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    “Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: 'Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action'.” - Ian Fleming, Goldfinger.
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    The current pope has no spine and according to some critics the current pope is a marxist.
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    The pope is also cow towing to the CCP.
  4. This a kind of despotism from the Minneapolis city council should be treated as treason or sedition and the city council members who are responsible for this mess should be arrested and put on trail.
  5. Gun control don't work, in my country it's hard to get permit to own a gun or hunting riffle and they are shootings because criminals and terrorist don't care about laws. Governments think if you ban a technology you will prevent deaths but the wicked people are finding creative ways to do harm to another humans. You can use car or truck to kill many people, you can use fertilizer or another easy accessible chemicals to make bombs. Governments are telling disarming people and spying on them makes societies safer, but the real reason is easier to oppress people when you disarm them
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    They are also a lot of people who pro free speech migrating from youtube to bitchute and a few big liberty minded names are also active on Bitchute.
  7. According to wikipedia Schwab studied for a time in Bejing, China and it's known how China is infiltrating universities to spread propaganda. Very scary because company's are starting to deny services to people who are guilty of wrong think. The left is already making lists of people who are supported trump and bullying companies to do their bidding.
  8. The only time when the media praised DJT was when he ordered to drop bombs on Syria. The media is trashing DJT but calling the leader of ISIS an religious scholar and were angry at DJT when he told that the Iranian terrorist Solimany was killed.
  9. The dems are thinking they also win the senate, if they win america will be a one party state and doomed. https://www.dailywire.com/news/it-begins-schumer-declares-democrats-will-change-america-if-they-take-georgia-senate-seats
  10. DJT is certainly no mister nice guy and in a world with despotic country's like China, Iran and Turkey you need need some one like DJT. The left thinks by appeasing despots it they become friendly, but they are naïve like Neville Chamberlain was with Nazi Germany. Europe is filled with country's run by cowards who are freeloading on the US military superiority, while acting very hostile to the US.
  11. DJT knows a lot of celebrities and powerful people and maybe also knew some of their dark secrets, DJT knew that Epstein (who didn't kill himself) was an filthy old man, he probably knew the HRC and BC were corrupt.
  12. The problem is the people who are controlling the education systems are people who are the one's who are hating your country and this plague of self-hatred what started at the US universities is spreading around the west. Self-hatred and identity politics divides a nation and that is what the elites wanted, because the power hungry elite want to enslave humankind by drowning them in debt and make everyone depended on the government.
  13. Also bureaucracy, corruption and imperial overstretch played a big role in the demise off the Roman empire. The sovjet union collapsed after 69 years. The decline of the west is caused by the greedy power hunger elites who propagating a decadent and toxic culture.
  14. Same here My first BMW 316I (2003) and my current BMW 318I (2008) were both recalled, the 316i for the airbag and the 318i had wiring of the heather and a driveshaft issue.
  15. Sometimes it's annoying when the moderator poofs topics who ar gone political, but at least he don't give the impression to choose a side like other so called platforms do.
  16. Here in the Netherlands it's required by law to show your ID before you can vote, i can't understand people in the US believe that requirement for an ID to vote is racist and can't see that the people who are against voter ID want illegals to vote and rig it in their favor.
  17. The right one is a 6465 Dyna-6
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