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  1. No we redid the batteries and cables, its a little fiddly but it works reliably
  2. This place is about 90% cigarette smokers as employees. We refer to it as the rolling ash tray. New maintenance guy doesn’t smoke and insists on it being devoid of butts , so its a lot nicer these days This one is super wobbly, about spent.
  3. Nah, small fire a little while back, got it pieced together then to get them running, now that parts were available putting everything back properly.
  4. In 2013 they were about 7K with DRW and Diesel engine. Gear ratio was weird too IIRC
  5. Getting high in my EV in the middle of the day…
  6. I am extremely disappointed that they are not producing what I consider to be a competitive heavy duty pickup. I am dissatisfied with the frame coating they use, but I still think they were way out in front in so many ways for so long. If they offered at least an8 speed trans and 4.10 gears I would have gone GM again in a minute.
  7. Those were real men. God bless them, may they all Rest In Peace.
  8. Unless i am mistaken the Ford has a negligible tow rating and is a unibody. The GM has at least a 10K tow rating (more if properly equipped) and an 8600GVW in 3/4 ton.
  9. I assume it must have proprietary implements? Doesn’t look like it could tow anything… sort of an overgrown rototiller look, i like the buddy seat, is that for implement operation or just for transportation?
  10. Do you have better information than this article? It says 25’ but if not so, maybe need to act soon. https://www.autoweek.com/news/a40435740/gm-will-replace-chevrolet-express-gmc-savana-with-evs-2026/
  11. We are on #2 and dad is talking about #3 i have some gripes about GM vans, but currently they are the only domestic type van on the road, so I guess we are stuck with them. For passenger service they would be terrific. Quigley motors has been a terrific company to deal with for 21 years so far, they are extremely helpful in the ordering process and extremely accommodating both during and after the sale, their capabilities to catalog and service/supply parts is second to none. They were even willing to put together parts kits to sell us when i was talking about differential changed or were happy to supply me with a full list of part numbers so I could buy locally. their conversion is flawless, looks totally factory, both inside and out, and the truck handles like a stock van, possibly better. dad didn’t want to wait for a hauler to have a full load coming from Quigley to VT so as part of his deal buying the truck we went to the factory, got the tour and drove the new truck home. absolutely 0 issues related to the conversion so far other than normal wear stuff expected in any 4wd in 10 years and 140k. the only complaint i have is with the 2001, the 3/4 ton gas got a DANA 44 which was too light duty and wore wear parts very quickly, ball joints, cross joints, brakes, etc.
  12. I feel the same way about my mucks, I know they take some criticism here for company wide political leanings, but my feet don’t care. I like the comfort and relative close fit in the ankle and at the top allowing a minimum of foreign matter in, they do not do the “thwup thwup” against my shin and calf that more open rubber boots do. I like that in mud and snow and water i plow on through without consideration and stay warm and dry. I can wear them in 3 seasons comfortably and best of all, aside from dry feet I also have dry pant legs. they do not hold up as well as the Bogs they replaced but i like them much much better. i also have a pair of all rubber LaCross with the spiky tread, i want to love them, but I really don’t. They are either hot or cold and the heel lands somewhere around 3/4” too far forward, they feel like standing barefoot on a particularly prickly doormat.
  13. Have a white chickadee, never seen a white squirrel. Black from time to time
  14. I too detest shoe detritus. I buy my pants long enough to bunch up a yon top of my boot, narrow enough not to drag on the ground. I have a pair of mucks, and a pair of the green airwalk lacrosse (or whatever they are called) 2 pair of hiking boots that I alternate, a pair of sorell which I really don’t wear much because i like the mucks better. i have various others, like Georgia loggers but they suck, i used to wear them religiously until I got this pair that were so painful I stopped. Dress shoes, crocs etc.
  15. I always say I have one set of feet, and i depend on them.
  16. Only blind polish sharpshooter I have ever met..
  17. Good socks make all the difference, i went to Darn Tough, merino wool socks years ago, well worth the cost imo. I would expect cabellas to be a good sock too. Smart wool is a good choice as well
  18. What do you wear for socks?
  19. I snipe them from what used to be my bedroom window.
  20. I am all for irritating my neighbors, but i don’t want to hit any birds and mother would get irritable if her bird feeders all looked like clay pigeons all over the ground. Today a bushy tail was hanging by his feet and every time he would lean for another fist full his head would appear, I waited until he came around again and popped him. I kind of guessed at which dot to use on the crosshairs because that gun is sighted in at 100 yards, must’ve guessed right because it vaporized his head and didn’t hurt the feeder. not sure if he was more surprised or I was.
  21. Might be poor quality, it was all I could get my hands on on short notice, but those 2 boxes in my hand were 50 bucks, so it’s definitely not cheap ammo😂 i have some of these in my truck, maybe i will try them when I get back
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