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  1. Also with some farm equipment.
  2. Femenists will aplaud this, smart people think this not good.
  3. Our goverment likes those unelected idiots in Brussels believe that Ukraine should producing our food, thats the reason why they supported the coup back in 2014, unfortunly for them Putin, won't allow it.
  4. According to the Netflix documentary kiss the soil, is the biggest problem soil erossion mainly caused by heavy tillage, what also causing the realase off carbon while the soil can store a lot off carbon. Also they showed that grazing farm animails can stop desertification and restore the land to be green and keeping that green.
  5. Whispering Grass from Windsor Davies as Battery Sergeant Major Tudor Bryn 'Shut Up' Williams and Don Eselle as Gunner 'Lofty' Harold Horace Herbert Willy Sugden
  6. They say it would improve road saftey, but i believe it's just a way to generate revenue.
  7. Yes thats right, and since this year also here in the Netherlands thanks to the unellected EU bureacrats.
  8. You can get an exemption from the 3 meter rules. Also duals still in use in Europe, but are less common since wider tyres and intergrated tyre pressure systems.
  9. Hello everyone, can some one supply me information and pictures/drawings about the development of the 1455(XL) and his planned sucsessor. It's for an article about the 25th anniversery of the last 1455XL build.
  10. My dad has 3 milking robots and had in less than a year a fried circuitboard. Also
  11. It's also down here, they are the wildest theories why.
  12. At least you can repair older tractors with more ease than the new ones with all the electronics. The worse off al the consumer doesn't need that emission junk, what's always causing a higher fuel consumption than older tractors.
  13. If Case IH will take the models like the 1056XL, 1255XL and 1455XL back in production and give both models an update like optional airco, more gears, more hydraulic valves, optional front-axle suspension, more hydraulic output and an updated cab it can become a bestseller. But it will never happen.
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