi Jolij alias Frederik Puntdroad, guitar and sing 1973-1980, 2003-2015 Willem Ter horst alias Wimken van diene, bass guitar and sing 1975-2015 Jan Manschot alias Brekken jan Schampschot, Drums and sing 1973-1988 2003-2013 (died in 2014) Allan Gascoine alias Allan de gaspiepe, Guitar 1980-1983 1997-2003 Paul Kemper alias Mealmoes, guitar 1982-1999 Fokke de Jong alias Bartje, Drums 1989-2013 Jan Willem Tolkamp, Guitar 2006-2015 Timon Kelder, Drums 2013-2015 Henk wolters alias Hendrik Haverkamp mascot 1975-2015 Henkie Hietbrink Kleinen Hendrik mascot some tracks from the first 5 years also called the golden years.
  5. Sad

    The media is dishonest, even in the Netherlands the NOS (a state funded news agency) told about the killer it was a White man, if it was a black man or a Muslim they didn't told the ethnicity or skin color. Brussels and The haghe is corrupt and power hungry people and the state owned media are cheering for them.
  6. Prayers for Las Vegas

    It is awful that the left using this mass shooting for political gain and putting there gun control agenda. Gun control won't prevent mass killings, in Europe terrorists are using trucks or bombs to kill many people as they can.
  7. my dads last buy

    All my dad's Case international tractors.
  8. my dads last buy

    My dads last buy, A 1990 Case International 956XL (UK version) with front linkage and original IH wheel weights.
  9. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    That 453 4wd tractor is a replica.
  10. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    Here the original post.
  11. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    On the facebook Page of the Floyd county museum is a lot of oliver prototype stuff like this pic of a white 120 prototype
  12. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    Some pics of Nordhorn one my public facebook page.
  13. Our future "leaders"????????????

    I think the problem is College, where teenagers are brainwashed with toxic ideas. put those extreme leftist terrorists in jail for treason, we don't want more leftist in Europe.
  14. Because it's the 4th of July!!

    What is the 4th of July withouth Sam The American Eagle.