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  1. You miss the 8-16 Junior the first tractor with PTO Many times when a TV program is showing a tractor, it's a John Deere.
  2. According to my sources they are 25 left of the 1.700 built.
  3. The most time when a modern diesel malfunctions it's the emmission controll technology specially egr valves and particulate filters. are troublemakers. Also
  4. 3 weeks ago a International Titan D 25 HP was auctioned for $325.500, also a lot of interesting old iron. https://bid.aumannauctions.com/auctions/catalog/id/28270 My article about the auction https://www.mechaman.nl/landbouwmechanisatie/2021/08/24/international-titan-d-25-hp-geveild-voor-325-500-dollar/
  5. So is that, and manufacturers using some lower quality parts to keep the prices in check and still the prices are up. The most electronics on tractors are there because government mandate's from bureaucrats who never seen a tractor before and had never drove one. In my opinion the best tractors were built from the 60's to the early 2000's If Case IH re introduce models like the 845XL, 1056XL and 1455XL and give them some updates like more comfort, beter performance and optional more gears it will be a populair tractors because the original one's are still loved and retaining the value and some models the value will increase. Massey Ferguson had even reintroduced the UK build 35X from the 50's for Africa.
  6. People who kneel for the anthem of their country deserve to lose.
  7. The worst off all the ideology what's destroyed south Africa spreads like wildfire in the west, so is the EU always threating Eastern European country's with sanctions because they don't want to take migrants and opposing the woke agenda. The west is under attack from the inside, politicians destroying the economy and are stealing from the people they claim to represent.
  8. According to John Deere you don't own your own tractor. https://www.wired.com/2015/04/dmca-ownership-john-deere/ Also i think it's illegal to force people to pay for an subscription for a service to use equipment they already bought. Also according the great reset people are telling us you will own nothing and will be happy.
  9. The US is behind with emissions control compared to Europe, because the unellectect EU bureacrats will enforce the stage V emissions standards and also wan't to kill the combustion engine by legislation in 2035. Also the big concerns are pushing for more tight emission controls in country's like Australia. In my opinion the emission legislation is sneaky way to kill off the diesel engine and making more expensive to operate, also this kind of laws are hurting smaller (engine) manufacturers.
  10. farm equipment is becoming more complex and with more parts more things can break. Also some parts are designed to breakdown after a certain time period, to keep the sales of new equipment and spare parts running.
  11. Over here in Europe we have fluds https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/1211861255/bakken-met-regen-in-europa-maar-zomerweer-wint-terrein
  12. I am skeptical, because of a lot things proposed by democrats sounds good but if you read the details they will screw you.
  13. According to some sources there were around 40 county tractors build of the model that was auctioned.
  14. Divide an conquer. The swamp want's the American people fighting each other so the people won't fight the swamp.
  15. In Seattle is statue of Lenin and leftist are walking with T-shirts with the face off Che guvera who was a communist revolutionary and a mass murderer.
  16. Joop Den Uyl our prime minister from 1973 to 1977 had nazi sympathies in the 30's. https://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/jonge-naieve-en-wereldvreemde-joop-doorzag-hitler-niet~bfd095fc/
  17. He even praised the fascist dictator El Duce (Mussolini) before the second world war, there people claiming that FDR was fascist himself judging by his policy and the threats he make to pack the supreme court if he didn't get his way. One of our former prime ministers of the left wing PVDA (labour party) praised Hitler before the war.
  18. Is he the one who putted Japanese Americans in camps during WWII and gave eastern Europe to Stalin?
  19. When the left is talking about abortion they say my body, my choice. When the left is talking vaccines they wil want to force you to take the jab or call you a Neanderthal.
  20. I am never went to Amsterdam, only Schiphol (the airport near Amsterdam), Amsterdam is a place I want to avoid.
  21. In my country the Netherlands the income taxrate is 33% for the lowest incomes while the superrich just pay 52% income taxes. Also my country is acceused to be a tax haven because a lot of big corporations paying taxes over here (like CNH), and it will be more if 46 gets his way.
  22. But the rich can still offshore their money in a tax paradise and multinationals still getting tax exemptions.
  23. Fendt ceased the production in Germany for one week.
  24. George Carlin was very smart, he saw how stupid western society is becoming.
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